After setting up a rope Itami, after removing is PA gear, abseiled down into the well. It was sallow as he landed and grabbed the girl inside getting a good look at her. She was alive, but cold. He needed to hurry and tried the rope around his waist.

"Angel," he yelled.

Kyon then pushed up with her thrusters pulling the two up and out of the well before placing them down beside the well. Verona moved up and looked at the elf. Bringing down her eye wear, she scanned the elf trying to get a good understanding of her vitals.

"Vell, she's human enough," she said before leading Itami back to the Raven and had him place the elf inside. "Kyon, Chun-li get your PA gear off und help me," she yelled before looking at the men. "Look und I vill fill vu," she warned.

The Idol and mech pilot did as requested and walked inside of the Raven to help the medic out. But they did make sure to close the door before they got to work. Attacking a saline solution to the elf, Verona took the elf's pulse. Machines can be wrong and she trusted her instincts.

"Right, her fidals are sdaple, put ve need to remoffe her clozing," she said looking to Kyon who nodded picking a pair of scissors and cut the elf's clothing.

Outside Takeo yelled out in joy. "It's an elf! And a blond no less. This is awesome! Hooray for the special region. I see good things happening for us!"

"You into elfs?" Itami asked cocking his brow as he finished emptying his boots of water.

"Low standards!" Jack yelled making Takeo shot a death glare at him.

"Commander," Verona said. "Zee elf's pody temberature is returning to normal. Arh ! It fould zeem zat elf's haffe zimilar bhyziology to our ovn,"

"That's good to hear," the Lieutenant said with a sigh.

"So vhat should ve do nov," the German medic asked.

"Let's see…" Itami thought for a moment. "First find me a new pair of boots!" he yelled making the medic give him an odd look. "The settlement has been wiped out. So, we cannot just leave her. Command is already expecting refugees, so we'll take her back as one,"

"Hoff did I guess vu fere koing to zay zat?" Verona asked.

"Well we're all human, we've all been in similar situations," he smiled.

"True," the German medic admitted before a devious smile appeared on her face. "Put I zought it might pe rude of me to pring up zee fact zat vu haffe zome odd Hinderests, of zat sche's ein elf," that shocked the commander and Takeo who smiled nervously while looking to her.

The fact that she was able to discern their true intentions was amazing, and frightening to the pair of them. But Itami sighed as he looked around at the devastation. EDF command knew that they would find refugees, it was an expected part of war. As such all commanders were trained how to deal with them. This also meant that refugee facilities would be automatically added to any plan for a base. After siding his boot on the Lieutenant stood.

"We'll head back to Alnus base via Coda village," he said. "Let's assume the dragon is looking for food. Standard procedure is to alert and assist any settlements in the immediate area. This maybe another world, but it still has large monsters like the Aggressors. We've all dealt with them before, let's continue to work under those conditions until needed otherwise,"

"Sir!" the others yelled out in response.


After a good few hours on the road, Deep Recon team 3 made it back to Coda village. With a dragon on the loose, the team sped up a bit more to reach the village. While they had never faced a dragon in combat, if their experience told them anything, then it was going to be problematic. EDF command knew this and gave each team B-class rounds.

Upon arriving at the village, Itami activated his universal translator and talked to the mayor who was shocked to learn about what happened at the elf village.

"What?" he asked in surprise. "The settlement has been wiped out?"

"We saw a dragon that spewed flame," Itami replied with his translator doing the work.

"A flame dragon?" the mayor asked with others looking to each other.

"Yes, it killed may people," he said before bringing the mayor over to the raven and showed him the lone survivor. "We could only find one survivor,"

"Just this one girl?" the mayor asked with a sorrowful voice. "What a tragedy,"

"I assume you cannot take care of her?" the lieutenant asked knowing what was coming.

"Unfortunately," the mayor replied. "We must flee the village, once a fire dragon get's a taste of flesh it will not stop,"

Itami nodded. It was a similar situation with several Aggressor species.

"We'll help," he then said making the mayor look to him in surprise. "Where we come from, we didn't have dragons, but we had something similar,"

The mayor noticed a dark look in the man's eye that made him refrain from asking any questions. It was clear they were not pleasant memories.

While the village got what little items they had, not too far away the wizard Kato and his apprentice gathered as many books as they could. The elderly man walked down the steps from his hut with a pile of books in hand but they covered his sight which made him fall next to his apprentice. Then like a child began to cry and throw a tantrum.

"Master," his blue haired apprentice said as she turned to look at him. "We cannot carry any more," she said.

"Noo I need my books!" he demanded before stopping his tantrum and looked up at the blue haired girl. "Lelei, isn't there anything we can do?"

