That awkward moment when you look at your plans which took you months to complete and you realize you've already completely changed one thing and then your betas egg you on and you go and change another.

Hope you all enjoy the surprise.


Chapter III: First Round, FIGHT!


"Okay, why exactly do we have to wear these things?" Goku pulled uncomfortably at his suit. It fit fine… it just felt weird to be wearing it. Give him his usual outfit any day of the week.

"It's professional wear, twerp." Launch, currently blonde, snickered, though she didn't look too comfortable herself in her business wear. "Hat's a bit much, though."

"Yeah, I can't imagine that's comfortable with that much hair." Bulma giggled as well. She was well used to clothes like this, though she preferred dresses.

"It itches though!" Goku whined, much to Krillin's chagrin. He wasn't complaining.

She shook her head, "Guess I'll have to design a set using the special stuff." Bulma winked at him.

Goku gained a look of relief, "Yes please!"

"We're burning daylight. Let's get going before we're late."

Hours later, Bulma was fighting the urge to facepalm and ruin her light makeup. "Roshi…" She growled, knowing that they still had hours to go before landing. "Can you stop being perverted for FIVE MINUTES?!" She reached over and pinched his side as hard as she could.

"YEOW!" Roshi jumped, before turning and glaring at his student. "What was that for!?"

"You fucking know." Launch glared at him, "Fucking pig." Roshi had, of course, pinched the stewardess's butt. Launch had needed to steady the woman and catch the tray with full cups.

"Can't go anywhere with you lot." Krillin let out a sigh.

The rest of the flight proceeded without incident, and before they knew it, they were standing at the registration table for the Tenka'ichi Budōkai. The clerk for which was being a pain in the ass. "You don't understand. These four are contestants." Roshi explained to the man.

"You gotta be kidding me. These two little kids and little ladies?"

"What was that old man?" Launch growled at him, making him stiffen. "Just fucking sign us up already." She made motions like she was trying to reach for one of her guns.

Krillin saw this, and stared at her dryly, "You know you can't shoot anyone during the tournament, right?"

"Shut it!" She growled, a bit of pink crossing her nose.

The group walked over to where the group stages were gathering to begin the preliminaries. "This is as far as I can take you, lads and ladies. The eight who make it through will fight in front of the audience, so if I get to see you, I'll have no complaints."

"We'll give it our best, master." Krillin bowed.

"Can't fight in those suits though." Roshi grinned, inching for his briefcase.

"We got this." Launch said, and she, Goku, and Bulma pointed at themselves. The suits flickered, and then were replaced with their battle clothes. The only differences from when Bulma had originally made their outfits was the fact that neither of the girls were wearing their armor. They were in a martial arts tournament, after all. Emblazoned on their backs were the kanji for 'Turtle' in a circle, marking them as students of the Kame School of Martial Arts. Krillin actually preferred the loose gi that he had worn at the Orin Temple, and so he gratefully accepted the orange one that master Roshi gave him. None of them paid attention to the gawking from the people around them.

"Good luck. Fight well." He bowed his head to them, and they all bowed back.

Goku grinned as he led them into the temple, "Let's do this!" They took the place in, seeing that there were four large mats on the floor, with a large number of people milling about. Immediately, Bulma and Goku flinched.

"Ugh, what is that smell?!" She growled out.

"I don't smell anything." Krillin said.

"You don't have a nose." Launch snarked, getting a glare, "But you're right. I don't either."

"It's really bad though." Goku looked like he had something nasty under his nose.


The sound of a gong drew their attention before anyone else could say anything. A robed man who looked as old as Roshi, though much… wider… walked onto one of the stages. There was a microphone in front of him. "Greetings!" He said calmly, his voice ringing throughout the hall, "Contestants… For five years, you have trained and waited for this opportunity! You have journeyed from all corners of the earth to compete for the title of Strongest Under the Heavens! This year, we have a total of 144 masters from around the globe, and only eight of you will be allowed entry into the final rounds! Truly, we will be honored by a very fierce competition indeed!"

"A hundred and forty?!" Krillin yelped, "Yikes, there's so many. I'm starting to think we might have rushed this…" Krillin was getting cold feet.

"Oh please. You're a student of the Kame Sennin, aren't you? Sack up." Launch scoffed, "Even I think I have a shot, and I never did more than Tai-Chi before this."

Krillin let out a sigh, "It's just nerves. Master didn't teach us much fighting."

"Krillin, when you removed the shell, you jumped three hundred feet straight up." Bulma deadpanned, "You'll be fine." That did cheer him up a bit.

"Listen well. I will now explain the rules." The old man with the thick, bushy mustache and equally bushy eyebrows said, glaring at them lightly, "All contestants will fight atop these mats. Should you fall off, lose consciousness, plead 'mercy,' or cry, you lose!" Launch and Goku snickered at one of those, "However, killing your opponent is absolutely forbidden! You also may use no weapons." Bulma elbowed Launch, a smirk on her face. The blonde let out a 'tch.' "Each round will last only one minute. If the match has not been settled, then victory will be decided by the judges! Due to the great number of contestants, we will be dividing you into four blocks. The two ultimate victors will be named the participants in the finals. One by one, please draw a slip of paper. Compare your number to the chart, and proceed to your block."

It took a few minutes, but eventually all of them had drawn. "93! How about you, Goku?" Krillin asked his friend.

"Number one!" Goku grinned brightly.

"Booo!" Launch groaned, "I'm 35! I'm going to get knocked out before the finals!"

"Nope." Bulma pointed to the board, "You two don't fight. You're on opposite sides of the bracket. I'm 42 by the way."

Launch sighed in relief. "So you're saying there's a chance!" She grinned brightly, "Maybe I'll get lucky and all you tough guys will knock yourselves out and leave the prize all to me! Ahahaha!"

Bulma shook her head, "You know I'm rich, richright?" She started limbering up, "Anyway, looks like you and Goku are in block one, and Krillin and I are alone in block three and two respectively. Pretty lucky none of us have to fight one another."

"We are beginning!" One of the announcers called out, "To your blocks everyone!"

Goku grinned and stuck his fist out, "See you all on the other side."

"Yeah!" The other three stuck their fists out as well, meeting in the middle.

Launch was the first to be called, meaning they were doing the matches out of order. She was up against a Bruce Lee looking dude, who was shirtless. Immediately, laughter rang out, "This little girl is fighting?!"

Launch's eye twitched as someone called out, "36 must be someone's lucky number!"

She turned to him, "Your number anywhere from 19 to 34?"

The werewolf-looking guy grinned, his tongue licking his chops, "That's right, sweet cheeks. 25."

"Good." Launch said, "Don't go losing before I get to you, otherwise I'll find you and yank your teeth out." A chorus of 'ooohs' rang out, as the werewolf steamed.

"Cocky bint, aren't you?" Bruce Lee glared at her, "Don't go looking past me." He took his stance.

"Begin!" The smaller gong rang, and Launch vanished.

She appeared with her fist in his gut, folding him in half. His eyes were only whites as he was launched backwards off the stage. He bowled into the crowd, knocking a number of people over, "Look past what?" She smirked, before looking straight at the suddenly terrified werewolf. "What's wrong, little bitch? You were talking all that good shit a second ago." She hopped down, hands in her pockets, "If you run, I'll find you." She walked past him without another word.

