Howdy folks. How goes life? Good! Wait, you said things were going bad? Oh, well I stopped caring. Anyway, welcome to my newest story. This story is part of a series and will detail something I came up with. We'll call it the SPECIAL series.

The SPECIAL series is meant to detail what Izuku's life would be like if he had the equivalent of One for All in each stat, stats detailed by the Fallout Series SPECIAL system. For ease we'll say that One For All is level 100 in Strength. Thus each of the abilities will be the best equivalent I can come up with. If you have any good ideas or constructive criticism don't be afraid to review with them.

With all that out of the way, let's begin the story.

SPECIAL Series: Endurance

A mysterious man sits across from Inko Midoriya, having knocked on her door an hour or so after she'd just put a four year old Izuku to bed after the stressful day they'd both had. Staring at the man she couldn't help but like him, and fear him. Some little voice in the back of her head let her know that he was not to be trifled with. Not to be angered.

"Ca-can I help you?" Inko asks, hoping to get the man to leave. To return to her normal life. To not need a hero tonight.

"Hello, good evening. I'm sorry for the late visit but I didn't want little Izuku to hear the conversation we're about to have. He'd get way too excited about it and ask way too many questions that I don't care to answer." He replied, giving off a warm smile as he completed his statement. A statement that she noticed was in perfect and natural Japanese, though he did use more American statements.

"How do you know how my son will react to a conversation?" A strong glare crosses her face while she crosses her arms across her chest. Momma bear mode has activated and her own fears can fuck right off.

The man only smiles wider, as though entertained by the fierce glare he is given. "I don't know your son, I know a version of him. To make things simple I'm a man from another universe with a power similar to a Quirk that lets me do just about anything I want. And what I want to do is give your son a Quirk so that he can achieve his dream and you never have to worry about him again. So with that being said, could I come inside?" his tone is even and lightly amused throughout the entirety of that statement.

With a firm resolve Inko stands there at the doorway looking at the man and judging him. Looking into the man's molten orange eyes Inko can't find any hint of deceit or malicious intent. At least none she can find. And this seems like a conversation best not had at the door in the middle of the night.

Reluctantly stepping out of the way Inko allows the man into her home. "Would you like any tea?" she asks. Because even if she's a reluctant hostess she will be a good hostess.

Taking off his shoes and setting them to the side before he steps into the house the man gives the young mother a warm smile that actually makes Inko's cheeks redden a bit. He is a very attractive man after all. "That actually sounds lovely, but would you mind if I made it? I don't mean to be rude but I can do more in a hand wave than most can achieve in a day of concentrated effort, and I'm actually very excited to get this conversation started." He motions towards the short coffee table they'd both be setting at and without fanfare a tea set appears with two steaming cups of tea.

Taking a moment to remove the disbelief from herself Inko sets herself down at the table, lifting her drink up to her nose and letting herself inhale the scent Inko immediately loses herself in the beautiful aroma of the drink that she can't quite place.

"Would you like more?" the man asks, a teasing tilt in his tone as he looks at the young mother. Raising a questioning eyebrow Inko looks down at her cup to notice it empty. She'd never even noticed when she took a sip of the hot beverage but the tingling burn on her tongue and throat only serve as proof that she most definitely had drank the tea even while it was piping hot.

With a tomato red face Inko pushes her glass forward and nods, indeed wanting more of the amazing beverage. He quickly refills her glass for her and smiles warmly at her, almost caringly. It's an interesting sight and one that does not help with her red face. "Could you stop that!?" she hissed though it carried no real anger. "I'm a married woman and you're getting me all flustered." She continues, her red face still as tomato like as it was a moment ago.

The man chuckles as he takes a sip of his own drink, the sound much too melodious and somehow rugged to be good for Inko's continued faithfulness. "My apologies. I'll try to be less sexy." He says with a wink, stunning the poor woman before he chuckles again and waves his hand.

To his right is a screen that pops into reality just above his shoulder. On the screen are running videos of a young man with green eyes and hair. The young man keeps getting into fights and situations that put him in danger. From destroying a giant robot, to fighting a massive colossus of red flesh while the young man seems to burn with green fire around him, a young girl strapped to the young man's back.

