This glass heart is shattering to pieces, shattering to pieces. This glass heart is shattering to pieces, shattering to pieces. Cold waters, too shallow to keep me from the fire.

I jolted up, breathing heavily as the cries and screaming faded. I swallowed, typical drama. The worst sort of nightmare. I stood up, stumbling a bit at the dull aches that one got after exercising and then sleeping. I stretched out, only to make the aches worse, and grabbed my black notebook. I decided that this one would be what I remembered of canon. The grey would be what I changed in my adventures, and the red would be what I knew and learned from each adventure, to help not give anything away.

I spent only enough time to write down what I knew of 9th's season before writing down my adventures in the grey notebook. I titled them accurately to what happened instead of their actual episode titles, purely because I didn't know Eleven's episode titles by heart, besides my favorite of his, Eleventh's Hour.

Soon enough I opened my wardrobe, seeing clothes. Not noticing what I pulled on besides recognizing that it was a sweatshirt, a shirt, and jeans, I jog out of the room and down the hallways. Wandering around, I come into the console room as Rose asks to go home to see her mom.

"Awe, did I miss that much? You already ran Rose off?" I asked casually.

"Rude," Rose commented, and I thought on it.

"What? … Oooh, I guess… No, I still don't see it," I think aloud, "How was that rude? It was a joke?"

"It was rude," Rose answered, as if she didn't exactly know why it was rude either. I threw my hands up, before nodding.

"Okay. So, next adventure, Rose Tyler's mum!" I paused, a look of horror crossing my face, "No- wait, that- no. To Rose's mum. Not… Not-"

"We get it," Rose chuckled, "You dork."

I grinned at her. The Doctor looked like he was about to complain, before shaking his head and piloting the TARDIS. I glanced up just to watch the golden wisps dance around, and I felt like dancing with them. Acknowledging that I so would once the Doctor and Rose were more comfortable with my existence, when we landed I stopped Rose from leaving.

"Wait, call her first," I said. She gave me a confused look, and I gave her one back, "Isn't that what people do? Call their parents just to see how they've been? That way if she's in a bad mood or unwanted company is around you don't walk in to your mum doing the do on the couch or something?" I bullshit. Hey, they'll just attribute it to a shitty past and not the call your mom so you know it's been a year before you fuck up that it was really attributed to.

She glanced at the Doctor, who shrugged, and pulled out her phone, "Um, hey, mum?" She winced, eyes widening, "U-Uh, I've been travelling?"

I blink slowly, pull out my red notebook and write something down. She reads it and practically shoved the phone at me. I wrote "What? Were you gone longer than expected? Need an excuse? I'm good at those."

"Um, hello, Mrs. Tyler?"

"Who the hell are you?" She snapped.

"I'm Azrael. I've been travelling around the UK with Rose. I kinda roped her into it, and we've been walking everywhere, adventuring and hiking. I've taken her throughout the various towns and cities… We decided to come back to London after our last destination, because who wants to go to Cardiff?"

"What the hell type of excuse is that? How could my own daughter forget to call?"

"Oh, uh, that would be my fault, sorry. Her phone died, and we never really got around to charging it," I explained, "Since we mainly lived off of fast food or restaurants, there never really seemed to be any time…"

"No time? I can't believe you!"

"Yes, ma'am. I'm sorry, it's all my fault, really. I- I kind of encouraged her not to, you see, because I figured there was always something more fun or adventurous to be doing than sitting around and charging a phone… I didn't think it through, and for that I deeply and sincerely apologize. She spoke of you often, if that helps?"

"Give the phone to her," Jackie demanded, and I did as asked, shrugging. I walked over to the Doctor to speak quietly.

"You fucked up," I said, "But I think I did too."

"Where'd you learn to lie like that?" The Doctor said.

I paused, "Let me think on that," I couldn't exactly say that he taught me what bullshitting was. I took a moment to try and remember, before giving it up as a lost cause, "Don't really know. It just sort of happened, what with how overdramatic and domestic my life turned out to be. Why, think I'd make a good actor?"

"Maybe, do you want to be an actor?" He asked. I paused as I thought about it.

"Not… not really, no. Just figured, since it's one of the only things I'm good at…" I explained with a shrug.

