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I call this one: 'The one where Jaken needs to keep hs mouth shut'.

Rin's constant chattering was a welcome distraction from the irritation he felt.

Ears perking, Haru scowled casting a side glance to the area a few meters away. Tails angrily swishing back and forth, he remained in his seat next to the girl while keeping his distance from both youkai.


"I don't get it…" Haru blinked, gaze switching one yokai to the other. What was this about submissives? What was that supposed to mean?

Staring at him in disbelief the imp hastily turned towards the Lord and exclaimed restlessly, "Lord Sesshoumaru! We can't have him with us, it will only mean trouble! We already have enough problems with the human girl!"

"Hey! I'm right here!" Haru exclaimed, miffed at being talked about as if he wasn't even there.

Ignoring his evident indignation, Sesshoumaru glanced at the small form of the girl next to the Nekomata and spoke, "Rin, go to the camp."

Surprised at being mentioned, Rin wavered as she looked up at the Lord. "But..." faltering she glanced at the young demon for assurance only to find an astonished look on his face. Fearing that they were going to take him away and that she would never see Haru again, she clutched tightly at her kimono and exclaimed with resolve, "NO!"

Taken aback, Haru stared at her wide eyed only to gape as she stood in front of him with arms wide open as if she could protect him somehow. "I will not let Lord Sesshoumaru hurt Haru!"

"R-Rin!" Haru gaped and grabbed her, pulling her against his chest. "What are you doing?" He pressed insistently, glancing at the pair of frozen youkai a few feet away.

They certainly weren't expecting that outburst. Not that he could blame them; he thought his heart was going to come out from his throat.

Taking a few calming breaths trying to regain a semblance of serenity, he took hold of her arms turning her around to look into her eyes.

"Rin, look at me." He insisted, tenderly brushing his fingers through her hair, "There is no need to worry, they won't hurt me. We just need to talk for a moment and," he paused as he thought over on his next request. He needed to keep her distracted enough to have his talk with the demons, he cringed inwardly, could it be that bad that Sesshoumaru was asking Rin to leave them alone? He shook his head to dispel these thoughts. "It would be better if someone keeps an eye on the fire." He added with a smile, "If it keeps burning, it will save us the time to start it again and we could roast a lot of fish. What do you think?" He asked choosing his words carefully wanting to give her a choice on the matter. If she were to deny the request then he would think on something else. He didn't want to just bluntly tell her to go away -like certain person- that was plain rude, but honestly what could he expect with the Demon Lord?

Rin paused, looking at his face searchingly before turning towards Sesshoumaru trying to glare at him, only for it to look more like a pout.

Chancing a glance, he had to control himself from laughing at the Demon Lord. If it was possible he thought Sesshoumaru, immutable and rigid Lord as he was, looked as if he had swallowed a particularly sour lemon.

Covering his twitching lips with a hand, he coughed lightly to compose himself before he playfully pulled at the girl's hair to get her attention once more and spoke with a small pout, "Can you do it for me? I didn't eat anything last night and I'm really hungry." He pouted playfully before he smiled reassuringly, "It will be alright, we just need to talk for a moment."

Rin stared at him for a long moment, her expression too serious for a child her age, before she finally agreed with a slight nod, still not entirely convinced.

"It will only be for a moment and we won't be too far away." Haru assured as he took the little girl in his arms, lovingly enveloping her as he could felt her distress.

Rin stilled and her eyes widened. Cradled in his arms, she felt like being back in her mom's embrace. Mama... Rin couldn't help but think and a slight blush colored her cheeks realizing that she saw this boy as her mother knowing it was wrong to think so but, if she was honest, she couldn't help but agree with it.

After all, wasn't a mom someone who cared, loved you and kept you warm?

Slightly pulling away, she looked at him carefully and flushed at the intense warmth of the green eyes aimed at her.

Just being close to Haru and having him look at her like he loved her and wanted to take care of her like a mom made her immensely happy. She wanted to keep him happy so he would stay with her; glancing back at Lord Sesshoumaru with a pout, she thought with resolve. If they were to hurt him she would never forgive them.

