It was too bright, it hurt so much when she barely even had her eyes opened. Her body felt bare, but she also felt something thin barely covering her body. When she had her eyes open enough she saw a man in white and blue. A syringe in hand; inside the syringe was pitch black goo that looked a lot like poison. Catherine sluggishly turned her head to the other side of her, more kids were going through the same thing as she was.

A small groan escaped her lips as the needle was injected in her body. It felt heavy inside her body, something that wasn't meant to go inside one's body. What was happening? What was that supposed to be doing to her?

"Now we just wait for the full moon to know what happens." Behind them, Catherine saw some people placed inside glass containers filled to the brim with water. The people inside were connected to many wires, an oxygen mask covered their faces that was keeping them alive.

A sinister smirk rose on another man's face who looked a lot like a dead rat. His beady brown eyes stared down in Catherine's, "if she lives I want her named Bunny."

"Bunny? Sir, are you sure?" Was that a female?

"She is just as annoying as one of those rodents."

Her body was becoming overly hot, she felt her blood beginning to boil as her DNA seemed to be changing. Sounds and her surroundings seemed to become more clear, but she only knew she wasn't able to stay up for much longer.

"Newt," she heard herself whisper as her hand reached to her left. Just before her vision went black, Catherine felt someone grasp her hand calling her name.

Bunny gasped deeply as the dream she just had faded into the back of her mind. Looking around she found herself inside a bus. Her body was being held tightly against another body. When she looked up, she found it was Thomas who was holding her as she gained her bearings. Pain flared in the back of her head, then it traveled to her shoulder. It was so strong, Bunny felt herself begin to shake from the amount of pain she felt.

The driver drove at reckless speeds, through towns and cities, the heavy rain obscuring most of the view. Lights and buildings were warped and watery, like something out of a drug-induced hallucination. At one point people outside rushed the bus, their clothes ratty, hair matted to their heads, strange sores like those Thomas had seen on the woman covering their terrified faces. They pounded on the sides of the vehicle as if they wanted to get on, wanted to escape whatever horrible lives they were living.

Bunny didn't understand what was happening, all she knew was she felt as if she wasn't even there with the group. As if she were seeing everything from another person's perspective, she felt numb; yet at the same time, she felt pain. She realized so slowly that they were no longer in the Glade, they were away from the maze. The Gladers, and the other girl, as well as herself, were saved from there.

"What's going on," she asked, her voice was raspy and dry. Bunny knew that she sounded horrible.

Thomas jumped at the sound of her voice, the girl beside him also jumped as she looked over at Bunny. Thomas quickly sighed in relief as he quickly shook the blonde boy in front of them awake.

"We are saved," was all he said before handing Bunny towards Newt.

"Thank god," Newt said relieved as he hugged her close to his side. "I thought I lost you."

"Newt? What's going on?"

The woman heard the panic in Bunny's voice when she spoke and something close to pity flared in her dark eyes. "That's a very long story." The girl who was beside Thomas pleaded with the woman to tell them what was going on. The woman looked between both girls and Thomas before she sighed. "It'll take a while before you get your memories back, if ever- we're not scientists, we have no idea what they did to you, or how they did it."

Bunny believed the woman, something about her gave a safe feeling, but the driver kept giving weird glances at the woman and the road before them. It was as if they were keeping something from them, or maybe they didn't want to stress them all out. They did just get out of the maze made by W.I.C.K.E.D. after all.

"Who are they?" Newt and Thomas asked. Newt mainly mumbled the question, going unnoticed, unlike Thomas who asked the question aloud.

"It started with the sun flares," the woman said, her gaze growing distant.

The driver swerved sharply, avoiding many of those people who looked as if they had gone through hell and back. Bunny noticed that they had inky-black liquid staining a lot of the clothes that they wore, staining their skin. They looked as if they hadn't showered in their entire lives, but it didn't matter much to her, something inside of her told her that they were beyond saving.

They were failures, the thought popped inside of her mind. She didn't know how she knew it, but she knew she was right. W.I.C.K.E.D. caused these people to become how they were now. It was the only logical explanation to her.

"As for you, all of you," the womans words brought Bunny out of her thoughts. When had she zoned out? "You're just a few of millions orphaned. They tested thousands, chose you for the big one. The ultimate test. Everything you lived through was calculated and thought through. Catalysts to study your reactions, your brain waves, your thoughts. All in an attempt to find those capable of helping us find a way to beat the Flare."

She sounded believable to Bunny, but she felt that it wasn't right. Whether if it was or not, Bunny just wanted to stop feeling the pain she was in. Turning to look at Newt she saw he was also staring at her, a relaxed smile on his chapped lips.

"How long was I out?"

"A long time," Newt said in a whisper. "I thought we would have to leave ya at the Glade, but Frypan had sacked ya on his bloody shoulder as we made a run for the maze."


"Tommy didn't want to lose someone who seemed to keep me centered," Newt said with furrowed brows. He seemed as if he wanted to believe what he said was the truth, but he glanced behind them to see that Thomas was staring at Bunny with watery eyes. "Honestly, I think Tommy has a crush on ya."

"I don't think so," Bunny said as she looked at Thomas holding the other girl's hand, "look."

"He and Teresa seem to have a thing goin' on," Newt agreed. Newt pulled Bunny closer to him, having her sit on his lap as they rode for the rest of the ride.

They had pulled into a muddy parking lot that surrounded a nondescript building with several rows of windows. The woman and other rescuers shuffled the nineteen boys and two girls' through the front door and up a flight of stairs, then into a huge dormitory with a series of bunk beds lined up along one of the walls. On the opposite side were some dressers and tables. Curtain-covered windows checkered each wall of the room.

The place was full of color, Bunny hated it because it looked as if a unicorn had sneezed everywhere. Bright yellow paint, red blankets, green curtains. After the drab grayness of the Glade, it was as if they'd been transported to a living rainbow, couldn't they have less color. Seeing it all, seeing the beds and the dressers, Minho had said it best on entering their new world: "I've been shucked and gone to heaven."

Their bus-driving leader left the Gladers in the hands of a small staff—nine or ten men and women dressed in pressed black pants and white shirts, their hair was immaculate, their faces and hands clean.

Bunny scoffed as she hugged Newt tightly; afraid that these people would tear her away from the one person she didn't want to leave just yet. Though, she thought, there was also Thomas. Thomas, for some reason, made her feel as if he was the brother she always wanted and never got. Bunny had come up with the thought that she and Thomas had been brother and sister before the glade. Before W.I.C.K.E.D. took their memories from them.

Beds were soon assigned, clothes and bathroom things were passed out, dinner was served. Pizza. Real, bona fide, greasy-fingers pizza. Bunny refused to eat the pizza, instead, she had asked for a sub instead. Soon after eating, no one argued when they were told it was time for bed.

Bunny put up a fit when the staff tried to take her away from Newt and Thomas, so much so that they drugged her and placed her in the same room as Teresa. Around midnight, Bunny woke and found that there was a door connecting the girl's room to the boys. She snuck in and climbed into the bed that Newt was in, surprised that he had moved so she could join him.

This was better.