"Gene! We got him! Leaving Earth's atmosphere!" A young man, Jim Hawking, called out from his seat in the space ship, the Outlaw Star.

Jim engaged the ship's engines, putting them to 80% power.

"Haha of course we got him! And he even had a nice collection of weapons on him, too," Gene Starwind, the captain of the Outlaw Star said with a confident grin.

A young woman with pale, fair skin and dark hair walked into the bridge.

The open door that she walked through to enter the bridge revealed a man in the hall with green hair and a muscular, fit body who was standing with his hands tied behind his back.

The young woman had a confused look on her face. "Um, excuse me. Theres an angry man running through the hall of the ship. Should I untie him?"

"Hey you sickos! Let me out of here!" the green haired man yelled before the door to bridge closed behind the young woman.

"Oh, Melfina," Jim said seeing the girl walk into the big room. "Thats the criminal we were looking for, Roronoa Zoro of the Straw Hats gang" Jim said informatively

"Oh so he's a bad guy?" Melfina asked, tilting her head to the side. "He is dressed strange but he doesn't seem that bad. Are you sure he's in a gang?"

A loud slamming noise hit against the door of the bridge and a clear window showed the green haired man was slamming against the door, trying to get in "Its the Straw Hat Pirates! Not a gang!" the man yelled.

Jim looked back towards Melfina while in his seat. He was smiling and holding up a printed, tan paper showing the picture of Zoro and the amount of money he was worth if captured. "He's the man, Zoro, the second in command of the Straw Hat bandits," Jim grinned with a proud look of success.

Melfina walked to Jim and bent down, studying the picture. "Hm, that really is him," she said. She then stood up and clasped her hands together happily. "We caught the bad guy, we caught the bad guy, she sang.

"I said its the Straw Hat Pirates! Not bandits!" The man yelled. "Now let me out of here, what kind of ship is this anyway?!" Zoro yelled.

"He's awake again already?" Gene said. "Jim go take care of him. Use this," he said pulling a handheld taser out of a desk and tossing it to the short mechanic. "Be careful, he may have broken out of the rope."

"Copy that, Jim said hopping out of his seat with the taser in hand.

Melfina watched the young mechanic walk past her and to the door to the lobby.

Jim opened the door and ran outside, the door closing behind him.

A commotion was heard and the noise of the electric taser buzzing.

Melfina and Gene were quiet, waiting to hear the outcome. Gene sweated.

The door opened and Jim was standing there. The green haired man was behind him on the floor, sprawled out and looking unconscious

"Wow you were right, Gene" Jim remarked, walking back into the bridge. "He did break through the rope."

"Not surprised," Gene said with a smile. "Now lets collect our bounty,

The ship powered its engines and went off going to exit Earth's atmosphere.

Down on Earth, a young man wearing blue shorts and a straw hat was standing near a lake.

"Hey what do you think youre doing?!" the young man said. "Bring Zoro back!"

As the ship was flying towards space, it started noticing things flying at it.

"Gene! We've got projectiles incoming" Jim yelled. "Someones trying to stop us from leaving Earth!"

"Missiles?" Gene asked, sweating as his hands gripped the controls of the ship.

"It appears to be..." Jim said

"Animals?" Melfina said surprised

Big giraffes and lions and bears were being thrown at the ship from Earth. Even this high in the sky, the animals were nearly hitting the ship. The ship moved, trying to evade the "projectiles"

Down on Earth, Luffy was using his body as a slingshot while holding onto two trees and shooting animals up towards the ship.

The animals that missed fell down to Earth, falling into the lake.

Luffy huffed and frowned, pulling the animals out of the lake and placing them on the ground

In a last effort, Luffy shot himself up after the ship.

He made his arms get longer, reaching towards the Outlaw Star.

"One more projectile," Jim said. "We're almost out of the atmosphere."

"This man is crazy!" Gene yelled, putting the ship to 90% power.

Luffy was a few hundred feet from grabbing the ship then the ship got away.

"Zoro!" Luffy cried out, miles above the ground, as he lost his speed and slowly fell down to Earth.

It was a long ways down and he fell towards the lake.

On Earth, three people and a small white creature were walking towards the lake.

"Hey do you guys hear something?" a brunette female asked. Elie, a teenage girl, was wearing a white tank top and a blue skirt.

"Huh?" a teenage male with silver hair, Haru, said. "I didn't hear anything

A dark haired male, Musica, stopped walking and looked around, eventually seeing someone in the air. "There," Musica pointed out to his companions.

"Plue?" the small white creature on Haru's shoulder said

There in the sky they saw a male in blue shorts falling and yelling "Zoro!"

The young man then fell into a lake.

"Ah! We have to go help him!" Elie yelled. Elie and Haru started running toward the lake.

Musica stared up at the sky, seeing a ship fly into outer space.

To be continued