Off in block 2, it was Bulma's turn to fight. "Well, here goes nothing." She hopped onto the platform, "Wonder who my…" She trailed off, feeling electricity streak from her nose to her brain. She hunched over and squealed as the stench intensified. "What is that?!" She cried out, holding her nose.

That revealed itself. It was a man standing a bit taller than her… and also as wide as seven of her. He had a shaggy mane of black hair with a matching beard, a dopey grin full of missing teeth, and a line of drool coming from his lips with a matching line of snot dribbling from his nose. He was also only wearing armbands, boots, and a speedo, and he had literal flies buzzing around him as he waddled onto the stage.

"What the fuck is that?!" She cried out, holding her nose and mouth with both hands. The man belched in response.

"Man, poor girl." One of the guys said, "She matched with Bacterian. He's never bathed or brushed his teeth in his life."

"DISGUSTING PIG!" Bulma screeched upon hearing this.

"Hehehe." The brute laughed lowly, and Bulma swore she saw dark shadows of visible stench wafting from him.

"Begin!" The poor dog man refereeing their block had a full gas mask on and was still cringing at the stench. Why did HE have to get the dumb brute?!

"Let's see how you like my breath, little girl." Bacterian snickered as he advanced.

Yeah, fuck that. In a panic and complete and utter desire to keep this monster as far away from her as possible, Bulma did the one thing she could. She let go of her face with her right hand and thrust it forward, "Stay AWAY from me!" She shrieked, firing a small, turquoise Ki blast at the beast that was more pushing force than anything.

The Ki blast smashed a shocked Bacterian square in the chest and lifted him clean off his feet. The shocked man flew backwards and hit the wall of the building… and broke straight through it with his bulk. The man lay there underneath a pile of bricks, twitching. The stunned silence in the room filled the air just as much as the stench did. "Hey, I win right?!" She snapped at the referee.

"Ah!" The bloodhound jumped, "Y-yes. He's alive right?!"

"YES!" Bulma yelled at him in response, "AIR!" She turned and raced from the room, "NEED AIR!"

The contestants of block two all turned to the fleeing woman in disbelief. "H-holy shit, did you see that?!" One of them yelped.

"It was like the Legendary Muten Roshi! He was said to be able to channel his Ki too!"

And that was the straw that broke the camel's back, "I-I'm out! I forfeit!" Another shot out, before running. And that seemed to trigger a stampede of people quitting the competition and running from the room. In seconds, the left side of Block 2 had emptied, leaving Bulma the de facto ultimate winner.

On the right bracket, a young girl with spiky black hair scoffed. "Cowards." She stepped onto the stage as they began the fights for the right bracket, before grinning, "Can't say I blame her. That guy reeked." None noticed, but her belt seemed to twitch of its own accord. "Maybe this will be some fun after all! Yahoo!"

Off in Block 3, Krillin shook his head in exasperation. "Really Bulma? I can't see what was so bad that you wasted a shot so early." He mumbled to himself, before perking up as his number was called. He hopped onto the stage, and then blanched as he saw just who his opponent was.

"What's this?!" The skinny man started to laugh. He looked very much like Krillin, in that he was bald and had six dots on his forehead. Unlike Krillin, he had a hooked nose and a smug, lazy grin on his face, "Little baby Krillin fighting at the Budōkai? Are they letting anybody register now?" He sneered at the younger boy as he got into his stance, "Don't hurt me too bad now, Krillin."

Krillin gulped, shaking so badly that he couldn't even take his stance as one of his old bullies at the Orin Temple stood before him.

"BEGIN!" The referee yelled, chopping his arm in front of him.

"HYAAH!" The man yelled as he punched at his opponent. And then Krillin abruptly realized what the others had been reassuring him about. His old bully might as well have been moving through molasses. He was weak, uncoordinated, and slow to Krillin's eyes. He vanished and reappeared behind the man, not moving, "What the?!" His bully cried out.

Krillin let out a short chuckle, "What in the world was I so afraid of?" He asked himself, turning and looking at his old bully, "You're slow, old man." He smirked at the man, who snarled and threw a much faster kick at him. Krillin caught it, and the man struggled and grunted as he tried to free his leg. But Krillin held it firmly. "Here's for all the good times at the temple!" Krillin yelled before starting to spin.

"WAaaaAAAaaaaAAAAaaaHHHH!" The man's voice wobbled from the perspective of the audience, raising, and lowering in pitch as he moved through the air. And then Krillin let go of his leg, launching him through a wall just the same as Bulma had done to Bacterian.

He grinned fiercely at the other bully from the temple, "Next?" The man trembled, glaring at him while sweating rivulets.

"Krillin is the winner! Please vacate the stage!" The referee called, and Krillin hopped down, clapping his hands.

"And that's that!" He said cheerfully, catharsis racing through him. Several fighters around him gulped.

The rest of the matches progressed quickly, taking only about an hour. Fate was not on the side of some of the fighters. Goku, Bulma, Krillin, and Launch all won their brackets, but there were four other slots to go. Their performances were not the only dominating ones. Like the quartet, the winner of the other bracket in Block 2 had gone untouched, winning in a single devastating blow each time. Over in Block 4, Goku and Bulma's old 'friend' Yamcha had participated, searching for either some redemption or at the very least, a reaffirmation of his strength and skill. Only luck of the draw had him facing Jackie Chun. He'd unleashed his Wolf Fang Fist with a fury, only for Jackie Chun to dodge every blow with such great ease and agility that Yamcha had been stunned. And then a wave of his hand had generated a pressure wave that blew Yamcha back and off the stage, eliminating the man before he even made it out of the preliminaries. The dejected, defeated man wandered off, leaving the arena, and collecting his companion, not feeling worthy enough to even try to approach Goku or Bulma to apologize.

And with that done, the winners were set, and their fates sealed.


"We did it!" Krillin told Master Roshi in excitement. "Master, your training really was amazing! It's like these guys were moving in slow motion!"

"Aha, you doubted it? Why?" Roshi asked his smallest student.

"Well, the only people we ever practiced with were each other." Launch shrugged, "So I guess he couldn't see just how much stronger he was."

Roshi chuckled, "Yes, I suppose that would about do it." He turned to Krillin, "I explained it before, but I think you finally understand what I was saying. Your muscles, your senses, and your minds have all been forged and tempered now. You have left the realm of normalcy behind."

"Yes!" Krillin said, before bowing to him, "Thank you for your tutelage, master." The others followed, bowing in respect for once.

Bulma rubbed her head sheepishly, "I only got one fight. I blasted this revolting brute who never showered or brushed his teeth in his life to get him away from me and everyone in my bracket quit."

"Oh, THAT'S why!" Launch started to laugh, "I was wondering who the hell pissed you off so badly! You distracted me during my second round!"

"Do you lot really have time to be standing around here?" A new voice rang out, and Bulma, Launch, and Goku all smiled as they turned around.

"Baba!" They all yelled, before Bulma bowed to her, "I didn't know you were coming!"

"Yes, well, I was bored of reading fortunes. I decided to take a day off to watch my students." The old crone replied from atop her floating crystal ball, "Now I suggest you all scoot before you're disqualified."

"Yes ma'am!" Bulma said for all of them.

"See you when it's over, master!" Goku waved at him, as they hopped the brick wall and ran back.

