A/N: This is the rewritten Chapter 2 of the Prologue.

Chapter 2:

Avalon, Unknown Date, 736 AD:

Harry spent the next few days doing the same thing. Waking up early at about 5, working out for a few hours, checking up on his greenhouses and his farms. He then went and mingled with all the animals he had on Avalon. The Nundus were now all living together, thankfully, not fighting with each other, they fed on some deer or other such animals everyday. He was properly a farmer now.

'Boy, if the British Purebloods can see me now.' Harry thought to himself.

Felix was the size of a big dog now, and had started eating deer meat. He was also a lot more playful than most cats Harry had seen. Almost like a dog, but don't let him hear you say that.

Then he would work on making a beacon of magic that would attract any magical species on this planet to Avalon. He didn't want the Magical animals to go extinct like they did in his time.

For the past 20 years, Harry had been charging a ward stone with his magic, daily. It was finally full enough for his use as a beacon, and so Harry set it up at the highest peak on Avalon.

The beacon worked in a way that it sent a signal to any and all magic sensitive animals that there was a safe place for them if they wanted it. They could choose to ignore the message and continue living wherever they are. It would just cause the beacon to give them the location once and then stop bothering them. Once they accept or reject the signal, the beacon stops working for them.

Thankfully it only sent the message to the Magical animals of this dimension. Humans won't be able to hear them, and neither will any of the demons. Demonic animals like hellhounds might hear them, but they won't be able to get the location or follow the signal. It just wasn't their frequency.

After making sure that the beacon was working, giving the location of Avalon itself, Harry decided to leave Avalon for a while. Avalon was completely self sufficient, meaning he did not have to always go and feed the animals, they could do it themselves. There was a ward covering the entire Island which prevents a species on Avalon from being extinct. If too much lives of a single species are lost in a short amount of time, Harry is immediately notified.

So Harry locked up his house, training grounds and the Healing pit, warding them completely, and then he put the Fidelius charm on Avalon, making himself the Secret keeper. Can't ever be too much paranoid. Plus the beacon will make sure that the animals get the location to get through the Fidelius charm.

Felix had to stay on Avalon, but Harry knew that it would be alright.

He then left Avalon to travel, this time walking. He first flew to the mainland, which was Africa, ignoring American continent even if it was closer, and kept walking towards East. He passed through Wakanda, which was now being built in a place fit to be called a Kingdom, and kept on walking. He stopped in a few places to hunt and eat, or if he found something interesting. Like the cursed lake he'd heard about that turned any animals that touch the water to stone.

Turned out at the lake had a high amount of salt and the chemical reactions cause the animals to petrify.

From Africa, Harry then travelled through Egypt, and to the European continent. In Egypt, Harry found the first Magical Object since he had been thrown in the past. An Ankh which granted Godly powers, or so the legends say. But that's a story for another day.

In Europe, Harry searched for any signs of magic, and came across something he was really surprised by. There was historical evidence of Europe being ruled by Arthur Pendragon along with his faithful advisor, Merlin, about 400 years ago.

Which was surprising because they also said the Merlin was still alive. So Harry did what he does best and called up a few ghosts. The ghosts told him his story, most of which he already knew, except the part where Merlin fought his master, or trained Morgana. One of the ghosts that Harry called up had a really interesting conversation with Harry.

"Who are you? How did you call me on the Mortal Plane?" The man asked as soon as it was his turn to be summoned. See, the way it worked was that unless you specify who you want to summon, the Stone will summon any and all ghosts of people that have ever lived in that area. One by one. Thankfully, starting from the present to the past.

"My name is Harry Potter, and I'm the Master of Death. I called you here to ask a few questions, if you don't mind?" Harry asked. This was the first ghost who mentioned the Mortal Plane.

The man bowed to Harry, as his station demanded, and said, "Ask away, Master."

Harry nodded to him and asked, "For starters, what's your name?"

The man looked up and said, "My name is Julian. I'm a humble Sorcerer and Protector of this Dimension."

Harry tilted his head to a side and wondered, "Sorcerer? That's the first time I'm hearing that word. Is that like a Wand Waving Wizard? Or is something different?"

