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If you're asking, Harry won't go even near Morag, for the Power Stone. He will only keep the Soul Stone for himself, the other stones, he might simply assign guardians, like Illuminati in comics. Except, a little.. less, for the greater good.

Chapter 7:

Avalon: November 4th, 1953:

It'd been 4 days since Harry had been brought back to life and Harry had spent those days gathering the news and checking over everyone he knew.

He had found out a lot of things. Like Steve Rogers's stint as an actor/dancer/promotor for the war bonds, his re-entry in the SSR when Sgt Bucky Barnes was captured, along with his regiment. How Peggy, Stark and Rogers flew in, with Rogers single-handedly rescuing the 107th Regiment of the Allied Forces, or what was left of it after Zola's and Red Skull's human experiments.

He found out about the Howling Commandos and their guerrilla fights against Hydra, Bucky's death, and Zola's capture. When he read how Steve Rogers sacrificed himself by sinking the plane into the Arctic Ocean, along with a lot of missiles, Harry had two thoughts.

The first thought was, "How brave he was, to sacrifice his life for the sake of the innocents. He was only 27 years old. He would have been in Gryffindor if he was in Hogwarts."

The next thought, after he had fully processed the situation was, "Dumbass didn't even try to do anything else. He could have jumped out the plane, he would have survived, there already was autopilot in the plane. He definitely would have been in Gryffindor. My 15 year old self and Steve Rogers would have been best friends or rivals in their hard headedness."

That was in 1945, the same time the 2nd World War had stopped back in his Universe, although instead of Hydra, there was Grindelwald. The worst Dark Lord after 18th Century. The only Dark lord to force whole countries to ally against each other. Comparatively, Voldemort's 2nd reign of terror was across the Magical Government of one nation.

He was bad, but he was not worse than Grindelwald.

Anywho, the other things Harry found out were the formation of SHIELD under the leadership of Peggy Carter, Colonel Phillips, and Howard Stark. And Howard Stark's discovery of the Tesseract in the Arctic Ocean, when he was looking for Steve Rogers's body.

Knowing that a Super Soldier was not needed, at least for now, Harry had stolen back the Serum from UK. He did not trust the new Queen to make a good decision. She was headstrong, but when he had met her, she looked to be on the way to become a.. bitch, frankly speaking.

Back to Avalon, Harry was sitting in his study, folding his hands and looking at the empty space in front of him, with Felix curling beside the hearth.

"Bor Burison." Harry mumbled to himself, concentrating on calling his soul, back to the living.

"Herald of Death." Bor greeted, as soon as he was in the room with Harry.

"Nice to meet you, King Bor." Harry greeted politely. This was a former King of Asgard, a ghost, but the ghost of a King nonetheless. It doesn't hurt to be polite.

"What can I do for you, My Lord?" Bor asked Harry, bowing his head a little, not enough to show deference, but enough to show respect.

'Huh. I did not expect this when I decided to call back the former King of Asgard. I expected curses, power plays, and demands to be sent back or sent to Asgard.' Harry thought to himself.

Out loud, he asked, "No offense King Bor, but why are you respecting me? Your son was ready to go to war with me when we met, and your grandson wanted to teach me to respect my betters."

Bor chuckled a bit ruefully and said, "Unlike my son, Odin, I know to give respect when respect is due. My father taught me better than I taught him. So I apologize for his insults, as they are a direct result of my upbringing."

Harry blinked, then blinked again. He nodded at Bor and said, "Apology accepted, King Bor. He was brash, yes, but I already expected it of him. I'd simply assumed that he was arrogant as he was a King. And the stories and songs in his name must have done his ego no favour."

Bor nodded and said, "Thank you for understanding. Now, what can I do for you?"

Harry straightened up, getting serious, and asked, "What do you know about Planet Vormir?"

Bor stiffened, not wanting to answer, but the Resurrection Stone forcing him to do the same. He said, "Vormir is a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy, outside the Xandarian region of space. As far as I know it was destroyed 7000 years ago. No one from my time knew the exact location, but if you go to Xandar, you might find out where it is. It has long been suspected that one of the Infinity Stones is on that planet. Being the only unknown stone at that point, Soul Stone is the most likely suspect. No one had went near the planet for Six thousand years, the last one to do so was an Eternal who later disappeared. That is all." Finishing his speech, Bor softly glared at me.

