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Training and Escape Attempts

Year: 2040

Location: Hall Of Justice [Justice League Headquarters]

Setting: League Auditorium

Oliver choked out until he quickly stammered that Yao Fei led him to the fuselage as the man let him go and Oliver saw the tip of the sword inches away from his face. Oliver quickly explained that Yao Fei had given him directions to the wreckage as the man stared at him in consideration until he sheathed his sword and Oliver showed him the map he used to find the wreckage as the man examined it.

Oliver asked the man what did Yao Fei want as the man explained that there was an airfield nearby, which they had been planning to use to get off Lian Yu until Yao Fei was compromised and they were separated. The man approached a nearby crate and handed Oliver a sword, much to Oliver's confusion until he man explained that Yao Fei probably sent Oliver to help him. The man then pulled out his sword as Oliver barely managed to block his strike.

The man then neared the blade to Oliver's throat as Oliver paled and shivered nervously. Oliver attempted to swing his sword but the man dodged effortlessly and hit Oliver in the hip as Oliver limped. The man instructed Oliver how to use his sword as Oliver tried to attack again but the man blocked and threw Oliver against a nearby crate, as the man seemed unimpressed by him.

Everyone present grimaced as they watched Oliver's terrible attempts at wielding the sword and his getting trounced for his efforts, a great many of them shaking their heads, while Tommy groaned in solidarity for his buddy and Thea with Felicity winced, the former on her part crossing her arms and huffing in annoyance at this Australian fellow for practically, as far as she was concerned, beating up her brother for the heck of it.

"You know Oliver, but had you been one of many novices who'd been trained under my father's watchful eye, what you went through with this Mr. Wilson character would've been nothing compared to what the former would've put you through," Nyssa stated in observation and Oliver could not help but agree considering what he'd heard of him from Waller and Talia during his time away. Sara on her part thought back to her own training and how harsh as it was, the instructors her girlfriend's father had assigned her with not holding back while forcing her to give it her all.

Not even Nyssa herself had held herself back when either training her directly or when overseeing her training though the former's growing affection for her had caused her to ensure that she was never seriously hurt during those sessions. And so from what Sara was currently observing on the screen, Oliver's first training experience was almost a breeze in terms of intensity.

The man demanded where was Yao Fei as Oliver explained that Yao Fei had ordered for Oliver to run, much to the man's disgust as he punched Oliver in the face, knocking him out.

When Oliver came to, he was restrained to a seat as the man drank from a jug of water. The man turned around to face Oliver, seeming remorseful and saying it was nothing personal as he explained that the airstrip was heavily fortified and he could not take it on alone before he pulled out his sword.

"Is he about to…?!" Laurel questioned in horror as she observed Slade's movements with the sword, her hand lifting to her mouth as she ascertained what he was about to do to her ex.

"Aw come on man! Seriously?!" Roy exclaimed, put out that Slade appeared to be getting ready to kill the poor man after having practically put him through the grinder and seriously wanting to jump into the screen and strangle him.

"If he lays even a scratch on you with that sword Ollie I'm going to…..," Thea said to her brother below her as she was feeling the same way as Roy was though it was far more personal for her.

Moira on her part was just shaking her head in sadness and anger and wondering at the moment as to what Slade's status was in the present day so she could pay him a "visit" since no one got to hurt her children and not receive any consequences.

The soldiers and warriors in the audience had a basic understanding as to why Slade felt he had to take out Oliver since there was the risk of Oliver being found alive by and then forced to tell Fyers about Slade which could in turn compromise the ASIS agent's mission. It was a decision they'd all had to face in the past in regards to dealing with someone who could potentially compromise the given mission. Though they only, except for Nyssa, believed in using it as a truly last resort and if all other alternative options were completely exhausted. And so they felt that surely Slade could've at least tried to come up with something to preserve both his mission and Oliver's life.

Olive looked horrified that the man was about to kill him as he neared the blade to Oliver's neck and he could not risk Oliver getting caught and forced to tell Fyers about the man's location as Oliver attempted to free himself from his restraints. Oliver begged for his life as he got up but the man shoved him back on the seat as Oliver gasped in pain, while the man promised to make Oliver's death painless. Oliver twisted his left hand as the bones cracked, freeing himself from the restraints, screaming in pain before he got up. The man stared for a moment before Oliver punched him in his face but the man barely moved as he grabbed Oliver by the collar of his shirt as Oliver yelped.

The man laughed, impressed now by Oliver as he offered his hand, introducing himself as Slade Wilson as Oliver introduced himself as well. Slade noted they Oliver just might become a soldier just yet as Oliver looked away from Slade's eyes for a moment, wondering what kind of mess did he get himself into this time.

Almost everyone in the room let out a sigh of relief at this turn of events though they all, most of the women especially except for Sara, Nyssa, and Lyla, all cringed at the way Oliver had extracted his wrists from his restraints and especially his painful screaming, none of them wanting to be in that sort of position.

"That looked pretty brutal Ollie," Tommy voiced in concern while still cringing, wondering how much suffering Oliver had gone through during his time away.

"It was, but it was my only option in order to remove myself from that situation. But eventually I would go through further crucibles that would tremendously build up my tolerance to even extreme pain and therefore dislocating my fingers or even my wrists to free myself when restrained is pretty much nothing for me at this point in terms of suffering level," Oliver replied and then added, causing most of his loved ones to feel apprehensive as to the crucibles he was referring to and if it would involve more torturing sessions like with Fyers or something far worse.

Later, Oliver, with his broken hand hanging on a scarf, and Slade were in the fuselage, sitting at the fire as Slade warned Oliver that if he'd compromise Slade's attempt to get off the island, Slade would kill him but Oliver pointed out that they needed each other to survive. Slade admitted that Oliver might have a point before he ordered Oliver to pick a weapon from a nearby crate. Oliver opened the crate and saw some weapons until he saw a very familiar half black, half gold balaclava mask as he picked it up and stared in horror for a moment as Slade noted that it was his mask.

Thea, Moira, Laurel, Tommy, Roy, Felicity, and Rene all gasped out in stunned disbelief upon seeing the mask, immediately flashing back to the man who'd previously tortured Oliver on Fyers orders, and were on the verge of verbally rioting when Diggle quickly spoke up and said something that made them pause and think.

