a/n: So this is a what-if for the episode Felix, where Adrien didn't interrupt his father when he was about to tell Adrien that he was Hawkmoth and then the fallout from that, because we were SO CLOSE and then Adrien had to interrupt him and be all supportive of his supervillain dad moving on but not really.

Also, Felix is a hilarious little gremlin, particularly after you take away the behavior that they gave him for the clear and express purpose of spiting PV fans.

(also, this fic may or may not include some somewhat borderline-crack headcanons about why Adrien and Felix look so similar so. Uh. There's that.)

When Mr. Agreste had told Adrien that he had something important to tell him, Adrien had been excited. He was pretty sure that he knew exactly what his father was going to say- after all, he had seen Mr. Agreste and Nathalie looking really close lately, and they really looked like they were headed for a relationship. It would be hard and awkward for his father to admit that he was moving on, of course, so Adrien wanted to be as supportive as possible. Maybe he could make it easier for his father if he told him that he had already noticed and was fine with it, but- well, Mr. Agreste didn't like people interrupting him, or presuming what he was going to say.

So Adrien bit his tongue instead, keeping himself from interrupting and upsetting his father. Only seconds later, he was regretting that.

He listened in absolute horror as his father admitted that he had always known where Adrien's mom was, that she was in a secret chamber under the house after falling into a magically induced coma. His stomach twisted in dread as his father hastened to assure him that she was stable, and definitely still alive, and that he had a plan in place to get her awake again.

He had a sinking feeling that he knew where this was going. Adrien didn't- he didn't want to believe it, he wanted it to mean something else, anything else, this couldn't be happening, a roaring was starting up in his ears-

"I am Hawkmoth, and I want to get the Miraculous to change the timeline," Mr. Agreste told him, his eyes sliding up towards the window. "So that your mother wouldn't fall into the coma at all. Nathalie thought that I ought to tell you, since things have been dragging on with Ladybug and Chat Noir. That's quite annoying, but- well, I digress. I know that the city has been painting me as a villain, but I assure you-"

Adrien couldn't hear him anymore. The roaring in his ears had drowned everything else out, and his heart was racing, pounding get-away get-away get-away.

So Adrien scrambled to his feet and bolted.

From inside of the courtyard, he could slam the button to unlock the gates, flinging himself through them and slamming the gate behind him again with a deafening clang so that his father would be slowed down. Adrien could hear Mr. Agreste yelling after him, sounding furious and worried all at once, but he couldn't make out the words. His head was spinning, thoughts racing through his mind too fast for him to make any sense of them.

He- he had to get away. Who knew what his father had planned? Why- why would he tell Adrien about his supervillainry now? Was he going to try to get Adrien to come to his side, to help him somehow? He couldn't be forced into that, he couldn't, he couldn't-

And so he ran.

Marinette had just stepped outside to go meet up with the rest of her classmates when the first car horn made her pause. More horns and squealing tires and shouts had her stepping back towards the door, even as her eyes scanned the surroundings for anything out of place. Sounds like that could really only mean one thing in Paris: an akuma.

But she wasn't hearing maniac laughter or any sort of gloating akuma announcing their name, or seeing any flashes of light that would also indicate an akuma. Marinette frowned in confusion and stepped forward to take a closer look, but a flash of movement caught her attention and her eyes locked on the figure racing recklessly through the park, nearly getting hit by a skateboarder. The near-miss and subsequent yell didn't even seem to register with them.

With a jolt, Marinette realized that she recognized that figure. It was Adrien, and he was clearly in distress.

Well. So much for the class getting together to come up with an idea to make Adrien feel better on the anniversary of his mom's disappearance. Clearly it was already a bit late for that.

Her heart jumped into her throat as Adrien continued his outright sprint out of the park and straight into the road. Tires squealed- thankfully people had gotten really good at being alert while driving and stopping quickly thanks to the akuma attacks, at least Hawkmoth and his akumas were good for something- but Adrien didn't even seem to notice as he raced blindly across the street, towards the sidewalk on the other side of the bakery. Marinette sprung into action at once, zipping around the bakery and catching Adrien around the waist to stop him, planting her feet as she did so that he wouldn't knock her over.

"No," Adrien gasped, blindly fighting against her hold. "No, no, let me go, don't bring me back there, let me go-"

"I'm not bringing you back anywhere," Marinette promised, but she could tell that Adrien hadn't heard her at all. "Adrien, listen to me, I'm not taking you anywhere. It's Marinette, you're safe. Please."