The Sorcerer, Julian, snorted at that and said, "Please. Sorcerers do not need pesky wands. We use magic through our hands! Our bodies! We are far better than the puny wand waving wizards of legends."

Now Harry knew that Wizards are too.. stuck in their beliefs, and hence can't reach their limits properly. But still, this man, at one moment grovelling at his feet and then bad mouthing wizards? Oh, that can't work.

"Careful, Julian. You're talking to a puny Wand Waving Wizard who has faced death and come out on top. Can your sorcerers say the same?" Harry taunted. Pretending to be evil was entertaining.

Julian sputtered a bit before composing himself. He said, "Apologies, Master. But yes, Our Sorcerer Supreme has mastered death! He's immortal!" he immediately shut his mouth, like he wasn't supposed to say this.

Harry scowled at him and said, "Tell me about the Sorcerer Supreme, Julian." An Immortal? Here? He'll at least have to meet the immortal Sorcerer Supreme and determine his threat level.

Julian choked a bit, like he was trying to stop himself from answering the question, but the Order from The Master triumphed over his oaths as a Sorcerer and he said, "His name is Merlin. Yes, that Merlin. He's been the Sorcerer Supreme of this Universe for close to 500 years now."

Harry hummed to himself, thinking. Wait a minute. He asked, "Sorcerer Supreme of this Universe? Like there's more than one? And what does the Sorcerer Supreme, or Sorcerers in general do?"

Julian, now excited a little, said, "The Sorcerers protect the Universe against attacks from outside. Other Dimensional beings, demons, Devils. Even talking dragons. I've seen them all. Our land is pure, as compared to other Dimensions' lands, or so Master Merlin says. So those demons are really intent on conquering us. The Sorcerer Supreme is the title given to the strongest of us, and their job is to protect the Sanctums against the most dangerous threats."

Huh. Other Dimensional threats. This was new. Did this cult of Sorcerers kill themselves off before his time? Or were they just hidden?

Harry asked him, "Where can I find the Sorcerers?"

Julian bowed and said, "The Sorcerers can be found at Kamar Taj. It's near the Himalayan Mountain range. You'll know it when you find it."

Harry dismissed Julian and thought over the conversation. He told him he was a sorcerer and Merlin was the Sorcerer Supreme of this universe. Those words exactly.

Of this universe. Not planet. Not even The Universe. And those Other Dimensional threats? Demons? This was all new to Harry. So Harry decided to drop everything else and go find this Kamar Taj.

Harry travelled through the continent, taking in the scenes and went to Nepal. There, Harry started looking for the most magical place in the vicinity. Harry found what he was looking for, but not the way he had hoped.

When Harry used his spell Ostende Magicae, which, like a radar, searches for magical objects. But what he found was not a magical object, but a total blank space. With zero amount of magic. Even a desert has magic. Which meant it was purposefully hidden.

So Harry followed the signal and came across a monastery. Finding a big door, behind which he could feel the magic being performed now that he was close, but different to what he was used to, Harry knocked on the door and waited.

A young man opened the door and said, "Come in. The Sorcerer Supreme has been waiting for you."

Harry frowned. That was really creepy, someone was already waiting? And Sorcerer Supreme knew he was coming?

Harry walked in behind the Indian looking man, and followed him to a small hall. There were a few small reading tables, which were occupied. Harry kept looking around and saw that there were a few magical objects kept on shelves, probably not the real collection, and a few scrolls and books.

Harry felt a powerful presence approach him so turned to look. He saw an old man enter, holding a golden staff in his hand for support. The staff had a crystal orb on it top, most probably used for scrying. Harry recognised the face as Merlin immediately, having spoken with his ghost in his time.

"Merlin." Harry simply greeted.

"Harry Potter. I didn't think I would see you in this universe." Merlin simply said, frowning.

Now Harry stopped and asked, "This Universe? You mean I'm in a different Universe than before?"

Merlin nodded and said, "Oh, yes. Follow me, I'll explain everything."

Merlin led Harry to an office room. He sat on one side of the table on the tatami mat, with a lot of books behind him and offered Harry a seat. Harry sat down on the tatami mat and finally asked what had been bugging him since the beginning, "How do you know who I am? I never even introduced myself."