"I understand that we'd all assumed that Slade is the same man who'd tortured Oliver but if that were the case, wouldn't he have immediately killed the latter at the first moment he saw him? But as we can all see Slade did not do so but has instead decided to train him and the only reason he'd almost killed him originally was so that Oliver would not endanger his mission. Of course there are missions that involve long con games but somehow it doesn't feel that way here," he explained, causing the aforementioned angry individuals to cool down as they pondered Diggle's words and realized he might be on to something.

That in turn caused them to feel embarrassed over possibly jumping to conclusions instead of doing some constructive thinking first before rushing to judgement.

Oliver turned around, glaring at Slade, assuming that he was the man, who tortured him in Fyers camp. Slade explained that the man torturing him was someone else. Oliver did not believe him, considering Fyers previous claims about Yao Fei and the masked man working for him being prisoners on Lian Yu but Slade pointed out that Fyers wasn't a trustworthy individual as he explained that the mask in Oliver's hands, belong to him and his partner and that they actually were ASIS, Australian intelligence service before Slade offered Oliver a weapon as Slade explained that swords were his preference.

"Well Mr. Diggle, I see some of us jumped to conclusions and I thank you for steering us in the right direction," Moira thanked him to which he responded with a nod and smile.

Later in the morning, Slade started to train Oliver but every time Oliver attempted to take Slade on, Slade managed to subdue him within few seconds as they trained hand-to-hand combat and knife fighting and then tried sparring with bamboo sticks, until Oliver was frustrated by Slade beating the crap out of him, while Slade wondered how was Oliver able to survive for the past six months. Slade casually said that even girl scouts had more fight in them than Oliver as Oliver attempted to joke but Slade smacked his hand with one of his bamboo sticks, much to Oliver's annoyance until Slade said bluntly that Oliver had ten days to become at least half a soldier if they were going to escape the island.

Oliver glowered until he attempted to attack Slade with his stick but Slade quickly disarmed him and beat Oliver with both sticks as Oliver groaned, feeling the pain on his battered body as he finally snapped, Como,aining that he had no chance against soldiers with guns if he had just bamboo sticks.

Slade pulled out a gun, handing it to Oliver and instructing him to jam it into Slade's face, before Oliver could blink, Slade grabbed him by his arm and hit him in the hip with his elbow before throwing him over his back onto the group as Oliver groaned, with Slade aiming his gun at him as Oliver raised his hands in surrender, giving up, when suddenly, Slade grabbed Oliver, snarling as he aimed the gun to Oliver's face.

"There is no giving up to these guys! No crying or buying your way out!" Slade snarled before explaining that Oliver had two choices: Escape or die. Oliver said he wanted to escape as Slade offered him to show him how to survive as he holstered his gun and picked the bamboo sticks before handing one of them to Oliver as they continued sparing.

"Slade's right. You can't be all wimpy and weepy and in intense situations like what they're facin the only rules are to escape or die. The type of guys they're about to go up against are those that can smell the fear in you and if you try to negotiate or even surrender it's lights out for you and permanently," Rene pointed out to his fellow attendees as he explained Slade's reasoning from a soldier's point of view which the other soldiers present plus the three warriors present completely agreed with him. The others also nodded in understanding even though they privately felt that Slade could've eased up on him at least a little bit.

Later, they were in the fuselage as Slade showed Oliver the satellite images of Lian Yu and Oliver noted that it meant "purgatory" in Mandarin but Slade ignored Oliver's comment, in no mood for games. Slade explained to Oliver where Fyers main camp was as Oliver wondered whether they could reach out to Yao Fei and get off the island. Slade changed the subject as he showed an infrared image of the airstrip, showing the soldiers guarding the perimeter and that Oliver needed to take out a soldier in portable air traffic control tower because there was no way Slade could eliminate him alone without the soldier in the tower without alerting Fyers, noting that it was the only way they could get a supply plane to get them back home.

Oliver nodded in understanding as Slade advised him to get some sleep as Olive sat down, looking at the worn off picture of Laurel as Slade assured him that Oliver would see her soon before they went to get some sleep.

As Oliver fell asleep, he dreamt about being back in Queen Manor, in bed with Laurel, naked after they made love and a blanket covering them both as Oliver apologized to her for cheating on her with Sara.

Moira, Thea, Quentin, and Tommy averted their eyes due to the first three not in the mood to see their loved ones together in such an intimate manner even though it was within a dream while Tommy was feeling a bit jealous due to his own feelings for Laurel.

As for Laurel herself, a wave of emotions washed over her as she watched those scenes, her mind flashing back to happier moments with him before everything went wrong. She could remember the many moments they'd laid in bed together after either a passionate bout of intense sex or gentle lovemaking. She'd really thought that he'd been her forever and possibly each other's endgame. But now after everything that had transpired between them she didn't know where they stood at this point. But one thing she knew for certain was that she'd always care about him deeply.

She also realized something else, which she'd admittedly realized for quite a while now, and voiced it to him.

"You don't have to keep apologizing to me Ollie. At this point I can say that I forgive you for cheating on me. In fact, I forgive you both," she said to him teary eyed and then addressed both him and Sara.

"As I said earlier I can see that you're truly sorry for it and I can't say that what we're currently seeing doesn't bring up some lingering feelings I still have for you Ollie or that I'll forget all of the good times we used to share. But despite the current limbo we're in, I'll still always care about you as one of my closest friends and you Sara will always be my sister no matter what."

Oliver and Sara both had tears in their own eyes as they listened to Laurel's words, the three of them crying softly, as the former two gave her soft yet watery smiles of gratitude. They all knew that there was still a long road ahead for the three of them but thankfully they were now headed in a hopefully positive direction together.

Laurel then asked if it hurt Oliver when they killed him, when suddenly, a gunshot was heard with a bullet hole in Oliver's forehead.

"Man that got morbid pretty quick," Rene commented while the others could not help but agree with him, most of them shuddering while Oliver's closest loved ones except for Sara paled at the scene while quickly looking towards Oliver to reassure themselves that he was indeed there with them.

Oliver opened his eyes, startled as he was back in the fuselage, while Slade shook him, waking him up as it was morning.

Oliver got up as Slade threw towards him a bag. Slade picked his mask and looked at it for a moment before putting it back into the crate as they left the fuselage.

