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Ace walked down a hallway. What was once filled with green women running with supplies, was now a quiet place. Ace was growing frustrated, when suddenly he heard his name.


Ace turned around to see a young teenage girl. He kept his guard up, but it slightly went down by the look on her face.

"My name is Ersa. Queen Athena sent me to retrieve you," she said anxiously.

"Do you know where my teammates are?" Ace asked keeping his distance.

Ersa put a finger to her lips then pointed to a flower on her ear; signaling that they were being monitored. Ace caught the hint and followed Ersa to the queen.

"Hello, my dear Ace," said Queen Athena said as they entered the room.

"What did you do to the girls?" he said.

"Now now Ace. We both want something from each other," Queen Athena said while slowly getting up. "But only one of us is getting what they want."

"And what makes you think that?" Ace said as he took out his guardian strike sword. The queen then lowered vines down from the high ceiling. Three figures were wrapped but Ace could recognize them.

"Let them go or your weeds will get cut!" he threatened.

"Or marry me and I won't feed your girl friends to my carnivorous 'weeds'," Queen Athena said. Ace became hesitant.

"Why would the queen of an all women society want to marry me anyway?" he asked.

"It is unimportant, as it just came to me. The important thing is your choice."

"It's Ersa's fault," Alice told Ace through telepathy, "But she can also fix it. Help her find the flower."

"Okay," Ace answered, withdrawing his sword.

"Great! Ready the ceremony," Athena ordered. Ersa and Ace were sent out the room.

When alone, Ace zapped the flower off Ersa with his laser vision.

"What flower are we looking for?" he asked.

"H-How did you know?" Ersa asked still scared.

"Sorry," Ace said calmly, "Alice and I have 'twin telepathy'."

"To free the Queen, we need cyclamen: the flower of separation. I'm not sure what will happen to the Queen if we don't make an antidote soon," Ersa explained.

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