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Rescue Attempt, Fight To The Death, & A New Teacher

Year: 2040

Location: Hall Of Justice [Justice League Headquarters]

Setting: League Auditorium

Oliver glared and punched Fyers and was about to beat him up because of the torture Fyers put him through but Yao Fei threw him away and showed Oliver a knife, offering for Oliver to kill Fyers for how he had tortured him, which took Oliver aback a bit, as he was unsure if he could kill another person.

Yao Fei then said that Fyers had a plane that could Oliver off this island back home, much to Oliver's shock.

"Oh my gosh. This means you had a way home Ollie," Thea stated in wonderment while everyone's eyes, especially those of his loved ones, were wide eyed upon this turn of events.

"Yeah, and all the two of you had to do was threaten that Fyers clown into letting you both use it," Tommy added in amazement but mixed with disappointment since things clearly didn't work out that way. Something which Roy voiced aloud.

"Things clearly didn't work out that way did it?" the aforementioned young man asked but mostly rhetorically while Oliver sighed and grimaced while his family, Tommy, and both Lance sisters muttered curses underneath their breaths and everyone else unknowingly echoed their sentiments.

Oliver and Yao Fei dragged cuffed Fyers through the Forrest as Fyers mentioned that Oliver was good person, despite being from privileged and wealthy family. Then, Fyers said that Lian Yu was actually a prison for very dangerous criminals until it was shut down and Fyers' group was supposed to eliminate all inmates, Yao Fei included and that another inmate was actually the man, who tortured Oliver and Oliver then looked unsure what to believe before he continued to follow Yao Fei, dragging Fyers with them.

Fyers continued to talk about how Yao Fei slaughtered dozens of people.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm not buying that stuff Fyers is saying about Yao Fei," Tommy spoke up with a frown. "And while I admit I'm not the smartest person in the room here, it's just that I haven't seen anything to indicate that the latter is anything like what he's been described as. And if he's really a heartless killer then why has he been doing so much to help Ollie here and especially since he didn't even know him?"

"Yeah I'm with you man. Nothing 'bout this guy to indicate anything and it's probably just a pile of crap that creep's trying to feed Oliver here," Rene agreed with him while shaking his head.

"I wouldn't be surprised though if he was telling the truth about that masked fella since he more than fit the profile of very dangerous criminal and would probably make some of the really dangerous perps I've put away look like jokes," Quentin also added. "But then again, if Fyers was supposed to eliminate him then why the hell would he recruit him? But then again a guy like Fyers would probably want someone just as bad as him so I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case and provided he's telling the truth about that guy."

The others in attendance minus Oliver and Sara, since they already knew what the deal was, all nodded at the words of the three men, fully agreeing with them and feeling in their guts that something was just not adding up.

and a while later, Yao Fei instructed for Fyers instructed for to order his men to bring the plane as he neared the radio to Fyers. However, Fyers smiled as he gloated to Yao Fei that there was a reason that the Asian had captured him so easily.

Suddenly from behind a tree, the masked man, who had tortured Oliver, appeared, alongside with more mercs.

"Darn it!" nearly everyone exclaimed in frustration as they watched the unfolding events take a turn for the worst.

Yao Fei ordered for Oliver o run as Yao Fei engaged the masked man. Oliver ran through the Forrest as the mercenaries were shooting at him before he stopped and turned around, to see the masked man and the mercenaries overpower and surround Yao Fei before they knocked him out and captured him and Oliver panicked, wondering how he was going to survive alone, on an island full of mercenaries, who were ready to kill him.

Sometime later, Oliver was deep on the forest, trying to make small fire with the twigs that were around before he heard leaves rustling and branches and twigs crack, that alarmed him.

"Uh oh. That does not sound good for you at all Oliver. Hopefully you were able to hide or something," Felicity stated as she watched with concern.

"It definitely wasn't," he agreed as everyone watched with baited breaths.

Oliver quickly put out the fire quickly and picked his knife and got up, looking for a place to hide as one of the mercenaries was on patrol and saw the smoke on the ground.

The mercenary pulled out his radio, alerting Fyers as Oliver was behind a tree, frightened, with a knife in his hand, trembling. Oliver rushed at the mercenary but the mercenary grabbed Oliver and pinned him to a nearby tree. They both struggled before the mercenary knocked Oliver's knife off his hand and grabbed him by his throat, strangling him. Oliver grabbed the man by his mask before they slipped and rolled over the edge of the steep until they fell on a rock, with Oliver on top of the mercenary until he fell down into the river. Oliver came to not long after that and saw that the mercenary was apparently dead as Oliver was shocked that he just killed a man.

Olive put on the mercenary's clothes and covered his corpse under leaves before he got up, grinning in pain from the fall. Oliver then examined the pockets of the clothes he just put on before he found a set of keys as he had in his other hand Robert's notebook before Olive found a map of Lian Yu.

"Thank goodness you were able to able to get out that situation Ollie. I don't know what I'd have done if I'd lost my big brother for real," an emotional Thea said in relief to which he responded with a nod and a small smile.