Oliver and Slade, who was carrying his sniper rifle, were walking down the woods before Slade ordered for Oliver to stop as Slade checked the situation before he was sure it was safe. Oliver was tired and wanted to rest but Slade noted that Oliver could rest on a plane. Oliver then grumbled until they heard a 'click', causing for both Oliver and Slade to stop as Oliver looked down at his feet in horror.

Oliver was about to step back but Slade warned him to stay still as he knelt down and examined Oliver's feet, as they both realized that Oliver was standing on a landmine. Slade noted that the mine was most likely a Japanese remnant from World War II. Oliver asked Slade if he could disarm it but Slade replied that he could not without putting Oliver in danger before he saw soldiers on a patrol as both Slade and Oliver paled. Slade grabbed Oliver's bag and ran to hide, leaving Oliver alone as the soldiers neared him.

"SERIOUSLY?!" Thea and Tommy yelled out in disbelief as they and the others watched as Slade seemingly hightailed it out of there like a coward and appeared to be abandoning Oliver in his time of need.

"Of all the rotten stinking lowdown dirty things," Roy added in disbelief, not happy with what he'd just seen. Not one bit.

"Just keep watching guys, and please try and remember that not everything is as it may seem," Oliver quickly said to them and reminded them, causing them to quiet down and watch to see what was going on and if there was a method to Slade's seeming madness over his latest action.

Oliver quickly put on the mask the soldiers were wearing as they wondered why was Oliver far from camp.

Oliver explained that he was trapped, standing on a mine as the soldiers looked at Oliver's feet. Then, with a roar, Slade showed up, rushing towards the soldiers with his sword and Oliver crouched, covering his head with his hands as he quickly slit the soldiers' throats as they fell down, dead.

Oliver lifted his head, amazed as Slade kneeled in front of him, ordering for Oliver to be still before he pushed Oliver off the mine, while quickly putting one of the dead mercenaries on the mine as they both expected for a moment that the mine was going to explode but they were lucky that the explosive did not go off as Oliver thanked Slade gratefully.

Most of the viewers felt strong relief over Slade having come up with a pretty ingenuous way to remove both himself and Oliver from that dangerous situation and were starting to feel a bit thankful that he was currently in Oliver's life. And also glad that he wasn't abandoning his charge like he'd seemed to originally.

"I hope all of you take what you've seen as a lesson to not judge by outward appearances but to wait and see before assuming, and not just as you watch these memories but in your daily lives," Nyssa said to them all and they nodded in response, deciding to make an effort to try and do exactly that.

The scene changed to the camp, where Yao Fei entered Fyers's command tent and sat across him. Yao Fei saw a gun at the desk as Fyers got up as the Asian was tempted to kill the mercenary leader. Fyers looked at Yao Fei's crate and pulled out the bow, taunting Yao Fei until he ordered Yao Fei to teach his men how to use a weapon, while Yao Fei noted that archery takes years to master but Fyers was indifferent to Yao Fei's comments before dismissing him until he faced the masked man, who was working for Fyers as Fyers threatened to hurt her if Yao Fei did not comply. Yao Fei noted that he was fully aware.

Almost everyone except for Oliver, Sara, and Nyssa wondered as to who was the 'her' being referenced but figured they'd find that out eventually.

At night, Oliver was trying to make a fire with two sticks as Slade mocked him, while cleaning the scope of his rifle before noting there were wolves in the forest, much to Oliver's horror. When he noticed the smile on Slade's face, Oliver realized that Slade was just messing with him as he gave Slade a sarcastic remark, while Slade noted that only fire would scare the wolves off. Oliver challenged Slade to light a fire before Slade pulled out a lighter, flicking on a flame and igniting the pile of sticks Oliver had been trying to light up the whole time while Slade noted dryly that it as entertaining site for the Australian as he adjusted the scope onto his rifle.

"You know, but Slade here could've just ignited those sticks instead of having you go through that and even if it was for his own personal entertainment," Felicity pointed out.

"True, but just like with Yao Fei, Slade also had to teach me that I should not keep expecting freebies and especially in the environment we were all currently in. I needed to be prepared for anything and learn to do things on my own, even hard things, in order to be prepared to survive. It wasn't pleasant but it was something I needed," Oliver replied to her to which she and everyone else nodded in understanding and even if many of them would've still wanted Slade to have just lit up the sticks and be done with it.

A little while later, Oliver kept on staring at the worn off photo of Laurel as Slade assured him that she'd be happy to see him again once he got home.

Oliver, however told Slade that he doubted it, as he explained thay Oliver cheated on Laurel by bringing Sara onto the Gambit before it went down, while Slade cracked that Oliver seemed to be too spineless to be a bad boy.

Oliver explained that Laurel was the reason he needed to get home and to make things right.

Slade noted that Oliver was a much bigger idiot than Slade had believed him to be if Oliver thought he could make things right after sleeping with Sara behind Laurel's back as Oliver pocketed the photo, while Oliver flowered, noting that Slade did not care about apologies. Slade noted that everyone was out for themselves in their lives before Slade reminded Oliver that he had a partner and it was the man, who tortured Oliver as Oliver winced at the reminder, demanding an explanation.

Slade explained that the man working for Fyers was Billy Wintergreen, a man, who was Slade's former partner and a godfather to Slade's son Joe, when their plane was shot down onto the island as their mission was to rescue Yao Fei and investigate what did Fyers want with him. They were both captured and Fyers offered them both to join his unit, an offer which Slade declined and Billy accepted as Slade ranted that his friend had betrayed him without hesitation, noting that everyone was in their lives for themselves as Slade got up, frustrated. He left Oliver as he went to do a quick patrol, leaving Oliver to his own thoughts at the fire.

"Poor Slade, and that's awful his friend would do something like that to him," Laurel sadly responded to the scene she'd just watched.

"It was, and one thing Slade cannot forgive or forget is betrayal and regardless of what form it takes, though he is a reasonable man who's willing to hear one out and especially if the alleged betrayal was either unintended or not truly a betrayal, when he's in his right mind that is," Sara agreed and explained in response to her sisters words though the former's last few words piqued Laurel's interest.

"What do you mean in regards to when he's in his right mind?" she asked Sara, confused.

Sara sighed.

"Let's just say that certain things will happen in which he won't exactly be in his right mind and will cause him to behave in a more than unreasonable manner, causing severe consequences for all involved and for Oliver especially. But I won't say more since these memories we're watching are probably going to reveal all of that eventually," Sara explained which answered some of Laurel's questions but caused new questions to arise though she accepted the former's answer and shelved all remaining questions within the back of her mind.

