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She hated where she was. The air was was, stale, and very dusty, not to mention cold. She loved the cold though, but it was when the air was as bad as it was she hated it just as much. Not the best place she wanted to wake up in.

Her ears hurt from the sounds of metal grinding on other metal. It was deafening because the sound just echoed off of the room with no way to escape. Just as she was unable to. Suddenly the box she was in lurched upwards causing her to fall back. Her head hit some box that was inside with her.

She didn't know what was going on or why she couldn't remember anything. Well, she remembered her name being Bunny, and that was about it for what she remembered.

She didn't understand how this could be possible. Her mind functioned without flaw, trying to calculate her surroundings and predicament. She knew it was a metal box, but where was it taking her.

Knowledge flooded her mind. Facts, images, memories, and details of the world and how it works. He pictured snow on trees, playing in the woods, eating ice cream, the moon casting a pale glow on a very reflective lake, swimming. How did she know all of this, but not know anything about herself and her family and friends?

Curling up on the floor, Bunny tried to imagine what she looked like. What color was her hair? Bunny pulled a lock in front of her face. She sighed, it was too dark to tell.

With a groan and then a clank, the rising box halted; the sudden change jolted Bunny from her curled position on the floor and threw her back into the box she hit her head on earlier. She felt the room sway less and less until it finally stilled. Everything fell silent.

Way too soon there was light, it stung her eyes as she hid her eyes from the light with her hand. When she slowly adjusted to the light she looked up to see about thirty or so other people; all male; looking at her.

"It's a girl," someone mumbled from the crowd.

"Why did they bring a girl," some other boy muttered. This one sounded older.

"How old do you think she is," a short chubby silhouette asked.

"How the shuck should we know, Chuck," a tall beefy looking guy hissed. "Shucking idiot."

Bunny grew frustrated by the voices, but when she was about to stand up a dark-skinned male jumped in; which caused her to fall back once more. A squeak passed her lips when she hit an already sore place on her arm.

The boys above continued to talk amongst themselves, but the male that hopped in held a hand out to help her out.

"Hope you enjoyed the one-way trip, Greenie," a boy called down to her.

"Ain't no way back," another called with some type of lisp.

"No thank you," Bunny muttered getting up on her own.

"Just tryin' to help, Greenie."

Rolling her eyes, Bunny climbed out of the box with ease, it was nice to know her feet were small enough to fit into the holes of the box. Now that she was up and out of there she walked away. She knew that the others were calling out for her, but she didn't want to be around so many people already.

"Hey! Stop," the male from before popped right in front of her. Bunny rose a brow at the man with as much annoyance as she could.

"Where are we," was her very first question.

A boy with a limp had reached the two of them, his blonde hair looked sandy but clean; though the style seemed as if he kept running his hand through it as if trying to keep it out of his eyes. The blonde's eyes were a warm mud brown and they called out to Bunny in a way that felt comforting.

"Nowhere good," the dark-skinned male from before answered. Bunny looked him over and felt that this guy had the power; he was the leader.

She rolled her eyes, "I meant what do you call this place."

A boy with short black hair and brown eyes jogged over to the group with curiosity in his eyes. He looked Asian to her. Despite joining the group, the boy stayed silent. Bunny noticed rather quickly that this boy was quite muscular and fit.

The dark-skinned male cleared his throat, "welcome to the Glade." The male rubbed the back of his neck slightly before sticking his hand out towards her. She saw the glistening sweat on the palm of his hand, "names, Alby. Do you remember yours?"

Nodding her head, Bunny left the group; well she tried to but they followed her around. The blonde boy walked to her left; he limped every once in a while but he seemed to be trying not to limp. The Asian one was behind her as Alby; who looked to be the oldest in the group; walked on her left.

"Well," the blonde said in a British accent, "are you going to bloody tell us or not?"

When Bunny looked at the boy only to find amusement in his brown eyes, "I would."

The boy behind her spoke up in a deep, out of breath, tone, "but...?"

"I don't want to," she smiled sweetly before frowning once more.

"Please," the blonde asked.

Sighing Bunny smiled at the blonde and pulled him down so she could whisper in his ear. "Names Bunny." Straightening himself she saw he has a soft playful smirk on his lips, "don't tell anyone. I trust you, but others will have to wait."

"Sure thing, Bunny," the boy said aloud. Feining annoyance the boy stuck his hand out, "This shuck-face is Minho, and I'm Newt."