What is a daemon ?

A daemon is a part of a human's soul, they takes the form of animals, they are physical beings that represents someone's very being, they represents what you truly are, they cannot be touched without the permission of the human as it will make both the human and the daemon suffers immensely and the human who touched the daemon will feel extreme pain too, daemons can touch one another, soul mates can touch one another's daemon, daemons are usually the opposite gender of their human, killing a daemon kills it's human

BTS daemons

Namjoon : Haneul the raven (female)

Seokjin : Genesis the squirrel (female)

Yoongi : Zora the maine coon cat (male)

Hoseok : Hae the red panda (female)

Jimin : Yeou the fennec (female)

Taehyung : Naraya the white tiger (female)

Jungkook : Eoryu the seagull (male) (the reason why I made his daemon a seagull is because he likes eating pretty much everything, paper included (the ones who get it will understand), and because his stage name was supposed to be seagull)