Harry slumped back, it was not much, but it was still something. He didn't know where Xandar was, but he could bet that his ship did. Other than the data on the Storage devices, Harry had replaced everything on the ship, and now it was unrecognisable as Kree in origin. He will just have to invent a new planet, if anyone asks.

He looked at Bor and said, "Sorry about that, I did not know it will force you to do this. Every other time I called anyone they just willingly told me in fear of retribution."

Bor nodded stiffly, but said nothing. So Harry continued, "Well, thank you for this information, King Bor. Do you know who might know for sure where Vormir is? Alive or dead."

Bor looked thoughtful about it and shook his head. He said, "No. I don't know who might know where Vormir is. Your best bet is the Collector, who could be found on Knowhere."

"Nowhere?" Harry asked, baffled.

"Knowhere." Bor corrected him, and explained, "Knowhere is a place. It used to be the head of a titanic Celestial, but after his death, the head was used by the Taneleer Tivan, or the Collector as a mining site. He mined brain matter, bones, bone marrow, and skin tissue of the celestial, as it is really expensive on the black market. To go there though, you will need coordinates, which I can't give you as Knowhere changes coordinates periodically. Go to Xandar, My Lord, and you will find all the knowledge you seek, or the path to it." The former king stated in a flat voice.

Harry rubbed his forehead at that, and said, "Thank you, King Bor. Just one thing before you go. Look in my eyes please."

Saying that, Harry dived in using Legilimency and copied every Alien Language Bor knew, which were a lot, then he copied his knowledge about the planets and different species, and then dismissed his spirit.

Not counting All-Speak, which was an amazing ability in itself, Harry copied the Languages of over 100 races in space. The most prominent being Kree and Xandarian. Although Planet Xandar was the capital of an Empire, called the Nova Empire, with a collection of different languages, just like how Earth was. Except, Xandar was ruled by one person, the Nova Prime.

He already knew the Kree language thanks to the trespassers he'd killed a few centuries back, there were bound to be differences from the languages now, and some 6000 years ago.

Harry also found something interesting in Bor's mind. The location of another Infinity Stone, and the time when it will be next available for the steal.

The reality stone, aka the Aether was sealed, buried deep inside Svartalfheim, or the Dark World. However just knowing the location wasn't enough. It was going to stay hidden from everyone until the next convergence, which was in about 60 years.

After going over everything he got from Bor's head, Harry went over to the Kree- sorry, Harry's Space Ship, for final preparations. He was going to leave for space the next day, with Xandar as his first location. He was going to work there as a Mercenary, for a few years, to earn enough of this Credit that they used. Or he could sell his gold, silver and Vibranium too.

He could just transmute any of his crap into any precious metal he liked, it wasn't like it was especially expensive for him.

Going to the Space Ship, Harry first ran a check over the systems, making sure everything was running okay. The tracking chips were removed, so there was no way the Kree were going to come after him.

Then he went and gathered everything he was going to need. He might just portal back if something was necessary.

You might be wondering, why doesn't he just portal to Xandar? Harry can't. No one can. You have to actually know where you want to portal. And you can't portal somewhere you haven't been before, or don't know how it actually looks like. You can go somewhere if you have seen the image on a TV. But you can't do the same for a drawing. Mystic Arts were complicated.

Once his stuff was gathered, Harry went towards where Felix was sleeping. He asked, "Felix! Would you like to come to space tomorrow? We'll be gone for a few years, but you can come back home anytime you like."

Felix opened one eye and glared at Harry. Harry could simply feel the annoyance radiate off of him. He simply huffed and went back to sleep.

Harry shook his head and said, "Yes, yes. I won't leave you. But you'll have to wear a collar once we're there. Oh don't glare at me, Felix. It's so no one takes you with them thinking you're a stray."

"Grrrrr!" Felix growled at Harry.

Harry sighed at Felix. "Look, where we're going, we don't know what people eat. They could be cat eaters for all we know. Yes, I won't let them eat you. I will simply put some spells on your collar to make sure no one takes you away from me. If they try, you can eat them." He explained patiently, making eyes wide, feigning fear. He was scaring Felix with Cat eaters, but it was a valid fear.

They could be human eaters too, which meant that an immortal with a healing factor was pure gold to them.

