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He has no documentation, cannot speak the language and cannot understand.

In this way he has no way of being part of the Kuoh academy in order to try to approach the supernatural members.

So his objective was to enter the academy directly among the students but he did not know about the barrier as he had not realized.

The most logical point for anyone noticing that they are demons is to isolate the target.

That is why they took Camus to the occult club because it is more distant and if something happens it is easier to solve the problem.

As for teamwork, you are correct, Rias' team does not have an average teamwork because each one has its limitations being: Koneko: He doesn't use all his strength and ends up limiting himself.

Akeno: Doesn't use his full birth power (Fallen Angel)

Kiba: Your hatred for the Excalibur project that ended up killing your teammates.

As I said before

My inclination is for only one pair only but if other people wish it can be just a love triangle


- Humans are treated in an inferior way, so I believe that staying human is better but I have in mind all the limitations that he will have in a possible combat.

It's a good choice to do that but I still have my doubts

-My name is, Camus Fuyuki"honor my favorite knight"I keepsmiling.- And I'm about to start a negotiation that could change your life Rias Gremory.

I watch Rias's eyebrow rise slowly due to my words, I notice that the other demons seem a little puzzled by my words.

- You are not a supernatural being or even someone from the church;

you can see that, with its low amount of magic and its very precarious state, I must say.

I keep my expression calm, despite being slightly shaken by the total reality of my current state.

"I know it smells like garbage, but ... sorry!"

- There is no need to comment on my current state, Miss Sona Sitri.

I smile for a moment as I watch them, Rias seems to have organized his thoughts and decided on a possible way forward.

- I must say that I did not expect a human to appear and simply saying that he will make a proposal that will influence my life ... But I am curious about your proposal.

I hear your words and soon my smile disappears, returning only my stoic expression.

- I know about your involvement with Riser ... I also know that you haven't finished your team yet.

I see the surprised expressions on their faces, but I keep talking without giving myself time to try to question myself.

- That said, I am offering you information about a human who has one of the 13 longinus.

" What happened ?"

I notice a sword very close to my throat, to the right, of Kiba. Seeing their faces, I see that the expression of surprise has changed to seriousness.

"I probably said it wrong and now I'm screwed ..."

I activate my Sacred Gear keeping the focus on my right hand while moving my right hand touching the sword. I see the ice slowly spreading on your blade.

- I didn't do anything dangerous for your master, relax Kiba Yuuto.

I notice that he still holds the sword, I hear a few footsteps right behind me and Koneko is probably ready to punch me in the head ... This is pretty bad since she can just crush her.

"Koneko's punch being a sledgehammer ... My head is a watermelon."

- I didn't do anything wrong Rias Gremory.

I see that Akeno continues with the smile on his face but it is probably a fake and her servants are also very calm and neutral because I didn't harm or say anything about Sona.

- Rias, if in fact a longinus is at stake this may end up being useful for you, it is better Yuuto Kiba not to execute the boy.

"I really want to pray that Sona will be blessed for helping me right now"

3 Person Pov

Rias is still silent as he appears to be in a mental debate.

- Kiba, move your blade away from him ... He can be useful.

Kiba soon shoves his slightly frozen blade closer to his own body without relaxing in his grip ready to attack.

- An ice-based Sacred Gear.

Camus watches Tsubaki as she speaks, analyzing her, noting that it really is a very different matter from real life for an anime seen on mobile.

- We can talk about it later, now the question about longinus is much more important.

Rias ends up talking impatiently, Camus understands that he can keep talking.

- The longinus in question is the Red Dragon Emperor, the incarnation of power, the longinus that increases the user's strength every 10 seconds.

The demons in question are surprised that an apparently ordinary human is aware of one of the 13 longinus.

- I'll tell you your current user, although he doesn't know you well ... In exchange for three simple things.

Akeno decides to make his presence known by speaking while Camus memorizes the sound of his voice.

- If his sacred equipment is in an inactive state, how can you know if you have it or not.

Question that the demons in question quickly realized, although they have ways of determining whether a person has any Sacred Gear or magical ability, they have no way of knowing which Sacred Gear the person has.

- I do not intend to reveal how I know this, but the point is that your master can annul your marriage in some way.

Rias feels an increase in his hopes of ending the arranged marriage


- What are your requests?

Camus smiles in his mind when he realizes that, although Rias is proud, his dislike for Riser speaks louder.

- I want you to somehow find a way for me to be able to speak, understand the language of this country, understand its writing and be able to is my first wish divided into 4 stages.

Camus still maintains his neutral expression.

- My second order is for a place where I can stay beyond an amount that will be used to cover my basic expenses for 4 is my second wish divided into two stages ... my third wish is that I can have your protection, I do not intend to organize fights, but I believe that conflicts may come to me due to my sacred equipment.

Sona's gaze narrows with the other demons after analyzing my requests.

- We already realized that you are not from Kuoh. We know that you are Brazilian due to the language, but what are you doing here in Kuoh.

Camus looks at Akeno with a little anger at the discomfort she is becoming.

- You just need to know that I don't intend to cause problems and that I don't have to tell the story of my life, since we all have our own secrets.

Camus smiles clearly showing a fake smile, Rias sighs after thinking of the words he will have to speak to his brother about the new development of a human.

- I can place these orders easily. I Rias Gremory swear to you, Camus Fuyuki, that I will fulfill my part of the agreement.

Kiba remains neutral, but is not satisfied with the choice of his master, but understands his reasons.

- The human who owns the longinus is Issei Hyoudou. He doesn't know his own ability, but I have to say that he has the potential to evolve in a very useful way towards his goals.

Sona's eyebrows twitch at the memory of the boy who lives declaring his impure desires on his breasts.

- Like someone who owns a Sacred Gear,Fate has strange tastes.

She sighs as the other members have similar thoughts about Issei Hyoudou.

- Now that you have solved your question with Rias, I never imagined that I would see this Sacred Gear of yours.

Camus looks at the right hand on his knee.

- She is known?

Sona decides to walk with his servants towards the exit.

- Your sacred equipment has a total of 4 shapes that affect the user's body. According to the books, it tends to form a medium resistance armor in its user ... It depends on a lot of training and, seeing how it is now, I must say that it is its most basic and simple state possible.

Camus absorbs this information and gets up looking at the door that Tsubaki opens for his master.

- Is there more information about her?

Sona turns her head slightly looking at Camus.

- I can speak more information, but it has a very low cost ... You would have to become my servant.

Sona soon leaves the room with his group, leaving Rias's group with Camus in the room.

- So ... I can use your bathroom, I really need a shower.

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