"That goes for you too, dolt." Baba said dryly, turning to smirk at her brother.

"I suppose it does. Now where is that wig…' Roshi grumbled as he rooted through his briefcase.

"Don't know why you're bothering. Even if Krillin and Goku somehow fall for it, Launch won't, and Bulma definitely won't." Baba commented, still smirking. Roshi's grumbling only increased in volume.


"Finalists, please assemble!" A blonde man in a suit and tie with sunglasses (which he was wearing indoors…) called out, "And my personal thanks for not letting Bacterian make it into the finals again." He said, smiling dryly.

Bulma let out a full body shudder, "Ugh, don't even say his name."

The man chuckled, "I can certainly understand that reaction." He cleared his throat and pulled out a pointing stick, "We will now draw lots to determine the schedule and matchups. When your name is called, come forward and draw a slip. Are you all prepared?" He got a series of nods, "Very well. Nam, come forward."

A fairly tall man with brown skin, a long face, small beady eyes, and a small red dot on his forehead known as a bindi stepped forward. He had a white turban on his head with orange robes that were familiar to anyone who knew of the Buddhist monks. He reached in, drawing, "Number eight."

"Excellent!" The announcer wrote his name on the board, "Next, Goku!"

"Number one! Hey, I got it both times!" The boy laughed at the luck.

"Geez Goku, it's like the world is trying to tell us something." Bulma laughed as she walked forward and drew her lot, "Number three! Damn, looks like no finals for me." She chuckled somewhat depreciatively. She knew there was no way in hell she was taking down Goku.

"Tch!" The unknown girl in the group clicked her teeth, "Not with that attitude, girlie." She had very spiky black hair, not unlike Goku's, though she had hers tied in a ponytail. She was wearing a pair of purple track pants, a black tank top that fit a bit loosely on her slim body, and an open tracksuit jacket that matched her pants over it.

Bulma turned to her, realizing she was just a bit taller than Goku, "Oh, there's no way I'd beat Goku. I know him pretty well, and know my own limits. Doesn't mean I'm giving him a free win, obviously."

"Ah." She replied, "Yeah, that's fair. You're getting me fired up though. I hope I get two." She grinned, displaying somewhat sharper than average incisors, just like Goku and Bulma.

Well, she was going to find out now, "Kefla, please come draw!"

"Yahoo!" The newly named Kefla leaped forward, landing neatly in front of the bald man with the box, "Ah, damn it! I got five." She whined, "Guess I'll have to wait for the finals."

"The rest of us made it here the same as you. Stop looking down on me, princess." The dinosaur-looking beast Giran growled as he passed her, getting her to pull her eyelid down and stick her tongue out, "Number four. Looks like you won't even get near the brat because he won't get past me."

"Then he wasn't worth all the hype. I'll gladly cook you for dinner if that's what you want." She sneered at him.

Goku scratched his head, "Man, you guys like to talk, huh?" He asked nonchalantly.

"Six." Launch grabbed her slip, "Looks like it's you and me, Kefla, was it? I'm Launch."

Kefla smirked back, "Looking forward to the dance, Launch."

"Ah, hell!" Krillin groaned, "Two. Looks like it's me and you, Goku." He let out a despondent sigh.

"Let's have a good match, buddy." Goku held his fist out for a bump, and Krillin smiled back, rapping his knuckles on Goku's.

"And finally, Jackie Chun. Is Jackie Chun here?" The announcer asked, getting some foreheads to wrinkle, wondering if it was a pseudonym. It seemed a little too on-the-nose because of that old actor.

"Yes I am." A wizened voice rang out from behind them as an old man stepped forward.

Bulma, Goku, and Launch's jaws lowered. Bulma sputtered, "Are you for real?" She gaped at him with a twitching eye.

"I'm sorry?" 'Jackie' asked her quizzically, "Did I do something to displease you, young lady?"

"How about putting on that ugly wig, Roshi?" Launch deadpanned.

'Jackie' coughed into his fist, "I have no idea what you're talking about. This is my natural hair!" He reached up and tugged at it, revealing the hair pulling at his scalp. "See?" He turned around and stepped forward. Despite the futility of it, seeing as only one slip remained, he drew and declared, "Seven."

"Does he think we're stupid?" Bulma asked, getting her training mates into a huddle.

"Wait, is that really the master?" Krillin asked in confusion.

Launch deadpanned, "You're joking right? All he did was take off the sunglasses and slap on a wig. Even went and glued it to his thick skull apparently."

"Okay, maybe he does think we're that dumb." Goku snickered at Krillin, "He also put on some of that 'smell good' stuff to fool mine and Bulma's noses."

Bulma rolled her eyes, "Yeah, except he still smelled like it outside. What a dumbass." She sighed, "Well, whatever. If he wants to fight, then let him."

"Who's the old guy?" Kefla joined their huddle without a care in the world, "You know him?"

"Yeah, he's our master in a wig." Goku laughed, getting a snort from the girl. "I'm Goku, by the way. Nice ta meetcha."

"Sup!" Kefla bumped her fist against Goku's with a grin, "Kefla."

"Hey, how old are you, Kefla?" Bulma asked the shorter girl.

"Hmm? Sixteen, why?" She replied, making Bulma and Goku start in surprise. She certainly didn't look it.

"Well, master is an old pervert, so watch yourself. You're legal." Launch replied.

"Tch. He tries anything and I'll deck him right in the schnoz." Kefla stood back and cracked her neck, "Let's have some fun, shall we?" She held her fist out challengingly.

"Yeah, I think this is going to be great!" Goku laughed, holding his out for a fist bump, which she delivered.

"Alright!" The announcer called out, "The matches are set! They are as follows! Son Goku vs Krillin! Bulma vs Giran! Kefla vs Launch! And finally, Jackie Chun vs Nam!" He put his pointer away, "Each match will be one round only, but the rules are different compared to the preliminaries. You are eliminated only in the event that you fall off the stage or cry 'mercy.' Even if you are knocked unconscious, you will not be out of the match until you are rolled off the stage. Unless, of course, there is a clear and obvious medical emergency." He clarified, "Attacking the eyes or the 'vulnerables' is a violation, and will earn you a disqualification. And with that, we will begin momentarily. Please wait here until further notice…"

"Hey, what about lunch?" Goku stopped him.

"Yeah, I'm starved!" Kefla hopped up as well.

"You want to eat… before the match? Wouldn't you rather-" The announcer looked dumbfounded. Did these kids think this was a joke?

"When you're hungry, eat!" Goku said sagely. Kefla nodded her head rapidly next to him.

Bulma sighed, "Yeah, I'm hungry too."

"Freaks." Launch chortled playfully, nudging the younger woman, "Who the hell eats before big fights?"

"Y-yeah, I'm way too nervous to eat." Krillin might not have been… but he was fighting Goku.

"W-Well, alright, I suppose. Prepare some lunches." He turned to the bald monk.

"Yes sir!" The monk declared…. And minutes later, was watching completely dumbfounded as Bulma sped through a second portion while Goku and Kefla were competing on their fourth. There was a giant pile of dishes stacked on the table before the trio as the rest of the competitors watched in growing exasperation.

Finally, the announcer had to put a stop to it, "Okay you three. Sorry to interrupt your meal, but we're ready to begin."

