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Gambit Tragedy & Lian Yu Arrival

Year: 2040

Location: Hall Of Justice [Justice League Headquarters]

Setting: League Auditorium

The Queen's Gambit sailed through the storm in the sea as one of the crewmen entered, recommending to head back due to the possible danger, along with the storm being Category 2. Robert agreed, intending to form a crew before Oliver entered, asking if they were in trouble, before Sara, wearing nothing but a nightrobe and her undergarments, appeared, teasing Oliver as he ordered her to return back to the bedroom.

Moira and Thea's eyes moistened with tears as they saw Robert again and for the first time in 5 years, the pang of sadness regarding his loss stabbing their hearts as they held each other close, attempting to comfort each other, though Thea began to cry harder as Moira rubbed her back soothingly.

Oliver on his part looked down somberly while Sara moved to wrap her arm around his shoulder and Oliver leaned into her, silently thanking her for her support. Nyssa watched the interaction between them but could not take it upon herself to feel jealous since she knew that her girlfriend was only comforting the man sitting with them.

Oliver seemed to be smiling happy before Robert warned him that he was doing with the younger sister of his girlfriend, cheating on her like that, was not going to end well for either of the youngsters.

"And he was right. It did not end well for any of us Oliver since you not only broke my heart due to your actions but caused me to be bereaved of my sister for the last five years!", Laurel spoke up with anger and arms crossed. "And you got both of yourselves stuck in another location for five years and without a way back home. So yeah. Things went horribly for all three of us didn't they!?"

Oliver and Sara bowed their heads in shame upon hearing her words, knowing that she was right. Meanwhile the memory continued.

Oliver and Sara were in the bedroom, drinking wine as they teased each other, while Oliver sat next to Sara in bed as the young Lance said that Laurel was going to kill her but Oliver assured her that Laurel would never find out.

Quentin, Moira, Theo, and Nyssa all cringed and turned their heads away upon that scene, the first three because they had no interest in seeing their loved ones in such a compromising position, Thea especially in regards to not wanting to witness her brother's sex life (no siree she thought to herself). As for Nyssa, and while she knew that they obviously were not together now, but seeing her beloved and the latter's old boyfriend together caused her heart to ache and especially since it was still apparent that they still cared about each other deeply even now.

For Laurel however, she was filled with even more anger.

"Seriously guys! Why would either of you do this to me? What did I do to either of you to warrant this betrayal? I can't completely blame you Sara since it's clear that any girl cannot help but fall under his spell like I did", she spoke up once more, her voice filled with not only anger but also deep sadness. "But she was my sister Oliver. And I couldn't be angry because she was dead. I couldn't grieve because I was so angry and that's what happens when a sister dies while screwing said sister's boyfriend. We even buried an empty coffin since there was no body."

Oliver at that moment then turned in his seat and looked up at Laurel, as she stared down at him with great emotion, as though she was trying to bold herself back from crying.

"I'm truly sorry for what I did to you, and how I hurt you. What I did was a terrible thing to do to you and you absolutely did not deserve it", he said to her softly and with deep remorse in his eyes. "I won't ask for your forgiveness because I know I don't deserve it. But I promise to do all I can to make things right between us and regardless of where we end up.

"But I promise I'm no longer that immature and out of control playboy I once was and again, I am truly and deeply sorry for my actions and the pain they caused towards you and your family. But please don't blame Sara for it. I'm the one at fault for seducing her and taking advantage of her and the blame lies on me solely…."

"Cut the crap Ollie! I can speak for myself and it was my fault as much as yours", Sara immediately interrupted him, feeling highly annoyed at his attempt to take all the blame as though she was not a grown woman who could not make her own choices. She then turned towards her sister and father, the matter having an arm wrapped around his eldest shoulder in support while glaring at Oliver with fury, not being able to help himself.

"Oliver did not force me to do anything, despite his current attempt to take all of the blame. I knew exactly what I was doing and I did not just fall under his spell but I fell in love with him, deeply. And I knew that it would hurt you but I did it anyway", she addressed them both and then her sister directly and with deep remorse and sorrow in her eyes.