Lelei looked at him without blinking. "Certainly," she said getting his hopes up. "I believe we should prioritise the most valuable books,"

"That's right," her master said as he stood and dusted himself down. "You sure are smart Lelei," he then bent down to pick up the books and his staff. "But why now?" he asked. "Damn that fire dragon! Showing up 50 years early," he said as he put the rest of the books on the cart. "Look at all the trouble it's causing us," as he talked Lelei was finishing off tying off the rope to hold the books down.

"I wish you would sleep already too," she said making Kato look to her with an unimpressed look.

"Huh? What do you mean by that?" he asked. "I'm not interested in mounting little girls like you!" he shot before his mind turned to more perverted things making him smile and laugh. "I'd rather mount a curvy woman like your sister," he then began to make a few unsavoury actions to an invisible person.

Wanting him to stop Lelei shot a gust of wind at him that made him fall back a few feet.

"Stop!" he demanded. "Magic is sacred! Do not abuse it!" he said before something hit him in the side of the face sending him to the floor making him regret what he did.

Lelei didn't smile as she stopped her magic. She then climbed onto the cart with her master soon following.

"You sure cannot take a joke," he pouted.

"I blame you as my educator, master," she shot with her tone not changing and making him look away with another pout.

Lelei then tried to make the mule they had move. But he didn't.

"He won't move," Kato said point out the obvious. "We must be carrying too much,"

"You were the one who said to back all this," Lelei countered. "This was to be expected,"

"Not to worry," Kato proudly declared. "I am a sorcerer after all!"

"Isn't magic sacred?" his apprentice asked noting the hypocrisy her master was committing. "Something not to be abused?" he gave her a sour look. "Those were your words master," as she said that she brought up her own staff.

"But…" he tried to say however his apprentice had already taken the incentive.

"But in this case, we have no choice," she said before casting a spell making the cart float.

"Sorry," her master said as the cart moved.

"It's ok," Lelei said. "I've always that this is simply who you are," that made him smile as they made their way to the convoy in the village.

As they arrived, they noticed a long line of carts and people. It seems like there was a traffic jam of some kind.

"What's going on up ahead?" Kat asked as he leaned to the side to try and get a better view.

Just then one of the villagers approached. "Master Kato, Lelei" he said getting the both of their attention. "One of the carts was carrying too much. It's axel broke, and it's blocking the way,"

"Come on!" a voice then yelled in a language the two were unfamiliar with. "Assisting with evacuations is part of our job!" the two looked up to see two people in strange green armour run around one of the carts.

"Commander Itami!" another one called. "Please ask the mayor to move out of the way!"

"Understood," the one named Itami called back.

"I've never heard a language like that," Kato said surprised at what he just heard.

"I've never seen clothes or armour like that," Lelei added as the two began to listen.

"Verona, make sure no on is injured!" someone yelled.

"Yavol!" a clearly female voice.

"Female soldiers too?" Kato asked with even more surprise.

Now with this her interest peaked even more Lelei decided now it was best to go and investigate. "Master, I'm going to take a look," she said as she climbed off the cart.

Before her master could stop her, the young witch ran beside the other carts to see what was going on. So many questions filled her mind. Who were these people? Where did they come from? How did their society work? And more. As she reached the front of the line, she saw a turned over cart with a wheezing horse on the ground.

A girl lay in front of her who had been tossed off the cart itself. She got down next to the girl and looked at her. Her knowledge of medicine was basic, but she could tell that this girl was in trouble.

"She's hurt bad," she muttered to herself.

Just then one of the people in green came up and got down as well. As she did Lelei got a good look at her. She wore similar clothing to the others but part of the armour she wore had white patches on parts of her armour and what looked like to be a red cross in the middle. The young witch watched as the woman in green brought down something over her eye and looked up and down the young girl.

"Sche's kot ein concuzion," she said in another language different to the one she heard earlier. "Sche's alzo kot ein skull fracture,"

Lelei looked at her amazed as to how she knew that. Before he could ask one of the men in green came up behind her.

"Miss," he said in a language she could understand. "Please stand back,"

But she didn't pay any attention as she was just focused at the woman in front of her. "Doctors?" she asked to no one in particular.

The injured horse then screamed and stood up on his hind legs ready to attack. Its eyes betrayed the fact it was in a frenzy. Just as it was about to attack a loud bang comparable to a thunderclap echoed in her ears. Part of the horses neck then exploded before it fell down dead. As it fell it flew up some of the dust on the floor. Lelei didn't know what to say as she just looked at the dead animal. Just who were these people?

Itami just looked at the girl who was just trying to help someone out and sighed.

"Commander," Takeo said getting the LT's attention as Verona helped the blue haired girl. "We aren't going to take care of these people, forever are we? I mean don't they have royalty for that?"