"No!" Adrien was scrabbling now, and Marinette winced as she felt his nails digging in to her skin, scratching her. "No- he has Mom, I have to get away before he makes me help him-"

People were starting to stop and stare. Marinette winced- ugh, some of them were getting phones out, what was their problem?- and then squared her shoulders as best she could. She needed to get Adrien off of the street and into privacy, and she needed to do it now.

So she loosened her grip, adjusting her stance quickly before Adrien could take off, and hoisted Adrien over her shoulder before straightening up. He was still thrashing and kicking- she was going to have some major bruises later, but Future Marinette could worry about that- but she could stumble back around the front of the bakery to their side door. Tikki quickly phased out of her purse and through the door, popping it open, and Marinette ducked in. Almost as soon as the door closed, Adrien stiffened, apparently knocked out of his blind panic, and his frantic fighting slowed to a stop.

Well. Apparently the smell of baking bread and spices had been just what Adrien needed to knock him out of his panic-fueled blindness.

"Back with us?" Marinette asked, letting Adrien slip back down to the floor feet-first. She held on until she was sure that he wasn't just going to collapse to the floor. "Adrien?"

Adrien managed a nod. "I- yeah."

"Let's go upstairs," Marinette suggested. The hallway wasn't exactly equipped for a breakdown, after all. She kept an eye out for butterflies. "Can you manage?"

"Yeah," Adrien tried, taking a step towards the stairs. His legs nearly buckled under him, and Marinette rushed to support him. "I'm sorry, I just-"

"Don't apologize," Marinette told him at once. Based on his state right now, she was guessing that Adrien had just had a huge shock. Being unsteady like this was to be expected, really. "We'll get there eventually. Just.. don't step backwards. Or lean backwards."

Adrien nodded, sharp and jerky. "Right."

"Adrien?" Mrs. Cheng ducked into the back hallway, her eyes wide as she took in his state. Marinette guessed that she had probably seen them through the window. "Dear, are you- Marinette, can you take him back to the staff break room, maybe? It will be easier than trying to go upstairs. And we just added a new couch in there, so it's plenty cozy. I can ask the other staff to stay out for the time being."

Marinette nodded, changing direction at once. She really didn't want to go up the stairs with Adrien liable to collapse at any moment. "Good idea."

"I don't want to inconvenience anyone," Adrien protested, his voice thin. Mrs. Cheng was by his side at once.

"It's fine, dear, really," she told him. "None of them would be having their breaks soon anyway, they all took them earlier. All they might be popping in for would be a cup of tea or something between batches, but they usually don't." She placed a hand on Adrien's other shoulder, steering them forward into the main kitchen of the bakery and then immediately off into the small side room at the front. "Here. It's not the most private place in the house, granted, but..."

"It'll do," Marinette finished quietly. She squeezed Adrien's hand, but he was clutching her hand so tightly that she doubted that it would even register. "Uh, I don't suppose we have any blankets down here?"

Mrs. Cheng worried her lip, glancing back towards the front of the shop. "No, but..."

"I'll be fine," Adrien repeated, sounding very not-fine. "I don't need a blanket."

"If you change your mind, just let Tom know," Mrs. Cheng told them. She glanced backwards again, then perked up. "Actually, perfect timing, he's got more bread to bring up front. I'll just ask him to cover for a few minutes while I grab a blanket. It'll be a few minutes, thought."

Marinette nodded in understanding, already steering Adrien towards the couch. He was starting to shake again, and she was really concerned. What on earth had happened for him to get this upset? It was really unusual.

The door shut behind Mrs. Cheng, and Marinette got Adrien down on the couch. He curled up against her side at once, clearly seeking out contact, and she could only hug him close. Another minute passed while he clung to her, muffled sounds from the bakery- sheet trays clattering, indistinct conversation, oven doors opening and shutting, feet crossing the floor and back again- coming through the closed door. They were closer than they ever had been before- not a surprise, really, because Adrien was practically wrapped around Marinette- but she wouldn't let herself focus on it.

Adrien was there, and he was hurting.

"It's my father," Adrien murmured into her shoulder at last, his voice thick with tears. "He's my father, and he has mom, and- Marinette, what am I supposed to do?"