Later that night, Slade and Oliver snuck towards the airstrip as Slade ordered Oliver to take out the man in the tower. Oliver took a breath as he hid behind one of the vehicles and put on his mask, while Slade went to take a sniping position with his rifle, shooting down the patrolling soldiers, while Oliver was sneaking towards the tower with a sword Slade had lent him. Oliver went upstairs towards the control tower, while Slade noticed that his rifle was empty before he pulled out his sword.

Oliver peeked in the window carefully to see a coordinator at the radio with headphones on, while Slade proceeded to cut down the remanding patrolling soldiers quickly. Oliver carefully opened the door, trying to sneak up on the coordinator but he spotted Oliver and dodged before Oliver could strike him down with his sword and hit Oliver in his face, causing for him to drop his sword. The coordinator pulled out his gun, aiming for Oliver, while Oliver attempted to disarm him with the same move he had trained with Slade. The man pushed Oliver away before he could take away his gun, sending him crashing towards one of the monitors as Oliver turned around to face the coordinator, who was about to shoot Oliver.

He picked the receiver of the phone, about to alert other soldiers and Fyers, when suddenly a blade burst through his chest from behind before Slade pulled out his sword as the coordinator dropped down, dead.

"Thank goodness that man was there to save my son from harm!" Moira exclaimed in relief while the rest of Oliver's loved ones were feeling the same at that moment.

Slade noted dryly how hopeless Oliver was, considering how simple his job was supposed to be as Oliver took off his mask. Slade quickly put the receiver back before something would alert the camp as he told Oliver that he was about to check the perimeter before he handed Oliver a gun and left the control tower. Oliver put the gun down and saw the phone as he considered…

Oliver picked the receiver to his ear and dialed a number, hoping Laurel had not changed it before he heard her voice on the other side. Oliver covered his mouth, emotions running wild, lost for words, not sure what to say, as it was months since he had heard her voice the last time.

On the other side, Laurel called out, wondering who it was, as she was in college at the moment. Before Oliver could come up with anything to say, suddenly, Slade ripped the phone off the desk, disconnecting the call as he snarled at Oliver that he was insane and that the soldiers might be monitoring the calls, cursing Oliver's stupidity.

Watching this caused a memory of that moment to flash through Laurel's mind and she began to cry as she now knew who had been on the other line.

"You, you, called me Ollie? You actually, sniff, reached out to me, to us all by extension back at home? I, I know I was angry at you and all but I would've, sniff, would've tried to help you get back home. We all would've. Why on earth did you not say anything?" she cried as she addressed him in wonder, a hand to her mouth and heavy tears streaming down her face, as she realized that he'd had a chance to return home sooner yet had not taken it or perhaps would've if Slade had not interrupted him, suddenly feeling a flare of annoyance towards the man for seemingly robbing her once boyfriend of his chance to reunite with his family.

"And with me", she also thought in her mind but did not dare voice it aloud.

"Because hearing your voice overwhelmed me Laurel and left me speechless. And there were so many emotions going through my mind and they, combined with feeling so close to home at that moment and for the first time in what felt like forever, it was too much for my brain to compute and almost felt like a dream to me," a just as emotional Oliver explained to his ex. "And when I finally managed to wrap my head around the fact that this was real and calmed my thoughts, when I was finally ready to address you and explain my then predicament as a castaway, Slade of course interrupted it albeit with good reason."

"Oliver's right Laurel, and so was Slade. Fyers and his men were not going to leave anything to chance and were more than likely monitoring any ongoing or outgoing calls on the island and had they listened in on yours and Oliver's conversation, it's possible they might've gone after you and any of his other loved ones to either use you as leverage against him or worse, silence you as loose ends in case you were to learn about their operations. And so while his eagerness to return home is understandable, Oliver was being reckless and Slade may have very well saved yours and everyone else's lives," Lyla added and explained to which Laurel nodded in understanding.

Though the former still wished there had been some way to rescue Oliver while averting the potential danger from the mercenaries.

Oliver sighed in frustration before the radio went off as it was a plane calling out, notifying that they were about to land in a few hours. Slade picked the microphone, acknowledging the call.

"Of all creatures that breath and move upon the earth." The pilot said, much to Oliver's confusion, though the sentence sounded familiar to him as Slade explained that they were using a challenge code for verification.

Slade requested for the pilot to repeat his sentence before Oliver's eyes lit up in realization, recognizing the line, telling Slade that it was a lime from a book Oliver read in college, from 'TheOdyssey' as Oliver tried to remember from his memory.

"Off all creatures that breathe and move upon the Earth, nothing is born that is weaker than man." Oliver cite as Slade warned him to be correct, otherwise the plane would turn around.

Oliver nodded but the he stopped Slade before he could call out as he remembered that the quote was "Of all creatures that breathe and move upon the Earth, nothing is bred that is weaker than man.", as Oliver realized he had mixed up the word.

Slade cited the sentence Oliver had told him as a moment later, the pilot acknowledged and said that the plane was about to arrive in a few hours, while Slade looked at Oliver, impressed, before, to Oliver's horror, he revealed that before they'd get home, Slade intend to radio in an airstrike onto Fyers camp and Oliver realized that Slade was going to blow up Yao Fei as well, alongside with Fyers.

"I see that all of the money your father and I poured into your schooling was not completely wasted after all Oliver, and I also hope that you Thea will take this as a lesson learned since what you learn in school might be necessary to escape from a precarious situation or more importantly, save your life instead of you continuing to skip school and for no reason than for juvenile delinquency and with such ill-chosen friends," Moira addressed her children who both had the decency to look abashed while Thea mentally acknowledged that her mom did have a point, which she'd never admit aloud though, but still felt as though the former was making a big deal out of nothing but was wise enough not to say that aloud.

Meanwhile nearly everyone else gasped, stunned expressions upon their faces, as they heard what Slade was intending to do. They knew of course that Fyers needed to be stopped quickly but what about Yao Fei, and also the mystery woman he was protecting?

