Bold – action within speaking form

Italics – flashbacks

"…" – talking

'…' – thinking

-…- – Raven & her emotions talking to each other

Bold/Italics – change of scenery

Bold/Underline/Italics – more emphasis when someone says something or something is realized by another person

Underline/Italics – minor Japanese words used within the story (also, lazy to translate XP)

Disclaimers: This is a crossover between Sailor Moon and Teen Titans. I do not own these two shows. Sailor Moon is written by Naoko Takeuchi in manga form and aired as a series by Toei Animation and TV Asahi in Japan and by Kodansha Comics in North America. Teen Titans is created by Glen Murakami and Sam Register and aired as a series by Cartoon Network and Kids WB.

"I knew that you could do it, my beloved niece," said Nehelenia.

"Arigatō, auntie," said Usagi bashfully.

"I'm surprised that you weren't with us," commented Yaten.

"Well, SOMEONE had dropped alarming information on me right before leaving," said Nehelenia who leveled a glare at the Teen Titans, except for Raven.

It was finally the end of the battle as everyone ventured back slowly towards the Tsukino household. There, they saw Queen Nehelenia tapping her foot impatiently with her arms crossed over her chest. She was glaring at the Teen Titans, barred Raven, before softening her eyes and congratulating Usagi on a job well done. When Queen Nehelenia shifted her ire at the Titans right after Yaten's comment, Raven tried hard not to laugh at their faces. All four of her friends paled considerably while under Queen Nehelenia's scrutinization. They guessed that she would be irritated for being left behind. "We're sorry for leaving you behind, your… uh… highness," said Cyborg while stumbling on what to actually call Queen Nehelenia.

"Well," said Nehelenia, "Don't let it happen again."

"Of course," said Robin quickly.

"I hope there IS no next time," said Minako who shivered.

"You and me both," said Makoto.

The others nodded in agreement. They rather NOT die one more time to a deadly villain. Beast Boy, however, made an off-handed comment about Usagi being a great asset during all of the Slade adventures, for she could have TALKED to Slade to reform him. However, Raven smacked Beast Boy over the head for even suggesting to use her innocent little sister against their deadliest enemy in their past adventures. Robin gave a disapproving glare at Beast Boy for bring up Slade and suggesting using an innocent to help them. Cyborg shook his head at what Beast Boy said while Starfire looked at Beast Boy with a disappointed pout on her face. Before one of the Senshi could ask for more information on what Beast Boy meant, another portal opened up on the sidewalk. "Please don't let it be another enemy," muttered Taiki.

"Ami," called out Haruka as she moved to be in front of Usagi.

"It appears to just be a portal," said Ami as her min supercomputer appeared from thin air suddenly in her palm, Ami typing quickly to analyze the portal.

"It's not one of your portals, Rae," asked Cyborg.

"No," said Raven.

"I don't sense any evil coming from this portal either," said Rei.

"I believe it is not an enemy," said Kakyū, "But, a friend."

As Princess Kakyū stated her opinion, a familiar purple-haired woman poked her head out of the portal to assess who was on the other side. Her eyes lit up as she saw Usagi and Raven before furrowing her eyebrows together in confusion about Usagi's state of dress. Usagi yelped when she saw whose head was poking out before running quickly into the house, her image blurring at how fast she left the group. Raven blinked before sighing, now knowing what portal was in front of them. "Kāchan (Mother)," said Raven with a hint of wonderment.

"Was that your sister that ran just now, Raven," asked the now known Ikuko.

"Yes," said Raven with a deadpanned look, "That was imōto who just ran into the house."

"Well, at least your father wasn't here to see this then," said Ikuko, "Who knows what that father of yours would have done to Usagi and your guy friends."

"Mhm," hummed Raven as she nodded her head before asking, "Where have you been? Usagi and I were worried when we didn't hear from you all for months."

"After making sure your grandmother was well, we saw the news report about a giant green dinosaur and made plans to stay in Azarath until then," explained Ikuko, "When we got to Azarath, Azar was there to greet us and explain NOT to leave until she deemed it safe. She said that she felt a very dark force around our hometown, and also said that this force was much eviler than Trigon himself."