"Aww." Kefla pouted at that, putting her bowl down.

"We'll have another match after the fights!" Goku declared, getting a grin and a 'hell yeah!' from the other girl.

"I swear, they're sharing the same brain cell." Launch deadpanned to Bulma, getting a startled snort and some coughing from the blue-haired girl.


"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" The announcer roared, "THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!" And the crowd matched his roar, drowning out even the microphone. "And now, for your enjoyment… let's begin the first match!" He pointed to the tournament entrance, "They may be young, but don't underestimate them! They won their fights fair and square! Give it up for Son Goku and Krillin!" The cheering intensified as Goku and Krillin both leapt over the barrier rather than taking the entranceway. They grinned, throwing peace signs at the crow, beaming. The announcer adjusted his sunglasses, "Excellent! Now, before we get the match underway, let's have a word from the presiding monk of this temple!" A short and chubby man with a dog's head walked onto the ring, "Honorable master…. If you please."

The dog was silent for a moment, "WOOF."

Everyone except for the announcer fell over as the dog handed the microphone back and walked away. "Excellent! And now," He raised his arm, "Let the first quarterfinal match of the 21st Tenka'ichi Budōkai… BEGIN!" He chopped his arm down, and the sound of a gong followed.

Krillin gulped, "Go easy on me, yeah, Goku?"

Goku grinned as they both took their stances, "Let's have some fun!" And with that, he blurred from sight. Krillin twitched, before he vanished too. The two reappeared facing away from one another, in the same spots the other had been standing previously. Instantly, the crowd went silent, dumbfounded. They both turned, grinning, "Wowie, you got faster, Krillin! Did you get a heavier shell from Master?"

"Yeah!" Krillin grinned, a little bit more settled now, "I had Master double mine. Knew I would need an edge if we had to fight."

"Excuse me." The announcer asked, "What do you mean, 'shells?'"

"Oh," Krillin waved him off, "We're students of the great Muten Roshi." Electricity raced through the stadium and the crowd, "And all of our training was done wearing heavy turtle shells."

Off in the temple, Roshi let out a sigh, 'Idiots. Don't go revealing all of our secrets.'

"T-the invincible old master?! You're his students?!" The announcer gasped, shaking, "NO WONDER! THIS IS BOUND TO BE AN AMAZING MATCH! It's been an AGE since the invincible Muten Roshi took students!" The cheering was just shy of causing an earthquake from how loud it was.

Goku grinned, "Well, let's get to it, huh Krillin?"

Krillin nodded, "Let's!"

And with that, the two lunged, jumping so hard that they didn't even touch the ground again before reaching one another. Krillin threw a roundhouse kick, which Goku ducked under, before throwing a fist at the bald boy's head. Krillin basically limboed under it, with Goku's fist just barely grazing his chin, causing a small cut to appear. Krillin grit his teeth, allowing himself to fall and catching himself with his hands, before bending his knees and launching himself at Goku, aiming to spear him with both feet.

Goku swiped a hand at his legs as he spun away, slapping Krillin's leg, and sending him spinning sideways. Krillin landed on his back and wound his legs back, kicking up into the air and back onto his feet. Goku was on him in an instant, and it was all that the bald boy could do to dodge the flurry of blows Goku was throwing. He threw a punch of his own, and Goku jerked his head back. The blow followed his chin, but lost all momentum and basically just gave him a small tap. Goku grabbed Krillin's wrist and judo threw him away. Krillin landed, rolled, and just barely managed to stay on the ring.

"W-wh-what just happened?!~ Did anybody see what just went on?!" The announcer yelped, "They were standing close, and then they were mere blurs of motion, and now young Krillin is almost out of bounds!?" The crowd erupted in raucous cheering, "What an incredible battle they must be having!"

"Wow, they really are great!" Kefla exclaimed from where she was watching, hanging off the wall. "I mean, I could beat 'em, but they're really strong." She continued nonchalantly.

"Confident, aren't we?" The disguised Roshi commented, staring up at her from the side. He was watching with the rest of his students near the entry.

"Of course. I'm the strongest." She dropped down and punched a hand.

Bulma giggled, "We'll see, I suppose. Just don't get too disappointed when you lose." She shot at the younger girl.

"You haven't seen anything yet." Launch smirked, not even looking at her.

"Hmph, well don't let me down, then. I'm itching for a good fight." She joined them at the gate, sitting cross legged, "No one back home could fight worth a damn." That was false. They were actually pretty great fighters. It's just she was a monster.

Back in the ring, Goku cracked his neck, "I'd say that's a nice warm up." Again, the crowd went silent in shock, "Shall we get a little serious?"

Krillin gulped, starting to sweat a little, "Yeah, l-HA!" he thrust his hand out, launching a lance of Ki that he hoped to catch Goku by surprise with. The crowd screamed in shock at the sight, the yellow bolt traveling extremely quickly towards Goku. The wild-haired boy kicked upwards at the bolt, launching it into the air. "Gotcha!" Krillin cried, throwing both arms forward with his index and middle fingers pointed, "Ring Traps!" Much smaller Ki balls shot forwards, much faster than the first bolt and way faster than Goku had been expecting.

"What the-" Goku was cut off as the first of the balls hit his wrist, wrenching him backwards until he hit the temple's wall. The ball had stuck to his arm, and now it looked more like a cuff as it glued to the wall. Another hit his opposite ankle, "What the heck is this?!" He protested, before another landed on his other wrist, and a final one hit his last leg. He was now completely stapled to the temple wall, spread eagle.

"Hehehe!" Krillin laughed in rapture, "My secret technique! You won't be able to break away from those, Goku!"

Goku growled, his strength increasing as he tried to brute force his way out. "Like. Heck. I. WON'T!" Goku roared, and the bands started to crackle with electricity.

Krillin panicked, "No you don't!" He clapped his hands together, and started to growl. His Ki started to visibly churn around him before his hands started to crackle with electricity. He thrust his palms forward, "Thunder Shock Surprise!" he cried out before a continuous stream of electricity shot out and impacted Goku.

"GYAHH!" Goku roared in agony as the technique began frying him.

"SAY MERCY, GOKU!" Krillin yelled, "I DON'T WANT TO HURT YOU!"

"Oh my god!" Bulma gasped, feeling cold, "STOP IT KRILLIN!" She yelled, "This is too much for a tournament!"

"Holy cow!" Kefla gaped, having never seen anything like it before. Could she withstand an attack like this?

The disguised Roshi clenched a fist behind his back, 'I didn't think any of them would actually be capable of this technique! Give up, Goku! You'll really die if you don't!'

"GOKU!" Krillin, Launch, and Bulma all yelled, begging their friend to forfeit.

Goku was spasming, and crying out in agony. 'Have…to do… something!' He thought, before managing to position his palm, "RIOT JAVELIN!" He cried out, and the familiar red bolt of Ki shot out, impacting between himself and Krillin and blowing a hole in the ring. The plume of rock and grit interrupted the lightning attack, and Goku sighed in relief as he stopped getting electrocuted. Growling in fury, he ripped himself from the wall, tearing clean through the cuffs.

"Oh no!" Krillin gasped once he saw him, and readied another few Ring Traps, "Take thi-"

And then it was over. Goku appeared, folding Krillin in half with an absolutely devastating blow to the gut.

