You know, aside from criticism I had in terms of writing, I actually really enjoy the Knight of the Old republic expansion. Though one thing that bothers me is that the non-force user characters can beat Arcann and other powerful force users. That and the reunions/handling with previous companions were, quite frankly, boring, short, and rushed. So might as well try my own take on the story with my two favorite classes.

The names of both the Bounty Hunter and Sith Inquisitor were taken from a friend of mine. (They were from the random name generator so to explain the weirdness of their names.)

Chapter 1


High security vault

In a high security vault, there was a single chamber that was dedicated to a single occupant. The sole occupant was stuck in a Carbonite bed, meaning they were defenseless and unable to do anything until someone thawed them out, which was something that the Eternal Empire didn't want. Unfortunately for them, people were doing just that.

"Come on." Said a blond woman as she watched the Carbonite bed thaw out its occupant. As it did so, she looked behind herself, praying that no Sky troopers or Knights of Zakuul will come and investigate this chamber. While she was confident in dealing with them, she wasn't sure that the prisoner was capable of fighting them at his current condition. Carbonite freezing had some severe side effects if the occupant was frozen for too long.

Once the occupant was completely thawed out, the woman grabbed them and gave them a Kolto shot, hoping that it would help them recover. Tossing away the shot, the woman looked at the person through the force, just in case this was really the person she was looking for.

Inspecting the man, she saw that he wore the grey helmet of his ancestor and the robes/armor that complimented it, but that meant nothing to her if the person wasn't the one that she was looking for. For all she knew, this was an imposter and that the real one had died when the war broke out.

Delving deep, she sighed in relief when she saw the force presence of the man in her arms was the same one that Darth Imperius had when she first met him.

Just as she finished sighing, the man groaned as he stirred.

"What…what happened? Where am I?" Asked Darth Imperius as he stirred, getting away from the woman's arms and standing up, only for him to fall to the ground, still too weak from the Carbon freezing.

"Take it easy." Said the woman as she helped Imperius up. "You've been frozen in carbon for half a decade. You need time to recover. Time that we don't have at the moment." Upon hearing that, Imperius looked at the woman and widened his eyes in shock.

"Lana Beniko?" Asked Imperius as he saw the blond woman, recognizing her as the Sith in charge of Sith Intelligence. "What's going on?"

"I'll explain later, but we first need to get you out of here." Said Lana as she held Imperius and dragged him out of the champers. As she did so, she activated a wrist communicator on her left arm and spoke. "Koth! I got him. Get ready for a quick extraction!"

"You better hurry up, Lana." Said this Koth. "Because Sky troopers are coming right at you. Some of the gang is trying to divert their attention, but I don't think it'll work on all of them. I'm pulling them back, we stay any longer than we have to and we'll be toast. We'll try to get to the extraction point. Hopefully, the others have secured it now. By the way, our bounty hunter friend is coming your way to help out. Guess he misses your captive, huh?"

"I wouldn't be surprised." Said Lana, recalling the friendship that Imperius had with another, sort of, hero of the Sith Empire. "They've been friends before they became what they are now. Just pick us up now! We're almost outside." She then ended the call before focusing on carrying Imperius. "Just a few more minutes. Hang in there." Imperius, however, was slipping in and out of consciousness. The effects of Carbonite sickness were worsening as time went on. Using the force, Imperius did his best to heal his body, but so far, it's merely slowing the sickness.

Feeling Imperius fading away, Lana cursed before bringing out another Kolto injector.

"Stay with me." Said Lana as she gave Imperius another Kolto shot. "It wouldn't do if the great Darth Imperius died from Carbonite sickness." Imperius would have shot a remark when a trio of white-colored droids came out a door and saw the two Sith. Aiming their blasters, they would have fired when they were suddenly bombarded with missiles and blaster bolts, tearing them all apart.

"You bloody droids can't do anything right, can you?" Asked the culprit as he came out of the same door that the droids used. The culprit wore brown Mandalorian armor with blue strips on the shoulders. The armor was custom build to handle additional missiles and slug throwers on the wrists along with the usual Mandalorian gear of flamethrowers and wire traps.

Twirling both of his heavy blasters in his hands, the Mandalorian put them into their holsters before looking at the two Sith.

"God damn, Lana. I thought you said that this would be an easy mission. Get in and get out, right?" Asked the Mandalorian as he went over to them.

"It was supposed to, but it seems that Arcann truly wants our friend to remain imprisoned for eternity." Said Lana as she struggled to lift Imperius. "For such a small man, you're surprisingly heavy."

"If you were anyone else, Lana, I would shock you for that." Said Imperius as he started to recover, albeit slowly, with the force.

"Even me?" Asked the Mandalorian bounty hunter as he went to help his friend and escort him out of this dreaded vault.

"Even you, you man-whore." Said Imperius as they made it to a security checkpoint. Laying Imperius on the ground, Lana began to slice into the security mainframe on a nearby console, hopping to both delay the Sky troopers from finding them and to open any security doors that get in their way. As she was doing this, the bounty hunter knelt down to examine his friend. He may not have much training in the field of medicine, usually leaving that to his crew that were skilled in that sort of thing, he could tell that the time in Carbonite really did a number on his Sith friend.

"Got to get you to Mako as soon as possible." Said the bounty hunter as he gave his friend another Kolto shot along with some painkillers. "Otherwise, we'll need to raid a hospital to get back all the Kolto we're using to save your scrawny butt. Imperius just laughed.

"The Force will preserve me, Xigolo." Said Imperius. "No need to raid hospitals for me."

"Good." Said the bounty hunter as he finished treating his friend. "Cause I don't want to be compared to that idiot smuggler, rest his soul." Upon hearing that, Imperius looked at his friend.

"What do you mean?" Asked Imperius. Was the Voidhound really dead? Upon hearing that question, Xigolo sighed.

"It's a long story, man. Let's just say you and me are the only ones left of the gang." Said Xigolo. Before he could explain, Lana suddenly cursed loudly.

"Blast! Vaylin is coming!" Yelled Lana as she slammed the console controls in frustration. "Xigolo! Take Xildroll and get him to the extraction point! I'll try to draw Vaylin off you!"

"Better stay alive, Beniko!" Yelled Xigolo as he grabbed Xildroll and held him bridal style. "It'd be a shame if your fine body is in a casket!" Before Lana could fully comprehend what, he said, Xigolo took off, leaving her alone.

"*Sighs* I'm pushing you off a cliff." Said Lana shaking her head. Looking back at the console, she frowned as Vaylin broke the neck of a knight of Zakuul before leaving to find Imperius.

Eager to create a distraction for her, Lana began a building wide lockdown, forcing all the blast doors shut.

"Uhh, Lana, scans show the building is on lockdown. That you're doing?" Asked Koth as he looked at his ship's scanners.

"I had to, Vaylin is here." Said Lana as she began to make her escape. "Have T7 ready the secondary escape ship. Xigolo is coming with the cargo."

"Got it!" Said Koth, hiding his fear of Vaylin. "We're on our way. If we all survive this, I'm buying the drinks."

"If we get out of this." Thought Lana as she heard metal blast doors being ripped apart, knowing who was doing it. "Xigolo, you womanizer, you better get Imperius out of here or else I'm going to hurt you beyond your wildest imagination."

Bounty Hunter-Harem

Sith Inquisitor- Acina, Ashara