Oliver protested against Slade's intentions but Slade told him that this was bigger than Yao Fei and Slade had no intention of letting Fyer's schemes, whatever they were, to continue and he was going to stop him, no matter what. Oliver pointed out that Yao Fei saved his life but Slade retorted that it was Oliver's debt to pay, not his own. Oliver was about to leave as Slade grabbed him, trying to stop him but Oliver whirled on him, saying that he had been taking everything for granted his whole life, thinking only about himself, turning his back on people that he loved. Oliver declared firmly that he had no intention of being that person anymore or leaving Yao Fei behind to die.

Slade considered for a moment before he warned Oliver that he had three hours to get on the plane, otherwise Slade would leave them at the hands of fate. Oliver was about to leave before he asked Slade to call Oliver's family, if Slade would make it out without him as Slade nodded in agreement, as Oliver seemed to impress him more and more.

Everyone else also found themselves impressed by Oliver's growing maturity and selflessness, Quentin especially as he saw that the Queen scion was turning into a far better man than the one he'd observed back at home and couldn't help but mentally applaud him at this point. Nyssa's respect for Oliver also continued to grow while she admired the man he was slowly becoming.

Oliver rushed out from the airstrip back into the camp, sneaking past the soldiers on patrol and hiding behind numerous military vehicles until he spotted Yao Fei, who entered one of the tents as Oliver snuck in, trying to get Yao Fei out. Oliver explained that he wanted to help Yao Fei escape the island with Slade's help but Yao Fei protested that there was a person, for who the Asian had to stay, much to Oliver's confusion.

"Probably the mysterious woman he and Fyers were discussing earlier," Felicity noted and her fellow audience members agreed with her since it's the only thing that made sense to them. They also mentally acknowledged Yao Fei's own selflessness in regards to not leaving this person behind, even to save himself.

Suddenly, Fyers and Wintergreen entered as Yao Fei was forced to knock Oliver out.

Slade was in the control tower, giving the plane the permission to land as he checked his watch, wondering where Oliver was.

Back in the camp, Yao Fei forced Oliver into the circle surrounded by mercenaries as Oliver had sudden Déjà vu as Fyers wondered, why wasn't Oliver dead, while Oliver mocked Yao Fei's strength, much to the mercs' amusement. Fyers mocked Oliver for trying to be a hero, when there was no one worth saving on the island as Oliver was wondering whether he was going to fight Yao Fei again. Fyers corrected Oliver that he was about to be executed, as Yao Fei apologized to the young boy, until Oliver turned around to face Billy, once again.

Oliver attempted to reach the former ASIS agent but Billy slugged Oliver as he staggered before getting up. Oliver attempted to reach Billy, reminding him that he served the Australian governemtn but Billy sent a barrage of punches at Oliver's face and chest, forcing Oliver on his knees again before Billy pulled out his sword and cut Oliver's restraints. Oliver tried to get up but Billy kicked him and whacked him in the head with the hilt of his sword as Oliver fell to his knees again.

Billy grabbed Oliver by his throat as Oliver tried to offer to pay him off by tripling whatever Fyers was paying him.

"An admirable effort to try and reach out to any lingering patriotism and honor he might've had at one point Oliver but as I'm sure you've realized by now, the fact that he allowed himself to be swayed so easily by a madman at the first opportunity shows that he had no real honor to begin with and your efforts, although admirable, were fruitless," Nyssa observed and Oliver nodded.

"Yeah man. He was definitely a lost cause," Diggle also added.

"True, and that was something I had to learn the hard way," Oliver acknowledged in agreement with them both, shaking his head in disappointment at the path Billy had chosen to go on.

Suddenly, explosions went off across the camp, blowing some soldiers sky high as they took cover with Fyers and Yao Fei. Then, to Oliver's surprise, Slade showed up, clearly intending to rescue Oliver.

"Huh. What do you know? That Slade fella apparently came back to rescue your behind after all. Did not expect that," Rene said in surprise, intrigued by this turn of events and so was everyone else, not having expected for Slade to come through for Oliver.

Billy taunted Slade as the latter glared, while pulling out his sword. Slade engaged Billy, who dodged Slade's attack and they fenced and traded blows, appearing to be evenly matched, while Oliver hid behind a truck, seeing two former brothers-in-arms now on the opposite sides. Billy rushed at Slade and attempted to slice and kick him but Slade blocked and dodged before Billy managed to kick Slade in the chest, knocking him down on the ground, while Oliver watched the brutal fight. Billy was about to deliver the killing blow but Slade got up, hitting Billy in his stomach as the latter kneeled. Slade grabbed Billy by his arm and punched him in his face, making Billy stagger back as Slade continued to pummel him. Slade grabbed dazed Billy by his head as Slade noted that his former beat friend had a good kick before Slade drove the sword through Billy's right eye as he fell down, dead and Oliver gasped in disgust at the brutal scene.

"And good riddance!" Thea, Felicity, Tommy, and Roy proclaimed in happiness as they observed Billy get his just dues, everyone else also of the same mindset as well and especially Moira due to what he'd done to her son, although the aforementioned first two women along with Moira and most of the other women grimaced and quickly turned their heads away at the site.

Suddenly gunshots rang out, with Slade being shot, in the back as he fell down but luckily the bullet did not penetrate his body armor as Fyers continued to shoot from his gun. Olive picked a rifle, trying to shoot Fyers, who ran. Oliver helped Slade on his feet as they both grunted in pain and exhaustion before they tried to escape. As they went towards a nearby road, a soldier appeared with a gun but Oliver grabbed him by his hand in which he was holding a gun and used the same move he had been training with Slade as Oliver knocked the soldier down aimed the gun at his face, while Slade looked impressed.

"Atta boy Oliver, and your first truly official take down I see. Great job buddy," Tommy praised his best friend to which Oliver replied with a grin towards him.

Oliver's hands trembled, unable to shoot the unarmed soldier, so Oliver whacked him in the head with the gun, knocking him out before they heard engine roar and a plane fly over their heads as Slade grumbled, noting that they missed their ride home.

For Sara and Nyssa, they both knew that if they were in that situation they would've gone ahead and quickly taken out their opponent since even an unarmed one can be dangerous and especially in case he had an unexpected surprise. But they respected Oliver for not wanting to cross that line due to what he saw as an unarmed and defeated opponent while it made Sara love him even more.

The veterans on their parts were 50/50 as to what they'd do in those circumstances but figured it would depend upon the situation.