Merlin smiled and said, "I am the Sorcerer Supreme of this universe Mr Potter. It is my job to study any and all entries in this universe from out of it. I have observed you for the past 2 decades, what all you did. Just to figure out what your motive was. But I could not always see you. You disappeared from even my scrying orb, and I am the most versatile Scryer in the universe."

Harry nodded, it made sense. The cloak would not let anyone detect him, not even Merlin. He countered, "But, I never introduced myself to anyone. Even with Scrying you'll have difficulty identifying my name."

Merlin smiled at him and said, "Ah. Caught that, did you. You see, I, in one of the other Universes, did something amazing as well as stupid. It connected me to every Merlin in the Multiverse. Whatever they know, I know. I can't always use that knowledge, but I know it."

Amazing! Connected to every version of yourself? That's.. just amazing!

"So, what now?" he asked.

Merlin thought for a while and said, "Depends on you. You are a powerful wizard Mr Potter. The few examples I have seen of you using Magic is simply astonishing. I would like to teach you Sorcery, if you accept."

Harry widened his eyes, surprised. He had come here just to meet Merlin. Because the only times he had talked with Merlin was when he was dead.

Harry asked, "Why? Also, is there a difference between my magic and this Sorcery everyone speaks of?"

Merlin nodded immediately and said, "The magic you and I use, comes from inside us. We either use that magic, or the one that surrounds us, the ambient magic, depending on the need, yes?"

Harry nodded, because he had observed the same thing.

So Merlin continued, "The Magic Sorcerers use is not magic per se. They are dimensional energies. Each and every dimension produces some energy. Like the Dark Dimension produces an energy which is darker than anything. Then the hell dimensions give out Demonic energy. There are other millions of dimensions, some good, some bad, some neutral, and even some which do not produce dimensional energy. The Sorcerers learn to harness this energy, a mixture of the dimensional energies and control it to make up spells."

"Wait. So the Sorcerers are not born? But anyone can learn it?" Harry asked, interrupting Merlin.

"Oh yes. Every sorcerer here was a regular non magical person first, even me. Then we all came to this place, to heal, for advice or many other reasons. Some of them healed themselves and returned home. Others stayed here to learn some more and became sorcerers." Merlin explained.

"Even you? But I thought you said you used magic from inside you." Harry asked.

Merlin became a little sad and said, "Alas, the story is too long to tell and connects to my other story. So would you like to learn?"

Harry thought about it. He didn't have anything else to do, other than taking care of Avalon. Plus this Merlin managed to see inside his warded island. It wasn't hidden by Fidelius, but still, the ward was cast by him.

"I accept. I would like to learn this sorcery. Never know when I might need it." Harry said. Merlin smiled at Harry, and welcomed him to the Order by their traditional introduction. He sent him on a trip through the Dimensions.

Harry stayed with the Sorcerers for 10 years. Becoming a master after 3 years. When he went from Sanctum to Sanctum, in search of a Relic, Harry did not find anything that matched with him. But since Merlin had said that every sorcerer has a match, he did something no one had ever tried.

Harry sent out a pulse of Magic all over the world and more. The pulse travelled down to the centre of the Earth, and it also went as far as Mars in space.

The magic found a match on the moon. Harry went there, using the sling ring, covered in spells to help him breath. Using the astral projection, he found a crypt in the centre of the moon.

Of a human witch.

Why the witch wanted to be buried on the moon? He didn't know.

He travelled to the crypt and found an axe which was extremely magical, but had chips on the blade. He brought the axe back to Merlin who told him that the axe was called The lost Axe of Angarrumus and was extremely magical.

Harry decided to remake the axe after leaving Kamar Taj.

After 10 years of staying with the Sorcerers, Harry said his goodbyes and went back home, to Avalon and Felix. He had missed Felix. Avalon was flourishing. The animals had increased in numbers, thankfully. There were also a few surprises. Like a group of phoenixes who had decided to start living near the waterfalls. Or the 3 dragons who lived in the mountains, that could talk.

Talking dragons. Seriously?

There were 2 female and one male dragon, who told Harry that there was only one other dragon alive, who lived with human chi users, helping them with selecting Iron fist after Iron fist. Harry already knew about Iron Fist, K'un Lun and The Hand from his studies at Kamar Taj, so he did not think much about it. K'un Lun can handle their own problems.