We both watched Rose argue with her mother for a moment. I looked at my watch curiously, seeing it focus on a time. I showed it to the Doctor, "Does your TARDIS not have one of these? It'd come in handy, wouldn't it?"

The Doctor gives me a glance, before chuckling and shaking his head, "You really don't know you're being rude, do you?"

I hummed, eyes wandering off as I thought back to what I said, "How was that- Oh! Sorry, didn't mean to," I shrugged. I was just genuinely curious, but I supposed that it was kind of rude.

"She wants to meet you," Rose explained. I nodded.

"What about him?" I asked, "He's travelling with us too. He is the traveller."

"I'm fine, I can stay here."

Rose looked unsure, phone held against her shoulder.

"Just ask if she wants to meet your other travelling companion. Say you started travelling with me at the same time he did," I explained. She did so, and after a few minutes more hung up.

"Right. Both of you ready to meet my mother?" Rose asked, and I raised my eyebrows.

"We need backpacks, survival stuff, and to look like we'd been travelling, Rose. You can look much the same, but it's time to dress up."

After all was said and done, the Doctor and I had simple get up that made us look like travellers.

"Anything else I should know about myself?" The Doctor asked. I looked at him, confused.

"Was that a joke or a jab?" I asked, confused, "If it was genuine you should probably know that you resemble a human male…"

"No, humans resemble Time Lord."

"Oh? How do you know you aren't evolved from humans? Where did Time Lords come from, hmm? They didn't just pop into existence, you know this."

"They did, actually," The Doctor claimed, "The legends and history is passed down from generation to generation, the legend of the First Time Lords. First-generation Time Lords," He explained.

"Oh? Do tell," I asked, not liking where this was going. Oh no, the facts were stacking against me. What ever could I do, I thought melodramatically.

"There's many. The very first Time Lords were actually immortal. There were thirteen of them total, after the thirteen faces a Time Lord can have. We uh, have this way of cheating death, where we change our entire biological structure to keep ourselves from dying. We essentially change appearances," He glossed over, "They were called The Immortals, and the very first, known as The Immortal Hope, is said to have brought all the other Time Lords into existence."

I twitched, "So… Like a deity?" I asked.

"Sort of, yeah. It's claimed that The Immortal Hope had come from outside of time, outside of our universe, and ingrained into the universe so much that she was granted twelve people to call family by the universe. Theories say she created them herself, though."

"Ah," I accepted, "And what if The Immortal Hope was human, outside of the universe?"

The Doctor shifted, gaining an insulted look to his face, "She wasn't."

"She? I thought it was a god."

"Yeah. Speaking of, Azrael Zephyros, is that your actual name?" The Doctor asked.

Rose gave us an impatient look as we finally found our way back to the console room, "There you are! Come on, she's waiting," and we were off.

I awkwardly stood there, letting Jackie rant and rave. No police were called besides to say that Rose was found, and soon Jackie stopped ripping me a new one. Apparently I kidnapped Rose and the Doctor using some sort of hypnotism. It was silent while I tried coming up with an excuse. Realizing that the only thing to do was to tell the truth, I got down on my knees in front of Jackie.

"Ma'am, I am truly sorry," I started, staring up at her, "I had just arrived in the United Kingdom, and as I am an adventurer, when those two approached me, I just knew I had to travel with them. Seeing as I haven't had the best relationship with my own kin, it never occurred to me that Rose wanted to charge her phone for reasons other than convenience. I beg of you," I bowed my head, knowing that my dramatics were a bit over-the-top even though I was being sincere, "Please, forgive me?" I kept my head bowed, staring at her feet.

"Where'd you pick this one up, the looney bin?" Jackie asked critically.

"Mum!" Rose scolded.

Jackie did that mother's not-quite-scoff but sound of disagreement, "Well, alright then, but only 'cus you asked so nicely. Now get up and I can make you two some tea while you tell me stories of where've you been."

I smiled and stood, voice sounding grateful, "Gladly. There's so much to tell," I admitted.

"Mum, can we tell our stories after we have a nice cuppa?" Rose asked, "I need to talk to them."

"Of course dear. Don't go runnin' off when I turn my back, y'hear?" Jackie demanded, and I nodded meekly. When she started puttering around in the kitchen Rose turned to me and asked how we'd come up with stories that soon. I blinked, shrugging.