Everyone else however, which even included Quentin, being one of those said veterans, only felt strong relief that Oliver had not gone ahead and killed someone who was unarmed in cold blood, even if it was an opponent.

Later, back in the fuselage as Oliver was cutting the shrapnel out of Slade's arm as Slade was bound to the chair, grunting in pain and Oliver reached before Slade noted that Oliver did not puke, much to Slade's impression before Oliver said that he swallowed his vomit before he coughed out in disgust.

Almost everyone had grossed out looks upon their faces after hearing what Oliver had done with his vomit while he shrugged and gave everyone an embarrassed and apologetic expression, his family and friends especially.

Slade told Oliver to untie him as Oliver wondered why did Slade want Oliver to tie him up in the first place, while Slade explained that a man in pain was unreliable and that Slade was worried he might kill him.

"I don't get it. Why would Slade being in pain cause him to be worried he might kill Ollie?" Thea questioned, confused.

"When someone is in severe pain, it can sometimes cause them to behave erratically and especially as their survival instincts kick in. And for a soldier or warrior, there's the potential that it might be heightened for them and in regards to flight or fight mode. And therefore the caregiver administering the needed care could potentially find themselves in danger from a highly volatile and agitated patient and especially one trained in lethal force, possibly leading towards a severe or tragic outcome for them both," Oliver calmly explained to his sister as her eyes widened, not having known anything like that being possible and admitting to herself she was learning so much already today and wondered what more she'd learn.

Oliver suddenly chuckled softly as Slade looked at him in confusion, while Oliver explained that he was trapped on the island and his only friend was named "Wilson".

Hearing that resulted in everyone in attendance having a nice laugh in response, including Quentin and even Nyssa, enjoying the very brief moment of levity it brought after the heaviness of what they'd already seen so far.

Slade did not seem to be amused at all, when Oliver asked him what was the next step as Slade noted that his fireworks might set Fyers back enough for his employer to call his operation off before he explained to Oliver that Fyers was a mercenary, which meant that someone must have hired him.

Oliver asked what was their next step as Slade said they had to make sure neither of them was going to die on Lian Yu, while Oliver noted that without the plane they certainly were going to die. Slade assured Oliver that considering how much progress he has made so far, they just might have a chance to survive, however slim it was S they shook hands, a brother bond forming between them.

Later that day at night, Fyers was talking over a satphone with someone, explaining that Slade complicated the operation and that he was going to handle it and the voice on the other side warned that Fyers warned that Fyers would better handle it as Fyers assured the caller that he had assured Yao Fei's cooperation, much to the caller's satisfaction as he hung up before Yao Fei approached him. Fyers allowed him five minutes for turning Oliver in as he entered a tent, where was a young Asian woman, wearing a grey tank top and black pants as Yao Fei approached her in worry.

Shado looked frightened as he got up, while Yao Fei apologized to her and Shado demanded to know what was going on. Yao Fei soothed her and hugged her, assuring her before the screen showed a dragon tattoo on her left shoulder on her back.

"So that's the lady Yao Fei was protecting and why he did not want to go with you Ollie," Thea realized and Oliver nodded.

"Her name was Shado, and she was Yao Fei's daughter," he explained to her and most of the others, which brought forth gasps of surprise. "Fyers was using her as leverage to ensure her father's cooperation."

"That's horrible and how dare that man use a daughter against her own father. I honestly hope both you and Slade were able to remove them from that awful situation," Moira voiced in anger and wondering if her son and his new friend had been able to find a way to help them.

"There was some success on that front mom, but it sadly was not a full victory," Oliver answered her with a grim tone while beginning to get emotional though he held himself back while Sara placed her hand on his shoulder once more, grounding him.

His answer left Moira and the other attendees with some relief but also a sense of dread, their worry for Yao Fei and Shado increasing further.

Laurel then thought of something which everyone else was also wondering.

"Did you ever learn who Fyer's employer was and were they ever taken down," she asked him curiously and everyone else hoped that individual was no longer around to cause harm to anyone.

"A very dangerous and powerful woman, and no she has not been taken down due to her job allowing her to have connections at the top of the halls of power," Oliver answered severely. "Plus her organization, or should I say her agency, is used to handle the dirtiest and most amoral, if not downright immoral though there's plenty of that, operations of those they answer to in the name of preserving security. Trust me when I say she's highly ruthless and just as bad as other villains I've faced and not someone to be messed with.

"Maybe things will change in the agency should she be removed from power but for now, I can't see it happening."

Laurel and his other listeners shuddered as they listened, wondering about this woman's identity and who she worked for that made her so powerful and having a far deeper understanding as to the gravity of whatever Fyer's intended. They also wondered if they could try and do something about this person when they returned home though it sounded futile for now.

For Lyla, Oliver's description could only describe one person and it was someone she knew quite well and fit the bill perfectly.

"Could it be…?" she wondered while vowing to herself that she'd look into this matter personally when they got back and see if the organization she currently served had indeed been funding mercenaries five years ago.

Sometime later, in the morning, Slade was in a sleeping bag, pale and trembling from the infection from the bullet injury and fever beofe Oliver gave him a sip from a cup of water but Slade spat it out in disgust before he said that the bullet had been out from his arm with a dull blade. Oliver carefully pulled the bandage off Slade's arm and grimaced as they saw that the wound was infected, while Oliver groaned in disgust.

All of the women except for the warriors and former soldier either covered or averted their eyes while Tommy paled.

"Woah man. That's one nasty wound you had there," Rene commented while whistling at the site.

Oliver got up, trying to find something to treat the infection as he picked a knife, while Slade talked sarcastically about Oliver bringing him some magazines too before Oliver mentioned that Yao Fei had some healing herbs back in his cavern that might be able to treat Slade's wound.

"That's some quick thinking you had there Oliver, and smart as well," Nyssa complimented him and Oliver smiled in thanks.

Slade noted that Oliver was not going to survive for an hour out there before Oliver noted that Slade should hope he'd be back in 45 minutes.

As Oliver returned to the cave, he saw a man on his knees, beaten up, begging for help as Oliver scoured the cave qitj a flashlight.

Oliver demanded to know who the man was as he explained that he was an exchange student, explaining the he was shipwrecked on the island, all alone as some soldiers beat him up.

