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Arrivals & Introductions

Year: 2040

Location: Hall Of Justice [Justice League Headquarters]

Setting: League Auditorium

Next thing they knew, everyone whom Dante Jr. had transported found themselves lying on their backs and feeling quite disoriented while taking a few moments to rub their eyes. After regaining their bearings, they groaned and stretched a bit as they began lifting themselves up and getting onto their feet. After doing so, they began taking in their surroundings, wondering where they were.

"Mom, where on Earth are we?", Thea asked her mom timidly, wondering what in the world had just happened to them all.

"I honestly don't know sweetie, but I wish I did", Moira answered worriedly while pulling her slightly nervous daughter into her arms in an attempt to comfort her, the young woman responding by leaning into her mother's embrace. Meanwhile Oliver was looking around and practicing what Slade, Waller, and Talia had each taught him about accessing his surroundings when he suddenly, and to his shock, saw Sara gazing at him intensely while another raven haired woman stood right next to her.

"Ollie?", she asked her close friend and former lover in shock, not having expected to ever see him again.

"Sara?", he whispered breathlessly, having believed she was dead all of this time and trying to understand. "W..w..hat? I, I mean h..h..how?"

At that moment, and both of them suddenly overcome with emotion while foregoing their emotional discipline, Sara surged forward and leapt into Oliver's arms, embracing him tightly while he returned said embrace, the two of them weeping in each other's arms. Nyssa on her part looked on as her heart constricted with a feeling of jealousy. She had known about her beloved's history with Oliver due to what the latter had shared with her, and while she did not doubt that the blonde loved her deeply, she could still see the intense bond between Sara and Oliver as they held each other. For the first time in her life, the young heiress to the League could not help but feel insecure in her relationship.

After a brief time, Oliver lifted up his head and saw his mother and sister, who were staring at both him and Sara in shock like they had towards each other, though Moira wasn't as shocked as her daughter since she'd already spoken with Oliver on the phone much earlier when he'd phoned to let her know he was still alive and returning home. Despite having heard his voice, it was another thing for her to see her son in the flesh and standing before her and nor had she expected their first meeting since his return to be under these circumstances.

"Oliver?", she asked hesitantly as she took a tentative step towards him while Thea remained standing where she was, still trying to wrap her head around the fact that her big brother was here with them. Moira on her part had meant to tell Thea about the phone call and his return but had forgotten due to having to confront her over her latest infraction.

Oliver on his part gave his mother a soft smile and a gentle nod.

"Mom", he responded in a near whisper, but Moira heard it loud and clear and it was enough to convince her that it was indeed him. Emotion then overcame her as she hurried forward and Oliver on his part took her in his arms.

"My boy, my beautiful boy", she spoke as she wept while gently stroking his hair in a way that only a mother could. After some time, they extracted themselves from their embrace and then Oliver turned his attention fully towards Thea, who now had tears glistening in her eyes.

"Ollie?", she asked timidly, and with a gentle nod from him, her walls broke down completely and she was the next person to rush forward and jumped on him, her legs bent backwards as she wrapped her arms around his neck tightly.

"I knew it, I knew you were alive", the 17 year old young woman gushed happily as she held onto her brother.

"You were with me the whole time", Oliver responded warmly to her words as he held his baby sister. As the Queen family enjoyed their reunion, another reunion was unfolding between another family.

"Sara?", Laurel asked stunned while Quentin's hoarsely breathed out, "Baby girl?" was heard right afterwards, the father and daughter duo trying to make sense of their lost daughter and sister respectively standing right before them. Sara responded with a small smile while nodding eagerly and emotionally.

"It's me guys", she answered them while trying yet failing not to cry as she kept wiping her eyes. The three of them then moved towards each other and engulfed each other in a warm embrace, holding each other tight while shedding tears. Shortly afterwards, Quentin lifted up his head and was immediately filled with rage upon seeing Oliver. He immediately stepped away from his family and charged towards the younger man.

"You!", he growled, his eyes shining with fury. "Because of you my baby girl has been missing for five years, my other daughter was left heartbroken for many reasons, reasons for which I'm certain you can imagine you scumbag, and both of us were left within our own hell and grieving her in a state of endless torture. And now you dare return and show your face to us you sorry a** punk?!"

The furious detective then swung his arm while Oliver, deliberately making no attempt to stop the incoming punch, allowed it to hit his face. He honestly could not blame the other man's anger or his actions since he understood, with shame, that his own actions were what mainly contributed to the pain and loss the Lances had been forced to go through and if this was what Quentin thought would help him, then he would let him have his pound of flesh.