Krillin gagged, vomiting out a bunch of saliva, before he impacted the wall separating the spectators and slumped down to the grass. Goku panted, stumbling, but managing to stay upright.

"WHAT A SPECTACULAR FINISH!" The announcer roared, as medics ran to check on Krillin. Thankfully, the boy was just knocked unconscious. He would have a hell of a bruise when he woke up though.

Bulma ran out, "THAT WAS TOO MUCH, YOU DUMBASSES!" She growled at Goku, "What the heck were you two thinking?!"

Goku rubbed the back of his head, "Man, he caught me completely by surprise. He got really strong." He didn't really answer Bulma's question.

"Ooooh, you damn blockheads!" She shook her fist impotently as Krillin woke up.

"Oooof!" He groaned, holding his stomach, "Jeez Goku," he complained, "You hit like a whole warship."

"Me?! What was that lightning attack?!" Goku protested, "Ouch!"

"Master showed me while you, Launch, and Bulma were with Baba." Krillin rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "Good fight…" He held a hand out good naturedly.

"Uhhh, I hate to interrupt, and I'm glad you're both okay." The announcer walked up to them, "But due to Son Goku's attack, we're going to need to repair the ring, so there's going to be an intermission. Please clear the stage."

"Ah! Sorry!" Goku looked at Krillin and Bulma, "Let's go, guys." They walked back, and they immediately had a face full of Kefla.

"THAT WAS AMAZING!" She bounced in front of them, "WHAT WAS THAT?!" She asked, "I've never seen anything like it!"

"Eheheheh." Goku rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, and Krillin did the same.

"Ooooh, I can't WAIT to fight you guys now!" Kefla had both fists under her chin, trembling before them in excitement.

"Ha, not intimidated at all, huh little lady?" Roshi asked rhetorically.

"Hell no! I'm excited!" Kefla replied, "Don't you dare lose before we fight!" She pointed a finger at Goku.

Off to the side, Giran was sweating heavily, wondering if there was any way he could beat Goku once he got past the blue-haired bint. And Nam had his eyes closed and his hands clasped in prayer, hoping beyond hope that his strength would not fail him before the finals… and perhaps that Son Goku was tired out by that point. It did not make him feel good, but he could not be blinded by pride when his village and people so depended on him.


"We thank you for your patience, everyone!" The announcer called out, getting more cheering from the crowd, "And while I'm sure that first match will be a hard spectacle to beat, it's time for the second fight! Give it up for Bulma and Giran!"

Bulma waved to the crowd, smiling. The saurian before her flexed, showing off his muscles. He put on a strong front, but inwardly, he was worried. He decided to go all out from the start, knowing he would need all of his energy if he was to have a chance against Son Goku.

As for Bulma, she hid a smirk. 'Thank you, telepathy.' She mused, making no indication that she knew the bulky, pterodactyl-like being's plan.

"Let the second match of the quarterfinals… BEGIN!" The announcer chopped his hand forward, and again, a monk rang the gong.

"Go-Go-Gum!" Giran immediately yelled, opening his maw, and spewing out a thick, viscous, purple substance from his throat. He hated the fact that he had to show off this trick so quickly, but he would have no chance at all if he was tired out. He made the mistake of underestimating the two kids. It wasn't likely at all that the girls were as strong as them, but why take the chance?

"Grk!" Bulma grunted as the thick gum enveloped her, becoming not unlike a rubber straight jacket. It was tight, but it had immediately vulcanized and was no longer completely sticky too. Now it was tough, and she rather doubted she was strong enough to break free with brute force, "What a dirty trick!" She yelled at Giran.

"Heh, sorry little lady. I was taking no chances after the pipsqueaks' shows." He licked his chops, "I'll win that 500,000 Zeni!" He charged, aiming to knock Bulma off the stage with a shoulder tackle.

"No, stay away!" Bulma yelled, trying to move but unable to.

"Game over!" Giran yelled, barreling into her… and then tripping onto his face, tangled up in his own gum. "What?!" He yelled, getting back to his feet, and holding up the rings of gum he'd trapped her in. "Where did she go?!" He rapidly twirled around as quickly as his large bulk would allow. And then a chittering caught his attention. He turned his head to the left, and furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "What the?! How did a squirrel get on me?!" The squirrel on his shoulder fluffed its tail, chittering at him as it stood on just its hind legs, tilting its head to the left in a cute manner, "And why the hell are you blue? Get off unless you want to become dinner!" He raised his hand to swat it off… and then found himself on the floor, his head swimming with zero idea how it had happened. "Wha-?" he slurred, shaking his head, and zeroing on the squirrel.

The squirrel chittered, sounding like it was laughing.

"What in the world happened?!" The announcer yelled to the crowd, "The squirrel shot a blue energy bolt at Giran, the same way Goku and Krillin did in the previous match! Where did contestant Bulma go?!"

And then the squirrel exploded into a very large poof of smoke, and Bulma walked out from it, smug smirk all over her face, "What's wrong, big guy? I thought you said it was game over?"

The crowd roared, "UNBELIEVABLE!" The announcer roared his approval, "I thought we had already seen it all, and yet here is contestant Bulma turning into a squirrel! What kind of fighting technique is that?!"

"Magic. Duh." Bulma shot a peace sign at the crowd, "Wanna see my next trick?" She asked rhetorically, before a massive plume of smoke erupted where she stood. And then a massive, dark shadow appeared in its midst. And then everyone stumbled as the ground quaked. A massive, blue, three-toed foot stepped from the cloud, before Giran's disbelieving eyes. And then the head appeared, revealing a titanic t-rex. It roared, making everyone clap their hands over their ears from the noise. It did nothing. The sound ripped through every primal defense everyone in hearing had, freezing them to their bones. Which were rattling.

"MERCY!" Giran yelled in a panic, "MERCY! GET ME AWAY!" He opened his wings and flapped them, almost stumbling off the ring and an attempt to get away.

Bulma poofed back into herself, waving at her opponent with a giant grin, "Bye-Bye! Better luck next time, Giran!"

"YOU'RE CRAZY! I'M NEVER COMING BACK!" Giran's voice faded into the distance.

"Well," The announcer coughed, adjusting himself, "It certainly wasn't conventional, but NOBODY can say it wasn't entertaining! Victory to Bulma!" The crowd roared the loudest yet. Mostly because they were all temporarily deaf. "Also!" The announcer yelled, before pointing at Bulma furiously, "PAY FOR MY TINNITUS!"

"YEAH!" The crowd roared back at her.

"Oops!" Bulma stuck her tongue out, rubbing the back of her head sheepishly.

"HA!" Goku laughed, "Nice job, Bulma!" he gave her a high-five.

She snickered, "Well, I figured I had to show off now, seeing as you're my next opponent."

Kefla jumped in, "That was so cool! How did you do that?!"

"Magic." Bulma answered again, "This lug can do it too." She jerked her thumb at Goku.

"Hehehe!" Goku turned into a tiger again, putting stars in Kefla's eyes.

"Oooh! I love tigers!" She started to pet him, getting a rumble from the transformed boy.

"Well, you'll have to save that for later. You're up." Bulma said, pointing to the ring.

"Ooh, right! Well, time to fight!" Kefla jumped up, stretching her arms.

"Good luck, you two!" Goku transformed back, waving at Kefla and Launch. "And have fun!"