"I have a few adventures I can tell that have two others with me. Not many of them are mother-friendly, though, they include the police," I admitted.

"I can tell a few of my stories," The Doctor offered.

"Yeah, but are any of them one, mother-friendly, and two, 2005-british-friendly?" I asked quietly. The Doctor thought, before wincing and shrugging. I sighed, "I've never been anywhere except London and America, so I don't exactly know how I'm going to explain how beautiful crappy weather is," I finished dryly.

Rose looked panicked, and I sighed, "How good are you two at avoidance? I believe I'm the Queen of it, do I have a Prince and Princess?" Rose looked physically pained and the Doctor looked thoughtful, and I shrugged, "Well, would you rather police be here and the Doctor to be targeted by your mum? I did the best I could with what I had, Rose, I'm sorry I'm not the best at improv," I apologized, frustrated with myself more than them.

"No, thank you. I'm sure it could've been much worse without you," Rose thanks me, still not looking happy. I shook my head in exasperation, more with the situation than with anyone. If I got caught in a lie, I'd be the one taking the blame. I thought back on my life, and wondered why I always took the blame even if it wasn't my fault.

I guessed I'd rather be punished than watching everyone else get punished. My joyous demeanour fell as I got lost in memories, none of which were good. Fucking drama. I hated it, mainly because of having to live through 18 years of it. Petty drama is what I hated, though. I could be melodramatic and over-the-top all day any day, I knew. Cheesy drama like that was my favorite type of cringe, after all.

"Sorry, she does that often. Spaceman!" I blinked at the fingers clicking in front of my eyes, and realized that everyone was staring at me.

"Huh, what? Sorry, I was just thinking," I explained, not paying attention to anything that was said as I focused back on my tea. I had tea? When… When had that happened? I was tapped, and this time I actually focused on what was going on around me.

"Sorry, sorry, what's up?"

"Mum was just asking what you were doing travelling at such a young age, since it was clear you've travelled before us," Rose explained, and I looked at Jackie.

"Oh, sorry, uh," I take a sip of lukewarm tea, "My parents kicked me out the first chance they got, and I had always been sheltered, so I got addicted to the freedom that travelling gave me. I ran and never stopped, after that," I explained simply.

"Oh you poor dear," Jackie sympathised, and I nodded absently.

"It's fine," I explained, "I expected it. They did it to all of my older siblings too, though they ended up trapped in one area," Jackie nodded, and I spoke again, "Sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but can I go get some fresh air? I'm a bit unused to all this."

"Go right ahead dear," Jackie said, pity dripping from her voice. The Doctor took that chance to escape as well, leaving Rose and Jackie alone.

Once the door closed behind him the Doctor spoke, "That was a clever lie," He admitted, "And the going on your knees thing was pretty brilliant too. I'd never have calmed her down like that."

"I was being sincere, there," I admitted, "And what lie?"

"You know, about the parents and stuff," The Doctor said.

I just decided to stare at him, a half-amused smile on my face, one eyebrow raised. It took him a few moments to look over, and he slowed down, his own content smile fading a bit.

"Wasn't a lie, was it?"

"No," I admitted, "Not even the travelling part, though it was less cross-country and more around town type travels. I hadn't lied to Jackie about anything except me being the travelling guide and our travels being in the UK."

"... You knew you had to travel with us from the moment you saw us?" The Doctor asked curiously.

"Yeah. Not like I had anything better to be doing in 2005 London," I admitted, "I figured you two looked like you were doing something, so I wanted to join. Um, where are we going?"

The Doctor looked forwards, before looking around, "I don't know, I was following you," He admitted.

"Likewise… Let's go to the roof, how about?" I offer, and he nods. We never broke stride even when neither of us knew where we were going, and I appreciated that about him.

"You seem more… Alive," The Doctor notes.

I nod, "Sleep is good for me. My mind is barely sane when awake, let alone when tired."

It's silent after that, and we both enjoy the walk up to the roof. The Doctor, when I walked directly onto the edge of the roof, grabbed an iron-hold of me and pulled me back. I glanced over before shrugging and sitting on the edge instead, like planned except less cavalier about it, and he joined me. We look out at London together, and I feel at peace. Happy, almost, what with the Doctor being with me and all.

