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Chapter 5:

Flashback: 1017 AD

2 Years After Odin's Visit to Midgard, Harry was at Avalon, visiting for a few days. Getting stuck at Kamar Taj wasn't an ideal situation, so he made sure to take a break once in a while. He was also constantly searching for any Sorcerer that could become a suitable successor. So far he hadn't found anyone that was "Sorcerer Supreme Material" or even close to it. There was one student, a Chinese Legacy, meaning his family had a tradition to send their kids to study here. But he was not that serious about studying the Mystic Arts. Oh, he got strong, strong enough to hold oup against and maybe even defeat a Jotun, probably, but that was his limit. Plus he got tired real easily, which meant that even if his knowledge was superior to most Masters, he couldn't cast spells for long.

Harry had kept his promise to Merlin and kept training students, but he also kept an eye out for promising students.

Harry was tending to his herbal plants, that he used for potions, when he heard an alarm in his head. The London Sanctum was down, and the Master dead. Harry started packing everything up, so he could go and help whoever goes to help the London Sanctum.

5 minutes later, Harry was wearing his Nundu hide battle robe, which was infused with Dimensional Energies from 10 different Dimensions, and also some of his Wizarding Magic. It was now more resistant than even Dragon hide. It looked like the traditional Kamar Taj robes, only brown in colour.

Taking his dagger pouch, Harry fixed it on his hip, put his axe, Angar and sword, Godric in his Mokeskin pouch. He could call it as soon as it is needed.

So it was, that 5 minutes after the London Sanctum was fallen, Harry left Avalon to Kamar Taj, firstly to check on the situation, and to take command.

As soon as he stepped out of the portal, Harry saw a few Masters running around like headless chicken, with only 7 of them staying calm and trying to think up a battle plan.

"SILENCE!" Harry shouted, making everyone stop talking and moving.

"Master Harry!" Chandra shouted in relief. He was the second in command of Kamar Taj, after Harry.

"Master Chandra. Can you tell me what has happened?" Harry asked politely.

Chandra nodded, the other senior Masters joining him, and said, "2 days ago, a book was stolen from the library by 7 of our current members. We were trying to stop a breach from the Hell Dimension from happening in the Americas, when the book was taken, and didn't find out until 5 hours later, when we returned. Our Librarian, Master Alex was found dead."

Harry frowned at the revelation, he thought, "I really should have a better security system." He shook his head and asked, "What happened after, and what book was stolen?"

Chandra gulped a little and said, "We tried scrying for the book, but it was invisible to us and we couldn't find the location. So we sent out 2 tracking teams, along with Master Hamir to track down the former Masters. They haven't come back yet, but we know they are alive and still searching. And about 5 minutes ago, the London Sanctum was attacked by these members and taken over. The book.. the book was The Book of Cagliostro, Master Harry."

Harry took a deep breath and said, "No need to blame yourselves, Masters. You have done well. I want teams 4 and 5 to go to the other two Sanctums and guard it at all costs. If all three of the Sanctums fall.. let's just say, it's bad."

The mentioned teams nodded and left towards the library to go through the portal, so Harry turned towards the remaining 15 masters, and 8 students, and said, "For the moment, we are at war with a rogue faction of Sorcerers. Defending our realm is our highest priority, even at the cost of our lives. Chandra, Julian and Jamal, come with me. Others, guard Kamar Taj. The students will spend the time in the library, with at least 4 Masters present at all times. Take care of this place until we return. And Chandra, don't forget your book."

Everyone nodded at the orders and started collecting the stuff they might need. "Maybe I should put up new policies, always keep your stuff on you, at all times."

Harry waved his right hand and said, "Expecto Patronum. Master Hamir, come back to Kamar Taj and help defend it. The London Sanctum has fallen, so me and 2 others are traveling there to fight whatever threat there is." Saying that, Harry sent his Patronus message to track down Hamir, and waited for his team.

Chandra, Julian and Jamal were his strongest subordinates other than the 3 Masters of the Sanctums. Jamal was from an African tribe, and was the best martial artist, with conjuring weapons as his best subject in Sorcery, but his shields were weaker in return. He had the Staff of the Living Tribunal as his Relic.

Julian was a Roman soldier, who had faked his death to get away from the constant wars and pillaging. He was the best at nothing, but was a jack of all trades. He had practiced every subject at least a little, from Healing to Necromancy. The second one was under strict supervision of Harry, to make sure nothing untoward happened. His relic was called the Vaulting Boots of Valtorr. They could help the Sorcerer jump on air.

