Bold – action within speaking form

Italics – flashbacks

"…" – talking

'…' – thinking

Bold/Italics – change of scenery

Bold/Underline/Italics – more emphasis when someone says something or something is realized by another person

Underline/Italics – minor Japanese words used within the story (also, lazy to translate XP)

Disclaimers: This is a crossover between Sailor Moon and Teen Titans. I do not own these two shows. Sailor Moon is written by Naoko Takeuchi in manga form and aired as a series by Toei Animation and TV Asahi in Japan and by Kodansha Comics in North America. Teen Titans is created by Glen Murakami and Sam Register and aired as a series by Cartoon Network and Kids WB.

AN: So… This is going to be interesting to write. My FIRST ever Sailor Moon & Teen Titans crossover! Sailor Moon will be the beginning of their Star Season where the Sailor Starlights appear while Teen Titans will begin on their Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo movie. We don't really KNOW what Raven DID during her stay in Tokyo when all of them split up… well, besides chewing some gum and reading at a library. So! This story idea was born that will be centered around Raven and Usagi being half-sisters. I am making Raven's mother, Arella, live who had changed her name to Ikuko and had Usagi with Kenji. So, yes, there will be differences, but probably just in this chapter to establish a set scene. ^^; Whelp! On with this fanfic idea! 8D

A panting woman was sitting on a hospital bed. She had just given birth to her baby while people whom wore monk clothing swarmed around her bedside. This woman had violet hair and amethyst eyes. When a nursemaid monk came to give her baby to her, the woman was happy that her baby daughter looked more like her than her father. If her daughter was more like her father in looks, she would have given her baby up. "Arella," asked the nursemaid.

"Oh, Azar," said the now known Arella, "My baby daughter is finally here."

"I know that you are happy about your daughter's birth," said the nursemaid, "However, Azar would like to talk to you. Will you be up for it?"

Arella just nodded as she was transfixed by her daughter. Tuffs of violet hair were shown on the baby's head as the baby slept in her arms. Another female whose hair was white came in when the nursemaid opened the door to Arella's hospital room. This woman looked regal and different from the nursemaid. Walking up towards Arella's bedside, the woman sat down and smiled. "So, dear girl," said the woman, "What shall be the name of your daughter?"

"Raven," said Arella.

"Raven," repeated the woman, "Such a nice name. However, Arella, I came here to ask you something."

"And that is, Azar," asked Arella.

"Would you give up your maternal care to me," asked the now known Azar, "I wish to train Raven to suppress her emotions before she hurts anyone. I can feel that Raven possesses the power and ability to freely control and manipulate emotions."

"You can train my baby," said Arella, "But, do I REALLY have to give up my maternal care to you, Azar?"

"This is all up to you, dear girl," said Azar.

Arella looked concerned. On one hand, she COULD give up her rights to be the mother to Raven. On the other hand, she COULD not do that and think of another solution. With Raven having the power and ability to control and manipulate emotions, Arella knew that was a bad idea. Everyone has the right to feel whatever they would like and to manipulate and control emotions would take away their freedom. Yet, Arella really wanted to stand by with her daughter. Azar, on her part, could see the gears turning as Arella was thinking up all solutions to what Azar just told her. "I… I would like to still have maternal care of Raven," said Arella slowly, "B-But, I know my Raven needs the training. C-Couldn't you take Raven for some times to train her but bring her back to my care wherever I will live?"

"You plan to head back to Earth," asked Azar, "I advise not to. We, on Azarath, knew of the prophecy about a child of Trigon the Terrible will be born and will be the gateway for Trigon to laid waste upon Earth."

"I actually do not believe in prophecies, Azar," said Arella, "I just want to try to get my life back together once more. Maybe travel to a different country than the one I have grown up in. Try to get away from my horrid past and raise my daughter."

Azar sighed as she nodded her head. Azar warned Arella, but that was all she could do. It was Arella's decision on what will happen with Raven and herself from this point on. Arella DID heed Azar's warning, but since Raven was just a baby, Arella believed that Raven wouldn't be TOO hard to manage. Once Arella was healed and had her energy back, Azar gave a pendant to Arella so that no matter where Arella went, Azar would find her and bring Raven back to Azarath for training. Arella smiled, thanked Azar for everything, and disappeared in a portal with Raven to Earth.

- Two Years Later –

"Argh," groaned Arella.

"Ikuko-dear," said a dark brown-haired man, "You are doing so well. Just a couple more pushes."

Ikuko, once known as Arella, was once again pregnant and in labor. From Angela Roth to Arella, Arella changed her name once more to Ikuko Roth, a woman who was pretending to be Japanese American that lived in America all her life until she wanted a change in scenery. Arella chose Japan because of their rich culture, and it was VERY far away from her past as Angela Roth and her birth place, Gotham City. Now as Ikuko, she and Raven traveled all over Japan, with Azar coming and going with Raven for training. Mother and daughter then settled down with a lovely man named Kenji Tsukino. Oh, Kenji KNEW what happened to his new wife and step-daughter, for Ikuko told Kenji everything, but he was very supportive. It was one year ago that Ikuko and Kenji married each other, and two years later, on June 30th, Ikuko was in labor once more with Kenji's child. "Congratulations," said the doctor, "A healthy baby girl!"