Harry shivered and used Occlumency to banish those thoughts to the dust bin. He looked to Felix, who had agreed to wear the collar, and said, "Okay then, I'll make the collar once I'm back from visiting Minerva. I have to tell her I'm back from the dead, and then say goodbye to her."

Shaking his head at his life, Harry created a portal to Minerva's office room, where she was sitting with two teas in front of her on the table.

Harry simply sat down, knowing she was using the time stone as a warning signal. He sniffed the tea, and found it to his liking, so he took a sip.

"So, how was being dead for a decade, Master?" Minerva, or as she's known now, The Ancient One, asked Harry.

Harry snorted and said, "It was a decade for you. For me it was literally half an hour."

He finished drinking the tea and looked into Minerva's eyes, showing disappointment and pride. Pride because his student had chosen to damn her soul for the protection of the Dimension, the same as Merlin did. But disappointment because she did it without consulting Harry.

Granted as the Sorcerer Supreme it was her choice to do whatever necessary to protect the planet, as well as the Universe. And again, it was her soul to damn.

But still, Harry would have preferred he be there when she performed the ritual, in case anything went wrong. Instead he simply found out when he visited half a century after his departure from Kamar Taj, to find Dark Energy in Minerva's forehead and her still being 50 years old.

"Stop thinking, Master. It might hurt your old brain." Minerva snarked, hiding a smirk behind the tea cup.

Harry shook his head at her and said, "Yeah, yeah. Make fun of the old guy. When I was your age, I used to respect my elders."

Minerva smiled at him and innocently asked, "Was this before or after you threatened the whole Asgardian Army?"

"Before. Way before." Harry simply answered, without an ounce of shame. He had literally mind raped the ghost of a 6000 year old King of Asgard. 6000 when he died, by the way, so technically about 8000 year old ghost.

Minerva smiled at him, an the two stayed in companionable silence for a few minutes, just enjoying the other's company.

Finally Harry said, "I'm leaving tomorrow. I'm going to be traveling into space, visiting other planets. I wished to let you know, even if you probably know it already."

"I knew you were leaving, but not where." Minerva speaks up.

Harry nodded at her and warned, "Don't take what you See as definite. Time is not stable. The timeline is, but what you see is not always from this timeline. Hope you understand."

Minerva nodded and smiled at Harry, and said, "I have always taken what I see through the Eye with a grain of salt. But thanks for the warning, Master. Bring me a souvenir?"

Harry shook his head and simply pulled her into a hug, knowing she's feeling lonely too. She sacrifice a lot for Kamar Taj. Her beliefs, for one, then her friendship, and sometimes, it felt like she'd sacrificed feelings too.

Harry did not mind that no one cried, as he expected it. All the tears had already dried up, when it came to the two of them being alone. They had been meeting once or twice a century, just for the sake of meeting, so this was a routine for them. Comforting each other with hugs was what they did.

Gently pulling himself away from the hug, Harry kissed Minerva on her head and said, "Take care of yourself, Minerva. Don't hesitate to use the mirror if you need me. And for fucks sake, retire already."

Minerva smiled at Harry and said, "I will retire when my successor gets here, Master. Maybe then I'll live out my days on your Avalon."

Harry nodded and said, "And you will have a room prepared for the stay. You know what, if you need a break from everything for a while, just go and stay there for a few days. The wards will welcome you, even if I'm not there to bring you in."

Minerva nods and says, "I will accept the invitation and take a few days off. But not yet. After a few months."

Harry nodded at her and said, "Better be off then. Have to leave early tomorrow. Goodbye, Minerva."

"Goodbye, Master. Have a happy journey." Minerva wished and waved as Harry went through the portal to Avalon.

Avalon. His home for more than 1200 years now and he had brought only 5 people there. Ever.

The first to visit was Amora. Harry had invited her to Avalon on their 3rd meeting, right after Harry had finally managed to perfect Asgardian Illusion magic. That was 10 years after he had gotten the book on it. Asgardian Magic was tough.

Amora had been baffled when he spoke about an Island, hidden from everything and everyone, even Heimdall, and also her own scrying magics. So she had kept on visiting Avalon, sometimes just to spend time with all the Magical Creatures there. The thestrals particularly adored her, as she gave them steak every time she visited. Seeing all the magical animals kept safe brought joy to her, the same as it did Harry.