Following the first strike, which hurt Quentin's hand slightly, he then moved to slug him once more when his hand was caught midair and held in a near vice like grip. Turning to see who had dared interrupt him, he turned his head and saw that the source of the grip was a young blonde haired woman with steely eyes that started intently into his.

"All right that's enough. I understand why you're so angry at Oliver and believe me when I say that I fully sympathize", the woman began gently but firmly. "But I did not bring you here, or anyone else in this room, to start fighting each other and I'd like to kindly ask you to please refrain from this sort of outburst again or I will be forced to take certain measures. Am I clear?!"

Quentin on his part wanted to angrily retort at the other woman but the look in her eyes told him that it would be unwise to test her patience. And so with an aggravated sigh, he reluctantly put his arm down and backed away while she in turn released him. The others in the room however all turned their gazes towards her over what she'd just said about having brought them all here.

"Wait a minute miss. Are you saying that you're responsible for why we're all here?", Diggle was the first one to speak up and ask, voicing everyone else's thoughts, followed by Roy asking in a follow up, "And if so, why have you even done this? And I mean no offence lady, but I don't know any of these people and I doubt they know me or anyone else in this room". Almost all of the other guests nodded in agreement, almost because some of them, such as the Queens, the Lances, and Tommy all knew each other personally of course.

The woman nodded her head in response to Diggle's question and moved to answer it along with Roy's question as well.

"Yep, that would be me, and in case any of you are wondering, my name is Mia. As for the reason I've done so, it's because due to past events, this current timeline is royally screwed up from what It was meant to be and I and my team wish to course correct it back to its true form", she explained matter of factly to her curious guests, leaving them with more questions than answers, particularly in her reference to the timeline.

"Wait a minute. What do you mean when you say 'the current timeline', and who's your team?", Tommy asked her, trying to make sense of her words.

"To answer your question, I must first explain to you, and to all of you, that none of you are in the year I extracted you from. In fact, all of you are currently in the year 2040", she explained, causing most of those present to voice exclamations of disbelief upon hearing this, Rene's voice being the loudest, and then continued. "And before any of you protest against this info, let me explain that in this time period, technology has become so incredibly advanced that time travel is indeed, possible and the young man I had transport you here? His name is Dante Jr. and his device, the one that surrounded each of you with a sort of blinding light, is what enabled him to transport you from your time to ours. It was also once used by the late legendary time traveler Rip Hunter.

"As for this timeline being incorrect, things had transpired in an entirely different way but due to certain events in the past, albeit not tied to you directly, those events caused a ripple effect which in turn led to a significant change in history that set everything off course. By bringing all of you here, my goal is to prevent that moment from happening. However instead of just telling you about it, you also need to see it for yourselves and that's why my team and I have decided to show you the string of events over the next two years since it's within that time frame the particular event I'm referring to transpires."

Following her explanation, the guests found themselves all intrigued. Most of them still had doubts however that they were actually in the future and all of this talk about timelines and ripple effects was difficult for them to grasp, but since they were apparently not being returned home anytime soon, they decided to go along with whatever their host's plans were, despite how crazy this sounded.

"In addition, I'm also using this opportunity to share with you the journey of one man, one in particular among you, as he goes on to become one of the greatest and most legendary heroes ever and that's what you'll also be watching", Mia added. "And all of you are a significant part of this man's journey and a vital part of your city's future and therefore need to be prepared in order to help him accomplish his mission. And that's why in addition to seeing the events over the next two years, you'll also first be seeing the past of this man as he was forged into the hero he's destined to become. Having said that, I think that all of you should make your introductions to each other now in order to create a sense of familiarity since you'll all be sharing this experience together."

Following her words, everyone present, not finding any issue with that and especially since they were all going to be there together and therefore might as well get to know each other, went ahead and did exactly that, Oliver being the first one to speak.

"Oliver Queen, billionaire playboy and former castaway", he shared with everyone while frowning at Mia's words and having a sneaking suspicion as to the future hero she was referring to.

"Moira Queen, Oliver and Thea's mother and businesswoman", Moira was the next one to share.

"Thea Queen, trust fund princess", she answered a bit cheekily to which her mother frowned in mild disapproval but was inwardly amused since it was kind of accurate.

"Quentin Lance, SCPD detective", he gruffly said to them all.

"Laurel Lance, attorney at CNRI", she revealed.

"Sara Lance, their daughter and sister respectively and former castaway as well", she explained, purposefully avoiding the fact she was also an assassin.

