"I'm gonna scream. I'm gonna warn them here." Eponine yelled knowing the consequences of screaming would cause her.

"One little scream and you'll regret it for a year." Her father Thenardier threatened.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed warning everyone that was around that there was danger.

"Make for the sewers, go underground! Leave her to me, don't wait around. You wait my girl, you'll rue this night. I'll make you scream, you'll scream all right." Thenardier said with a sinister voice, enough to scare Eponine to the core.

Later that night knowing that she had to get out of the rain Eponine knew that her only hope was to go home. She knew the risks and hope that her brother Gaveroche would be there. Once she returned home Thenardier was there waiting and got his revenge on Eponine with the rest of his gang once she opened the door.

Once they were done with the beating and kicking, Thenardier took his infected knife and stabbed Eponine with it in her abdomen. "Let's leave her here to rot." Thenardier said knowing that his daughter would surely die by the knife womb or the beating that he and his gang inflicted on her.

Knowing that if she stayed she would surely die Eponine with the last of her strength forced herself to get up and walked for as long as she could until she collapsed. Only moments later Gaveroche came up and saw her. "Eponine!" he cried out in horror of the scene that was before him.

"Gavroche…" Eponine said in a weak voice. Gaveroche knew that the only way for Eponine to live was to get his friends from Les Amis de Café l'ABC. But more importantly his doctor friend Joly. Knowing that time was of the essence Gaveroche ran all the way to the Café tears staining his face. "Joly." Gaveroche called out his voice stopping the speech that Enjolras the leader was giving. Everyone in the Café stopped what they were doing to see what was going on. Both Enjolras and Joly ran to Gavroche's aid and once they knew that he was not in any danger and that the blood on his cloths weren't his Enjolras asked, "Whose blood is that on your cloths Gavroche?"

"My sister's please you have to help me. I will take you to her. Just please save her." Gavroche said with urgency.

"Joly, Combeferre, and Courfeyrac lets go." Enjolras said knowing that time was of the essence.

Only moments later they arrived to where Eponine was. "Holy shit is that…" Combeferre said not wanting to finish his sentence.

"I think it is." Courfeyrac said not wanting to believe that it was their friend Eponine.

Both Joly and Enjolras knelt down beside Eponine while Combeferre held on to a sobbing Gavroche. Before anyone knew it Eponine woke up and grabbed hold of Enjolras's hand. "P…please pro…protect m…my b…brother." Eponine almost choked out.

"Shh we all will protect both of you. Just hold on." With one swoop Enjolras lifted Eponine bridal style and said. "My place is closer. Will that be a good place to clean her up and look her over?"

"Yes that will be fine Enjolras." Joly said knowing that since it was closer that Enjolras's place was the best place to help heal Eponine.