"Wait, back up," Marinette said, frowning. She- well, she was officially lost. Adrien's father had his mom, but- but wasn't she missing? How did Mr. Agreste have his wife and yet have an active police investigation going on? That just didn't make sense. "I feel like I'm missing something here."

Adrien lifted his head, teary green eyes staring into her own. "Father, he- he's Hawkmoth. What do I do?"

Well, crap.

Adrien managed to tell her the rest of the story- or, rather, the rest of what he knew, what little Mr. Agreste had told him before he ran off- between sniffles, wiping his face on his sleeve until Marinette got up long enough to snag a box of tissues, the trash can, and a clean hand towel. Her mom ducked back in briefly, dropping off a fuzzy blanket that Marinette promptly wrapped Adrien up in, tucking in the corners so that he was bundled up nice and warm.

The whole story- Mr. Agreste being Hawkmoth, and trying to save Mrs. Agreste, who had apparently fallen into a magically induced coma after using the Peacock for- well, something. Adrien hadn't exactly stuck around to listen to all of the details.

Marinette couldn't blame him. Having everything dumped on him- because Marinette didn't doubt that it was dumped, considering that tactful was pretty much the last word she would ever use to describe Mr. Agreste- all at once would have been absolutely overwhelming, and considering how awful Hawkmoth had been, especially of late... well, what reaction was Mr. Agreste hoping to get from his son? Surely he hadn't thought that Adrien would just immediately hop on board.

"And the thing is, I had totally been looking forward to whatever he was going to say," Adrien said, breaking the silence. His head had come to rest against hers. "Like, he was there and kneeling on the ground with me, and I thought that- well, he and Nathalie have seemed really close lately and I thought that maybe that he was going to tell me that he was actually doing the healthy thing and moving on from Mom with Nathalie and maybe we could start moving towards being a family again. But no, he just up and tells me that he's a supervillain, surprise, and he's actually known where Mom was this entire time, and- oh, he's not close to Nathalie because he's moving on, he's close because she's his supervillain assistant, I bet! There's no way-" he paused to blow his nose-" no way that she isn't Mayura. I just know it."

...if it weren't for the fact that Adrien was hurting so badly, Marinette would be thrilled by all of this new information. She was Ladybug after all, and finding out who Hawkmoth was...well, it was what they had wanted from the start. She and Chat Noir would be able to do something about the root of the problem then, instead of just fighting every akuma that appeared and being resigned to the fact that there would be another akuma coming along again, and another, and another, and another, an endless stream. Finding out Hawkmoth's identity-it was what they had wanted.

But it was hurting Adrien. Instead of being excited like she should be about the break in the case... well, Marinette was too worried about what would happen to Adrien and how the whole thing would impact him.

There would be no way for her and Chat Noir to take down Hawkmoth and finish things without hurting Adrien. At this point, well, it would just be a matter of trying to minimize the hurt.

"I'm sorry, Adrien," Marinette murmured. She would have pulled him closer, but she had already pulled him as close as he could be. Instead, she turned her head so that her forehead was pressed against the side of his face. "My family will be here for you, I can promise that. And all of us at school. You're not alone."

Adrien just nodded. They fell quiet again, just sitting together and listening to the bakery sounds. After a couple minutes, though, Marinette frowned. There was an unfamiliar voice getting closer, accompanied by her mom.

It- it wasn't Nathalie, she thought. The voice wasn't quite as businesslike and emotionless, and surely her mom would know better than to let Mr. Agreste or Nathalie in without asking first. Marinette lifted her head, listening more closely as the voices got clearer.

"We saw news about my nephew nearly getting run over by a dozen cars, so of course I had to investigate," the other woman's voice was saying, sharp and taut. There was a vein of worry running though, easy enough to pick out even from where they were. "It took a little bit to work our way through traffic and figure out where he had gone. I do apologize for crashing in, but..."

"No, that's fine," Mrs. Cheng assured her. The voices were nearly at the door, and Marinette glanced over at Adrien. He was wiping his eyes, turning to stare at the door. There was a spark of interest in his eyes, hope and eagerness battling their way past the shock and betrayal and misery. "I can understand being concerned. I certainly would be, if I saw that happen with my daughter." They were at the door now, and Marinette watched as her mom reached out and knocked before opening it up and sticking her head in. "Adrien? Your aunt and cousin are here, do you want to see them?"