"Tommy Merlyn, billionaire playboy", he said with a grin.

"John Diggle, former Special Forces and now private security", he said.

"Felicity Smoak, MIT class of 1980 and IT specialist at Queen Consolidated", she shared while waving her hand in a tick tok move.

"I am Nyssa, daughter of Ra's A'l Ghul, heir to the demon", Nyssa stated proudly while lifting her chin up high, leaving everyone except Oliver and Moira curious as to who her father was, though it caused Oliver to have a slight shiver and feeling especially worried regarding Sara's possible involvement since she was clearly connected to Nyssa in some way. He even desperately hoped that she hadn't joined the League and dreaded to think as to what that could mean.

"Roy Harper, Glades resident", the young man with the red hoodie introduced himself next.

"Lyla Michaels, deputy director of A.R.G.U.S.", she said while Oliver was the only one to react at the name and Diggle did not show any surprise about this, the former due to experience with that organization and the latter since he already knew of her occupation.

"Rene Ramirez, former Navy SEAL, dishonorably discharged, and I have no idea as to what the hell I'm doing here", he being the final one to introduce himself. Mia nodded.

"Alrighty then, and with that out of the way, I'm now going to assign each of you to our seats within this auditorium and the seating arrangements are non-negotiable. And now if you all would?"

She said, and then led them to the seats each person would occupy. She had Oliver, Sara, and Nyssa sit in the front row with Oliver and Nyssa sitting on the right and the left of Sara respectively. Placed Laurel and Tommy right next to each other respectively on the second row, sat Moira, Thea, and Roy together on the third row, Moira on Thea's left and Roy on her right, and finally sat Quentin, Diggle, Lyla, Felicity, and Rene all together on the fourth row.

Afterwards Mia turned and addressed everyone once more.

"Now that you're all seated, I'd like to let you know that if you need anything, such as refreshments, bathroom breaks, or anything else, any one of you may press the green button on your respective arm rests and and it will send my team and myself a signal during which one of us will come and take care of it. And now, on with the show.

"Oh, and if any of you are worried about the passage of time in the year you were extracted from, don't. After this is all said and done, you will all be transported back to the exact same moment before I had you brought here."

She then exited the room and went to the monitoring area where her friends were and William uploaded the first set of memories for their guests to watch. As for the guests themselves, they settled down and watched as the screen above them flickered and then began displaying said memories.

To Be Continued

A/N I had originally intended to add Slade, but had forgotten to do so and ended up writing myself into a corner. And so I've decided to wait for another chapter to somehow introduce him. Which means that the wait for him will be longer.

Regarding Quentin's attitude, I wanted to capture his S1 self and use it to present a hopefully realistic picture as to his emotions towards Oliver and how he might've confronted Oliver directly the first time and even if he'd known Sara was alive and standing before him. And I can see Oliver taking it since he had blamed himself a lot over Sara's disappearance, even though she made the decision to get on the gambit with him.

I'd also like to address those who might feel that certain characters, namely Diggle, Felicity, and even Rene, and perhaps Thea, Laurel, and Tommy as well, don't deserve to be a part of the viewing audience since the writers screwed up by making them self-righteous, arrogant, and hypocritical, and in turn unlikable, for a time. Or that if they were to see Oliver's so called "confession" that he likes killing, even though I'll mainly be showing only the first two years of his present day mission after the five years away, then they might eagerly eat up that false confession.

The versions of those characters here have been taken from the time period before they became the annoying characters we remember, for a time. And so they're not the same people that they sadly became, barring Felicity's past mistakes in college. And by watching themselves and also being warned by their hosts regarding their bad choices, it should cause them to make better choices in their lives.

While I know this does not always work, I like to believe that if a person has the opportunity to see themselves doing something wrong or behaving terribly, and before they do so, then it can serve as a wakeup call and especially if seeing themselves in such an unlikable manner makes them feel embarrassed and ashamed. And that's what I'm aiming for.

Plus with them all watching the first two years of Oliver's mission in the present, seeing the times he used lethal force would, in my personal opinion, plant the foundation of the true belief that he's not a monster and so would find the confession to be nonsense. And except for those in life who stubbornly don't want to admit the truth, it's hard to deny said truth when it's front and center and without anything to counter it.

I also believe that, as an author, being fair to a character should be about accepting the truth of what canon presents them as within each season, acknowledging their good and bad sides, except for when canon is inconsistent or goes against its pre-established logic like Oliver liking killing or Sara preferring girls as though she never had feelings for Oliver.

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