There were also other magical animals like Direwolves of Tibet, which Harry had to physically transfer to Avalon. Or the Hippogriff herd and Thestrals. There were only 5 Thestrals remaining on Earth, the rest having been killed by humans. He was just happy to save 5 species from extinction. There were a few aquatic species, including mermaids that moved to the lake at the centre of the Island, but they kept to themselves.

Harry then decided to melt down his axe and remake it as his 3rd personal weapon. The first two being The Sword if Gryffindor, and the Isipho sword. He'll have to name that sword and rename the Gryffindor sword.

First he used a spell the Goblins' ghosts had reluctantly taught him, that made it easy to make alloys. It told the user exactly how to make a perfect alloy from 2 or more metals. The ratio, the temperature, the heating time. It even told you the exact steps to do those things. It was a sort of time manipulating spell, which checked out all the possibilities and told you the perfect one written on a parchment.

So Harry mixed the Axe with the correct amount of melted Isipho and made a new axe. It looked exactly the same as the previous axe, except shinier and sharper. He named the axe Angar, as a tribute to the original wielder of the axe, Angarrumus.

Angar was so sharp that it could cut the Isipho in two, without much stress. It was thanks to the spells as well as the magical metals it was made from. Harry always carried it with him, keeping it in his Mokeskin pouch. Angar was enchanted, so that if Harry thinks about it, it'll always appear in his hands, no matter where it is.

As for the other two weapons, Harry remade the Sword of Gryffindor, mixing it with Isipho and turned the hand and a half decorative sword, to a proper long sword using a fang of a dead Nundu as the hilt. He named this one Godric and engraved the sword with it.

While, his first Isipho sword was remade, this time infusing it with the dimensional energies. He named this one Bast, as a tribute to Wakanda.

It was 2 years after Harry had left Kamar Taj that Merlin called him back. He said that he had something important to ask of Harry.

Harry made a portal directly inside Kamar Taj, and knocked on Merlin's door.

"Enter." Merlin said from the inside. Harry entered the room and silently sat on the offered chair. Merlin was sombre. Either something bad had happened, or it was about to happen.

"I have been alive for 500 years, you know? I learned to become a sorcerer at the age if 70. Taught by the Sorcerer Supreme of the time. He was really strong, but he was not a good person. As you know, not all Sorcerer Supremes are good." Merlin began. Harry listened silently, letting Merlin talk.

"When I was 200, I became the Sorcerer Supreme of this universe. The Sorcerer Supreme, after my master, but before me, was from some other planet. He stayed with us, teaching, for close to 70 years before his death. I was not always immortal, you know. I performed a dark ritual that borrowed power from the Dark Dimension, from Dormammu, to make you immortal." Merlin paused at that. Harry thought about it. Not everything Dark was evil, he knew that. But still, the ritual literally made you immortal, corrupting your magic in the process.

"Why are you telling me this Master Merlin?" Harry asked, finally.

Merlin smiled, grimly and said, "The reason I'm telling you this, is because I have lived enough. I am going to die soon. I'd rather have a competent Successor before I die. And who better than the one I taught myself."

Harry was surprised, he did not think this could have happened. He still had Avalon, his visits to different people, studying. Could he afford to lose it? Well, it was not exactly going anywhere, and he had a lot of time on his hands.

"I will do it. For a while. But why me? I'm strong, I know that, but you've known me for only what? 10 years? There are sorcerers here that have been here for decades. Why not them?" Harry asked.

Merlin smiled at that. He said, "I have asked Masters Siddharth, Alexandra and Khan to become masters of the Three Sanctums. You are still the strongest amongst the rest. So I asked you. Now that you have accepted, come, there are things that only the Sorcerer Supreme is allowed to know, for now."

Merlin then showed Harry an artifact called the Eye of Agamotto. It was made by the first Sorcerer Supreme of this planet, to make use of the Time Stone. When Harry asked what the Time Stone was, he then told Harry about the Infinity Stones, and how many there were. He also told him what would happen if anyone collects all 6 of them.

Merlin then told him that no matter what happens, The Eye of Agamotto must always be protected by the Masters. Harry nodded and decided to study the stone later.