"About that," Jack spoke up. "I talked to the mayor. He said that none of the local nobility have returned. They were sent to Alnus hill,"

Takeo said nothing and just hung his head as did several others. Sometimes you are the cause of the problem, despite trying to help.


The night sky was lit up by the moon as a group of bandits huddled around a roaring fire. Remnants of the defeated armies, planned their next raid for food, money and weapons.

"It seems that Coda village is on the run," one of them said.

"This is a good opportunity," another said with a smile.

"But do we have enough men?" another questioned.

"We'll find more," the smiling one countered. "There are plenty of stragglers left from the recent battle. Round them up, we could take them on, not just a village but an entire town. We could overthrow a local lord! From a bandit leader to a lord, I like it,"

He never felt the blade go though his chest. He was still smiling as he fell down dead while his men looked up at the attacker.

"Gentlemen," a voice said from a gothic dressed girl. "Thank you for tonight," she licked her lips. "Thank you for giving your lives so selflessly," as she ready to strike with her axe. "The all father…" she said as she took out another bandit. "…is very pleased with your actions. Now he requests, your presence," she took out two more. "I'm Rory Mercury, the apostle of the Dark God Emloy," she declared.

"She's one of the twelve apostles!" one of the bandits said. "Death God Rory!"

"She…." one of the others said. "….she's wearing the Emloy shrine oracle uniform,"

"Run!" another said but Rory licked her lips.

"I don't think so," she said before charging in.

The bandits didn't stand a chance as she took them down one by one. She showed no mercy as they tried to escape. Not one survived.


The Coda refugee moved along slowly due to the number of people. The EDF took point with one of the Ravens and the Humvee while the other Raven and the Kuratus took up the back of the convoy. As they rode along some of the village children rode in the Ravens and Humvee loving the experience. But inside the Humvee Verona kept an eye on the sleeping elf.

"Sche schould rekain consciousness zoon," she said looking to Itami.

"That's good to hear," he said before looking outside. "But man, this sucks,"

"Do we even have a destination?" Takeo asked as he drove.

"They don't have one," Itami replied with another sigh.

"Seriously?" his driver asked in surprise.

"Being on the run is tiering," the LT moaned ignoring the driver.

But soon they hit a problem as one of the carts axels broke. It could no longer move forcing the convoy to stop. Three of the team pushed the cart off the road to make way for the others while the mayor informed the family to take what they can carry and leave the rest. Itami also added that they needed to burn the cart, something which Verona questioned.

"Vy did vu force zem to purn zeir cart?" she asked.

"Because they weren't going to move," he replied. "I didn't have a choice. We are behind enemy lines with a flame dragon out there. We cannot stay here for long,"

"Yah, I understand," she replied.

"Huh, someone's up ahead," Takeo then said making everyone look forward.

"What?" the LT asked grabbing his binoculars and looked though them.

At first, he noticed a flock of crows before the sight of an axe entered his view. He then looked down to see one of his fantasies come true.

"Goth Lolita girl!" he yelled with joy.

"What?" Takeo yelled sharing the same excitement and looked though his own binoculars. "Whaaaaaa?"

She then approached the convoy. "Where did you come from? Where are you going?" she asked.

As she got closer the children riding in the back of the Humvee jumped out the back and ran to the Lolita.

"It's the Oracle!" they said running up to her. "Oracle, Oracle!"

"Oracle?" Itami questioned as the kids reached the axe welding goth.

"Where did you come from?" the Oracle asked smiling at the kids as some of the adults joined them, but were a bit more respectful by kneeling.

"From Coda village," one of the kids said.

"We fled from the village," another added. "There was a fire dragon, we had to run,"

"Zey abear to pe braying to her," Verona noticed.

"So, there's some religious reason she's wearing that outfit," Itami concluded before the Oracle noticed him.

She then walked up next to the Humvee and looked to the EDF troopers inside. "Who are these strange people?" she asked.

"They saved us!" one of the kids said. "They are good people,"

"So, you aren't being forced out of your village?" she asked.

"Nope," the kid answered as the Oracle looked at the Humvee.

"How does this thing move?" she asked.

"I don't know," the kid said innocently. "But it's way comfier than riding in our carts,"

"Oh?" she looked at him with a smile. "Comfier huh?" licking her lips she then looked at Itami with a hungry look. "I'd like to see how it rides too,"

"Hello," Itami said with fear which only made her smile.

A moment later she was sitting happily on his lap much to his horror. "W... wait a second," he tried to say flustered. "This is a really tight fit. Move please," he begged despite the smile on her face.

"No fair commander!" Takeo said in a jealous voice.