"I am glad that you, father, and Shingo are well, kāchan," said Raven who shivered unconsciously about now learning Chaos was far eviler than her demon father, "Usagi just finally defeated the enemy and made our home safe once more."

"So, I am guessing that is why Usagi was in a state of undress," said a thoughtful Ikuko

"Usagi was WHAT," yelled out Kenji from behind Ikuko.

Later in the day, it was safe to say that Kenji was NOT impressed to know that six BOYS saw his darling innocent little girl exposed. He was still glaring fiercely at the six boys as the Senshi and the Titans gathered in the living room. Oh, he heard the epic story of how his little girl saved the world for the nth time in the past hour or two, but he was very irked that her clothes did NOT appear right after healing Sailor Galaxia and sending her on her way. He was just grateful that Raven covered Usagi with her cloak after everything was said and done. He was also ignoring the fact that Seiya, Yaten, and Taiki were actually GIRLS in a male magic form. Shingo, however, was gushing over the fact that his older sister was THE Sailor Moon and saved all of them once more. "I can't believe my older sister is Sailor Moon," exclaimed Shingo.

"Keep that secret to yourself, Shingo," said Usagi.

"Yes," said Hotaru, "We wouldn't want THAT particular information leaking out to the public."

"Please stop glaring at me, Mr. Tsukino," said Yaten helplessly, "I am a girl."

"That's right, tōsan (father)," said Raven, "So, it was fine for hi… um… her to witness the end of the battle."

"Fine," grumbled Kenji, "But, that doesn't justify YOUR guy friends, Raven."

"Of course, tōsan," said Raven with a hint of mirth in her tone.

It wasn't until Princess Kakyū said that she and the Starlights should be returning to their home planet and reconstruct. Ikuko, with determination, told the four that they would be sleeping at the Tsukino household for the day to regain their energy before venturing back to their home. When the others tried to protest, Ikuko wouldn't hear of it as she walked away from the complaints and started to cook lunch for everyone. It WAS a brand new day after all, and after listening to the story, Ikuko was surprised to note that it was past lunch time as Usagi wasn't complaining about being hungry. While Ikuko was busy cooking lunch, Kenji and Shingo could see that all of the Senshi and Titans were very tired. "Why don't I show you girls where to rest until then," said Kenji as he got off of his seat.

"Thank you," answered Setsuna softly for all of the Senshi.

"Sis, you want to sleep too," asked Shingo.

"Yeah," said Usagi tiredly.

"You think you can get to your room, princess," asked Kenji.

"I'll be fine," said Usagi.

Kenji still looked worried but nodded his head. He then motioned for the Senshi to follow him. As the Senshi, barred the Starlights and their princess, sluggishly followed Kenji to the spare room that ALL eight could sleep in, Raven went into the kitchen to inform her mother to just prepare a bigger dinner due to everyone feeling the exhaustion. The Starlights were still sitting around wherever they were once they ventured into the household and were wondering if they should just up and leave. "Don't bother," said Shingo.

"Don't bother with what," asked Seiya.

"Don't bother up and leaving," said Shingo, "You won't get far."

"Is that a challenge," asked Seiya.

"No," said Shingo, "I just bet that Raven-aneki (elder sister) will use her powers to stop you until you all are well to go home."

"Yes," piped up Robin, "She may not show it, but she is a mother-hen, especially when she is in nurse-mode."

"Nurse-mode," asked Taiki.

As the other Titans explained to the Starlights and Princess Kakyū about Raven's nurse-mode, Yaten was trying hard not to move. Why he wasn't trying to move? Well, apparently, Usagi ended up next to him and was semi-falling asleep on his shoulder. Usagi, on her part, was just exhausted that she didn't even notice what she was doing anymore. Yaten looked at the close-eyed Usagi before he thought back on the final battle. He could have almost lost Usagi once more, especially with him not telling her his new found feelings. Gathering up his courage, he let his head be lowered and whispered into Usagi's ear, just so that no one would hear their conversation. "I almost lost you… again," whispered Yaten.