Marinette turned to Adrien, ready to step in if he was about to try to go along just to make other people happy, regardless of his own wishes. But he looked willing enough, so she didn't have to step in when he nodded.

As soon as Mrs. Cheng stepped to the side, Adrien's aunt swished into the room. As soon as she did, Marinette stared.

She- she looked just like Adrien's mom. Like, exactly.


"Adrien, darling," his aunt exclaimed, swooping down on Adrien to hug him. Marinette ended up jostled a little to the side, but she didn't care about that. Behind Adrien's aunt, his cousin wandered in, looking somewhat concerned. Mrs. Cheng exchanged a look and a wave with Marinette before she retreated, closing the door to the break room behind her. The room was a bit cramped now, not meant for four people plus the couch and the table. "Felix and I saw you running away from the mansion and we wanted to come check on you. What happened?"

Adrien exchanged a look with Marinette, and in a heartbeat, Marinette understood his expression. He wanted to tell them- presumably he was confident enough that his aunt didn't already know about his father's less-than-fabulous side gig, but, well, telling them here and now...

Something told Marinette that Adrien's aunt might not have the quietest of reactions when finding out the news about her sister and brother-in-law, and- well, there were enough people around in the bakery that could overhear.

"Should we go upstairs to our living room, maybe?" Marinette suggested. She squeezed Adrien's hand. "If you can get up there now?"

"I think so, yeah," Adrien agreed. He managed to get to his feet, his struggle mostly- as far as Marinette could tell- because of the blanket still wrapped around him. "Let's get upstairs, and then I can talk."

Unsurprisingly, Amèlie Graham de Vanily was not happy to hear about who was behind Hawkmoth's mask. She was also not thrilled to learn that he had known where her twin sister was all of this time and hadn't bothered to let anyone else know, and she was furious to hear Adrien recount the number of times his father had endangered him as Hawkmoth, both indirectly when he just happened to be in the area and directly, with akumas that were hell-bent on targeting Adrien directly.

Surprisingly, she wanted to do something about it. Herself. Even though it would be dangerous, Marinette had warned, and hard to do. After all, Ladybug and Chat Noir had been fighting Hawkmoth and Mayura and their supervillains for ages now, and they hadn't had nearly as much luck as they might have hoped. So wouldn't it make sense to pass the information on to them, and let them deal with the situation?

Amèlie wasn't convinced.

"He has my sister," she insisted again, clearly determined. "Maybe the two of us haven't always seen eye-to-eye on everything- and I never did like Gabriel, there's always been something off about him- but I'm not going to let him dishonor her memory like this. If there's a chance that something that can be done to save her- if the superheroes have more information about magic than Gabriel does- then we need to get her out and be able to ask them. If she's past saving- well, it would be kinder to lay her to rest, then. It's heartbreaking, of course, to lose anyone, but dragging it out instead of letting them pass on...well, that's not kind to anyone."

Marinette looked from her to Felix, who looked far more like a lost kid than he had before. Something- the fact that they were dressed in black, that she had caught a murmur about missing a funeral as they headed up the stairs, that Amèlie's husband hadn't been mentioned at all- told her that Amèlie was speaking from experience.

"So we should get more information, if we can," Amèlie continued. She was tapping her chin with a finger, clearly already in planning mode. Marinette recognized that expression well, since Ladybug wore it all the time when she was coming up with a Plan. "Adrien, clearly he was willing to tell you more- but I can tell that you aren't exactly in a state to try to pry. So if we switch you and Felix- only if the two of you are willing, darlings."

To Marinette's surprise, Felix nodded at once. "I can do that. It'll be easy."

Adrien looked more hesitant. "But if he figures it out- he has magic powers, Felix, it's dangerous!"

"I can play a part as necessary." Felix told them. His lost look had been replaced by determination and- oh, Marinette recognized that look. It was the same kind of look that she had seen Chloe give her mom, that eagerness to help and please a parent to get their approval. At least Amèlie seemed more receptive than Audrey Bourgeois. "And if Mom wants me to try to find out what happened with Aunt Emilie, then I will."

Amèlie nodded, pleased. "And Adrien? I know that you've been through a shock, but..."

"But time is important." Adrien let out a shaky breath, and his fingers clung to Marinette tightly for a moment. "I- I can do it. For Mom. And if we switch, it'll be Felix who has the hard job, anyway."