Oliver remained skeptical about the man's explanation, sensing that something wasn't adding up as the man begged Oliver to let him loose before the soldiers would find him before he realizes that Oliver was thinking that the man was some kind of bait, a trap. After some thought, Oliver was about to cut him loose…

until he pulled away, apologizing to the man, noting that he did not know the man as he walked away, while the man begged for Oliver to free him.

The entire audience except for the warriors and soldiers looked between the screen and Oliver in stunned disbelief.

"Geez Ollie. How could you leave that poor man in his time of need?!" Thea scolded her brother and complained, not understanding.

"Yeah pal, as someone would probably say, what the shyuck?!" Tommy added, bewildered at Oliver's then action and wondering if he should feel disappointed in him or not.

Moira on her part was frowning at her son's choice here but was certain he had a reasonable explanation and was therefore willing to give him the benefit of a doubt.

"I understand what's going through all of your minds right now and how it makes me look. But all of you also need to understand it wasn't an easy choice for me," Oliver began to explain and hoped they'd be able to see things from his perspective based upon what he was about to share. "On the one hand this person could've very well been an innocent castaway like I was but on the other hand, he could've potentially been a plant sent by Fyers to manipulate me into freeing the former so that he could lead the latter to mine and Slade's then hideout. I just couldn't take that risk.

"And as I'd asked him, but where were the other students? They were obviously not being held at the camp and plus if Fyers had murdered them all, why did he let that one student live and even if only to imprison him? Of course it's possible that he could've made his escape when Fyers was distracted but for me personally the whole thing didn't add up.

"And even if he were innocent he still could've been used as a tool by Fyers to use my compassion for an innocent against me to draw me out. There were just too many variables and I couldn't afford to make a serious mistake such as that and especially after the trust Slade had placed in me. None of you have to agree with my decision here but I hope you'll understand."

Admittedly, and after some time stewing over Oliver's words, they could all now see his reasoning, including Thea and Tommy who still didn't fully agree but both had thankfully managed to calm down after now having a better understanding of his reasons, why it was a difficult choice for him, and how he came to the decision he'd ultimately made. Plus all of them couldn't help but admire the maturity within his answer.

Nyssa and the veterans on their part were in full agreement with Oliver and his past decision, being of the same mindset as him. Not to mention that their honed instincts told them quite clearly that something was off with this alleged castaway while studying one's mannerisms gave them the ability to have an idea of whether or not someone not trained to mask their emotions was being honest or

Oliver returned back, mixing the medicine and putting it into a cup as Slade drank it as he thanked Oliver before he noticed how disturbed Oliver was. Slade wondered whether Oliver got himself into some trouble out there, which Oliver denied.

Following this, the viewers then watched as the screen shifted tithe next scene set sometime after the preceding events.

In the fuselage, Oliver was attempting to do a pull up on a bar as he grub ted and fell down, while Slade said that Oliver had managed to do four pileups before falling, while Oliver noted that running was his preference.

"At least you managed to improve in the pull ups department Ollie," Sara grinned.

"Amen to that," he agreed and returned her grin.

Slade got up on the bar and was more successful in doing pileups as Oliver said they should focus on trying to find another way off the island, while Slade replied that there was no other way, otherwise he would have found it.

Oliver protested that Fyers would find them and kill them and that they had to do something and Slade noted that he did have an idea once and Oliver looked hopeful, until Slade remarked sarcastically that they should collect as much bamboo as they could and build themselves a boat, like in "Gilligan's Island" show, which made Oliver glower in annoyance.

Everyone burst out laughing at that, including Nyssa who'd watched some of "Gilligan's Island" during her travels with Sara, some of the hotels they stayed at airing classic American programs from the 60s', and therefore understood the reference.

Then, Oliver turned his head to take notice of the radio as he examined it until Slade noted that it was broken and Oliver remarked that he could try to fix it, considering that he used to help Robert with plane maintenance, while Slade seemed skeptical. Slade pointed out that Oliver should work out in order to have a chance against Fyers's men, while Oliver got to work on trying to fix the radio.

For days, Oliver was trying to fix the radio as he was putting wires together, when Slade returned with a boar on a pole over his back that he hunted down. Slade noted that Oliver should take a rest but Oliver was more focused on fixing the radio until, much to his own and Slade's astonishment, Oliver managed to make the radio work as they both looked hopeful.

They heard a radio band as Slade picked up the mic and attempted to call out, asking for help. But then they realized that the mic did not work, which meant they could not use the radio to call out for help, leaving them still stranded on Lian Yu, much to Slade's frustration.

For a moment there was a look of jubilation upon everyone's faces, except for Oliver and Sara and Nyssa since they knew the scoop, but then the jubilated looks dropped and were replaced with sad disappointment since it turned out the radio could not be used to call out for a rescue.

Oliver sat down, annoyed as Slade then fiddled with the radio, noting it might still be useful until they heard a familiar voice with British accent as Oliver got up and neared the radio, listening closely, realizing that Slade had intercepted the soldiers' frequency.

Oliver and Slade heard Fyers talking to someone, as Fyers said that 'Scylla' was on its way to him in hours. Neither Oliver or Slade had any idea, who was Fyers talking to but Slade assumed that it was his employer or benefactor as he wondered what Scylla was and Oliver explained that Scylla and Charybdis were monsters from the Odyssey.

"Turned out that radio was useful for something after all Oliver and now you and Slade have an advantage against your enemies. Good work," Lyla complimented him and he smiled back and thanked her while the others were curious as to what this 'Scylla' weapon was that Fyers wanted, though they were about to find out in a few very short seconds.

Slade sheathed his swords on his back as Oliver picked his knife, about to take a look at this "monster" Fyers was talking about as they left the fuselage. They snuck onto Fyers's camp stealthily as Slade pulled out his binoculars and breathed out in concern before he handed them to Oliver and Oliver took a look to see a large missile launcher. A Russian-made S-300 anti-aircraft missile launcher able to track up a hundred targets, while engaging at least a dozen as Slade noted that it could either shoot down a commercial airline or start a war.

The viewers stared at the weapon with a mixture of emotions ranting from impressed by its design and sheer size and capabilities to horrified at the implications.

"Oh my gosh," Felicity breathed out, her eyes wide.

"Man that is so not good," Tommy shook his head while feeling intimidated by the scene with weapon.

"Man that monstrosity needs to be dismantled or disabled or somethin," Rene stated seriously while shaking his own head as well, lips pursed.

