(Note: In this fanfiction, Mega Man's original name Rock is also used. Also Proto Man's original Japanese name Blues is used.

Mega Man and Rock are the same person

Blues and Proto Man are the same person)

Chapter 2

In a secret cave...

In a dark cave, grey walls about twenty feet high made up the walls of a mysterious man's hideout and home.

There was a display on the wall that had spare robot parts, a few weapons, and some clothes including a coat and pants.

At the front of the cave was a big desk with three big machines. A computer, a television and a Reploid charging room

The television was on and a single person stood in front of it. Standing in front of the television and computer, his back was covered in shadow.

"After the Z Ronin Tournament in Tournament City," a reporter on the television said "Four powerful enemies have emerged, threatening world domination. These people are being led by"

The computer started to display and make and a musical theme played.

The man standing in front of the desk walked to the computer, hearing the song playing and the screen indicating someone was calling him.

Now with his face in the light of the computer, it was revealed that this man was Blues, the mysterious robot known as Proto Man.

Blues pressed a button on the keyboard.

On the screen, a video display of a young man wearing a blue combat suit appeared. The young man was actually a humanoid robot, with dark hair and green eyes.

"Mega Man," Proto Man said.

"Proto Man!" Mega Man said on the screen. "How are you?"

"How did you get access to this channel..." Proto Man asked

"Oh, Dr. Light traced the source of your last call to us back to this communications channel. I hope you don't mind me using it to contact you," Mega Man said sheepishly.

The young Mega Man was met with silence.

After a long pause, the blue clad combat robot continued. "Theres a new ship that entered Earth's atmosphere a few days ago. Dr. Light believes its a ship capable of traveling into deep space!"

Proto Man continued to look at his fellow humanoid robot on the screen. "And?"

Mega Man sweated. "Well Dr. Light said that maybe we can talk with the owners of the ship and see if they will let us ride with them into space to look for a new power source for you! And if they are bad evil aliens on the ship, we could defeat them and take their ship to use it!" Mega Man exclaimed, optimistically.

"Take their ship?" Proto Man grunted. "That doesn't sound like you, Rock."

"I know... We just really want to help repair your power core, Proto Man..." Mega Man said, looking sad. "Not just me and the doctor. Even Rush wants to help."

The red canine robot barked besides Mega Man upon hearing his name.

Proto Man stared at Mega Man and his dog.

Rock had always had a sincere heart. It was something Blues loved about him.

However, Blues had not grown up in a family environment like Rock did. And because of that, he valued his own independence more than the heartfelt offers that his younger counterpart and Dr. Light offered him.

"Use your energy on something more useful," Proto Man said. "Defend the public, keep Dr. Light and your sister safe. I'll be fine on my own."

Proto Man started to walk away from the screen "Dont call this number again unless its an emergency"

Rock interrupted him.

"Wait, Proto Man. Can I at least ask you to do one thing? As a favor" Mega Man asked.

Proto Man paused.


At the lake...

Haru Glory, a young man with silver hair, who was with his friends Musica and Elie, took off his shirt and jumped into the lake trying to rescue a boy in a straw hat who had fallen out of the sky.

Musica and Elie stood at bay, watching Haru find Luffy and fish the young man out.

Soaking wet, Haru climbed out of the water, carrying the male named Luffy in his arms.

Luffy was unconscious and Haru laid him on the ground.

"Hey! Are you okay?" Haru said, taking his shirt and laying it on the unconscious male to try to warm him up.

Elie stared, worried.

Musica had his arms folded "Elie, make yourself useful"

"What?" Elie asked. "How can I help?"

Musica didnt flinch. "Give him mouth to mouth"

Elie was angry and walked to Musica, punching him directly in the gut. Musica stood there, his serious gaze unfaltered.

Haru laid the male on his side and pressed on his stomach, and the young man spat out water.

"He's awake!" Elie said

Luffy sat up.

Haru, still on the ground near Luffy "Hey, I'm glad you're okay. You should rest."

Luffy stood up and was yelling. "Zoro! Nami! I have to go save my friends!"

Luffy stood up and ran away with a cloud of dust following him.

"Wow," Musica said

"Well at least we know he's feeling okay," Elie said

"Yeah... He didnt give my shirt back..." Haru said

Soon the sound of footsteps running was heard, Luffy came running back again. He handed Haru his shirt. "Thanks for rescuing me! I really don't know how to swim. If you ever need my help, I'll do you a favor for saving me!"

"Huh?" Haru asked

Luffy smiled. "My names Luffy. I'm captain of the Straw Hat pirates"

Musica looked surprised.

"I gotta go for now, Luffy explained. "I gotta find my friend Zoro

Luffy was about to go when suddenly another person walked out towards the lake

"There you are!" a girl's voice said.

A young woman with dark hair and red highlights was storming over towards Luffy. She was wearing a dark school uniform and skirt.

"You're one of the guys that stole my suit!" Ryuko exclaimed.

The young woman grabbed Luffy by the shirt, "Now give me back my suit!"

"Huh? Who are you?" Luffy asked. "Oh you mean that weird shirt we took. Someone said there was a really powerful item there and all we found was some weird shirt. Is that what you mean?"

"Yes! That was mine! Now stop wasting my time" Ryuko said, looking like she was ready to punch Luffy

"Hm... it was just a sweaty shirt... You can have it back... Now where did I put it..."

Ryuko growled "Who are you calling sweaty?!"

"Oh I asked Zoro to take it. We were running from some bounty hunters and then Zoro got captured. So I cant ask him to give you shirt back now. I guess you will have to buy a new shirt... Sorry about that"

"Its not a normal shirt!" Ryuko yelled, shaking Luffy in anger.

Eventually she let him go "Sigh. So your friend got captured. Where did they take him, huh?"

If I go to the jail and explain what happened, they may give me my suit back

"Oh they took Zoro in their spaceship and flew into space," Luffy said

Ryuko blinked, looking at the boy in the straw hat.