And lastly, Chandra. He was an Indian farmer. He lost his wife and son in a bandit raid, with his king not helping him, at all. So he left the Kingdom and travelled to the Himalayas to meditate. He had stayed at the Everest for 5 days, when finally Harry found him there and asked if he wanted to learn Sorcery. Once he heard that some of the Hindu Gods were actually Sorcerers who ascended to Godhood, he accepted. He was selected by The Rituals of Shamhat Saraswati, a book that was written by Godess Saraswati herself when she was the 2nd Sorcerer Supreme, after Agamotto.

The book contained every ritual ever devised by Lady Saraswati, for every situation she could imagine. But the book needed to select you as a user for the rituals to actually work. Plus, even if you memorize the ritual completely, and follow it step by step, you won't succeed unless the book is with you. So it was quite a surprise that Chandra was selected by the book, but also not quite, as Chandra was a Master of Invocation and Rituals.

So, Harry and the 3 Masters of Kamar Taj went through a portal Harry created to the London Sanctum. It dropped them off at a small Village in London, at the outskirts of which was the castle, which was the London Sanctum.

The Castle was hidden from civilian eyes, as long as they don't look too closely. It was a precautionary method to prevent it's pillaging during wars. Right now, the wards over it were barely hanging on, and the doors were caved in. One side of the building was caved in, but nothing other than that actually looked wrong.

As soon as Harry thought that, a wave of Dark Magic came out of the forest to the Sanctum's left. Harry cursed himself, as the feel of the Magic was extremely similar to the one he felt on Merlin's head. He looked towards the source of the Magic and saw a sort of cut in the Space. Like a breach between Dimensions. The other side was dark, really dark, with some green, red and orange mixed in.

"Chandra. Start preparing a Ritual that can banish the Dread Lord, Dormammu." Harry orders immediately.

Julian and Jamal were immediately on guard and brought out their weapons. Julian with two Mandala Shields, while Jamal brought out his Staff. Chandra immediately sat down and started bringing out ingredients according to the book of Saraswati.

Harry, knowing that Chandra will be a prime target during a fight, brought out a Philosopher's stone. This one was always kept on him, for cases such as this.

He put the Stone behind Chandra, buried in a small hole, and chanted, "In the name of the Vishanti, I, the Sorcerer Supreme, invoke thee, Agamotto, to protect thine servant. Shields of Seraphim! Protect mine charge!"

Once Harry said the last syllable, a bright orange flash filled his vision for a second, and when it cleared, Chandra was surrounded by an orange opaque barrier. It was the stronger version of the Shields of Seraphim that Sorcerers normally used, powered by both Agamotto and the Philosopher's Stone, making it a 360 protection. Nothing could harm Chandra until he gets out of the Barrier, at least for the next half hour, which was the time limit. And only Chandra and Harry himself could enter or exit the barrier freely. Plus you can't use this particular shield to protect yourself. It is always to be used to protect others, or it won't work.

Knowing Chandra will be ready in 30 minutes at most, Harry turned to the other masters and said, "We have 30 minutes to find the zealots and kill them all. I can sense that Dormammu has possessed one of his zealots. Which means that the more time we take, the stronger he gets."

Julian and Jamal nodded gravely. Harry moved to give another order when suddenly the dark magic fluctuated. Turning around quickly, Harry cast the original Shield of Seraphim, to cover all three of them from the direction of the forest.

About 10 black daggers and swords struck the Shield and stayed there, not piercing, but not falling down either and pushing Harry a feet back. Harry widened his eyes at the strength behind the throws, while Julian and Jamal got on guard, again.

"You are better than the last of your Sorcerers I fought. The thief. Tell me your name, Sorcerer!" the one who threw the daggers at Harry stated as he leisurely walked out of the forest.

Harry looked at the man, and his companions. Everyone had the Mark of Dormammu on their heads, displaying their servitude. But the worst part was that Harry knew all 7 of their faces. They had stayed with him at Kamar Taj, ate the same food and learned the same knowledge.

"You betrayed Kamar Taj. What do you have to say for yourself?" Harry asked the zealots, ignoring, but not turning his back to the leader, who was most likely Dormammu himself. But Harry had to stall for time.