"I can manage. I was in the theater club- well, before." Another flash of Felix's miserable expression from earlier crossed his face before it fell back into his neutral expression. "While we switch clothes, you can catch me up on how to act like you. That's the most important part when playing a character."

Amèlie giggled. "I thought you hated theater club, darling. You always complained that it was a waste of time."

"Yes, well." An embarrassed expression flashed across his face. "It serves its purpose."

"You can use my room to switch clothes," Marinette offered. She gestured towards the stairs. "Since our bathroom is a bit cramped."

Felix nodded, rising at once. "Fantastic. Mom, can I borrow...?"

Amèlie nodded, digging in her purse at once and passing over a small bag. "Of course. Be thorough, of course, but the faster of a turnaround we can have, the better. And I'm going to go talk to Gerald so that he doesn't tip off Gabriel and Nathalie. With any luck, he hasn't already reached out."

Marinette winced at the thought. They were so close to finding out everything about Hawkmoth. To have their plan derailed by Adrien's well-meaning bodyguard...

As Amèlie headed back downstairs, Adrien and Felix headed up to her room. Marinette had a moment to wince- she hadn't cleaned up her Adrien posters at all, that wasn't going to look good and something told her that Felix was the sort to notice and comment about something like that- and then she forcefully pushed the thought away, trying to put her Ladybug hat on and focus on what needed to be done.

Obviously, she wanted to reach out to Master Fu and let him know. They would probably want a team of superheroes for the final stand-off, for sure, but question now was which ones. The Snake would definitely be helpful, in case anything went wrong, and maybe the Fox for illusions, and the Turtle for protection, and the Bee- well, she might pick someone other than Chloe, because if Chloe got to be part of the final battle when she had done nothing to deserve the honor of wielding a Miraculous, especially considering how she had bullied Marc and Nathaniel about their comic only two days ago, she would be insufferable. Marinette could see Chloe now, bragging about how she was special enough to help defeat Hawkmoth and all of the rest of them were just lame-o civilians.

Chloe should never have been a superhero in the first place, and the only reason why Marinette had kept going back to her was because Chloe had experience with using the Miraculous and the Bee's powers, and it was hard to think of a new person to use the Bee when they were under a time crunch. But now...

Adrien probably wouldn't want to be involved, since it was his father that they were going up against and he might not be able to go in for the hit. But his aunt and cousin seemed like they would happily go to bat for him (or at least Amèlie would go to bat for her sister, and Felix would do anything if it made his mom happy, which...well, it seemed to amount to the same thing in the end), so maybe she could consider them as potential Bees. But she also didn't know them very well, and had only spent maybe ten minutes with them max. There was a danger there, a risk that Marinette wasn't sure if she wanted to take. Both Graham de Vanilys were a bit unpredictable and hard to read at times, which, well…

Maybe it would be better if she tapped her own mom instead.

Deciding that she could probably wait to decide for sure until after Felix finished his information-finding mission, Marinette pulled out her phone instead, drafting her text to Master Fu several times before deciding that it was good enough as it was. She hit send just as Amèlie entered the room, looking pleased.

"Gerald let me know that Gabriel instructed him to take a detour to try to find Adrien instead of dropping us off at the house first," she told Marinette. "And since Adrien seemed so upset, he figured that he wouldn't say anything yet without finding out the why. So I asked him not to let Gabriel know at all, and we would explain later." She smiled, triumphant as she dropped gracefully onto the couch. "It's perfect, really. Gerald seems like he's far more loyal to Adrien than to Gabriel, so he's willing to work with us. Once we have Felix go over in Adrien's place, Nathalie will text Gerald and we can come in like normal, not suspicious at all."

Marinette still had some concerns. Sure, Gabriel Agreste was an absentee parent at best, sure, but Adrien and Felix were cousins. Just because Mr. Agreste rarely saw his son in person didn't mean that he wouldn't recognize that there was something off. If Adrien and Felix hadn't seen each other in- well, it sounded like it had been a couple years- even if they somehow managed to look similar enough to fool Mr. Agreste, there were bound to be some behavioral differences.

"I hope the boys can work fast," Amèlie commented, glancing upwards. "I do worry that the longer we spend getting set up, the more suspicious Gabriel will be. And with something like this... well, he's already bound to be on edge."

