Giselle just started at Rory with a pout as she and the others were driven back to Alnus base. Despite trying to escape, the apostle of Hardy was captured and now sat in chains in the back of one of the EDF vehicles. Her expression showed how unhappy she was while Rory just looked pleased with herself, enjoying the draconian's misery.

"Could you stop looking at me like that," Giselle finally said.

"No," Rory smirked. "This is what you get for releasing an Ancient dragon. Shame and humiliation,"

The apostle just looked away with a pout while Rory just continued to smile. It took awhile before they reached Alnus base but when they did Giselle just stared at everything in front of her as she got out of the vehicle. She had hared about the EDF, but seeing their base and settlement for the first time just shocked her before she was escorted to the prison block.

"Hey Chun," a voice then called out and a woman dressed in a tech uniform came up.

"Hey J…" the mech pilot was about to say but was silenced as the tech planed her lips on the pilot.

Rory and Chuka's eyes went wide as they saw this while Lelei just stared in her normal nonchalant attitude.

Chun Li pulled away from the kiss before smiling at her partner. "When did you get here Juri?"

"Today, I managed to get my transfer orders though," she then leaned in. "Something big is going on, but no one is sure what it is,"

"Well, either way let's go get some lunch," Chun said and the two walked over to one of the restaurants.

As they did, they passed the base commander who walked over to the team. "Well, I suppose that they are on a date," he said before standing before Itami and the others who stood at attention. "At ease," he said as he saluted. "Deep recon team one, congratulations with your recent victory," as he spoke, he glanced over to the corpse of the ancient dragon. "The higher ups are impressed, but this was your last mission. As of this moment, Deep Recon team 6 is disbanded. I have your orders here," he then handed out sever files before saluting and walking off.

"Ah well," Verona said as she opened up her orders. "It was going to happen,"

"Yeah," Davies said as he did the same.

"An invitation?" Itami asked and Kyon looked toward him. "Don't tell me you got it too,"

He just smiled. "Frad so," he said as he waved the invitation which was followed by Jack and Davies.

"I have one," Verona added. "But I have another, more important job.," she smiled. "Helping the poor,"


As the Senators began to move into the building, all of them noticed two oddly dressed people within the Dove side. It didn't take long for them to figure out that these two were EDF representatives. One male one female, the latter of which got strange looks from the other senators. While she wore a military suit like her college, she also wore a tight-fitting headscarf that confused the others. But they largely ignored it as another EDF mystery. But why they were there was pretty clear to everyone.

Observers to see how the senate discussed and debate matters. It wasn't hard to see, but the Hawk faction didn't like that.

"Why are the EDF here?" one of the generals called out.

"They are here as observers," Molt said calmly.

The general just scoffed before sitting down as one of the Dove faction walked up to the centre of the room and began to talk. While they did, the other factions began to glace at the two guests wondering what was going to happen. But all the two did was occasionally have a chat amongst themselves.


Verona sighed as she helped unpack the last of the crates from the truck. They weren't being secretive about it, so they got a lot of looks in their direction as well as a few questions. Captain Zenigata didn't hide anything and explained that they were there to help. The Empire didn't care much about the poor and demi-humans in the poorer parts of their city, so they let the EDF set up shop. But this wasn't due to altruism, or kindness, some of the senators wanted to see how the EDF would handle themselves in a crime ridden cesspool.

So, they cleaned and repaired the building that they were given before using it for medical needs. Verona brought the last box in and opened it to see a set of computers inside. As she began to pull them out, a man walked in and looked around. Zenigata looked at the man but indicated the others to hold off from doing anything. The former detective knew what was going to happen, but now wasn't the to act.

"Well, well, well," he said. "This is a nice place, it would be a shame for someone to ruin it,"

"Are you threatening us," Zenigata asked as he walked up to confront the man.

The man smiled as he looked to the Japanese detective. "Of course not," he replied. "I'm simply here to offer a service," he turned around and just looked at the empty room. "Me and my associates offer security for a price. To make sure that all of this is kept safe,"

"No," Zenitgata said making the man turn to face him, his smile dropping slightly.

"Now sir, please don't be rash," there was a calm yet threatening tone to his voice. "If we cannot protect you, who will protect you?"

"All of us here are trained and equipped soldiers," one of the bigger men said. "I'm also a heavyweight boxer," he then flexed his muscles to emphasis the point.

The man held up his arms. "Very well, but don't say I didn't warn you," he said before leaving.

As soon as he was out of earshot, the soldiers grouped together. "Ok we knew that this was a possibility," Zenigata said. "At least we know who, it is,"

"So, what's the plan?" one of the doctors asked.