One of the zealots, Thomas, if Harry remembered correctly, came forward and said, "You betrayed us first. We know how you stayed immortal, and now that we use the same method, we are the traitors!? You! You are the traitor here, Sorcerer Supreme! You tapped into the Dark Dimension and stole from Lord Dormammu first, we just followed in your footsteps."

Harry looked at Thomas incredulous. Jamal and Julian looked at Harry in horror, while Dormamu narrowed his eyes at Harry for a second, then turned to Thomas like he was an idiot.

Harry spoke up, "How the fuck did you come to that conclusion, you idiot?! I was immortal way before I even met a Sorcerer. Merlin taught me when I was 800 fucking years old!"

Julian and Jamal lost their horror, but became determined and turned back to the zealots, while Thomas started sputtering, now knowing that his assumption was wrong.

Dormammu, surprisingly, nodded sagely at that and said, "You shouldn't jump to conclusions young.. whatever your name is. Speaking of, is the thief Merlin dead? I can't sense him anymore, and he was connected to the Dark Dimension."

Harry nodded and said, "Merlin died a few centuries ago. Now, Dormammu. Get off my planet and leave this Dimension. Or I will find a way to kill you."

Dormammu waited a second, and laughed. He laughed loudly, with his gravely voice sounding even more evil when laughing. He stopped laughing, pointed towards Harry, and said, "Sorcerer. I will enjoy killing you and taking this realm for myself!"

Like that was a signal for attack, the zealots moved as one. 6 of them immediately conjured weapons out of the glass like energy from the Dark Dimension, and moved to attack, Dormammu staying behind.

Harry walked forward, bringing out Godric. He leaned away from a swipe from above and quick as a Panther, and nicked the zealot with his sword. The Basilisk and Nundu poison in Godric immediately started working in poisoning the zealot, killing him within 5 seconds.

Everyone stopped fighting, the zealots in fear, and the Masters in curiosity. Dormammu frowned at the ease with which Harry killed one of his servants.

The Masters were fighting one zealot each, both on almost equal ground. Jamal was fighting with a man bigger than him by half a foot, but was holding his own better than the zealot expected, while Julian was staying far and attacking with Mandalas.

Harry once again started walking towards Dormammu, trusting his subordinates to take care of themselves and then guard Chandra.

The rest of the Zealots that weren't fighting Masters immediately ran towards Harry, hoping to overwhelm him. Harry bent under the sword of one, punched him away, sending him 20 feet into the air, pierced the chest of another with his sword. The last zealot was shaking now and started to run away, but a black sword pierced his head, killing him on the spot.

Harry looked towards the one he had punched away to find another black sword already pierced into his head.

"Pathetic! These are the Sorcerers you trained? So weak! Nothing compared to the Sorcerers of my time. Agamotto trained everyone to be as strong as that thief Merlin. And now these weaklings. I find myself disappointed." Dormammu spat out, after killing his own subordinates.

Harry growled at him and ran forward with his full speed to attack. He jumped into the air and swiped to cut Dormammu's neck, but Dormammu leaned back, almost lazily and back handed Harry in the face, sending him back towards where he was.

"He's this strong in a vessel? How strong is he without it then?" Harry thought to himself.

Now having a measure of Dormammu's speed and strength, Harry banished his sword at Dormammu at speeds faster than sound, and followed it with shouting, "CRIMSON BANDS OF CYTTORAK!"

Dormammu caught the sword, Godric in his hands, in order to cut the pursuing Crimson bands of Cyttorak. But before he could cut the bands with it, the sword cut into his hand itself, and then disappeared, banished once more to the Mokeskin pouch. It was a spell Harry had cast when he re-forged the Sword of Gryffindor into Godric. No one can hold the sword if they don't have Harry's permission, and they get cut and poisoned if they do it, depending on intent.

The ones who just want to look at it, hold it, or steal it, will simply get cut to warn them of it, while the ones who want to attack Harry with it will get poisoned too. So Dormammu's current vessel was as of that moment, poisoned. But Harry didn't know how effective Basilisk Poison was to the Dread Lord.

Dormammu jumped over the Crimson Bands, dodging them, and then spent the next few seconds doing acrobatics to do the same.

"ENOUGH!" Dormammu shouted, and sent out a wave of Magic out of himself, destroying the bands and sending Harry backwards through a tree.