"There's no excuse for my behavior and if could change it, I would. But I am also so very sorry for what I did and for breaking the bond between siblings and in one of the worst ways possible. And like Ollie, I will also do all I can to make things right between us. And I won't ask for your forgiveness either but I am just so, so, so sorry for everything."

Laurel took a deep breath, and sighed, turning away from them as the tears began to flow harder. She could see from their eyes and hear from their words that they were truly sorry and deeply sincere in their remorse. But she still could not help her feelings of resentment towards them both, and Oliver especially despite Sara also claiming responsibility for her role in what had happened. It also hurt even more to learn that what she'd always assumed was a meaningless fling actually meant more to Sara and found herself hurt more by the emotional element than the physical act between them.

Moira also shook her head at the whole situation, her heart going out to her son and the Lance sisters over this mess but wishing that Oliver, as much as she loved him, had been much more responsible and less careless and out of control back then. She had even hoped that he would've matured after the near miss with the young woman Samantha Clayton, a situation she had conveniently made go away. But sadly he had not.

At least he seemed much more mature and level headed, if not clearly broken and withdrawn, but she desperately wished that he had not have gone through whatever he went through in order to reach that level.

Everyone else in attendance also had their own personal thoughts towards what they had witnessed, not approving of Oliver's actions but also feeling sorry for him and the two sisters, in addition to them remembering their own youthful indiscretions. And Roy on his part shook his head and thought, typical billionaire playboy. But not surprised since to him, that's how the rich seemed to behave in general.

From where she was, Mia had directed her brother to pause the memory play due to the conversations between her dad, Sara, and Laurel. But currently, since no one was saying any more, she gestured to him to resume the video and William obliged.

They were about to make out on the bed, when they heard thunder, which startled Sara. Oliver assured her as they kissed before the yacht flipped over, causing for Oliver, Sara, and the furniture to fall as they hit the wall. Oliver was dazed as he got up, looking for Sara and as his vision cleared, in horror, he saw her get sucked out of the yacht as Oliver vainly attempted to reach out, while Sara screamed out Oliver's name before the sea and the darkness consumed her.

A few moments later, Oliver was sucked out of the Gambit onto the open sea as well as he swam to the surface, while he attempted to vainly call out for Sara. The lifeboat, on which Robert and his bodyguard, David Hackett, neared Oliver as he got onboard. Oliver vainly screamed out Sara's name and wanted to save her before they saw the Gambit sink to the bottom of the sea as Robert told Oliver that there was nothing they could do for her anymore.

Almost everyone in the room, with the exception of Oliver, Sara, and Nyssa, had looks of horror upon their faces as they watched the nightmarish scene, and especially as they watched Sara being sucked from the Gambit so suddenly, terror upon her face. Though none were more horrified by that scene than Laurel and Quentin, notwithstanding the fact that she was alive and well and sitting just one aisle down below them.

At that moment, Laurel's anger towards her sister dissipated, for the moment at least, and she was crying and trembling. Seeing this, Sara immediately got up from her seat and walking over towards her, wrapped her sister into a tight hug. Quentin also left his seat and went over to both of his daughters, taking them both into his own arms as the three Lances cried hard together.

"It's alright guys. I'm here now. I'm alive. It's okay", she whispered to them soothingly, rubbing their backs gently, as she attempted to comfort them, though Laurel cried harder. And no one in the room could help but feel deep sympathy for the Lance family as their hearts went out to them, and all of the women, including Nyssa, found themselves getting misty eyed at the emotional moment current unfolding between them.

Something suddenly dawned on Laurel at that moment, and she pulled herself from the hug slightly and addressed Oliver once more.

"Oliver?", she called out to him and he turned to face her, slightly tense. "I can see that you really tried and did do all you could to save her", she said to him softly and with emotion. "And I just want to say thank you so much for that and it really means a lot to me. And while I still can't forgive you at this time for cheating with her, please consider your actions in trying to rescue her to be your first step towards making things right with me and my family."