After explaining every Harry had to do, Merlin said, "Now that's done, I'd like to say good luck in your future endeavours. Farewell Sorcerer Supreme."

Merlin then went outside, to tell the other sorcerers about the change in leadership, and to say goodbyes, and left Harry in the room, alone, to think.

Would he be able to do it? Who knows. But he'll still do it.

Unknown Date, 965 AD:

It was over a 200 years after Harry had accepted the position of Sorcerer Supreme. He had battled many monsters over the years, some demons always managed to breach the barriers, once every few decades. Annoyed, Harry developed an alarm system that would notify the nearest sanctum of the breach and they could then take care of it before anything too bad happens. He knew that completely blocking off the Earth Dimension from the other Dimensions was not possible if Sorcerers had to continue using the Dimensional Energies.

Huh. Maybe the Sorcerers in his home Dimension did this, which in turn killed off the sorcerers but prevented any of the outside threats to enter the Dimension.

Harry had fought a few extra-dimensional dragons, who could talk and were a little magic resistant. For the first time in their lifetimes, the Dragons found someone who could hurt them when fighting physically.

He still went to Avalon at least twice a year on the total lunar eclipses to take a dip in the Healing pit, so now he was even stronger than before. If he had to guess, he would say he was about 20 times stronger than an average human. Other than that, Harry even kept infiltrating different civilizations to just mingle. But mostly, he kept to Avalon and Kamar Taj.

He still always held back during spars, because he did not want to hurt anyone accidentally. He had noticed that the rate of increase in his strength was slowly decreasing. So it was possible that he'd reach a point when he stops growing physically stronger. He had calculated his peak strength to be reached in 800 years.

Some might ask him, why was he still taking baths in the healing pit if he was already so strong. The answer was not that simple. Harry had a feeling that he is going to need this strength someday. Bast's warning still fresh in his mind. He didn't know when it was going to happen. He just knew that he was going to need to be as strong as possible.

By the help of Isipho, Harry developed a lot of new magical devices. There was a locket that could erect kinetic barriers around the wearer so nothing physical harms him. Then there was a bracelet that could be used like a glamour charm. It was a useful invention that helped him in his infiltration.

He also managed to weave the Isipho into threads that can be used, in conjunction with wool, to make clothes. Clothes that can deflect steel knives, hammers, and most probably bullets. He had a gun, and he tried.

He did learn more about the stone eventually. From the book of Cagliostro. He managed to learn all the spells that required the Eye and did most of them at least once.

One spell could reverse time, other could make time loops, which he really liked. There was one spell he simply refused to use, but learned it as a precaution. A spell that can show you every possible timeline from that moment to his death. He did not want to go crazy by watching how he dies, or if he was truly immortal, he did not want to watch billions of years of his life, until the Universe finally becomes one singularity again. Also, it would have been unfair for him to know everything that was going to happen. So he kept it away.

He did find something interesting though. The stone inside the Eye, the Time Stone, was continuously emitting some energy. Being a curious person that he is. Harry siphoned that energy and stored it in a few Isipho pellets. The pellets immediately turned green.

Getting an idea, Harry tried to use the pellet to try and reverse time, which it did, but it could only reverse time in a certain region and could not stop reversing it until the pellet was completely depleted. Felix was a baby once again. A hundred year old baby.

To get over that problem, Harry replicated the eye if Agamotto, with Goblin Silver. It was the most magical metal in his possession. It was even more conductive than the unnamed metal that the Sling Ring was made of.

Harry filled 10 such pellets and kept them in his Mokeskin pouch. What? The energy was being wasted either way!

Speaking of Felix, Harry noticed that thanks to the Magical bond between a Wizard and his Familiar, Felix had absorbed a lot of magic from Harry. So he had grown to be a foot taller than the biggest Nundu on Avalon. So he was now 9 feet tall as compared to the 6 feet average and the 8 feet tallest of the Nundus. Whether he was immortal or not, was not known, but he was already older than the oldest Nundu on Avalon and still looked to be in his prime.

The other side effect was on Harry. He became immune to any poison weaker than Nundu Breath thanks to being close to Felix. Although, Basilisk venom was in his veins, it was purified thanks to the Phoenix Tears, and also it did not actually kill Harry.