"Like I said," whispered back Usagi while eyes still closed, "You can't get rid of me that easily."

"I'm just glad that you are fine," whispered Yaten, "Almost losing you… the second time… it made me realize something."

"Oh," whispered Usagi who blearily looked at Yaten's intense green eyes.

"Yes," whispered Yaten as he lowered his head more, "Aishiteru (I love you), Usagi."

Gathering more of his courage, he closed the distance between Usagi and his head before their lips met in a sweet kiss. Usagi, exhaustion flown out of her body and eyes wide open, looked at Yaten's green eyes as his lips still pressed softly upon her own. She then closed her eyes once more and pressed up slightly to make the kiss more firmly. Thinking back on the times Yaten and she hung out, along with Yaten trying to protect her during the last battle, Usagi knew that she had deep feelings for Yaten as well. Yaten, feeling Usagi respond, closed his eyes to respond to the kiss better. Yaten reluctantly pulled slightly away, his green eyes opening to stare at Usagi's crystal blue ones. It was then Usagi whispered Watashi mo aishiteru (I love you, too) to Yaten. While the two were having their moment, the two didn't see that Kenji came back and was about to throttle Yaten, Ikuko coming out and quickly keeping Kenji in check. They also didn't see that Taiki and Seiya were looking at Yaten in shock while Princess Kakyū had her hands clasps together with Starfire's and was jumping up and down with her because of Starfire's contagious joy. It wasn't until Raven's voice rang out in the living room that made the two sprung away from each other. "Finally," exclaimed Raven with a hint of happiness in her tone, "I thought you two would NEVER get together."

"How glorious," said Starfire as she let go of Princess Kakyū, "I'm glad that you two are together!"

"And I thought that I would have a chance with her," joked Beast Boy.

"Beast Boy," growled Raven.

"Joking," said Beast Boy who had his hands up, "But, glad those two are together. Really."

"Same here," said Cyborg, "I could just SEE the chemistry between you two, especially when you guys are hanging out before all this went down."

Robin just nodded his head with a smile on his face. It was just glad that Usagi's protectors weren't there as everyone in the living room could see them asking questions or threatening Yaten's life. They could also see that Kenji would jump up at the prospect of throttling Yaten, but he was held back by a happy Ikuko. Suddenly, Seiya and Taiki's voices rang out. "Just a friend, huh," questioned Seiya teasingly.

"I KNEW she was distracting you," accused Taiki.

"You also know that we'll be leaving soon, right" said a now serious Seiya.

"What about protecting our princess," asked a frantic Taiki, "Did you even thought about that?"

"And if it WAS allowed, how are you two going to keep up this relationship," inquired Seiya.

"Shut it," groaned Yaten as he glared at Seiya and Taiki, "Of course, I thought about those things, especially when I first realized my feelings for Usagi."

"Then, why," asked Taiki.

"Because I rather have her know of my feelings than wondering the what ifs, especially when we were home," said Yaten, "This confession actually relieved ALL of those things. I know how Usagi feels and if the Princess allows it, I can visit Usagi from time to time."

"I think I have a better idea," said Kakyū with a warm smile.

- One Week Later –

"You SURE you want to stay," asked Seiya imploringly.

"Yes," said Yaten with a tick over one of his eyes, "I already TOLD Kakyū-hime my answer and you are STILL asking?!"

It was a week after the final battle. It was also a week that Raven deemed the Starlights and their princess fit to leave Earth to head to their home planet, Kinmoku. Well, mostly all of the Starlights. Princess Kakyū, upon seeing the love that Yaten had for Usagi, gave Yaten a choice to stay on Earth or to head back to Kinmoku. Within that week, Yaten was by himself, tossing his decision back and forth in staying or not. If he DID stay, he would be staying as a male instead of female. Usagi, on her part, did only ONE thing. She asked Yaten to transform back into Sailor Star Healer, and when Yaten did, Usagi firmly kissed HER on the lips. Usagi broke the kiss on that one day and said that no matter what form, she loves him/her. After that, Usagi left Yaten alone to think on his decision. Now, on top of the school's rooftop, Yaten told Princess Kakyū that he would be staying with Usagi. Whether as a boy or girl was yet to be determined, but Seiya was also now aggravating Yaten on Yaten's decision to stay. "Just asking if this is what you really want," said Seiya.