Harry skidded to a stop, after destroying 2 trees with his body and looked towards where Dormammu just was. Not seeing him, Harry ran forwards, but had to dodge at the first step as a sword, conjured entirely using Dark Energy from the Dark Dimension was sent at him way faster than Harry sent his sword.

Harry moved to the right to dodge the sword and found himself defending against physical attacks. Dormammu, in his vessel, was attacking Harry with harsh punches and kicks, faster than Harry could follow. Harry blocked, moved, and tried to fight back, but Dormammu was simply too strong.

In desperation, Harry apparated out of there and landed in between Julian, who had just killed his opponent and was running to help Jamal, and Jamal himself. Chandra's shield was a little ways away from where Harry was.

And he still had 10 minutes to stall. Harry prepared his spells before Dormammu even made his appearance out of the forest and sent a wave of Fires of Faltain at him, followed by shouting, "I call down The Rains of Raggadorr."

The Rains of Raggadorr was an invocation spell that brings down magical beams of energy on the enemy, in the form of rain. Harry kept the two spells going for 2 minutes straight, which strained him a little, and then stopped.

He panted a little and turned towards his subordinates, who were standing near Chandra's shield, with their backs towards the shield. Harry's magical senses alerted him of an attack happening so he shouted, "Shields!"

All three of the sorcerers brought out their strongest shields, with Jamal shielding behind Julian and adding his own shield to it. Harry slammed his hands on the ground and whispered, "I summon forth the Shielding Powers of the Vishanti!" and brought his hands back up, palms facing Dormammu.

All three shields, including the Shield of Seraphim, were bombarded with the strange Dark Energy weapons; swords, daggers, sometimes even plain rocks. Harry's shield defended against it for a while, the same for the Shield Of Seraphim. But Julian's shield broke after half a minute of bombarding, with the weapons piercing Julian deeply in the shoulder, chest and legs. Julian fell down, dead, but not before he used his portal to send Jamal behind the Shield of Seraphim, saving his life.

"Julian!" Harry whispered harshly, sad at the death of his subordinate. Gritting his teeth, Harry put more of his Energy into the Shield. Harry's shield stayed put for 5 complete minutes, with the Shield of Seraphim deflecting every attack. So Dormammu stopped attacking the shield and started concentrating on Harry.

Harry's shield stayed strong for 10 more seconds before breaking. Harry immediately apparated out of the place to go behind The Shield of Seraphim, but unfortunately, Harry got pierced in the left shoulder by one of the swords, before he could get out.

"Sorcery is weak against him. He broke through the Shield of Vishanti in 6 minutes, but if he had concentrated on me first, it would have been gone within 2. Let's try Magic then. The real magic." Harry whispered to himself.

Dormammu stopped attacking Harry and came out of the crater that was formed thanks to Harry's spells. The vessel was damaged, with cuts and breaks in bones. One hand was cut off, but it was replaced by a conjured prosthetic.

Harry removed the sword in his shoulder, brought Julian's body behind the Shield of Seraphim and said, "Jamal. Don't interfere. Once Chandra's ritual is finished, the shield will break. Once that happens, don't let Chandra get interrupted, use portals to divert the attacks. Don't shield!"

Jamal nodded, knowing that shields were weak against Dormammu's attacks.

Harry left the protection of the Shield, and walked slowly. His shoulder was still hurting, not even a little bit healed, so Harry put his right hand on his left shoulder and started whispering healing spells, "Episky, Vulnera Sanentur, Sana Humero, Episky, Consuo."

As Harry walked, his shoulder wound started slowly knitting back together, his bones will still be sore, but an hour in the healing pit will fix that.

Dormammu looked towards his healing shoulder and said, "You are stronger than Merlin, I'll give you that. But you are still far too inexperienced in the Mystic Arts to truly defeat me."

Harry smirked internally, not showing anything on his face and simply summoned Angar to his right hand. Angar, when it was remade, was engraved with runes to make it possible for it to conduct his magic into it.

So Harry sent pure magic in his axe, making it glow an eerie shade of green, with a little bit of black and silver in it. He knew that green and black was the colour if his own magic, thanks to his connection with Death, while the Silver was the inherent magic of the Axe. It was most likely the remnant of the magic of the witch on the moon.

With his left hand, Harry sent a silent Bombarda at Dormammu, who widened his eyes and put his prosthetic hand in front of his face, to shield it. The hand got blown to pieces as soon as the spell struck, making Dormammu fly away from his position.