"They are likely to try something," the detective said stroking his chin. "So, expect an attack some time in the future,"

After a short discussion, the team continued to unpack and set up the building.


Ran walked down the street for a few blocks before turning down an alley where a couple of minotaur's and wolfmen waited for him.

"They didn't accept," he said. "Go show them what they get,"

The group smiled and walked out while Ran waited there for results. Soon he heard yelling and smiled, but as he left the ally his smile dropped and his eyes widened. Outside the EDF base were the minotaurs and wolfmen set in a pile, all of them beaten black and blue. People had gathered around as one of the EDF troopers brought out the final wolfman and threw him onto the others.

"Unless you have a medical issue, stay out," the man who Ran spoke too said. "We will not pay your 'security services',"

Groaning the demi-humans began to pick themselves up off the floor and leave. Ran cursed and fled from the scene.

Some time later he arrived at his gang's hideout and had to face the bosses. After he told them what happened, they were angry and began to plan an attack. But one of them wasn't as keen as the others.

"I'm not sure about this," Artemis, a wolfman, said. "I mean haven't you heard the stories? They took down several legions of the Imperial army and even took down two dragons. They have magic that we cannot compete with,"

"You listen to stories too much," Tetrus, a human, said. "That's all they are, stories! We have done the same, this isn't anything different,"

While Artemis had his reservations, the other bosses don't take stock in the stories. Either way, they would see if they were true or not.

OOOOO a few days latter

Verona smiled as a woman and child walked in. The child had a bad throaty cough. She indicated for the two to sit on the bed beside her chair.

"So, when did this start?" she smiled.

"A few days ago," the woman said. "It started happening after lunch,"

"Hummm," Verona picked up something and turned back to the child. "Say ahhh," she said while opening her mouth.

The child followed and opened his mouth and the doctor shined a light in his mouth while holding his tongue down. The mother raised her brow as she didn't understand what was going on. A moment latter Verona put the devices to one side before reaching out pressing the child's neck with the tips as he coughed a bit.

"Humm, there's a bit of swelling," she muttered before placing her hand on the child's forehead. "Warm…." She turned to her computer and typed something before turning to the mother. "I think he has an infection of some kind, the swelling on his neck maybe due to a bacterial cause,"

"I have no idea what that means," the mother said.

"It's ok," Verona said as she pulled out a set of pills from one of her draws. "If it is what I think it is, this should work. They are antibiotics, give them to him twice a day and even if it seems that he's fine, make sure you use all of it because it will come back,"

The mother took the pills and looked to the doctor. "How long until we should come back?"

"Two weeks," Verona smiled. "The pills will last for a week and a half so it should be gone by then. And before I forget," she turned and picked something up from one of the lollies from a bowl and handed it to the child. "Here you go for being so brave,"

The child was a little hesitant but took the sweep and plopped it in his mouth and a smile widened across his face. In turn the mother smiled as well thanked the doctor before leaving. As soon as they left Verona typed something into her computer before stepping out calling next.

"In here?" a female voiced asked and a winged demi-human walked in. "Oh, hello," she smiled as Verona indicated for her to sit. "Thank you, my name is Mizari," she said before lighting up her pipe.

Verona looked at her up and down. she was well dressed for someone in the area. That left a few jobs that this woman would be doing.

"What brings you in today?" the German doctor asked.

"Do I need to tell you?" the demi-human asked with a smile. "I'm a whore. Sell it to me,"

"Ah," the doctor muttered. "I know what you are looking for," she said as she pulled out a package and handed it to the prostitute. "Here you go. Take one every time you have unprotected sex, and you should be fine. If you miss one come to me and I'll have you checked,"

"Thank you," the woman smiled as she took the bag. "I had no idea something so great existed. We can't really do business if we get knocked up,"

Verona looked away slighting remembering the 'people' who she helped in the cities during the war. But then she looked at the pipe Mizari was holding. The demi-human followed the doctors' eyes and realised what she thought.

"You going to tell me to stop smoking?" she asked, but Verona shook her head.

"No, you need it for your job," she replied. "It explains why you are relaxed," she looked down. "Back in my world there was a war that devastated us. People taking scraps just to feed their children, selling drugs and more. People like you as well, they needed the stuff to keep their sanity. Dark days,"

Mizari just looked at the fact of the doctor and nodded. "I apologise,"

"Don't be," Verona shook her head. "Everyone in the EDF has scars from that war,"

Mizari smiled and nodded. "I understand," she stood but before she left, she turned back to the doctor. "Did you ever higher their services?"


"Well, I hope to see you again. And if you want some company…." she let the words hang in the air before leaving a blushing Verona in the room.