"Oh Kenji," said Ikuko, "Another baby girl!"

"I'm sure Raven will be happy about having a baby sister," said Kenji.

"I'm sure that she will," said Ikuko who smiled as well.

Placing the new baby in Ikuko's arms, Kenji walked out of the hospital room to find his other daughter. Even though Raven was his step-daughter, Kenji treated her like his very own. Kenji found Raven and the woman Azar sitting in one of the hospital chairs in the waiting room. Azar looked up to see Ikuko's newest husband and smiled. She was happy that little Raven will have a father figure, other than her real father. Raven looked up as well. When she saw her new father coming out, Raven was about to jump up in excitement until Azar murmured a reminder to the little girl about her powers. "How is Arella," asked Azar.

"Not out here," hissed Kenji, "You know as well as I do that her new name is Ikuko. Anyways kneels down in front of Raven Raven, honey, would you like to see your baby sister?"

"I's gets new sista," asked Raven in her two-year-old voice.

"Yes," said Kenji as he picked Raven up, "You have a new baby sister. I do hope that you will keep her safe as best as you can, too."

"I be best sista eva," exclaimed Raven as black energy blew up one of the lightbulbs, "Oops."

"We are still working on her powers," said Azar, "But, Raven is a delight."

"I am glad," said Kenji as he saw some nurses run to check if all patients were alright, "Good thing they didn't see anything weird."

Azar nodded at his statement before she followed Kenji to where Ikuko and the new baby would be staying. Getting into the hospital room that housed Ikuko and the new baby, Kenji immediately placed Raven on the edge of the bed. Raven, on her part, crawled towards her mother slowly to peer at the new baby. The new baby, who had tuffs of golden hair, felt someone staring at her and blearily blinked her eyes that finally look back at Raven's amethyst eyes. "Pretty baby," said Raven.

"Yes, she is," said Azar, "What is her name?"

"Her name is Usagi Serenity Tsukino," said Ikuko who was smiling tiredly.

"'Rena," repeated Raven.

"Yes, Raven," said Kenji who chuckled at the shortened nickname Raven gave to her new baby sister.

Later that night, Ikuko was still resting with Kenji sleeping on the chair. Azar left to go back to Azarath a while ago as Raven snuggled close to her mother in her sleep. The newest baby, Usagi, was snuggled near Ikuko's arms, as Ikuko didn't want Raven and Usagi to leave her side just yet. The nurse came in for a while and smiled before leaving silently after checking the equipment to make sure her patient and baby were fine. It was then that the window that was near the hospital bed had a small gleam of silver energy coming through. That silver energy was felt by Raven who jerked up and looked around. When Raven saw the silver energy and sparkles, she was intrigued until a small fairy-like lady with lavender hair appeared. "Well, I didn't see this happening," said the fairy-like lady, "My daughter is a sister to a Cambion."

"Who," asked Raven.

"Oh dear," said the fairy-like lady as she finally realized that Raven was awake, "I'm sorry to have woken you up, little Raven."

"Who," repeated Raven.

"It is not time to know who I am, yet," said the fairy-like lady, "But, just know that your new sister was once my daughter, and she will have a big destiny ahead of her. I know that it is a big job to ask this on a two-year-old, but will you please watch over my darling daughter, Serenity, and protect her as well as you can?"

"Protect," promised Raven as she was smart enough, for a two-year-old, to know that this very tiny lady was referring to her newest sister.

"Thank you," said the fairy-like lady, "And, as a reward, I shall give you some of my Moon powers. It will help you when you least expect it."

The fairy-like lady semi-flew to Raven and gave a kiss on Raven's forehead where her rhombus-shaped chakra gemstone laid. Silver energy slowly went into the chakra gemstone before making Raven glow silver as well. As the energy dissipated, Raven opened her eyes to find herself the only one awake. There was no fairy-like lady and no silver energy from the window. Thinking that she dreamt it all, Raven went back to sleep, unconsciously letting one of her arm wrap loosely around baby Usagi who was still on the other side of Ikuko.

AN: And that's the prologue! I hope that you enjoyed the beginning to my new fanfic story. I'm not sure when I will update it, but just know that this is going to follow Raven everywhere when the Teen Titans hit Tokyo for Brushogun. I'm not sure if I am going to drag the other Teen Titans in this story, as this DOES only focus on what happened to Raven in Tokyo before fighting with the other Titans against the bad guy. I'm also not sure if I am going to pair anyone up in this story as well, but we shall see as the story progresses… uh… slowly. ^^; Anyways! Happy reading and see ya next chapter! =)