"You bet I will!" Kefla waved over her shoulder.

"Man, you two are like two peas in a pod, huh?" Launch let out a little chuckle. "Never quite met anyone so eager to fight like you two."

"Course I love it!" Kefla crossed her fingers behind her head as she walked, "The rush's the best."

Launch snorted, "Got nothing on holding up a bank or sex." She leered as the girl beside her started to guffaw despite blushing bright red. Blue Launch (who had willingly taken a backseat for the tournament, as she had no interest in actually using her newfound training) also blushed.

"Well now, I don't think we've ever had an all-female match in a Budōkai before!" The announcer roared to the crowd, "This is the first time in the tournament's history that multiple lovely ladies have made it to the finals! Give it up for Kefla and Launch!" He put extra emphasis on their names when he yelled them, and the crowd absolutely ate it up. "And now, let the third match BEGIN!" The gong rang once more.

Kefla grinned as she stretched out, limbering up without a care. "All the matches so far have been awesome! Wonder what tricks you've got, Launch?"

"Most of 'em I can't use." Launch grumbled, mirroring her.

"Ehh, why the hell not?" Kefla asked indignantly, "I wanna fight you at your best!"

"Well, you'll have to do it outside of a tournament setting. I'm a gunslinger." She made a gun shape with her hand and mimed shooting at her, "So I'd get disqualified."

"Gunslinger?" Kefla blinked, befuddled, "The hell can you do with those dinky things? Against real fighters, I mean?" She blinked again, "Uhh… no offense." She stuck her tongue out sheepishly.

Launched chuckled darkly, "You'd be surprised. Anyway," She said, and she synced up with her other half. Neither of them could pull this technique off alone. Too much brainpower and concentration needed. But together? She might be one of the only people who could possibly pull it off.

"Yosh!" Kefla cheered, bending her knees, "Let's go!" And then she moved.

"HOLY SHIT!" Launch threw herself to the left in a panic, rolling and watching as Kefla hit the ground with one leg, unbalanced, and then started hopping forward with one leg up above her head while waving her arms back and forth, trying to regain her balance. Launch immediately made a finger gun and shot a green Ki bolt at her back. Kefla finally regained her balance, and her upright leg whipped down, kicking the bolt into the ground with a small detonation. She was right at the edge of the ring too! "You're faster than Goku!" Launch let out a disbelieving gasp.

"Hehe!" Kefla turned around, smirking, "Told ya I was the best!" She flexed, showcasing some strong muscles. She dropped her arm, bending her knees again, "C'mon Launch! What you got?!" She jumped forward, much slower this time since she had unbalanced the first time. She wasn't too used to fighting in such a small ring like this. She had to be careful, or she'd fall off!

"I ain't going down without a fight!" Launch yelled, and suddenly winked out of existence in a dark cloud which vanished quickly into a singular point in space.

"What th-" Kefla cut herself off and ducked forward just as a punch ripped through the air above her head. She quickly threw her hands onto the ground and got into a handstand, kicking up at her opponent. She completely missed, as again, Launch simply vanished into thin air. Kefla had been expecting an impact, so she overbalanced once more, and had a front row seat to watch Launch reappear in that same dark cloud with her fist glowing green.

"Take this!" Launch punched her in the gut and let her Ki explode, blasting Kefla's stomach and sending her flying.

"Grk!" Kefla hit the ground and rolled, just barely able to keep herself from flying off the ring. She dug her fingers into the stone and came to an abrupt stop.

Launch hadn't been idle either, having jumped straight up and vanishing once more. A much larger cloud looking vaguely portal-like opened up above Kefla, and a small rain of weak Ki blasts rained out of it.

Kefla used her fingertips which were still dug onto the stone to haul herself forward at speed. She dodged the weaker bolts, jumping back to her feet and facing Launch, who fell out of the above portal after her Ki rain failed. The woman looked visibly winded. "Girl, what IS that technique?!" Kefla had stars in her eyes as she 'squeed.'

Launch however wasn't so happy to answer it. Her Ki-enhanced explosive punch had burned part of Kefla's top off, but all that did was reveal her carved-from-granite six pack. There wasn't even any soot on her skin! "Shit, what are you made of! You don't even have a scratch!"

"Hehehe!" Kefla looked pretty smug about that, "Yeah, that Ki punch of yours wasn't strong enough. Hope that wasn't the best you had!"

'Without my damn guns it probably was!' Launch groused in irritation.

The spectators had not been idle either. The crowd was raucously cheering, but more interesting was the rest of the competitors. "What in the world was that?!" Roshi had his eyes popping out of his skull. "She can teleport?!"

Krillin looked at an equally dumbfounded Goku and Bulma, "Did you two know she could do that?!"

"No!" Bulma exclaimed, "And for the life of me I can't figure out what she's doing!"

"I can't either!" Goku looked stumped, which was a weird position to be in. As a Saiyan, he had figured out techniques with nothing more than a glance before. For him to see something like that multiple times and be unable to even start to parse it was new.

Then again, it was probably magic, which he wasn't as good at. But for Bulma to not be able to figure it out with her new Saiyan blood and her knack for magic? That was certainly something.

"Baba…" Roshi grumbled under his breath, not remembering that he was supposed to be Jackie Chun right now and that the two humans with enhanced hearing were near.

"So now you're not even pretending, Roshi?" Bulma snarked at him.

"Wha?" He then remembered himself, "I have no idea what you're talking about, Miss Bulma. My name is Jackie Chun."

"You're not fooling any of us, Master. You can't hide your Ki signature. Not from this close." Goku deadpanned, "What are you up to?"

"Oh, dangnabbit." Roshi finally gave it up as a bad job, "Fine. It's me. What a waste of time. Now I have to get this darned super glue off my head!" He groused, "But I'll only tell you the answer if one of you beat me."

"Works for me." Bulma shrugged, and resumed watching.

Kefla had cheerfully let Launch catch her breath, "You're not too used to that, are you?"

"You caught me." Launch replied, hiding a groan, "Only figured it out like a week or two ago."

"That's too bad!" Kefla threw out, somewhat sadly, "It's definitely a fun technique. I can't make heads or tails of it!"

"Yeah, but not very useful right now, apparently." Launch grumbled, before getting in her Muay Thai stance, "Guess I'll have to do this the hard way!" She lurched forward, blitzing Kefla with speed that was about equal with Krillin. She threw a hard jab followed by a cross, and then a kick. And she noticed right away that Kefla had amazing speed and likely dominating strength… but as a fighter, she wasn't great. Her return punch was not sloppy, but it wasn't refined either. Even Launch could tell that she probably only had grabbed bits and pieces of technique from whatever sources she had learned from. Enough not to break her fingers hitting something, but not enough to actually be considered skilled.

But damn was she strong. Launch dodged a lightning-fast punch and felt her cheek get sliced from the punch, and the one kick she had to block rattled her bones. Her leg was definitely going to get bruised to hell and back. Launch jumped back, panting, and glaring at her opponent, "You could at least pretend you're not as fresh as a daisy!" She growled, looking cartoonishly angry at the other girl.

"Hehehe, make me!" Kefla shot back, waiting for Launch to come forward again.

"Say, where'd you learn to fight, anyway?" Launch asked, fishing for some info.