Oliver nodded in response and with a bittersweet smile, silently accepting the olive branch she'd extended to him. He also exchanged a look with Quentin, and while there was still anger in the other man's eyes, they softened slightly while the detective gave the younger man a nod of gratitude, to which Oliver nodded back in acceptance. After which Sara and Quentin returned to their respective seats and everyone turned back to watch the screen as the recordings resumed.

A little while later, Robert handed Oliver a bottle of water but Hackett protested that they were wasting supplies. Robert, however wanted for his son to survive, no matter what.

Robert apologized for not being the man Oliver had believed him to be and that he had failed his city, much to Oliver's confusion.

Moira sucked in a deep breath upon hearing her late husband's confession to Oliver, wondering and dreading as to how much he'd relayed with him. If Oliver somehow knew about the…

She swallowed hard, wondering if she would need to take any preventive measures in order to protective her remaining family and depending upon whatever else Robert might've shared with their son.

Her daughter however, and especially, along with the Lances and Tommy, found themselves greatly confused however and wondering as to what he'd meant in regards to failing their city.

The lifeboat seemed to drift on the sea for hours, maybe even days, as Oliver, Robert, and Hackett were clearly tired, with Oliver sleeping and leaning onto his father, who had his arm around Oliver. Robert apologized to Oliver, pleading for him to be strong, to survive and make it back home, while Oliver was still unconscious. Robert insisted for Oliver to make Starling City better and right Robert's wrongs. Oliver, however did not seem to pay much attention, due to exhaustion, starvation and thirst, wanting to rest as he closed his eyes.

Robert pushed Oliver gently away before he pulled a gun out of his jacket. Robert shot Hackett in the head as Hackett fell over, into the sea and Oliver woke up, startled, looking at his father in confusion.

Thea gasped in horror and confusion, placing a hand over her mouth, not believing that her kind, loving father could kill a man in cold blood. Moira on her part paled, having a hard time believing this and wondering what caused him to feel he had to do that. She did remember that he'd killed before, but that had been an accident.

Tommy was also feeling shocked as he stared at the screen wide eyed, having a hard time wrapping his head around this stunning action taken by someone he considered to have been more of a father to him than his own father.

Similar emotions and feelings were also going through the minds of Laurel and Quentin, what they'd witnessed leaving them speechless. Sara however was not shocked like them because sometime after her original reunion with Oliver back on the island, he had shared with her about his father's sacrifice. And so she knew what had happened, and what was about to happen next.

And speaking of which, but none of the others knew however, besides Oliver and Sara themselves, was that the worst was yet to come.

Robert told Oliver to survive before putting the gun to his temple, much to Oliver's horror and pulled the trigger, committing suicide.

Moira gasped loudly while Thea almost screamed in shock and immediately buried her head into her mother's shoulder, sobbing and shaking. The former responded by wrapping her arms around her daughter and held her tightly, the two women sobbing together.

Laurel and Tommy were both shocked speechless, the former's hand on her own mouth, and tears flowing from her eyes while the latter on his part cried softly, memories flashing through his mind of all of the moments the senior Queen had been kind to him, giving him fatherly love and attention, and all of the fun times they'd shared when he'd accompanied him and Oliver to games and other stuff.

For Quentin, he was deeply saddened by what he'd witnessed and felt for the Queens, and notwithstanding his still simmering hate towards Oliver, he did not believe that the young man deserved to have witnessed that. Plus, and while he and Robert had not been that close, they had been friends of a sort and therefore he would miss the other man a lot.

In addition, he, along with Diggle, Lyla, and Rene, due to them being military veterans, were particularly familiar with the issue of suicide since they knew of the cases of fellow veterans who had taken their own lives because of issues such as PTSD. And while they knew it was not the same situation as Robert's, they still knew how devastating that choice can be and especially for the loved ones of suicide victims who have to live with that knowledge.

And so all of them, together, were united in grief and sympathy for the Queens, bowing their heads in silent support.

Roy on his part had not known his father at much as he would've wanted to growing up, but he'd remembered when the latter had died tragically and how terrible it felt for him as a young child. And so he was able to empathize with the Queen siblings, looking at them with a sad smile.