Lord Sesshoumaru, on the other hand, surveyed the scene in front of him.

He had known from the very first moment that it would be impossible to separate them and he certainly didn't want to deal with a crying human child and an angered and distressed Nekomata.

If Sesshoumaru were a lesser person and wasn't so prideful, he would've sighed in defeat. Though, if he let himself ponder, there was an advantage to having the Nekomata around. After all, the child had put herself in trouble in more than one occasion and, as much as he tried to ignore it, the Nekomata's care and affection was easily given without being forced.

Rin would be safe under the other's care.

And if he was right in his assumption, the child already saw him as her caretaker. Or even, as a mother figure.

The mere thought brought a strange feeling and he narrowed his eyes in slight distaste.

Even if the other wasn't a youkai it wouldn't matter. The first semblance of a bond was already there since the moment they'd met and trying to severe it would only bring despair to both of them.

It would even break the Nekomata's mind.

So not only he had to ensure that the other would be trained, he also had to keep an eye on the unmated boy, just in case a dominant would be foolish enough to encroach his territory.

Such hassle should probably make him consider things further.

He was brought out of his musings when he heard the boy breathe out in relief, Rin having already retreated back to camp, and clenched his hand in a tight fist frustrated at himself at having let his mind wander. Such vulnerability couldn't be afforded.

"That should keep her busy enough. Really, there is no need to be that rude-" Haru trailed off, still seated on the ground, as he glanced back at the demons only to notice them both staring at him.

Jaken was sporting an impressive resemblance of a gaping fish -more like a toad, his mind supplied- and his eyes were bugging out of his sockets. It was concerning.

"Jaken, are you feeling alright?" Inquiring hesitantly in concern, he stared nervously at the previously green-skinned demon as he paled to a sickly grey. Tails curling around himself in his uneasiness, he slightly leaned away trying his best to avoid looking at Jaken before cautiously glancing upwards at the Demon Lord only to stare in confusion when the other just stared at him with his usual scowl.

"Sir?" Haru's quiet inquiry seemed to have brought Jaken back from his stupor as he immediately screeched, "How could you refer to my Lord as such a simple term as 'sir'?!" The imp fumed and twitched when a quiet 'ah' left the Nekomata's mouth, "I don't know. I think it's better than calling him Lord."

"B-Better than-!"

Sesshoumaru tuned out the loud screeches.

Calling him 'sir' of all things...

In his mind, it was a clear refusal of treating him as someone of a higher status. The young demon probably hadn't even acknowledged it at all but Sesshoumaru had the presentiment that if the other could, he would just refer to him by his given name. Fortunately, the other had enough self-preservation to avoid doing so.

To be treated as an equal... Sesshoumaru frowned and his eyebrow twitched as the imp droned on.

"Jaken." He called and the imp quickly dropped on the ground bowing profusely, blubbering all the while.

Disregarding the other, the Demon Lord walked past him until he stood a few feet apart from the Nekomata.

"Your instincts and the need to protect Rin, even the abrupt growth of your hair are clear signs of your submissive status." The Demon Lord spoke, attentive of his every movement looking for any sign of hostility only to receive a confused stare in return. "Nekomata were known for their nurturing nature, they also have a high chance of being submissive, but what is little known it's the fact that those Submissives have the capacity to conceive regardless of their gender. If you had encountered a dominant before your bond with Rin, they would be exempt to do anything they wanted with you. Your instincts would latch you to them irrevocably making it impossible to deny their orders. That same instinct was the undoing of your kind."

Haru blinked perplexed and scrunched his face. Instead of having a better understanding of things he was more confused than before, "A dominant-?"

"Someone who could subdue and control you to their will." Jaken butted into the conversation, "They release a special scent made of their pheromones to subdue their lessers. My Lord Sesshoumaru is a powerful dominant, of course. One of a kind-"

"Jaken." The Lord called forcefully and the imp jolted with a squeak. Jaken gulped, feeling a shiver down his spine as he sensed a hostile aura and glanced carefully at the younger demon.