"Eh?" Kefla raised an eyebrow, "Here and there. I was raised in a village hundreds of miles away, and there were some decent fighters there. They were teaching me…" Her smile dipped, "But then a natural disaster struck… I was the only survivor." She said solemnly, missing her mom. She sighed, "After that, I just wandered around. Found dojos here and there, and they all kinda sucked. Not even their best fighters could beat me. So, after that, I just kinda traveled, crushing dojos every once in a while and learning their best techniques. Found out about the tournament and, well, here I am." She shrugged, as if saying 'what can you do?'

Launch smirked, "So, I was right."

"About what?" Kefla asked, tilting her head to the side.

"You're definitely stronger than almost everyone I've met, but you're absolutely a novice compared to Master and Goku. I'd even say I'm more skilled than you." Launch taunted, hoping to get the girl to make an angry mistake.

Kefla foiled that plan by laughing, "Ha! Never met any skill I couldn't beat with strength!" She declared, fists on her hips, "So come and prove me wrong, Launchy." And this time, Launch made the mistake. She portaled behind Kefla, looking to blast her in the back of the head with another explosive punch. "Too easy!" Kefla didn't even turn around.

She had just backed up a step the second Launch had vanished. Launch's fist flew past her head, and Kefla buried her elbow in Launch's gut.

The blonde almost threw up from the hard hit, stumbling back a few steps before sinking to her knees and putting her forehead on the ground. She could hardly even breath, her entire torso spasming from having every milliliter of air forced out. "M-Mercy!" She managed to squawk out as she gasped for breath.

"LAUNCH HAS THROWN IN THE TOWEL, ENDING AN UTTERLY SPECTACULAR MATCH!" The announcer roared, much to the approval of the crowd, "KEFLA IS YOUR WINNER!"

"Whooooo!" Kefla threw up peace signs, cheering. She quickly dropped them and started rubbing Launch's back, "You okay? I didn't hit you too hard, did I?"

"You mean like a fucking semi-truck?" Launch rasped out, trying to clear the drool from her chin as she fought to get any semblance of control over her breathing. "J-Just a bit."

"Hehehe." Kefla chuckled a bit nervously, "My bad…"

Launch groaned as Kefla helped her to her feet, "Ugh, that's going to be a vicious bruise." The two walked back into the waiting area, where Launch let out another pained grimace, "Ugh, whoever has to face her? Good fucking luck."

Bulma rolled her eyes, "Ugh, everyone is going overboard." She glared at Goku, "Hit me that hard and I'll have your kintama."

"Meep!" Goku made an uncharacteristic noise, crossing his hands in front of his pants.

"Snrk." Kefla valiantly held in a snort. Everyone still heard it, and that got some chuckles.

Launch immediately groaned, "Ugh… laughing? Bad idea…" She slouched, "Hope this heals quickly…"

"Go see Baba. She might be able to do something." Roshi mumbled to her as he passed. Nam had already left the room, and was waiting on the ring.

Launch snorted, "Stopped pretending?"

"Yeah." Bulma replied, "Wouldn't tell us why though. Not unless one of us beat him."

Launch smirked, "Shit, with Kefla here," She hugged the grinning girl, who threw them a peace sign, "That's going to be easier than he thinks."

"And the final Quarterfinal match between Jackie Chun and Nam may BEGIN!" The announcer roared, and the gong rang once more.

And yet, neither opponent moved. Roshi stared evenly at Nam, his opponent. He was holding back a frown, feeling the warring emotions in the man. Anger. Determination. Despair. Resignation. "My good man, whatever is the matter?" He finally asked. His opponent was distracted and definitely didn't have his head in this fight.

Nam had his hands clasped in prayer before him, and his head dipped, "Many join the Tenka'ichi Budōkai for selfish or greedy reasons. Fame. Glory. The promise of a half a million Zeni pot." He stared hard at Roshi, "I entered for none of those reasons. My village is dying. We don't have enough water to last us until the rainy season, and our wells and rivers have dried up. I came here to win that pot to save us all. Every bit of money the village had, we pooled to send me here." He dropped his hands, "My cause is just. My strength is great. Surely victory should be mine as well? But I am well aware of my abilities. I have faith that I could defeat any one fighter here. But all of you consecutively? After seeing what Son Goku, Bulma, Kefla, and even Launch and Krillin could do?" He lowered his voice, "And knowing the legendary, invincible master stands before me?" He sighed, returning to regular volume, "I fear I may go back to my village with nothing but shame in hand."

"Owooooh?!" The announcer yelled, "What a moving tale from of our competitors! I'm rooting for you, Nam!" He had crocodile tears pouring from behind his sunglasses.

The crowd was also cheering loudly, getting him to look around in surprise, "You can do it, Nam!"



Nam looked around, shocked at the outpouring of support from the crowd. He turned back to Roshi, who was smiling gently, "I think you do not have much to worry about, my friend. You are a good man. You and your village are not alone, and things like this have their way of working themselves out." He took his stance, "And now, I think it is time that we begin, no?"

Nam looked settled, the chaotic emotions that had been churning within him gone. Now, only determination remained. He took his own stance, "Thank you," He lowered his head. They stared at each other for a moment before Nam erupted forward.

His first move was a roundhouse kick, which Roshi ducked under. The old master threw a punch forward, which Nam just knew he could not block. He dodged left, and his eyes widened in surprise when a breeze struck the crowd, ruffling their clothes. "Just the wind?!" Nam gasped, before throwing a flurry of kicks at the old man.

Roshi calmly and speedily parried every one of them, taking no damage despite the power behind the blows. Nam had crushed rocks with his fists, and his feet were even stronger. Nam spun, sweeping Roshi's legs with his own. Roshi simply hopped, tucking his feet behind his butt. "Got you now!" Nam's momentum carried and his other leg swung, aiming to plant his foot through Roshi's face. "!" he exclaimed, when Roshi quite simply became a mirage. His eyes strained to keep up with the man's speed.

"You are quite skilled. Much more so than some of the whelps I've faced." Roshi commented from behind Nam. The dark-skinned man whipped around, but it was too late. Roshi's fist was cocked, and it sprang forward. The blow didn't even touch Nam, and still, he was blasted backwards.

He impacted the stadium wall, hacking, before quickly grabbing on and using it to launch himself forward. He swung his arm in a wide arc to chop Roshi on the neck, but Roshi caught the blow, whipping around and bodily throwing the larger man across the ring. Nam hit the stone floor with a groan and rolled, coming to a stop halfway off of the ring. He scrambled to stay on, and managed to climb back up. Had the ring been recessed into the ground, he would have lost then and there.

"WHAT AN ASTONISHING BOUT!" The announcer screamed, "Nam has proved his great strength, speed, and agility, and yet despite his efforts and the importance of his quest, it seems meaningless before Jackie Chun's might! Just who is this old codger?!"

Roshi almost faceplanted, "Hey! What gives! Stop making me sound so unappealing to the ladies!" He yelled at the announcer, who took a step back out of shock.

Off inside the building, Bulma snorted, "If he hadn't already admitted it, that definitely would have given him away. Old lech."

"I will not leave without at least ONE victory!" Nam sprang forward, unleashing a vicious combo of fists, elbows, knees, and feet. And yet Roshi simply weaved around his attacks, which was leaving Nam increasingly exhausted.