"Well, it is getting on my nerves," said an irritable Yaten.

"When you get back to Kinmoku," said Taiki, "It will be a new world with our princess."

"I am counting on it," said Yaten.

"I too wish to visit your home planet," said Starfire, "May we ALL get to visit one day."

Yes, Starfire was indeed on the rooftop with all the Earth Senshi. Yes, all of the Titans were on the rooftop as well. The Tsukino family, besides Raven and Usagi, already said their goodbyes to the Starlights and their princess. Usagi couldn't help the little giggle that escaped her lips when she saw Starfire effectively stopping Seiya and Yaten's argument. She was also happy that Princess Kakyū was fine with one of her Starlights staying. She, however, still felt bad about taking Yaten away from her, but with Raven talking to her and Yaten reassuring her that YES this was what he wanted, Usagi felt a bit better about Yaten's decision. "Of course," said Kakyū as she smiled at each and every face, "You all are welcome to come visit Kinmoku. Just have Yaten here lead."

"Yare, yare (Good grief)," muttered Yaten as he face-palmed, "More work for me, eh, hime?"

"But, of course," said Kakyū teasingly, "I HAVE to still give you an order once in a while."

"Ganbatte ne (Good luck)," said Ami.

"Arigatō, Mizuno-san," said Taiki.

"If you all ever want to come back," said Rei.

"Don't," said Haruka.

"'Ruka-chan," chided Usagi.

"What Haruka is trying to say," said Setsuna, "Is to please send us a note for permission before coming for a visit."

"We have to know who is coming into our Solar System after all," said Michiru.

Princess Kakyū, Seiya, and Taiki nodded their heads. After all, they kind of believed that Chaos coming to Earth was kind of their fault, even though Chaos WOULD had come to Earth one way or another. Chaos coming here was far quicker than what was predicted, that's for sure. Right before the three left, Robin gave them a T-communicator and told them that if they needed help, they could also call the Teen Titans as back up. Princess Kakyū thanked Robin before all three walked to the edge of the rooftop, Seiya and Taiki transforming into their Starlight forms. With one last smile at their friends, the three shot off up into the sky like three shooting stars. After the three left, everyone else separated, leaving only the sisters, the Titans, and Yaten on the rooftop. "I bet you didn't think that THIS would have happened to you when you came back home, ne, nēchan," teased Usagi.

"No," said Raven, "I didn't dream THIS would happen."

"So, what happens now," asked Usagi, "Are you going to go back to Jump City?"

"I… don't think so," said Raven who was thinking slowly, "I'll probably ask Robin for a REAL vacation. Goodness knows that I deserve it. Besides, I have to stay here for a while to learn more about being a SENSHI."

"So, you are staying," asked Usagi imploringly.

"Yes," said Raven with a hint of a smile on her face before saying, "But, as I said before, kāchan was right about one thing."

"And that is," asked Usagi.

"You have gotten into TOO much trouble while I was away," said Raven with a hint of mirth in her tone.

"Mou~," whined Usagi as Raven's rare laughter rang throughout the rooftop, "Nēchan!"

AN: And, that's a wrap! 8D A long epilogue, but this one had to tie up on WHERE the Tsukino's have gotten to. They couldn't have spent ALL of their time at grandma's house. XD This chapter also loops on what happened with Yaten and Usagi's relationship, too. But, you all should know that Mamoru's alive… somewhere… I just didn't want to focus on Mamoru since Usagi DID already break up with Mamoru at the beginning of this story. XP Anyways! I hope you all enjoyed this story. I hope you are also staying safe and healthy! \(^o^)/ Bye bye!