Almost on cue, the trapdoor up above swung open and Adrien and Felix came down. Marinette turned around to see how their swap had gone, and then her jaw dropped.

Had- had they swapped at all? Because if they had, that was insane.

"One would think that you two had been practicing or something," Amèlie said with a laugh. She accepted her bag back from "Adrien", glancing in before zipping it shut and tucking it in her purse. "Your makeup skills are amazing. Even I can't tell the difference, except- Adrien, you have a little powder on your collar." She reached forward towards "Felix", brushing off a few specks before considering them. "Very good."

Marinette could only squeak. They had swapped, then. Clearly she didn't need to worry about Mr. Agreste immediately noticing something was off just by sight, because she had seen Adrien every day at school (...and in heavily-inspected pictures on her wall every day, school day or no) and had thought that they hadn't actually swapped at all, which, uh...

(She wasn't saying that she knew Adrien's face better than his own father, just... well, she actually saw him and paid attention to him more than his own father.)

"I'd like to try to steal the Miraculous, if I get the opportunity," Felix said, straightening his sleeve cuff in a very un-Adrien-like manner. Adrien bumped his cousin's arm, giving him a Look, and Felix stopped at once. "I'm very good at slight-of-hand, so I feel like it wouldn't be an impossibility."

Marinette blinked. "Uh..."

"What is the Miraculous, do we know? And where does he wear it?" Felix's gaze slid from Adrien to Marinette, then back. "Or is all of that entirely a mystery?"

"The Butterfly Miraculous is a brooch," Marinette told him, even though she still had some serious concerns. "But, uh..."

"He wears it under his tie," Adrien told Felix. He was frowning. "But it would be really hard for you to get without being suspicious. Even if he thinks that you're me, he's going to be really protective of it. And it's not like you have a Miraculous to protect yourself if he catches on!"

"I would only try if I saw a good opportunity," Felix assured him. "I am not about to take unnecessary risks. After all, you have Ladybug and Chat Noir to take care of the supervillains once you let them know who is cowering behind those masks. But I do like a challenge, so it's just something to keep in mind."

His mom just sighed, clearly used to Felix's attitude. "All right, as long as you make sure not to try any big gambles. Boys, I think it's time that we head out, so that Mr. Agreste doesn't get any more suspicious about Adrien's absence than he no doubt already is. Marinette, it was nice meeting you, and hopefully we'll get to see you again before Felix and I head back to London. Thank you for keeping Adrien safe."

"Of course," Marinette said, about to shoot a soft look at Adrien before thinking better of it. It would just be weird when Adrien and Felix were dressed up as each other. "Good luck, you guys. Stay safe. And Adrien, let me know how it goes. If you want to come over again, our door is open."

Adrien smiled, small and soft as Amèlie ushered both him and Felix towards the door. "Thanks, Marinette."

With one last wave, they were out, the door swinging shut behind them. Marinette let out a long breath, practically collapsing back onto the couch. That- that had been a lot to take in.

And from the sounds of it, the information that Adrien had gotten before he had bolted had only been the tip of the iceberg. There would be more coming soon, as long as Felix was successful, and that promised to be practically as overwhelming as this discovery had been.


After a moment, Marinette forced herself to her feet, getting up and going over to the window to watch the scene below, just in time to see the small group exit through their side door. Tikki floated up by Marinette's shoulder, watching them go. Felix, dressed as Adrien, headed back through the park, the picture of composure. On the sidewalk, Amèlie and Adrien were headed into the bakery, buying pastries to give Felix a little time before they showed up.

"I think that we should be ready to go over to the mansion," Tikki said after a moment. "And be ready to claim the Butterfly right away, if they manage to get the Miraculous like Felix wanted to. Adrien's aunt and cousin seemed nice enough, but they have just recently gone through a loss and they might not be thinking clearly. If they give in to temptation..."

"Right." Marinette turned away from the window, looking at her kwami again. She would have to text the rest of the class and let them know that they couldn't make it after all. "But the likelihood that Felix will actually get the Miraculous? I mean, there'd pretty much have to be the perfect conditions for him to even get close, right?"

"Honestly?" Tikki glanced out the window again, watching Felix walk away. "Not really. But with a little help…." She turned to Marinette, determination in her eyes. "Let's go over to the little park across from Adrien's house, and I'll go in. With a little luck- with a little help- they might just be able to pull this off."

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