"Huh. Should have started with that." Harry mumbled, and ran after Dormammu, not giving him time to re- conjure his hand. So now both the fighters were a little handicapped. Harry without his left shoulder, and Dormammu without his right hand.

Harry swung his axe at Dormammu's head, who leaned back and tried to punch his face. But Harry was waiting for it and cast Reducto in his chest, at point black range, blowing a hole through it. Not waiting for Dormammu to heal himself, Harry used his axe and cut into his hip, from one side through to the other.

"AAAAARRGGGHHH!" Dormammu shouted out loud, in rage. He started absorbing more Dark Energy from the Dark Dimension, and healed his body. Or more appropriately, Dormammu conjured a new Vessel for himself using the original body as a template.

His vessel now dead, Dormammu was free to use his more than adequate energy to use, which was being held back by the Vessels inherent magic. So he started sending a beam of his Dark Energy at Harry, overwhelming him, and sending him falling on the ground.

Harry tried to defend against the Dark Energy using his Magic, but it still proved inadequate. He held the energy beam back with his strongest Magical spell, Custodire A Malo, which literally means 'Protect from Evil', but still, Dormammu's Energy beam broke through, sending Harry back and crashing him against the Shield of Seraphim.

Dormammu leisurely walked towards where Harry was, on the ground. He smirked at Harry and said, "You made me come in person, instead of just a Vessel. You will be remembered, Sorcerer Supreme, Harry Potter. Your name shall be written as the only one to succeed in bringing me to Your Earth, not by summoning me, but by killing my vessel and overwhelming my power. But now, your death is inevitable. You can't kill me, not even with that different magic of yours. You lost and now the Earth Dimension is Mine!"

Harry softly chuckled to himself, stopping Dormammu's mad cackling, and then evolved into laughing loudly. Dormammu, getting angry, lifted him by the neck and punched his stomach with his full power and then threw him towards the crater where Dormamnu once was, making Harry gasp and spit a little bit of blood. Harry stopped breathing, and held onto his stomach for a few seconds, but then resumed his chuckling. Now, even Jamal, who was still hiding behind the Shield was concerned for his superior.

"What. Is so damn funny Sorcerer?" Dormammu, who had walked towards Harry, asked, sneering at him.

Behind Dormammu the shield was starting to lose colour, turning a little translucent. Harry, who had kept an eye on Chandra this whole time, said, "You dumb Dread Lord. I was never going to kill you! I was the distraction!"

Dormammu got surprised by that, and turned towards the Shield, which was now transparent. Inside the Shield was Chandra, with the book of Saraswati in his left hand, and the right hand pointed towards Dormammu. In front of him was a small Diya and an incense stick, a small cauldron, kept on a burning flame, and the vapours from the cauldron was being collected in Chandra's hands.

As soon as the Shield completely went down, the Vapours stopped coming from the cauldron and Chandra started chanting, reading from the book, "मैं देवी सरस्वती की शक्ति का आह्वान करता हूं, ताकि वह डर शैतान को उसके दायरे में भेज सके। जा, राक्षस!" (Pronounciation: Mai Devi Saraswati ki shakti ka aavhan karta hu, taaki vah Dar Shaitan ko uske Daayre me Bhej sake. Jaa Rakshas!

Translation from Hindi, as I can't speak and couldn't find Sanskrit: I call upon the Power of the Goddess Saraswati, to banish the Dread Devil to his realm. Get lost, monster)

Chandra, whose eyes were now glowing white with power, thanks to the Book of Saraswati, was now holding both of his hands together. His hands were glowing white with all the collected energy from his ritual, which he banished towards Dormammu.

Dormammu, seeing the ritual going had tried to interrupt him, sending his sword at Chandra, hoping to end the Ritual by killing him, but Jamal intervened and spun his right hand, keeping his left in front of him. He created a small portal right in the path of the sword, opening it behind Dormammu. The sword pierced Dormammu's shoulder from behind.

The energy collected for the Banishment Ritual was launched at Dormammu, who still tried to dodge the beam. But Harry was behind Dormammu, so he called his axe and sent a beam of magic through it and into Dormammu's back, sending him right into the white beam.

"AARRRGGHHHH!" Dormammu shouted, this time in pain, and his current body got immediately vaporised. The particles from his body floated back towards the breach.