The old man, on the other hand, still looked fresh. In fact, he was even talking to Nam, as if a fight was not occurring at all. It served to showcase the extreme difference in ability, "It appears you've forgotten, my friend. On the path of Budō, one does not strive for victory over an opponent. One strives to avoid defeat by one's own self. You must take this lesson and internalize it. It is there that true strength lies." He finally acted, stretching an arm out and pounding it into Nam's chest with an open palm.

"Despite Nam's great speed and strength, Jackie Chun is making it look EASY! How incredible!" The announcer roared again in delight, something which the crowd was cheering over. Despite it being clear that their favorite would lose

Nam flew backwards, groaning in pain. He still didn't go off the ring, but he could tell he was nearly beaten. He had very little left in the tank. Roshi easily could have pushed him all the way off of the stage. He got to his feet, slumping over, and panting tiredly. "Thank you for the kind words and the lesson." He smiled, knowing he would take that to heart. "Though it is clear to me that I likely cannot defeat you, I hope you will forgive me for not simply surrendering."

Roshi snorted, "I suppose I can expect nothing less, you young whippersnapper. Very well then." He blurred, turning into a mirage once more.

But Nam wasn't where he was standing anymore. No, he had leapt so high into the air that the announcer was saying that "NAM HAS LEAPT INTO THE HEAVENS! HE LOOKS AS SMALL AS A GNAT! OH, BUT WHAT A GNAT!"

Roshi smiled, "My, my, he's very skilled and strong for someone who has never taken part of my tutelage." It may have seemed arrogant, but in his experience, most martial artists couldn't do half of what he and his students could do. He bent his knees.

Nam stared down at Roshi as he crossed his arms, "Prepare for the Heavenly Super Cross! If this doesn't take you down, nothi-" Roshi blurred into existence before him, making him nearly swallow his tongue.

"The 'Strongest Under the Heavens' tournament has turned into the 'Strongest In the Heavens!' This is unprecedented!" The announcer screamed in excitement as the crowd was near deafening in their cheering, "Unbelievable! Unimaginable! But most of all… uncomfortable for my poor neck!"

Nam desperately threw a right cross, but Roshi caught it. A follow up kick was casually slapped away. "My apologies, friend, but even I must save my energy for future matches. I could hardly let my young students win and allow it to inflate their heads." He quickly jabbed Nam in several pressure points, forcing the man to stiffen in pain. But despite that, his mind was clear.

'Ah…' Nam thought to himself, 'So that's why. How unlucky for this to be the tournament you chose for your students to debut in.' He smiled as they landed and Roshi threw him casually off of the ring and into the grass.

There was silence for a moment, and then the cheering erupted again, "It's OVER!" The announcer cried out, "The most brilliant match in history is over! Nam is out of bounds! Contestant Nam has lost, and Jackie Chun will advance to the finals!" He then caught himself, "Wait, that's not right! This match was only a quarterfinal?! It could have been a final in and of itself in any previous tournament! I will say it again folks! This was UNBELIEVABLE! THE SEMIFINALS HAVEN'T EVEN BEGUN YET! WHAT MORE REMARKABLE SIGHTS WILL THIS TOURUNAMENT GRANT US?!"

Nam looked pained, but managed to get to his feet, "Thank you for the incredible opportunity, Master Roshi. Congratulations!" He whispered the man's real name as he bowed, hands held before him once more in prayer. He grabbed Roshi's arm, raising it to the air.

"And what a show of sportsmanship! Let's give a hearty congratulations to Nam for making it this far, and for being such a class act! I hope you find success for your village!" The cheering nearly knocked them over. Once it quieted slightly, the announcer said, "And now, a short intermission while we prepare for the next fights."

The two fighters made their way back in. Kefla was bouncing on her heels, "Whoo! That was such an awesome fight! You're not bad, old timer! And those were some awesome moves!" She threw at Nam.

"Thank you." Nam said, bowing to her, "It didn't go the way I wished, but I suppose I cannot be upset to have had such an incredible opportunity."

"I'll say." Bulma walked up to him, "Here, Nam." She held her hand out, revealing a Dyno-Cap, "For you and your village."

His eyes widened, "Truly?"

"Of course!" Bulma said, playfully affronted at the question, "Your story moved me. I can't not help. Go ahead and take it."

He hesitated for a moment, before picking the cap out of her hand. He held it in a tight fist, before clapping it between his hands in prayer and bowing deeply to her. "Thank you, young lady." He straightened up, "May I ask what is in it?"

"Oh, five million Zeni or so." She said nonchalantly, and Kefla and Nam's eyes popped out of their skulls.

"F-F-Fu-FIVE MILLION?!" Nam nearly shrieked. He was quite shrill, "Miss Bulma, it's too much! I can't possibly accept this! It's ten times what the prize money was!" He tried to hand the Dyno-Cap back to her.

Bulma waved him off, "There is no guarantee that rain will come, and no guarantee that there will not be further droughts even if it does. The climate has been changing, and not really for the better. Your village is in a precarious position, and you need to figure out ways of getting yourselves out of it. That money will buy you some time to do exactly that." She said evenly, closing his fist on the capsule with her own smaller hand.

"I don't understand." Nam confessed, "How do you have this much money?! What are you even doing at this tournament if you have no need for the prize?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Kefla snarked, "For the fun! Am I right?"

Bulma made a wishy-washy motion, "Eh, not quite. A year ago, I was a total brat. A diva. I've grown up a lot since then. This tournament was a measure for how far I've come." She smirked, nodding slightly while shrugging, "Though, yeah, I did start to find it pretty fun." She confessed with a grin.

"I see." Nam said haltingly.

"As for how I have the money?" Bulma grinned, "Welp, my father did invent that little capsule you're holding. With my help, of course."

Even Kefla's eyes bulged out of her skull at that, "Holy cow, you mean your dad founded the Capsule Corporation?!"

"Ayep." Bulma popped the 'p,' still grinning, "So yeah, take it, Nam. I won't miss it."

Nam swallowed, and gratefully pocketed the capsule, "You say you were a brat and a diva? I am afraid I cannot believe that Miss Bulma. The soul that stands before me is too good for it." Bulma blushed, and he bowed in thanks, "My eternal thanks, and it is good to see that there are still those in this world who can be born into plenty and yet still provide rather than take." He straightened up, "I will never forget this. I wish you all luck in the coming battles. I must go now."

"Good luck to you as well!" Bulma waved, "Oh, and I would suggest emptying the capsule out once you get back to your village and place the money in good hands. There's plenty of drinkable water in the world in places you don't need to pay for it, and those things can hold thousands of gallons. Don't spend it all at once, you hear!"

"You can be sure we will not. Thank you again, and farewell." Nam bowed one last time, received goodbyes from the rest, and left the room.

"Man, that sure was nice of you." Kefla grinned, "Can't say I believe you were a brat either."

"Well believe it." Bulma winced, "One of my ideas for a perfect wish was year-round perfect strawberries." She deadpanned.

"…" Kefla stared at her in disbelief.

Before she could say anything, they were called once more. Bulma smiled, staring at Goku, "Looks like that's us, Goku. Take it easy on me, will ya?"

Goku grinned, "Nah. I think you can handle it. Like you said… you're much stronger than you used to be." The two walked side-by-side into the light.


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