Author's note: Just a simple oneshot fanfiction of my only Ventus ship that I truly wish would be canon. And let's face it, Sora is with Kairi, Roxas is with Xion, Riku is with Namine, Isa and Lea are clearly gay for each other, and Terra and Aqua are bound to date. Ephemer would date skuld and Lauriam would date Elrena. So that leaves Ventus and Strelitzia. (Both are 16 in this fic so just fluff).

One shot:

Ventus woke up in a strange position, he was in a box, sitting against the wall of it. The box was big enough to move around a little in, but could roughly fit only two people. Who was the other person in this box with him, why, one of the missing dandelions of course. His second female friend from the time of the first ever keyblade war, Strelitzia.

She was sitting on his lap, her head resting against her chest, the sight of her sleeping face sent Ven's heart into overdrive as the blonde keyblade wielder struggled to not freak out. "Why is Strelitzia here!? Why are we in this box?" Ventus asked himself in his mind, blushing up a storm as he continued staring at the light pink-ish orange haired dandelion.

Her soft features, cute button nose, lovely long flowing hair and those kissable lips. Ventus' heart continued to race as he tried to force himself to look away, unable to. Soon the girl woke up, yawning quietly, the soft sound making the blonde boy who's lap she was sitting on flinch a little. Strelitzia looked up at Ventus, blushing just as deeply once she saw him.

She wouldn't admit it but she had a big crush on him, to her he was perfect, his soft yet strong jawline, his beautiful spikey blonde hair, his piercing blue eyes and his kind smile all haunted her in her dreams. Strelitzia looked at their positions and blushed even more, feeling as though being trapped in a box with her crush was a prank, or to force them into a relationship that should have happened naturally.

"V-ventus, d-do you know why we are in here?" Strelitzia asked, blushing more and more. "N-no. I kind of just woke up in here." Ventus said, just as nervous as the blushing beauty before him. The two keyblade wielders looked away from eachother, occasionally stealing glances, their eyes meeting almost each time. Suddenly a piece of paper appeared in Ven's hand, the blonde read it, soon blushing like crazy.

"A piece of paper? What does it say?" Strelitzia asked before taking the paper from Ventus, blushing as soon as she read the first sentence. The note read: "In order for you to get out of the box, you must make eye contact for 5 minutes, cuddle for 15, share 10 kisses within 10 minutes, and confess your feelings for each other."

"I can't just kiss her! We haven't dated at all, I don't even know if I'd be good at kissing! I am fine with cuddling and the eye contact but still!" Ventus thought to himself, his heart beating a mile per hour. "K-kiss Ventus!? N-no! I can't do that yet! We need a first date at least! I-I love him but I can't!" Strelitzia thought to herself as her face turned a deep shade of pink, darker than her own brother's hair.

"W-we can't just stay in this box forever...b-but I don't want to make you uncomfortable." Ventus sighed quietly, avoiding eye contact. "M-make me uncomfortable. You never do that! B-but... d-do you even like me like that?" Strelitzia asked feeling a bit down. "Why would I not like you like that Strelitzia!? You're absolutely adorable and the best choice I could ever have! Your smile is beautiful and I could hold you in my arms all day!" Ventus said, not realizing what he's saying.

"Your hair is as beautiful as the setting sun, your eyes shine like the brightest stars and you are as sweet as sugar! There is no doubt that I love you." He finished saying, making Strelitzia's head steam with how much she was blushing. "I-I love you too Ven." She whispered, Ventus heard it though, making him blush as well, however, one of the four tasks they were supposed to complete was over with.

The two then looked eachother in the eyes, blushing deeply as they held eachother in a cuddle. They continued their eye contact, getting lost in eachother's eyes for what seemed to be eons. "D-do you really love me Ventus?" Strelitzia asked, her blush never fading. "With all of my being." Ventus said, pulling her into a warm and gentle kiss, their lips meeting.

They continued to kiss, sharing more kisses than what was required, after an hour passed the box was open, unknown to Ventus and Strelitzia they had an audience. The two dandelions looked up to see that Sora, Roxas, all of the other keyblade wielders were staring at them with smirks on their faces.