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3rd Person P.O.V.

Richie stared at Eddie's bare chest, mindlessly running his fingers through the boy's soft hair. Eddie had fallen asleep, thankfully, so Richie didn't feel the need to hide his true feelings.

Richie was practically drooling over the small boy. Eddie's oddly toned chest attracted his attention, Richie's eyes darting wildly over the lean muscle draped over his lap. His breath caught in his throat as Eddie stirred in his sleep, a soft mewling sound escaping from his lips. He reminded Richie of a kitten- small, feisty, and insanely adorable.

Richie would be lying if he said he didn't feel something for the so-called kitten in his lap. He knew that, of course. You would have to be stupid not to recognize the affection Richie had towards Eddie. But, nevertheless, Eddie was completely oblivious.

Richie's eyes drooped dangerously, his mind in such a state of calm that sleep was pretty much guaranteed. Richie's brain was only aware of two things: 1; he was exhausted. 2; being with Eddie felt right. The smaller boy had always made Richie feel things, but sitting on the floor of the musty clubhouse, Eddie's head in his lap, easily was the best thing he had ever experienced.

Eddie stirred in Richie's lap, snapping the taller boy to attention. Eddie's once peaceful expression had contorted into one of pain, and he mumbled quietly under his breath. Richie gently stroked Eddie's head, running his fingers through his soft hair in an attempt to calm him back down.

"Chee..." Eddie mumbled breathily. Richie's heart damn near exploded. Eddie sounded so... absolutely perfect, like a freckled, cocoa eyed angel. And Richie's heart melted like marshmallows.

Eddie let out a content sigh, and curled up in Richie's lap. The curly-haired boy froze, doing everything in his power not to disturb the sleeping beauty. Eddie sleepily wrapped his hand around Richie's wrist, causing another round of fireworks to go off in Richie's brain. He couldn't think straight, the smaller boy asleep in his lap had stolen away any common sense he had left.

Richie rocked back and forth, not to disturb the sleeping boy. He had to go to the bathroom, and after an hour or so of sitting, it was becoming unbearable. Richie mentally kicked himself for not going earlier, although there was no way he could've predicted he would end up here. But, here he was, and Eddie was on top of him, and Richie didn't have the heart to wake him.

Richie nodded off, his head drooping. He tilted forward, his forehead brushing with Eddie's. They were closer than they had ever been before- and neither of them were aware of it. The boys' teenage crushes made them both craving the company of each other. Except- and fate would have it that way- Eddie's mother was strict, cold, and unforgiving. She heavily disapproved of Richie, not wanting the "Trashmouth" around her son. And Eddie had never been one to disobey.

Eddie groaned, blinking his eyes groggily. When they adjusted to the low light, Eddie gasped with surprise. This wasn't his bed. No, this was the lap of Richie Tozier, his best friend and crush. He felt his cheeks burn with embarrassment and, quite honestly, desire. Being in such close proximity with the curly-haired cutie made Eddie fill with panic. How did he get here? What did Richie know? Had he said anything embarrassing?

Eddie wheezed, feeling around for his inhaler. His throat felt like hot coals, and Richie was his igniter. Eddie's rough, jerky movements woke the raven-haired boy, who seemed much less surprised to see Eddie on his lap than Eddie had been mere minutes ago. He stared at the small boy on his lap for a moment, before reaching to grab his inhaler. He stuck it in Eddie's mouth, pushing the trigger.

"Thanks Rich," Eddie mumbled. He looked down towards his lap, his cheeks turning an even deeper pink. Richie put a finger under Eddie's chin, tilting his head toward him.

"No problem, Eds," Richie said softly. He suddenly grinned, waggling his eyebrows. "You know, your mom-"

"Beep beep, Richie!" Eddie exclaimed. Richie mentally slapped himself for ruining the moment. Eddie's cheeks were back to a light pink, a slight blush dusted over his cheekbones. Now Richie was the one turning red. He gave a sort of lopsided grin, in his totally Richie way. Eddie cracked a smile too, and the two of them stared into each other's eyes.

God, he's so adorable, Richie thought. Just looking at Eddie's chocolate eyes caused the fireworks to blow. Richie's gaze trailed down to the constellation of freckles spattered across his nose.

Eddie was the stars, and Richie was his star-gazer.

You couldn't have Richie without Eddie.

Eddie bit his lip, Richie's unruly curls tangling with Eddie's heartstrings. How is he so hot? Eddie wondered. He couldn't even begin to describe the way Richie made him feel. With his coke bottle glasses magnifying his eyes, his slightly chapped lips, and his hair, those curls, raven black and untamed, were Eddie's weakness.

Eddie was a tree, and Richie was his roots.

You couldn't have Eddie without Richie.

In the same moment, Eddie and Richie turned away from each other, trying to hide their matching blush from the other. Richie was the one to finally break the silence.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" He asked. Eddie froze.

"Talk about what?" The smaller boy bit his lip, nervously awaiting an answer.

"What happened," Richie responded. "Why you showed up past curfew, soaking wet and covered in welts?" Eddie cringed, shying away from the curly-haired boy.

"I-" Eddie's breath caught in his throat. "I don't want to talk about it."

"Please Eds, I just wanna know why," Richie pleaded, real, authentic concern radiating off the taller boy. He scooted closer to Eddie, wrapping a gentle arm around his shoulders. Eddie looked up, and Richie's heart broke. The pain in Eddie's eyes was earth shattering. Richie was fixated on the raw emotion he saw in those beautiful orbs. Salty tears spilled over the brim, tiny droplets holding on to Eddie's dark eyelashes.

"Richie, I-" Eddie sobbed quietly, cutting himself off. The taller boy pulled him in for a hug, being mindful of Eddie's injuries. Eddie leaned into the touch, finding comfort in Richie's arms.

"Shhh, Eds. It's ok. I got you."

Awe poor Eddie

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