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I sigh as I walk down the street noticing a huge flow of people down the street, each of them following their lives in a carefree manner.

- I don't know what to do in this fucking place.

I run my right hand through my hair as I keep walking, I feel hungry again but I try to ignore that bad feeling by trying to get more information.

"Why am I here in this place ... I CANNOT UNDERSTAND THIS LANGUAGE"

I feel my despair grow more when I realize that the words on the signs and in the stores are very different from those I know.

I feel my breath rise even more and I hear people's voices, but I don't understand anything. As I walk around irritated for a moment, seeing my reflection in a store window

- Charcoal black hair ... Gray blue eyes ... White skin ...

"My appearance is normal, but ... I AM DIFFERENT FROM HOW I WAS BEFORE"

I remember my previous appearance, although simple, that caused a little more prominence among some people, but nowadays this is well standardized

I keep walking down the street trying to understand what is happening, I see some students talking and soon I try to get closer to listen.

- Hm

I don't know why I tried to listen to the conversation, I can't understand what they are talking about. I turn away again looking ahead, see a well-known boy shouting along with a big boy and another wearing glasses.

"Brown hair, eyes almost the same color ... Screaming and making obscene gestures."

My eyes are in recognition

- This can't be true ... Issei Hyoudou, am I in a fucking anime?

I place both hands on my face while trying to control my breathing

"How is that possible ... I was sleeping and when I wake up somewhere else. This city is Kuoh with the Kuoh academy, where there are all those people with special abilities and they are certainly not human."

Keeping my breathing under control and keeping my hands away from my face.I keep accelerating my steps towards where I came from before.

"What's going on, why am I here ... I shouldn't be here."

I keep running through the streets quickly without looking at people

"I don't understand the language, I don't have an identity, I don't have any documents ... But if this is really the universe of DxD then there's no use in documentation."

When I turn my gaze to people I notice it was fast and I see a girl leaving a store

"Oh no"

When I hit it, I soon fall to the floor sitting down while I notice that she remains standing without being shaken by the impact

- It hurt.

I place my hand on my stomach and when I hear her voice I look at her face noticing that she is very low.

Short white hair and short stature.

"What is she saying ?"

I see her extending her arm offering me her hand, I accept her help also extending my hand and holding it where I notice that her strength is quite great.

"I didn't even make an effort to get up."

I see her again staring at me as she speaks but my understanding of her words is truly hopeless.

- I dont understand...

I see her closing her mouth, she probably noticed that I don't understand ... I hope that's It. I Isee a blond boy and two more girls leaving. immediately recognize them due to having watched the anime.

"It's not worth trying to talk to them yet, I can't even understand the language or if I have something special like Issei."

I notice that they look at me quickly, I notice that Kiba seems to want to introduce himself, but resolving to avoid a problem, I walk away to get away from them . Having moved away from them, I follow the place where I started when I arrived in this world

- The good old abandoned post ... It sounds cliché but beggars can't choose.

I sigh as I enter this "House" again.

I see the walls marked with dirt, broken parts, a dirty mattress

- I'm very unlucky or lucky.

This is a world where there are angels, demons, fallen angels and several very strong races.

Clench my right fist

- I am a human, do I have some ability just like the others.

"They needed to pose, think about something very strong and imitate these movements. Maybe I can get at least some simple reaction."

I go to the back of the post, I notice when I leave that the sun is setting.

I see a fair amount of grass, trees and abandoned things.

- I just need to think and some reaction to make this bad day pleasant.

I think of the movie and anime characters I watched while I was at home

"I will follow something very classic"

I position my legs to open a little space between them, I move my arms, placing him in position next to my hand, adopting the pose of Son Gohan's masenko.

- Too bad that in the super he became a scholar instead of a fighter.

I focus on the battles that the anime showed and that emotion when watching the Cell saga on TV.

The speech of Android 16, the transformation of super Saiyan level two and the Kamehameha of father and son ... Recalling the moments I was watching with my brothers with that contagious joy.


Third person Pov

A small glow is seen in that abandoned area of the post, a blue light is seen taking the shape of a gem in front of the young boy.

The gem starts to take on a small form of an attractive colored crystal until it floats in front of the young man.



I feel happy to finally have something but ...

- What is it for?

I take the crystal using my left hand, I notice that the light shines again and covers my left hand.

"That feeling"

I feel a slight chill in my left hand and when I see that the light has stopped shining I see a glove covering my hand.

- Please have some special ability ... As basic as it may be.

I continue walking to a broken soda machine filled with rust thrown on the left side of the area.

3 person Pov

The young man, when approaching and touching the machine carefully, can see a small layer of ice forming in the area touched.


- Holy shit, ICE ICE ICE

My curiosity being well satisfied due to the range of possibilities makes me very happy.

- Wait ... I can create some name since I don't have documents ... And any record of mine should not exist then ... What will my name be ?

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