It turned into a mess as the Oracle tried to figure out what was happening in the Humvee much to the embarrassment of the commander. Thankfully Rory, as she was known, settled down next to the commander while the diver just pouted. But they continued onwards to wherever would take the refugees. As they drove along, Itami had his head out of the window getting some air. But as they did, he felt the heat on the back on his neck. Turing, he looked up at the sun.

"Is it just me, or is the sun hotter here than in Japan?" he asked no one in particular.

But something the emerged from the sun, that made his eyes widen. The fire dragon.

"CONTACT! FLYING B-CLASS CREATURE!" he yelled over the radio.

The dragon took this opportunity to take out some of the carts of the convoy. People scattered in fear and paic for their lives while the EDF vehicles stopped.

"It's a real fire dragon!" Kato said as he and Lelei avoided its fire breath.

The dragon then landed and gave a terrifying roar. As it did the EDF soldiers exited their vehicles, each one sharing a dark look. Rory watched as the soldiers in green step out and line up looking at the dragon. There was an aura about them, they weren't afraid. There was no hint of fear in what she saw, instead there was an anger about them. Not a bloodlust, but one of revenge for those it had killed.

"ATTACK!" Itami yelled and the EDF advanced.

"They aren't planning to take on a fire dragon? Are they?" Kato asked as he watched the green soldiers moved faster the seemed possible.

But they were and people looked on. "Switch out normal rounds for B-class," Itami ordered. "Jet Troopers, take out the wings prevent it from flying away. The rest of you, split up. Give it multiple targets, take it down!"

"Roger!" everyone called and began to open fire.

"Over herrre!" Bear then yelled as he brought up a big 105 cannon. "Have taste of Mother RRRussia! Arrrrghh!" he yelled and fired.

The round impacted the side of the dragon making it roar in pain and throw a fireball at him. He moved out of the way and continued to fire. Chun li moved around in her mech, firing her 60mm autocannon. But her movements made it hard to hit, but it also made her shots miss. Even with B-class rounds, it was difficult to make any kind of damage against the dragon.

Kyon and Davies flew into the air and looked down at the dragon. Their flight masks down, they made calculations on what part of the wings to aim for. Looking to each other after making a decision they nodded before drawing plasma swords. The two of them then dived in quickly with both of them focusing on a wing. Kyon focused on the right while Davies focused on the left. They then cut into the membrane wing of the dragon making it yell out in pain.

It then battered Davies away but he recovered in mid-air while Kyon landed on the dragon and slashed at the base of one of the wings. While the scales were tough it was little match against the heat of a plasma blade. But before she could cut it off completely it threw her off sending her into the air. She didn't want to try that again so she threw a grenade at the wound. It exploded but it did little to sever the wing. Swearing in Korean, she brought up her assault rifle she began to dance in the air firing at the beast.

Jack looked to where Kyon tried to cut the wing off. Smiling he aimed one of his shoulder mounted rocks and fired. It hit its mark and the right wing tore off the great beast. It roared in pain and the refugees watched their mouth's agape at the damage these people were doing to a dragon. It was apparent that they did something like this before. Rory also looked on with surprise. These people, were fighting a dragon and they were not afraid. Suddenly a noise made her look behind the seat to see the once sleeping elf awake.

"The dragon," she muttered. "They are fighting a dragon?"

"Indeed, they are," Rory said turning back to the fight.

The movements of the them made it hard for the dragon to select a target so it was just breathing fire in the hopes of taking some of them out. But the flying soldiers and how fast they made made it hard for it to focus on any. Spewing fire was all it could do. But they removed its ability to fly away, now came the finishing blow.

"Bear!" Itami yelled as he reloaded. "Railgun!"

The big Russian man smiled and dropped his 105mm cannon before moving away from the fight to get a good vantage point. Turning around he activated stabilisation spikes then pinned him to the ground before he pulled out a large hexagonal shaped box with four poles out in front. Holding the trigger down, he braced himself. Electric arcs then bounced from each of the poles as it charged up. It took 30 seconds, before it was fully charged. He smiled before letting go of the trigger.

A loud bang echoed across the canyons and a metal disk flew through the air faster than sound. It cut the back of the dragon's neck before hitting the wall behind it. The dragon stopped and fell down, dead. The disk cut though it's nerves, severing the brains connection to the rest of the body.

The refugees just stared at what they had just seen. These people killed a dragon, and made it look easy.

"EDF!" Itami then yelled.

"EDF!" the others chanted. "EDF! EDF! EDF!"


As night fell and the bodies of the dead were buried what was left of the refugees and EDF made their own thoughts and prayers for the dead. The odd plants glowing in the night giving the burial site a serene look to it all. After it was over a decision was made. There was a nearby town were the most of the refugees could go. But the others, the ones who had no family in the town, would go with the EDF.

A new chapter of their lives would soon begin.