One day, Harry got a ping on his alarm system that told him that a breach had occurred, but it was not Extra-dimensional. Cautious, Harry went in alone, taking only Felix, to the point of the breach. Harry had a habit of being invisible and silenced when going anywhere for a stakeout. Which he was thankful for that time. Felix, thanks to being his familiar, was also Invisible.

There was an army of.. giant white-blue beings that had red eyes. They were close to 9 feet tall, were lean, not fat like he expected giants to look like, and cold simply radiated off of them. Frost Giants. Jotuns. What? Did Norse mythology exist here or something? They were standing in front of a village in Tonsberg. Which was going to become a part of Norway in the future.

Harry didn't have time to think, because the leader of the Giants, used some sort of Shining white cube, which was obviously magical, to freeze everything in its path. It froze houses, people, animals and even plants.

Acting quickly, Harry made portals below each and every person and animal frozen by the attack and sent them to Kamar Taj. His students knew what to do.

The giant leader looked around and roared, "Who is there? Show yourself coward!"

Harry landed about 50 meters away from the leader, and brought out his axe Angar. Pointing the axe at the leader, he said, "Leave now, or perish." Felix, now visible, started growling beside him.

Harry had taken the protection of this planet really seriously. The giant laughed at him and sent out a beam from his magic cube. Harry, knowing that letting the beam touch him was dangerous, Made a portal in front of him letting the energy through, and sent it back to the giants, who surprisingly were frozen by the beam too.

The giants stood frozen for a few seconds, pardon my pun, and suddenly as one roared in anger. Harry was about to run forwards to attack them, when a beam of rainbow lights came down from the sky and landed right behind him. People wearing Golden armours started coming out of the rainbow ? So are these the beings called Asgardians?

As soon as the Giant leader saw the light, he gave off the order to attack. Harry, seeing that these Asgardians were, at least currently, on his side, started running with them to attack the giants. He couldn't use his magic without causing damage to the Asgardians too, so he used his physical strength, for the first time, not holding back.

He threw his axe Angar at the giants with his full strength, which started cutting through the giants like they were butter. He punched, kicked, and smashed every giant that he encountered. He used his panther like reflexes to evade any hands that tried to catch him, knowing by just looking that it would give him frostbite. Eventually his axe came back in his hand and he started cutting them with it. He could see out of the corner of his eyes that Felix was enjoying himself by scratching, cutting into the skin of the Jotuns, sometimes even biting their heads off. He did not give the Jotuns the chance to freeze him.

Seeing the giant leader standing in the back with the cube in his hand, Harry decided to take care of him. He started running towards the leader, cutting any Jotun that dared to come in his way. Many of the Jotuns started coming in his way to prevent him from going to the Leader, so Harry simplyapparatedright in front of the Jotun leader. The leader attacked with the beam of ice again, which Harry dodged. He swung his axe at him, but the Jotun dodged it. This one was stronger than the rest. A lot stronger.

Felix was still attacking the Jotuns with gusto, the Adgardians doing the same. The leader of the Asgardians was firing beams of Magic from his spear and slowly moving towards Harry and the Jotun leader.

Harry kept trying to land a hit on the Jotun with his axe, but the Jotun kept on dodging it, while firing his ice beams once in a while. Finally getting annoyed of this cat and mouse game, Harry threw the axe into the air and started using his magic. He first fired a normalIncendiospell to see the effect it had on him.

The giant yelped and went back a few feet, but was otherwise alright. With wide eyes, Harry saw the wound heal right in front of his eyes.

"As long as I'm holding the Casket, I will never get defeated." The Jotun boasted.

Harry smirked and said, "Thank you for telling this to me."

He fired an Accio on the casket before the Jotun could understand. He underestimated the grip the Jotun had on the casket, though, as he came along with it. Harry summoned Angar to his hand and cut the hand of the Jotun right in his wrist of his left hand, which was holding the Casket. The Jotun screamed out loud in pain, and finally getting scared, stood up and teleported out of there. Seeing him go, more of the Jotuns started leaving Earth and teleporting to somewhere.

"Damn it!" Harry screamed in frustration. He wanted to end this battle right here and now. Even Felix looked frustrated, but enjoyed the fight. He looks around at the various Golden armoured soldiers, all looking at him wearily.