The other audience members had more or less the same thoughts coursing through their minds.

Oliver and Slade wondered what would Fyers want with such a large weapon but they knew for sure that they couldn't allow him to use it, otherwise innocent people would die. Oliver wondered how would they sneak past the soldiers to the missile launcher as Slade looked through his binoculars again and saw the soldiers carry crates of explosives, an idea forming in his mind. Oliver wondered whether they could ambush them by putting them in one place as Slade turned to Oliver, an idea forming in his mind.

Oliver put on the soldiers' mask as he carried seemingly restrained Slade towards the soldiers guarding the missile launcher. The soldiers neared them, gleefully looking forward to get their payback on Slade until Slade suddenly pulled out his pistols and quickly shot the soldiers down as Oliver crouched and took cover.

"Wow. That was bada**!" Roy exclaimed in awe.

"Yeah, you and Slade certainly got them buddy," Tommy agreed happily while enjoying what he found to be a pretty cool scene. The others on their part had impressed expressions upon their faces and now watched to see what the two men onscreen were going to do about the weapon.

Slade gave Oliver a smile as Slade picked a crate of explosives, while they planted them around the launcher, about to blow it up. Suddenly, an idea formed in Oliver's mind as he opened a panel at the back of the launcher, much to Slade's confusion, wondering what was he doing as Oliver pulled out the motherboard.

Oliver removed a chip that he explained that the launcher needed a circuit board to work and Slade laughed, realizing they could use it as leverage against Fyers.

"Good thinking man, though considering the last attempt at leverage but with Yao Fei, I'm suspecting you guys did not achieve the desired result and Fyers probably had another card up his sleeve that once more kept him a step ahead," Diggle guessed and Oliver grimaced in response, causing nearly everyone to groan.

Later at night, they hid near the launcher as Slade handed Oliver a radio and he called out as Fyers was examining the disabled missile launcher, calling back as he threatened that his men would kill Oliver very slowly, once they found BIM because Oliver and Slade stole the circuit board, while Fyers wondered wherer they were. Olive suggested a trade with Fyers, wanting a way off the island in exchange for the circuit board.

Oliver explained the details of the trade, while Fyers attempted to stall. Oliver taunted Fyers until Slade snatched the radio off his hand and glared at Oliver for his stupidity, while Oliver looked confused. Slade took charge of the negotiation, trying to reason with Fyers and ordering him to bring a boat before Slade hung up.

"You know Oliver, it frankly was not wise to taunt someone as dangerous and unpredictable as Fyers and knows what he'd do in response," Nyssa spoke up in observation and Oliver agreed with her, quietly giving himself the business for being stupid.

Later in the morning, Oliver and Slade were in the forest, about to meet with Fyers, Yao Fei, and the mercenaries as they proceeded with the trade. Slade noted that Oliver's principles and integrity seemed to be his strong suit, much to Fyers' satisfaction as his men dragged in Shado, who tried to struggle from their grip as Yao Fei looked in horror, while they forced her on her knees. Fyers aimed the gun at her head, while Yao Fei protested.

"Oh no! This is absolutely horrible and I most certainly didn't expect this though in hindsight, I probably should've," Felicity exclaimed horrified, both hands covering her mouth.

"What a coward! What an absolute spineless coward!" Quentin growled in anger. Most of the other guests were feeling high levels of tension as they gripped the armrests of their seats, wondering as to how Oliver, Slade, Shado, and Yao Fei were going to get themselves out of this situation.

One of the soldiers hit Yao Fei in the head, with his rifle, knocking home down as Oliver and Slade glared. Fyers threatened to kill Shado if Oliver and Slade did not hand over the circuit board, while Oliver realized that she was the reason Yao Fei would not go with him and Fyers taunted them that Oliver certainly would not want an innocent woman's death on his consciousness.

Slade aimed his gun at Fyers, demanding for him to release Shado but Fyers replied by ordering his men to execute her, much to Yao Fei's horror.

Suddenly, Shado grabbed the gun of one of the soldiers and hit another one in his hip and the first one in his chest, forcing them both to kneel before she grabbed one with her arms and another one with her legs, throwing them both down on the ground.

Slade shot two soldiers with his pistols and Oliver rushed at another one, pushing him towards a tree as Yao Fei grabbed another one by his neck with his legs, choking him. Oliver struggled with his opponent as Shado hit Fyers in his neck and wrapped her legs around him before knocking him down and Slade looked impressed by her martial arts skills.

Oliver managed to knock his opponent down as he whacked him in the head with the butt of his pistol, knocking him out.

The whole audience let out loud cheers as they watched the scene unfold.

"Well how about that? Turns out the lady is a trained fighter herself and thank goodness it came in handy," Rene commented impressed while the others were just as impressed as he was by Shado's own set of moves.

Slade fired at them with his rifle as the group started to run down the woods. Yao Fei was shot in his leg as he stumbled before Oliver helped him on his feet as they took cover, while Slade continued firing at the soldiers. Yao Fei ordered them to get his daughter to safety and leave him behind because he would only slow them down. Shado did not want to abandon her father but Oliver dragged her away as they and Slade continued to run, leaving Yao Fei behind.

The audience bemoaned the fact that Yao Fei was left behind but understood considering his injury would've, as he'd said, slow them down which would've compromised their attempt at escape. But they didn't have to like it either.

As the night came, they came to a stump, where Oliver and Slade stashed the circuit board, only to find out that Fyers' men had managed to find it as they were meeting with Fyers.

"So Fyers was also using their meeting to delay Ollie and Slade so that his men could locate the circuit board. Why that dirty rat!" Thea realized then ranted and no one disagreed with her sentiment.

Slade grabbed Oliver by the collar of his shirt, cursing Oliver's naivety as Oliver realized that Fyers was never going to uphold his end of the bargain and let them leave the island.

Shado confirmed Oliver's realization as to his and Slade's surprise, she spoke up in English as Oliver grumbled that they had no idea what Fyers's plan was with the missile launcher but Shado said that she had an idea, much to the men's surprise.

"And so you've all met Shado more officially now and she'll also be playing a significant role in Oliver's life and will in many ways be a driving force towards his destiny," William voiced to everyone through the intercom, intriguing them and leaving them highly curious as to the role she'd play in Oliver's journey and alongside Slade. They then continued to watch the memories as they transitioned to the next scene.

To Be Continued

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