The next one that was permitted to enter Avalon was Lady Sif of Asgard. Harry had met Lady Sif when she had followed an Adgardian criminal, Lorelei, to Midgard. He had helped defeat Lorelei, and offered a room in his house for resting before she had to go.

She declined, but accepted the offer to visit some other time, and she did visit a few times. He even sparred with her, knowing she had strength enough to fight him. It was not a particularly tough win, but Harry had not let it bring her down, and told her that he was some centuries older than her.

The next to visit were Frigga and Loki. Frigga and Loki had come to Midgard to meet with the Nordic villagers, as they used to worship the Asgardians. Thor was there too, but he was drunk off his arse when he was on Earth, so they kept him at an inn, along with the guards and asked Harry to visit the Island. Harry had gone there, as he usually does, whenever an Asgardian enters Earth.

Frigga had heard about the island from Amora, who had spent countless hours singing the praises of Avalon to the Lords and Ladies of the Court of Asgard. Surprisingly, the Unicorns had come running out of the forests to meet with Frigga as soon as she'd come through the portal. Loki was allowed by the Unicorns to pet them only, but not ride.

Meanwhile, the Hippogriffs showed off their majesty by flying in groups and landing in front of the Asgardians. The Phoenixes and the Dragons stayed away, as the Asgardians were one if the people that killed off the dragons, as a hunting sport.

Then, a couple centuries after Harry retired from Kamar Taj, in the 16th century, Harry invited Minerva to the island for the first time, who got excited, and replied saying, "About damn time! Even the Eye didn't show me anything on that Island of yours."

Minerva would visit every century, at least once and spent an equal amount of time with every animal there.

When Harry came back to Avalon, he simply went to sleep, too mentally tired to do anything. He was going to space. In a space ship. Through wormholes, or jump points, as they're called.

"When did my life go from wand waving to Science fiction?" Harry asked himself, not expecting an answer.

"Mreowww.." Felix answered anyway.

Harry sighed and conceded to his point, "You're right, of course. Ever since I met Merlin. Everything kept going on a downward spiral to bizarre since then."

"Mreoww.. hisss."

"Yup. Fuck Merlin. Good night, Felix." Harry whispered, and went to sleep, thinking, 'I'll make that collar tomorrow.'

The next morning, Harry woke up at 5, as usual, and did his daily morning routine. Workout and checking on his different farms first. The farms mostly operated by themselves, storing the crop in a stasis, but he still checked occasionally to see if the spells were still working.

Then he checked his potions room to see if there was any ongoing Potion he had forgotten about. Not finding any, Harry left to his forge, taking 2 small coins of Giblin Silver, and a couple meters of Nundu hide strip from the Vault with him.

The Nundu hide was going to be the actual collar for Felix, while the Goblin Silver would ensure that the spells he was going to incorporate into it, stayed incorporated in it.

Harry first melted the Silver and added a gram of Vibranium Dust in it and kept a stirrer to stir the mixture. While that was going on, Harry measured the collar length for Felix's neck and cut off enough of the Nundu hide.

By then the mixture of metals, had become an alloy of metals, so Harry laid the belt down on a tray, and slowly poured the alloy over it, chanting a prayer in the Goblin tongue. This prayer, which does not have a written equivalent, imbued the leather with the properties of the Alloy, and the metals with it. So once this process was over, the belt would have absorbed the metals into itself, turning Vibration absorbent, as well as magic conductive, along with it's original property of magic resistance and some physical resistance.

Harry completed the chanting, and after a silver glow, the belt had a silver sheen to it. Dunking it in water, to cool down, Harry made a buckle, once again using Vibranium, which took only a few seconds using transfiguration.

He then removed the belt from the water and combined the leather with the buckle. That was the preparation part done. After that Harry simply cast the spells he wanted to affect Felix, over the collar, and then put it on Felix.

The first spell was one that made it impossible to remove the belt for anyone not Harry. It was possible that infinity stones might be able to remove it, but no magical or physical force could touch the belt, other than Harry.

The second spell protected Felix from minor physical attacks. The rest he cab avoid easily enough, or his hide can handle it. Same for the energy based attacks.

The third spell was a modified reducio, and Engorgio spell, worked into one. It worked on living things, for starters, and it does not have a limit. Harry simply adjusted the spell so Felix was the size of a normal house cat, unless some sort of danger is close by. Then Felix can change to whatever size he wishes, from as small as a rat, to as big as an elephant.