I muse on that emotion. Happiness. Contented with existing. It was an odd feeling, and I couldn't help but want to keep it forever. I smiled genuinely as I observed London. Buildings spotted, some extremely old and others just built this decade, they clashed in a war, cars like ants spread across the roads, each person going to their individual little destinations. Relaxing, I enjoy the sights.

Soon Rose joins us. The silence doesn't last past her joining us, sitting on my other side. I tapped my fingers as she spoke, looking at her.

"You lot were useless in there, leavin' me like that!" She complained good-naturedly. I noted that she did that a lot.

"Sorry," I say, not that sorry. The Doctor parroted me, also not that sorry. She sighed at us and we joked around for a bit. What with nothing severe having happened, the only information Rose gave us is that Jackie was starting to invite people over for a welcome home party for her.

"She's thinking of you as her second daughter now, you know," Rose said.

"You shouldn'ta lied about the parent thing. Now you'll have to deal with her nagging too," she joked.

I blinked back tears at the kindness, before nodding my head. My smile had left the moment I said sorry. It didn't return. The Doctor looked at me, like he couldn't believe me, and spoke in my stead.

"It wasn't a lie. The only thing she's lied about to your mother was that she was the de facto leader and that we've been travelling in England only," the Doctor corrected on his own. I nodded once as I continued looking out amongst London. Wasn't something supposed to happen soon? Yeah, this was the Slitheen episode, wasn't it?

I glanced behind me, taking a moment to observe the spaceship hurtling downwards. Realizing what that meant, I slowly get off of the edge, looking at it as I tug Rose and the Doctor off as well, "We need to go where it's about to land, or the police will have it blocked off. It looks like it's headed for the river, let's go!"

The Doctor and Rose take a moment to stare at the spaceship increasing in size, and accept that, running with me. I couldn't help but think that it would be faster if there was a slide, and jumped down most of the flights of stairs, before waiting for the Doctor and Rose to catch up, rinse and repeat. We ended up being a smidge too late and quite a bit out of breath. I bent on my knees, panting as Rose mentions TV.

Walking back with them, I observe the TV. Not able to hear it, I take the remote from the Doctor, turn on subtitles, and hand it back to him. I read the subtitles, wondering what it would say. In the end, it was a whole lot of nothing, and I stepped outside. Too many people, too much booze, and in general a whole lot of drama that I didn't care for.

I ended up writing everything I knew about the next seasons of Doctor Who in my notebook, filling it quickly with all of my knowledge, slowly getting more and more disjointed until it totally stopped at ten pages of Twelve. I silently added one page on Thirteen, remembering it. I close my notebook and put it away once I notice the Doctor approaching me, me having been leaning against the locked TARDIS doors.

"Oh, right, you don't have a key, do you?" He asked, and handed me one. I put it on an empty chain I had found earlier. The chain was a bit big on me, but that just meant it was easy for me to lift it off from my head, rather than having to undo the latch.

We walk into the TARDIS, me ignoring the yells of Mickey, "Where to next, Doctor?"

"You tell me. Albion Hospital can wait. All of time and space, anywhere in the universe, where do you want to go?" The Doctor asked.

My mind flitted to my childhood hiking place, then Midnight, then Barcelona the planet, before I thought more on the time side of things. Wouldn't it be cool if I could meet anyone, anywhere? "That's a loaded question, Doctor. Impress me?" I offered instead.

"All of time and space, and there's no where you want to go? Nothing you've ever wanted to do?" The Doctor asked.

Well, meeting Tom Baker was off the table, adventuring with the Doctor was literally what I was doing, and I couldn't request a planet I shouldn't know of. Requesting Robin Hood would be a dick move, and asking to find Jack the Ripper was more of a Sherlock thing than a Doctor thing.

"I mean, Doctor," I murmur, "Planet Earth's boring. I don't know any planets outside of the Solar System, though, so, I dunno. Is there some awesome futuristic planet, or, I don't know, what's the most beautiful planet you've been to?"

"That'd be Florana," The Doctor immediately said, and with a grin, "Fantastic."

We were off, and I was smiling happily. We spent the day wandering, seeing the sights, and getting to know each other more.

"So, you said you could change faces, right?" I asked, sitting on a blanket with him making flower crowns. Or rather, being taught by a patient Doctor how to make flower crowns.