"I must also say that deciding to dress yourself up with the mercenary's clothes was a smart tactical decision on your part as well. Good thinking and especially if, as I'm beginning to suspect, you were intending to try and rescue your mentor and caretaker," Lyla complimented the former castaway.

"I agree with Deputy Director Michaels. A very wise and intelligent move on your part Oliver and quick thinking as well," Nyssa added while giving him an impressed look. Oliver in turn gave them both nods of thanks.

When Oliver finished studying the map, he put on the mask and picked the merc's rifle as he walked down the forest. As he heard voices, Oliver covered his face with the mask as he neared the outpost, trying to blend in with the soldiers as they were having a lunch. Oliver then saw another merc near him as he assumed that Oliver was a new recruit. Oliver nodded as the merc acted friendly towards him.

Oliver asked the merc, where Yao Fei was, telling that Oliver had been assigned to transport him. The merc seemed to know who Oliver was talking about as he led Oliver towards one of their off-road vehicles and Oliver sat onto the passenger seat. But, much to Oliver's horror, Fyers appeared, limping with a cane as he got on right behind Oliver and Oliver did his best to keep it together before they drove down the road.

"Ah crap. And it was going so well until that lunatic had to show up and climb aboard," Roy complained on behalf of the former castaway. "Frankly it would've been great in my opinion if his leg was completely broken and not just wounded a bit in my opinion since he not only deserves it but it might've just made things even easier for you. You're really having one of the worst days ever at this particular moment aren't you?"

"It gets even worse," Oliver simply responded with a grim look whose words caused the red hooded young man to groan while everyone else, his loved ones especially, watched on with apprehension at his words.

Fyers then noticed that he had not seen the soldier he assumed that Oliver wad, as Oliver lied he was a new recruit that just arrived. Fyers was skeptical as he did not recall a new submarine to arrive with new recruits.

Quickly trying to come up with an excuse, Oliver lied that he had assumed that all new soldiers arrived on a plane. Fyers considered for a moment before he admitted that they could arrive on a plane as well as Oliver relaxed.

"Smart thinking man. Countering the suggestion with another suggestion by suggesting transportation by plane instead of potentially taking the bait by affirming his original suggestion. Some of us soldiers when we went on undercover missions actually used that tactic in order to try and maintain our covers," Diggle complimented him next to which Oliver responded with a nod of appreciation while Lyla, Quentin, and Rene nodded in agreement with their fellow veteran, remembering some of their own undercover missions.

They drove to another camp as Oliver attempted to blend in with the soldiers, acting like if he was on a patrol as he checked the cages before Fyers explained that they were their prisoners. But suddenly, Fyers hit Oliver in the head with his cane, dazing him as Oliver fell down. Fyers took off Oliver's mask, gloating that he had seen through Oliver's disguise before the soldiers put him into one of the cages.

Fyers tapped the cage with his cane as Oliver woke up, noticing that he was cuffed to the bars.

"Oh Ollie. I can't believe that you're being put through so much already. Already you've suffered more than anyone should," Laurel moaned in sadness while Thea and Moira were crying at the cruel treatment he was suffering from, the first woman feeling guiltier over her past fury towards him regarding her sister.

"And even I thought that was a really good plan of yours to get into there and this is one of the reasons I absolutely can't stand when the bad guy ends up being so smart that they can see through such great plans," Roy complained once more and with frustration as he watched those disheartening events.

"One thing you've gotta understand kid is that Fyers here is a professional and has definitely spent a lot of time with his men. Probably handpicked them himself," Rene explained to him. "And so he'd definitely know what's what in regards to them. Therefore Oliver's plan here, while a pretty good effort, frankly had a low chance of success and was gonna fail in the long term."

Roy sighed but he could see where the other man was coming from and understood his point. But that didn't mean he had to like it. The other viewers besides Oliver, Sara, Nyssa, and the other two veterans also understood what Rene explained as well and that Oliver's attempt would've probably been seen through eventually. Shame that it was sooner rather than later.

Fyers then taunted Oliver that he should not have placed all his trust into a man he barely knew before the soldier next to Fyers took off his mask, revealing the face of Yao Fei, much to Oliver's shock.

Nearly everyone in attendance gasped in shock upon this turn of events, some highly confused and even feeling a bit betrayed that Yao Fei seemed to be working with the enemy though others instincts were telling them that there was more to this than met the eye.

A while later, Oliver was in the cage, sulking before he faced Yao Fei, trying to understand what was going on and why was Yao Fei working for Fyers now, despite what Yao Fei had done for Oliver so far. Yao Fei's face shower no hint of any emotion as Oliver glared at him before trying to plead with him but Yao Fei ignored his pleas, leaving Oliver alone in his cage. Later, Yao Fei opened the cage and let out as he dragged him down the camp.

Yao Fei accompanied Oliver to a ring of mercenaries as they cheered to see the masked man, who had tortured Oliver, beat up one of the prisoners. The prisoner attempted to fight back but he was no match for the masked man's superior hand to hand combat skills as the masked man managed to take him down with no effort as he ruthlessly beat him up.