He did not like the belt at all. But Felix was a cat, and hence, an arse, so Harry ignored it and forcefully put the Collar on his neck, shrinking him to a house cat's size, which caused him to start snarling at Harry and trying to cut him.

"Oh, shut it. You're still cute." Harry told the cat who immediately started snarling and puffed up his chest in indignation, as if saying, "I'm Not Cute! I'm dangerous, fear me!"

Harry simply picked him up and put him on his shoulder, trusting his reinforced clothes to not tear. Collecting everything he might need, Harry went to his ship.

The Ship, which he named Hedwig, was 20 meters long, 7 meters wide and 4 meters tall, at it's highest. The cockpit was at the front, with an open view of the outside world. The window also had display screens in the corners showing 360 view of the ship.

Although Harry didn't have much weapons, he did have a few modified Kree energy canons, along with ballistic missiles. Harry had built most of this himself. As for the protection, Vibranium was used in making of the ship, along with the Shields already installed. So he didn't worry much about getting attacked. And even if something did happen, Harry could just use portals to get away.

It had 4 rooms with 2 beds each, 3 bathrooms, and a kitchen. There was a living room, with a computer system and a television system from the 24th century Earth. And it included some of the movies and songs Harry had brought with him.

Harry entered the ship and turned it on, storing everything in their proper places. Felix came with him to the cockpit, making Harry shake his head and simply put on a seat belt on him.

"Luna, flight check." Harry ordered. Luna was the designated name for the AI in Harry's ship. He had to find some way to honour his friends.

Luna, who was a small floating head near Harry's right hand said, "Thrusters are stable. Life support, stable. Fuel levels are good. Running simulation... Check."

"Let's turn this baby on then." Harry said in excitement.

Immediately thrusters started firing up, the ship hovering in place for a few seconds. Harry pushed a button and mumbled to himself, "Activating the Cloaking field."

The whole ship turned invisible, making it impossible for anyone to see it. The only sign that something was there, was the slight blowing of the grass due to the thrusters.

Harry pushed the throttle and the ship started slowly moving forward, and into the air.

"Still stable." Luna said, checking over the specks. He had already done space flights before, but it was mainly in the solar system itself. He had gone to Pluto just because he could. But now, he was going to another galaxy. So he wanted everything to be perfect.

It took a few minutes for Harry to get out of the Earth's atmosphere, after which Harry spoke up, "Luna, set course to Xandar."

"Course set. Universal Neural Teleportation Network mapped. ETA 47 minutes and 38 jump points. Please secure yourself to the seat and sit back." Luna said.

Harry laid back on his seat and relaxed, knowing the ride will be bumpy from the video log already on it.

And he was right. The whole flight was one rollercoaster ride after the other. While magic could have helped a little in minimising the nausea, Harry wanted to go through the full experience first, which he now regretted.

"Boss. We are being hailed by the ship in front of us." Luna's voice brought Harry out of his nausea.

He looked out of the window, and saw that there were 5 ships, all smaller than his, shaped like a star, pointing their weapons at him, along with a ray that had somehow disabled his weapons. Harry pressed a button near the display, pumping the shields to full power. Then he accepted the hailing from the ones in front of him.

"Unknown Vehicle. This is Captain Romani Rael of the Nova Corps. You are in Xandarian Air space during times of war. Identify yourself." A voice sounded, once Harry had accepted the hail, in what Harry recognised as the Xandarian language. He could understand it, thanks to the All-Speak.

Harry turned the mic on and answered, "This is Harry Potter, Captain of the Ship Hedwig, from Planet Earth. I came here to trade and perhaps offer my services."

The other side stayed silent for half a minute, and then the same voice said, "Follow us, we will lead you to the registration office. Register yourself and follow all the rules they tell you too. If you commit any crime, you will be sent to prison Kyln indefinitely."

Harry nodded and answered, "Understood."

Harry followed after them, and got excited about the journey he was going to take part in.

"This is going to be so awesome!"

A/N: Sorry for the short chapter, I'm depressed and was busy in wallowing.

Now, I know, GOTG mentions that Tivan started mining on Knowhere "centuries ago", but it didn't mention how many centuries, so I made it so he started before Odin's birth, when Bor was King.

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