"Yes," He answered, showing me once more how to twist the flowers together just so. I tried copying him, only for the flowers to be ripped to shreds once more. I frowned.

"These flowers must hate me by now. I feel so bad for them," I murmured, "So… Did you have any other companions?"

"I did," He said simply. I nodded with a small smile.

"If you ever want to share any stories, I'd happily listen. Okay, this is bullshit, those thick manly fingers of yours should not be capable of that! You incredible- incredible banana," I insult.

The Doctor gives me an amused look, "You don't have any issue with swearing, yet you call me a banana?"

"Bananas are evil," Is all I reply with as I focus solely on making the flower crown. I wanted to make two. One for Jack, whenever I come across him, and one for Rose, "Do you know anything about these flowers' meanings?"

He hummed, thinking. Eyes observing the flowers, he looked just as focused on the flowers as I had been moments prior, "... Nope!" He said happily, and I laughed with him.

"We should find out, that way we can make Rose one that means friendship and happiness and stuff!" I request excitedly, and the Doctor chuckled.

"I didn't take you to be the flowery type," The Doctor said.

"I'm not, but if it's for friends, then it's okay," I admit, "I'll make one for you too. Once I can fucking figure out how," I growl at the shredded flowers. I pout at the destroyed flowers for a long time. I perked up, "Wait! I know that yellow roses resemble friendship. Wouldn't it be funny if we got her a yellow rose flower crown?"

"Hmph," The Doctor laughed.

"What?" I asked with a smile.

He shook his head, "Nothin'. It's just you humans always create funny little meanings in everything."

"And isn't that beautiful?" I agreed, "All of life, useless without someone there to add meaning, yeah?"

The Doctor gained a contemplative look, smile not quite leaving as he agreed. It was silent for the rest of the visit. Admittedly, it was the best day of my life. I took many pictures from my phone just to remember the event. Looking through my gallery, I grin at the two images of the Doctor standing in the TARDIS. Good memories, he looked so cool.

"What's got you grinning?" The Doctor asked, and I showed him the two images.

"You," I showed. He swiped a bit, and stopped after all of the selfies with the separate beings from Platform One. He handed my phone back after viewing a person he didn't recognize.

"Who's that?" He asked.

My smile turned sad, "My boyfriend. He's gone now…" I grinned again, "But don't you look so cool there, standing in the TARDIS like that?"

He gave me an understanding look, before smiling and going along with the change in subject. When we got back to the TARDIS, the Doctor was wearing a flower crown and a flower necklace, both of which I made, I was wearing one made by the Doctor, and I was gently carrying two. One for Rose, and the other for Jack.

Rose had gentle pink and yellow roses along with a centered Lisianthus, meaning friendship, gentleness, and centered around the flower of appreciation. The Doctor had a bunch of alien flowers, with a centered one meaning constant change and kindness. I tried basing them after their personalities, and what I knew of them from both the show and in real life. Jack had all alien besides the center, which was a Chrysanthemum, meaning joy and long life. Each flower had its own peculiar smell, which I was told was alien. It was from the soil it was grown on, found only on Florana.

We had them carefully… Preserved? Waxed? Whatever they did, it made it so the flowers would last close to forever, and thus our trip to the planet was over. When asked, the Doctor claimed he had an excellent time, and I replied in kind. I then put the two flower crowns away and we went off to Albion Hospital.

Flower crowns still on our heads and smelling like adventure (the Doctor) and trust (Me), we stepped out into a room of soldiers with guns. I didn't bother raising my hands, which were in my pockets, as they pointed their guns at us. We were literally wearing flowers, how dangerous did they think we were?

Seeming to think the same thing, they relaxed their guns, looking confused. Seeing as we were both flushed, and had just come from a closet, I think even the thickest would assume we had just been fucking. Depending on how long they'd been in the room, I wondered, amused, how long they thought we had been fucking with flower crowns on our head and plant stains on our hands and jeans.

"Are you los-" The soldier got cut off by a scream.

The Doctor took action and started giving off orders, and we went to check it out. Immediately looking around the room, I find the pig and approach it like I would any other scared pig. The Doctor didn't notice, and soon I was petting Charles the pig, who was resting on my lap snorting happily.

Sorry it's shorter than the last one. I decided to make them a bit shorter. This seems like too small, though... Maybe fifteen pages instead of ten or twenty? What do you think?