Knowing that Dormammu will just send another of his smaller bodies, Harry got up, clapped his hands together and chanted, "Taun taun cham fon craw." And pointed both palms towards the breach, which slowly started closing at Harry's urging.

Within 10 seconds, the breach between the Earth Dimension and the Dark Dimension closes completely, not leaving any trace behind. Even all the weapons that Dormammu had conjured during the fight, as well as the bodies of the Zealots were destoyed and banished to the Dark Dimension.

"Good work, Chandra. Right on time!" Harry praised Chandra and patted his shoulder. Harry turned towards the London Sanctum, which had been half destroyed and said, "Bugger."

Harry brought out 3 vials of Pepper up potion and gave 2 to Chandra and Jamal. He drank his own potion, which the two masters followed. They grimaced and the taste and Chandra asked, "What the fuck was that, Master Harry?"

Harry smirked at him and said, "Pepper-Up potion, Master Chandra. It will just give you back your strength. Temporarily. You will be tired as fuck later on." The two nodded at that.

Harry stood up, properly this time, and waved his hand towards the Sanctum, muttering, "Reparo Domum!" It was the spell Dumbledore had used to fix the house Slughorn was hiding in, right before Harry's 6th year at Hogwarts.

The buildings started fixing themselves, with the ground slowly returning to it's pristine condition. The Sorcerers looked wide eyed at the display and took a few steps back, in fear. Everyone knew that no one can manipulate matter in the real Dimension, unless they are connected to the Dark Dimension.

"How did you do that? Is what Thomas said true?" Jamal asked, not attacking, but ready to defend himself and Chandra.

Knowing he can't back out of answering, Harry said, "No, that was false." They were still tense, so Harry sat down on the ground and let the spell do its work. Continuing his explanation, he said, "I was born in a race of humans, different from you, but similar. We could manipulate an Energy that we called Magic, to do anything we could imagine, depending on the individual's power, of course. An accident happened when I was 20, which made me immortal. Some 800 years later, I first met the Sorcerers of Kamar Taj, met Merlin, and he offered to teach me Sorcery. I had nothing else to do, as the rest of my people were all dead, so I accepted. So you see, I am immortal, but I did not sell my soul to Dormammu to do so. If I had done that, I wouldn't have fought him. As for this," Harry waved his hands towards the now repaired London Sanctum, "this is one of the spells that I can do using my Magic."

The Masters, Chandra and Jamal, had grown intrigued, and sometime during the explanation, both had sat down in front of Harry, now relaxed, but thinking.

'A whole race of humans who can do what Master Harry can, that's scary.' Chandra thought to himself, and then asked, "How do you not confuse yourself between the two Magics?"

Harry snorted at that and said, "I bloody well did, at first. I used to think every magic is the same. Magic. But when I became a Master of the Mystic Arts, I learned that the two were different. So I started calling my own energy as Magic, and the ones you use, as Sorcery or Mystic Energy. It makes my headaches less painful. Then there's the Asgardians. Their kind are born with their own brand of Magic, which some of them, mostly women, learn to do. Their magic is called Seidhr."

After that, the two calmed down. They rested 2 more minutes and then left, taking Julian's body, and the now useless Philosopher's Stone with them, and erasing any indication of their presence, or their fight. They did get 3 more students from the few villagers who had watched the fight. But Harry knew that this will start a witch hunt if the news got out, so Harry erased their memories of the full fight, starting from the breach. He did it after sending his new students to Kamar Taj, obviously. He was going to explain the situation to them once they were masters.

After that, once he confirmed that everything else was alright in the other two Sanctums, as well as at Kamar Taj, Harry went back to Avalon and bathed in the Healing Pit.

"Aah! That's better!" Harry whispered to himself once he was inside the pit, and he started healing. This fight taught him that no matter how strong he was, there's always someone stronger than him. Both magically, and physically.

A/N: Sorry for the bad banishing ritual. I tried to think something else up, but nothing else cane to mind. Normal Hindu rituals(and yes there are some) are not that language friendly.

"Taun taun cham fon craw." :This spell is used to close portals from other Dimensions, but I used it here to close breaches anyway

The latin spells meanings you can find by going on Google Translate and selecting Latin to English translation.

And so, yes. Philosopher's Stone becomes useless after one strong ward. I did it so that it doesn't become over used. Harry can make more stones anyway. But he can't just use it as a ward stone for everything. I think I made a mistake by using the stones as ward stones anyway, but doesn't matter now.

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