My first request story! I've been meaning to uplaod new chapters to other stories. I write them down but never get aroung to actully typing and uploading them. PLease Enjoy!

After relocating HQ to Planet Blanc, the Loonatics were busy saving the universe. They would often split up into group for multiple missions; which was helpful with their new members. One day the received a message from Queen Athena. She wanted to invite the Loonatics to the new Apocalypso planet. After dealing with the Apocazons last time, Ace felt it was best to have mostly girls with them. Ace, Alice, Lexi, and Megan went off to the new planet.

"Do we really want to go to a female only place?" Megan asked recalling the adventure Lexi told her about.

"They're just welcoming us, it was our fault for judging them last time," Lexi said.

"Sounds like my kind of planet," said Alice. It wasn't long before they reached the planet. They were greeted by two Apocazons who appeared out of giant flowers.

"Welcome to Apocalypso, Loonatics. Queen Athena's castle is this way." The new planet was like the island; plants everywhere, very few technologies unless related to nature.

"Welcome Lexi," Queen Athena said slightly ignoring Ace, "I see you have new members. How might you be?"

"This is Alice Bunny, my twin sister," Ace said introducing them, "And this is Megan Neko."

"Hello Queen. I've heard good things about Apocazons," Alice said slightly bowing.

"Yes. Good things indeed." Queen Athena gave a small tour, and even gave Lexi, Megan, and Alice makeovers. Afterwards, they were all seated at the banquet table. Alice was answering questions from Queen Athena. Then a servant gave the Queen a cup. Lexi noticed it was a blue liquid, different from the green nectar from before. Queen Athena took a sip and Lexi shrugged it off when nothing happened. No one noticed the queen's eyes change from green to pink.

"Ace, how are you enjoying Apocalypso?" Queen Athena asked, surprising everyone. Ace chocked on his water.

"I-it's great" he said.

"Are all the guys still plants?" Megan asked, oblivious to the situation.

"Majority of our male population have evolved into the plants so we can co-exist," Queen Athena explained. "Even though they are all around us, it does get dreary without a manly presence," she gave a side look to Ace, making him cough. Alice could sense Ace's discomfort and was getting upset.

"So, Queen Athena, who's the King of Apocalypso?" Alice wasn't too fond of people flirting with her brother.

"There is no king. Not yet anyways."

"OKAY!" Ace said getting up from the table quickly, "Thanks for the invitation and tour but it looks like we should get going. Hero duties we need to tend to."

"Oh, you can't leave just yet," said one of the servants near the exit. "Our new planet's atmosphere is very dark and thick at this time, so it is hard to fly." Lexi recognized this was the same servant that served Queen Athena: green skin, green eyes, dark blue hair bob. The major difference Lexi noticed was that instead of being an adult woman, she looked more like a young teenage girl.

"Please continue your stay until the sky clears." Servants came to guide the Loonatics out the banquet hall. But Ace was guided to a separate room. 'I don't like this one bit.' Alice thought through their twin telepathy. 'Keep in touch Ace.'