One of them, apparently their leader came forward hefting a big staff/spear and said, "Who are you, Wizard?"

Harry looked at the leader, right in his eyes and said, "You are on my Planet, you dunderhead. Introduce yourself first." Harry loved using that word, like a huge spit in Snape's face every time he uses it.

A few of his soldiers pointed their swords at Harry, one of them said, "You are in the presence of The King Of Asgard, mortal. Have care how you speak."

Harry turned to the person, completely ignoring the rest and said, "And he's on my planet. His title means shit to me. Also, did I fucking ask you who he was? No? Then shut your damn mouth and answer only when I ask you something." He shook his head in exasperation and turned to the apparent King of Asgard. He did not mention his mortality, or the lack of it, as they would then immediately perceive him as a threat and start attacking, which would have been annoying.

The King was watching the exchange with weariness, which showed in his body language. Harry finally said, "So.. King of Asgard. I'm the Sorcerer Supreme, protector of this Planet. Now you know who I am. Introduce yourself and get your army off my planet."

The King became angry and started moving forward, threateningly. Felix landed beside Harry and growled at The King, while Harry simply raised his eyebrow and projected a little of his magical aura at the King, making him pause and stumble a little. He controlled himself and continued walking, which frankly impressed Harry. Stopping a few feet in front of Harry, he said, "I am Odin Borson. The King of Asgard and the Protector of the Realms. We fight the same fight Sorcerer. I have sworn to protect this planet against the outer realms and I was only defending it."

Harry nodded at him and said, "Thank you for your help. I appreciate it. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to return to my home and rest. You may return the way you came." Saying this, Harry turned around to pick up the Casket the Jotun was so fond of. It was an amazing piece of Magic as well as technology.

"We will take the Casket with us, Sorcerer. It is too dangerous to be left on Midgard with your kind." The King said firmly, from behind Harry.

Harry looked at the King once, tilting his head to the side, and said, "No, you will not. The Right of Conquest means that this Casket now belongs to me. You don't want to be known among your army as a thief, do you?"

Harry smirked at the flustered look that entered Odin's face. Odin nodded once, resigned, and said, "Very well. Be warned. The Jotuns might come to Midgard again for the Casket."

Harry smirked and projected his full magical power at the army, each and every soldier dropped down to their knees, gasping for breath. Odin was sweating, trying really hard not to fall down like the rest. He was physically the stronger of the two, but magically? Harry had been getting stronger and predominantly using magic for a thousand years.

He said, "Trust me, if they come to my planet again, they won't be leaving alive. Now leave."

Odin nodded at him, and stayed in the same spot until Harry receded his magic. He then signalled his army, who started leaving through the Rainbow lights, Bifrost, after taking the bodies of their comrades. Odin looked at Harry once more and left.

Harry looked around at all the destruction these aliens had caused. First Harry separated the Jotun corpses from the houses and burned all of them. He was not a scientist, did not have the knowledge or the equipment to study their bodies. He then cast a high powered Reparo spell to repair all the houses.

Taking the Casket in his hands, Harry first went to Avalon to store it in the Vault and cast a variety of containment fields so the Jotuns would not be able to sense it. If they had a magical item, they had magic. Harry left Felix to roam and be his guard on Avalon and checked up on the Island.

He then returned to Kamar Taj to see how the Unfreezing had gone. Turns out, his students were smart. They simply burned a fire in the ground and kept the iced people around it, which were starting to melt.

This was a good fight. There were a few human casualties, which he really regretted. The aliens were all dead, at least those that came to Earth. Now that he had seen their fight, as well as their energy signatures, Harry could build an Alarm system for if any of them ever return. He got right to it, teaching his students as well as the masters along the way.

He told the masters to document the event. The first time Masters of the Mystic Arts encountered Other worldly beings. It would be a great help for the future generations.

Once making sure the alarms worked by mimicking the energy signature of the Jotuns as well as the Asgardians, Harry went back to his office. He had some writing to do, Sanskrit writing.

A/N: The adventures of Harry Potter in the past will be posted as another story as a spin off. This story, The Prologue, will only focus on Harry's main interactions.