"I won't be controlled! Just because I discovered that I am a demon doesn't mean that I am obligated to do anything you ask!" Haru hissed, still kneeling on the ground. The sharp claws digging into the ground was a clear warning as he bristled, "I am my own person! No matter what this being a submissive entails!"

"If your scent can be trusted then you are a Submissive and a Bearer." Ignoring the hisses from the Nekomata, Sesshoumaru remained impassively, without rising to the bait as much as his instincts were telling him to dominate and put the other on his place.

The sudden silence he received in return was almost deafening as he was regarded with a confuse stare.

Jaken sweated, gaze switching between them until he finally broke the silence with a cough. "It means that you have the ability to carry."

"Carry what?"

The imp squeaked at the sheer stupidity of the other and flailed, "You idiot! It means you can get pregnant! Were you even listening?"

"WHAT?!" Haru screeched quickly standing and stared at them in disbelief, "I could deal with the ears and tails but actually getting pregnant?! No sir, that's not- I don't even have the parts for that!" He exclaimed causing the imp to scoff as he crossed his arms. "Your gender wouldn't matter. A submissive will be able to carry no matter what."

"B-but-" The Nekomata grimaced holding himself as he thought of becoming pregnant assaulted him and quickly shook his head to dispel these thoughts. It wouldn't do to think of something that WASN'T going to happen. "What about this bond thing?" He chose to ask, "I mean- A bond can mean a lot of things-!" he sputtered unwilling to look at the Lord's face as he was certain that his own was completely flushed in his embarrassment, "It doesn't necessarily means that-"

He cut himself off as he made the mistake of glancing up, seeing the intense gaze on his person and he squeaked, tails bristling in his anxiety.

"I-I don't need a dominant!" He exclaimed taking a few steps backwards vehemently keeping is distance, "I don't want one either! I'm perfectly fine and my bond with Rin is enough!"

"It's not that bad. For a Sub, having the right dominant near could be helpful, as long as they are mindful of the submissive's health which isn't that common considering most Dom treat them as trash-" The imp cut himself as became aware of the sense of impending doom. He really needed to control his mouth, he sweated profusely as he could feel his Lord' ire.

"Was that supposed to reassure me?!" The Nekomata cried out as he walked in circles, oblivious of the dark aura that surrounded the lord, "This is a nightmare. I just left a hellish place only to enter another." He mumbled, holding his head in his hands and suddenly turned around, pointing an accusing finger towards the older demon, "And you better stay away from me!"

Lord Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes, barely controlling himself from the scoff that threatened to escape and growled, "Only a barbarian would mark a submissive without their consent."

Haru glanced at him cautiously before he insisted, standing his ground. "I appreciate that you took me in but I won't be bossed around, Lord or not!"

"Watch your mouth! Lord Sesshoumaru could easily kick you out!" Jaken exclaimed and immediately regretted it as he noticed the dark aura surrounding the younger male.

"Are you seriously threatening to keep me away from her?" He growled as his eyes turned a golden tint, nails lengthening to form sharp claws. "I dare you."

Sesshoumaru scowled at the quivering form of Jaken.

"It has already been decided. He will remain with us." He spoke, glowering at the imp which turned ashen in color.

Haru stared at Jaken with a dirty look, daring him to open his mouth to refuse.

-End Flashback-

Haru scoffed, as if he was going to let them keep him away from Rin.

He dared them to even try, he thought, tails swishing indignantly. Scratching his arm he suddenly remembered that he still had his old bandages secured around his left arm.

Untying them, he inspected the piece of cloth for a second before he reached behind his head and started gathering his hair about to tie the cloth into a ponytail to secure the flowing strands from becoming too troublesome.

"Don't expose your neck." Sesshoumaru spoke suddenly making him jump.

"What?" Haru paused and stared wide eyed at the Lord, his hands still holding his hair up.

"Let your hair down or cover your neck."