The masked man grabbed the prisoner by his hand, twisting his arm and forcing him to get up before he turned to Fyers, who nodded. The masked man threw the prisoner into the air before he pulled out his sword and in one swift movement, the prisoner was dead before he hit the ground and Oliver squirmed, realizing he was as good as dead if he was going to take him on.

Nearly everyone except for the warriors and the military veterans paled while Felicity and Thea closed their eyes and turned away so as not to witness the terrible site before them while Moira brought her hand to her mouth in fear at the possibility of her potentially being forced to face this masked individual.

The mercenaries dragged away the corpse as Fyers was looking for volunteers. Yao Fei pushed Oliver forward as he paled, again facing his torturer.

Fyers gave a smug grin to Yao Fei, who took off his rifle before the latter faced Oliver in the fighting ring.

While surprised at this turn of events, the viewers felt a mixture of relief and deep concern. Relief due to Oliver not facing such a dangerous opponent who he'd certainly lose to and the implications of which, those he cared for especially, didn't want to think of and with hope that Yao Fei would somehow get Oliver out of this current predicament, but also concern because none of them were certain as to where Yao Fei's loyalties truly lay.

Oliver was no match for Yao Fei, who punched him in the face as the mercenaries cheered, while Oliver fell down on the ground. Oliver got up but Yao Fei kicked him in the stomach as Oliver staggered back, holding his stomach. Yao Fei then continued to beat Oliver up until he jumped up at Oliver and got behind him, grabbing him in chokehold as Oliver struggled to free himself as he choked out but soon enough, Oliver closed his eyes, seemingly dead as he drew his final breath before he collapsed to the ground.

The viewers all knew something was off at that moment and especially considering that Oliver was currently alive and well, nearly each of them starting to suspect that Yao Fei might've just saved him in his own way. Unless he was just terrible at strangling people to death but he didn't seem like the type of person to make that kind of mistake and something within each of them told them that if Yao Fei had wanted Oliver dead, the latter would be. Still Thea and Moira shuddered at the thought of him even appearing to be dead and especially if someone other than Yao Fei strangling him.

Later, in the morning, Fyers, Yao Fei and the mercenaries carried Oliver's body to a nearby waterfall as Yao Fei volunteered to throw Oliver over the cliff into the water. Fyers and the mercenaries let Yao Fei do as he offered as he threw Oliver over the edge into the water until the mercenaries left.

Oliver's seemingly lifeless body suddenly came to life as Oliver gasped for air and swan to the shore, wondering how was he still alive before he checked his pockets and pulled out a map of the island that he was certain that he did not have earlier as he realized that Yao Fei must have put it in his pocket, while he was unconscious.

Laurel, Tommy, Moira, Thea, Roy, and even Felicity let out cheers at seeing Oliver's survival while most of the others with them had proud smiles on their faces, all of them silently thanking the Asian man for coming through, though Tommy was curious and questioned what nearly everyone else was wondering.

"Hey Ollie, how exactly did that guy pull that trick, and do you think you could teach me?" he asked, and then added hopefully.

Oliver grinned at him.

"It's a special technique in which the strangulation is enough to choke off the oxygen from the individual and slows down their pulse point so that it's not noticeable while also sending them into a state of such deep unconsciousness that they have the appearance of death," Oliver explained to this best friend. "But then after a short while or when a certain area of their neck is touched in a particular way, they regain consciousness. As for your second question, no. Sorry buddy."

Tommy, along with the others, listened with great intrigue and a bit of awe which increased as they listened to Oliver's explanation, and then his mood fell a bit upon hearing his friend's answer to his request though he sighed and accepted it.

Roy was also hoping that Oliver might be willing to also teach him that trick but based upon the latter's answer to Tommy saw that he more than likely wouldn't get the answer he wanted. Oh well.

Oliver then saw the marked red X, with the path leading to the place and the word "Shengcun" written above, realizing that Yao Fei was telling him that in order to survive, Oliver had to get to the place marked on the map. Oliver staggered on his feet and limped as he moved towards the place.

Oliver kept on moving, until he saw a wreckage of a cargo plane as he entered the fuselage, looking around, until from above descended a man with short hair and short beard, with a black body armor and grey clothes as he neared his sword to Oliver's throat. "Twitch and I will open your throat." The man said with an Australian accent as he threatened to kill Oliver, assuming that he was one of the mercenaries on the island, considering the outfit he was wearing.

"And now you've all just gotten to meet the legendary Slade Wilson, Oliver's next teacher. And yeah, he's a bit of a harda** and a bit rough around the edges but he does help Oliver significantly in his journey and in many ways is responsible for turning him into the man you see before you today," Mia stated to them all, causing the curiosity of those who didn't know Slade to be piqued at his story and what his impact was on Oliver's life though his family and closest friends didn't appear enthused at the man holding a sword to Oliver's throat but understanding the reasons in that he was a stranger to the Australian sounding man and also considering the mercenary's clothes he currently had on.

Oliver, Sara, and Nyssa however, and unnoticed by anyone else, looked at each other with grim looks due to knowing what Slade would become in the future and Nyssa on her part knowing because of what Sara had shared with her about the man.

Following this they all returned their attention to the screen and the memories that unfolded.

To Be Continued

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