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Yao and Duran sat in one of the officers of the EDF bases waiting for the General to come and talk to them. Yao was keeping her eyes away from Duran, it seemed that what she did went against his plans as he gave her a look. A look that pierced though her making her feeling guilty of what she did. That eye of his was hard to ignore.

They spend a what felt like an hour in silence before Hazuma walked back in. "I apologise for the wait," he said as he took a seat at his desk. "So, miss Yao, we cannot go in and kill this dragon, unless King Duran agrees to the action,"

The King looked to the General with a raised brow. "Why would you need my permission?"

"Because you are the leader of your nation," the General replied. "How would you feel if an unknown army just marched into your nation?"

Duran paused for a moment. "I see your meaning," he nodded, but his eye then looked towards the General who didn't react. "But there is something you want in return, right?"

"Indeed, if you let us take care of the dragon, we request mineral rights and be able to build garrisons in your kingdom," the General said.

That made Duran's brow raised and his eye pierced the General who just stared back, unflinching. "Minerals and garrisons?" he asked. "I can understand the minerals, but why garrisons?"

The General turned grim. "We have reasons, hard to explain ones," he said. "It would be better to show you rather than tell you,"

"I grant you permission to go and take out the Dragon," the King said. "I can only offer the materials that we don't use as currency. For the garrison, I need to see what you are talking about before I agree,"

Hazuma nodded. "That's fair," he said before handing the King a slip of paper. "This is a contract stating out agreement. All you need to do is sign,"

Duran nodded and took an offered pen and signed his name. "Wait, so this means…." Zao asked as she looked from the general.

"We are going to destroy the dragon," Hazuma smiled.


"Why me?" Itami moaned as he walked over to Recon 6's vehicles.

"Because you took out a dragon before," Hazuma said as he walked next to the otaku. "That makes you an expert on the matter,"

"Ugh I hate my life!" Itami moaned again as they arrived at the depot.

He looked up to see the dark elf looking at the vehicles in front of her. As he approached, she looked towards him and the general.

"I thought we were going to get weapons to take out the dragon," she said.

The general shook his head. "I understand, but high command decided against it. Instead, we're outfitting DR6 with what we have deemed to be anti-dragon weapons," he indicated to the EDF engineers as they fitted a railgun onto one of the jeeps. "In order for you and your people to use them, it would take a few weeks if not more. We don't have that kind of time,"

Yao nodded in response as she looked back to the vehicles. "So, these are designed to kill dragons?" she asked.

"No," Hazuma answered. "They were designed to take down bigger and nastier creatures,"

"What's bigger and nastier than a dragon?" she asked.

"You don't want to know," Itami said as he walked past to have a look at his vehicles. "How long until we move out?"

"Tomorrow," Hazuma answered.

OOOOO The next day.

"You're what?" Itami asked as Verona smiled nervously.

"Sorry sir, but zey're going to disband der recon teams soon. I'fe been ordered to der capital in order to help out vith der poorer districts," she answered.

"Damn it," he moaned. "That means more paperwork,"

He began to grumble as he climbed into one of the vehicles. Yao was about to follow, before the sight of a scythe came into sight. She froze as the sight of Rory Mercury entered her vision.

"The apostle of Emroy," she muttered as the oracle looked towards her with a mischiefs smile. "Well, well well, look who we have here, a follower of Hardy,"

"Oracle," Yao bowed. "It's a pleasure to meet you, but what are you doing in a place like this?"

"Let's talk on the jeep," she said leading the Dark elf onto one of the EDF vehicles before they set off.

OOOOO EDF Training Base Castle, United Kingdom.

The demi humans looked on as their drill Sargent looked to each one of them. His cool focused eyes piercing every one of them who dared to look at him funny. No one said anything as they just watched him march up and down the length of the parade ground.

"Sae, yer mah freish batch o' recruits huh? Weel, I'm aff tae be making yer bides a living hell," he smiled as he looked at one of the wolfmen. "Bit let's see if ony o' ye hae th' baws tae tak' me oan,"

The recruits looked to one another before one of the wolfmen walked out. "I accept your challenge," he said making the drill sergeant smile.

The two pulled away from the group and stood a few feet away from each other sizing each other up. the wolf changed in using his superior speed to take the Scotsman by surprise, but the drill sergeant just smiled and stepped out of the way quickly. The wolf stopped before charging again, this time the Sargent ducked and managed to hit the wolf in his underbelly. That made the wolf collapse winded from the hit.

"Is that all you got?" the sergeant taunted.

The wolf turned standing and tried to attack the drill Sargent again, but years of combat experience against bigger and nastier creatures, made him very hard to take down. The drill Sergeant grabbed the wolf's arm and twisted it behind his back and pinned the demi-human onto the floor. The other's looked on with a combination of shock and horror. Wolfmen, were one of the toughest demi-human groups around. To see one taken down with such ease, by one man, was a sight to see.

The other wolfmen gulped wondering what was going to happen to them. The Drill Sargent stood as the wolf tapped out.

"Nae ill laddie, back in line," the wolf nodded and moved back in line. "This insae a day care, this is th' EDF military, nae a' o' ye wull mak' it. Fur, fae noo till ye donder oot that door as a washout, or a true EDF fighter …" the Scott smiled evilly. "A'm yer wirst nightmare,"


"Elder!" Yao called out as she climbed out of the jeep and moved up to the village elder.

"Ahh Yao," the old man smiled as Yao bowed before him. "Welcome back," he then noticed Itami and the others as they climbed off their vehicles. "The men in green," he said with some surprise. "And women,"

"Greetings Elder," Itami said as he approached removing his helmet and bowed. "I'm Lieutenant Itami, we're here to deal with your dragon problem,"

"Ahh finally," one of the elves said. "You are going to show us how to use your weapons right?"

"Errrr," Itami muttered raising the brow of the Elder. "We need to talk about that,"

The Elder nodded. "This way please," he indicated to a large hut at the middle of the village.

He led Itami over to the hut and inside. After being handed some tea, and drinking it, Itami explained the problem with the Elves using the weapons.

"They are not the weapons you are used to," he said. "Even our own members have to have a few weeks of training before they can be used,"

"What are these weapons?" one of the other Elfs asked.

"Railguns," Itami answered and began to explain the basics of them.

As he did his best to explain, Lelei walked in and sat next to him before taking over the explanation.

While the two talked, the rest of the group pulled out the supplies from their vehicles. It was going to be a while before they could move out again.