Oliver was tense and his body shook slightly as he watched the screen, it bringing back a flood of emotions as his mind flashed back to those final moments of his father's life and he was strolling to hold them in. Sara, seeing what was happening to her old flame, turned and wrapped her arms around him and held him close and Oliver leaned into her, calming down while feeling grateful for the comfort.

Regarding the loss of parents, Nyssa never knew her mother, Amina Rattko, since her father had separated them when she was a baby. But she had heard stories about her when she was a child and had desperately wished to know while more than once had wondered what her life would've been like if Amina had been in her life and so knew that Oliver had been blessed to have both parents in her life.

And because of that, she could understand how the loss of one of his parents could affect him deeply and could not help but feel terrible for him, especially as to him witnessing it.

Giving him a sad smile, she placed her hand upon his shoulder in support and he, while surprised by the gesture, nodded towards her in thanks. The memory then resumed.

It all became too much to bear for Oliver as he was passing out again. When he came to, he dawn the island of Lian Yu.

The screen then turned black as that memory finished playing, now waiting for the next set of memories. For a while, there was silence, and then they all heard Mia over the intercom in the room.

"For those of you who are struggling to understand Robert's actions on the lifeboat, especially regarding Hackett's death, I'd like to try and explain if I can", Mia began, and everyone in the room turned their attention to her words.

"You see, but as all of you saw, there was only enough supplies for one person and Robert, like any other parent, was going to put his son first. And while the morality of his actions are another matter entirely, and while I don't completely condone his killing of Hackett, he was doing what he felt was best for his son and especially in such a desperate situation. And it ultimately boils down to the question as to how far you would go for your kids. Would you go far as to give up not only your life but even your soul for them and especially when the situation is extremely dire and you see no other way out?"

Almost everyone listening looked down as they took in Mia's words, finding themselves doing slot of soul searching and especially if they'd been in Robert's shoes. Of course, Moira and Quentin knew that they'd try and move heaven and earth for their children and the former especially knew more than anyone here as to how far she'd go and considering the current actions she was taking, as dark as they were and are the behest of another, to protect her daughter.

Rene also knew he'd do all he could for his little girl and shuddered to think of what limes he'd cross if were in such an extremely desperate situation that there seemed to be no other way out. And for Nyssa, she knew that her own father was nothing like Robert and would probably sacrifice her, his flesh and blood, if he felt that it was necessary for the greater good of the League and his own self interests. But she would've liked if she'd had a parent who'd go above and beyond to protect and provide for them, even if she would not necessarily want them to do as Robert had done.

Mia's voice was then heard over the intercom once more.

"Another thing I'd like to point out is that for all Robert knew, and for all any of us knew, but Hackett himself might've taken the same measures but by murdering him and Oliver. And maybe he was planning on doing so and Robert sensed it. In fact, all of you probably noticed that he was holding a sharp looking knife in his hand and who knows what he could've been contemplating.

"Perhaps Robert was conducting what he considered his own preemptive strike and in order to protect his son from a potential threat. And none of you have to agree with anything I'm saying. I just wanted you all to understand a bit better since I know that his actions may have come as a shock, and for some of you in particular."

Upon hearing that, the audiences eyes widened, Oliver's especially, as they began to look back at what they'd watched and started to realize that Hackett had been carrying a knife on his side. And while it didn't necessarily have to mean anything, they did remember how he was quick to object regarding Robert putting his son first.

So could he have possibly been considering turning on the father and son duo in order to save himself? After all, you never know what anyone would do in a desperate situation and it especially depends upon what kind of person they are in their heart.

At that moment, Oliver suddenly wondered if his father may have very well saved his life. If that was the case, then it meant that the latter's sacrifice had far more weight than he had realized while making him far more determined to fulfill the mission his father had given him and do all he could to save his city.

Mia then spoke up once more, revealing something that would leave them all flabbergasted.

"For the record, there's something else all of you should know. What happened that terrible night was not an accident and was not fully because of the weather. The Gambit was sabotaged."

At first, there was silence, after which was followed by the combined shout of "WHAT?!", from Oliver, Sara, Laurel, Quentin, Thea, and Tommy.

To Be Continued

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