"But it's annoying-" He began but immediately quieted with a gulp as he saw the intense gaze of golden eyes directed at his neck and squeaked, nodding stiffly with a shiver quickly dropping his hair.

Covering his neck it is.

He gulped heavily still feeling the other's piercing gaze on his back as he quickly wound the cloth around his neck.


After the initial shock of discovering that he was a Yokai it was just a matter of time before he had to begin his training.

Sesshoumaru had decided that they would travel by day and start the training as soon as the sun began to set until late in the night.

It was unnecessary to say that he wasn't doing too well. The burn marks on his arm and legs were proof of that. On the good side, being a yokai meant that he could heal faster than as a human, that didn't meant that it didn't hurt.

He braced himself trying to remain still while Rin, bless her little heart; put some healing paste on his burns.

"Am I going to look like this the rest of my life?" He grumbled as his ears continued to flicker in every direction, making him angry at how little control he had. Every little sound, even the annoying crickets, made his hair stand on edge.

The Lord barely 'hnned' without looking at him and Haru narrowed his eyes in annoyance, staring at his back.

Jaken decided that he should be the one to break the silence. "Some Nekomata had gained the ability to change their appearance. It will take time and dedication but if you have the commitment you could learn."

Haru sighed in defeat. He only hoped he could sleep with the maddening crickets having their mini ensemble.


He hadn't meant to explode.

Oh, dear, he really didn't mean to.

He sweated profusely, staring at the imposing figure of the Demon Lord.

Why had he screamed at him?!

His ears laid tightly back against the head as his own words echoed in his mind and he flushed in mortification.

"S-sorry, I didn't mean- It's just too much, I feel like my head is spinning and everything it's so loud..." He murmured, grabbing at his ears struggling to mute his surroundings.

"You'll grow accustomed to it with time."

"Of course, I'll just deal with this until my eardrums explode!" He screamed in frustration only to let out a shocked yelp when Sesshoumaru suddenly took hold of his arm.

Wide eyed, he stared at the demon in front of him as time seemed to slow down.

Had he finally exasperated him enough and was he going to kill him?

The feeling of the tight grip on his wrist suddenly made him afraid, wondering what the other would do but he remained unwilling to back down and let the other know how much his closeness affected him.

Hesitating, he slowly tore his eyes from the other's face and looked down, staring at how easily the Demon's fingers curled around his wrist and he gulped at the glint of sharp nails, wondering how effortlessly it would be for the other to slit his wrist open, suddenly reminded that this wasn't just a simple Demon but a Lord.

Would that mean that he was stronger? Older?

At first he had thought it was just a title but even if he hadn't seen the other in a fight he just knew that Sesshoumaru would be an impressive sight to behold...

Wha-what was he thinking?!

I mean, there was no doubt that the Lord was nice-looking- Alright, he was more than 'nice-looking'. He was handsome! But this wasn't the moment to have these kinds of thoughts popping in his head!

So he reprimanded himself in his mind and stared back, trying his best to keep his thoughts on track and control the fierce blush that threatened to overcome his face, and, most importantly, tried to keep an impassive mask even if on the inside he was sweating buckets at being this close to the other.


**In this world there are two different kinds of Subs. Submissives and Bearers.

Submissives, as the word entails, are 'commonly' known as beings of a calm, quiet and docile demeanor. This doesn't mean that it is the case as just because of their need to have a dominant near them they are usually deemed as 'weak', when in fact, they seek a dominant to help control their own needs as they usually become too powerful for their own sake and go insane to the point of killing themselves.

As Sesshoumaru explained, there had been known cases of people treating Subs as slaves for their power, uncaring of the damage they might do.

Bearers, are beings with the ability to become pregnant regardless of their gender.

Haru being a Nekomata, a known species for being Submissive in kind, and also a Bearer, is regarded as highly coveted and sought-after.


AN: I'm reaching a point where I don't know where I am going with the story mostly because I'm not sure at what time does this story take place regarding Inuyasha's story.

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