Before Inko can question him the mysterious man starts to explain the events on the screen. "What you see here is the future as it was. If I hadn't shown up. If Izuku continued his life being Quirkless." With a twitch of his fingers the screen changes, showing a young Izuku being bullied by other kids, including his friend Katsuki.

Inko gasps as she watches her son get beaten by small children, covering her mouth as tears begin to prickle at the edge of her eyes. "That's horrible." She replies, unable to pull her eyes away from the screen.

"It is. Your son is bullied for 10 years, unable to form meaningful relationships with anyone because everyone belittles him for being Quirkless. Teachers do nothing, assumedly because they don't care, and Izuku refuses to talk to you about it. But through it all he keeps his desire to be a hero. He tries to help anyone and everyone he can because he's just that kind of kid. Eventually he's given a Quirk, one of the most powerful in the world, and he joins U.A in the hopes of becoming a pro hero." The man says in a much more serious tone than he's had the rest of this conversation. Though there is a small hint of pride in his tone. It's actually fairly heartwarming for the young mother, to see her son inspire such pride in people an entire universe away.

Though maybe she's overwhelmed by all of this and unable to properly process her emotions right now. Yeah that seems possible.

"I hope to avoid that mess." another twitch of his fingers shows another set of videos. Izuku's broken arm and legs after having punched the robot, his shattered fingers as he fights another young man with white and red hair who keeps flinging glaciers at her son. Another fight with a massive man covered in what she can only assume are muscle fibers and his shattered body after he makes one massive strike against such man.

It's all too much for the young woman and she quickly breaks down, crying as she watches the son that isn't her son break himself with a power he was given. And isn't that an amazing thought, giving someone a Quirk.

Suddenly there's a hand on her shoulder, and all of her sadness seems to be melting away as quickly as it came. A soft cloth rubs the tears from her eyes and suddenly she's looking into those molten orange eyes again. Though this time, mixed with the care, is a steadfast determination that she'd only really seen on Izuku when he was trying really hard at one of his little puzzles.

"There's no need to cry Ms. Midoriya. That's why I'm here. To stop Izuku from getting hurt like that. To keep from the bullying and the pain and the loneliness. I'm here to give your son a Quirk so powerful you'll never have to worry about him again." He replies, tossing the handkerchief he'd created over his shoulder where it disappeared.

Offering her his hand they sat back at the table and with a thought the screen disappeared. They sat there for a moment in silence as Inko continued to get her emotions under control, and straighten her clothes a bit.

"What would you do?" she asks, a simple statement that could have such a long answer. The Mysterious Man smiles as the woman in a sort of proud nature, perhaps happy to see her pull herself together so quickly or something.

"The short answer, I'd make your son immortal. The long answer is that with two or three powers that would themselves make pretty decent Quirks I'd make your son effectively impossible to harm permanently. [Peak Condition], [Survivalism], and [Regeneration] would all combine to make your son the most powerful self-healer on the planet, all without any adverse effects most Quirks come with." His tone more jovial than it was before, passionate and excited as he talked about helping a poor young boy.

"And what will this cost?" Inko asks, refusing to believe that all of this is done out of the kindness of his heart. That a man would travel to another universe just to see her son and save him from a bad life for nothing else than the true kindness of it just seemed too alien to her.

"Cost? You misunderstand. There's nothing you could give me that I could want. I'm doing this out of respect. Respect for your son who put his life on the line every single time he used that Quirk but still tried his absolute hardest to make sure he saved everyone he could…" his voice once again takes on a proud tint as he talks about Other Izuku's exploits that moved him so. "You remember the boy he fought in the stadium, the one that kept throwing ice around?" he asks in a soft tone

When Inko gave a small nod he continued. "That boy could also use fire to the same magnitude. But he refused to because of his own personal reasons, reasons that he would have to get over if he wanted to be a powerful hero someday. Izuku could have ended that fight near instantly if he'd lead with a punch instead of a flick of his finger. The two haired boy would have been helpless to stop himself against the amount of force Izuku would have brought to bear. But he prolonged that fight. Held back. Broke all of his fingers in an effort to force the young man to use his fire and thus costing Izuku the match. Because saving that young man from himself, even if it wasn't wanted, was more important than that one match. That's why I want to give him a Quirk. A powerful one. Because he doesn't deserve the life he ends of living. Because he's an incredible young man with a heart of gold who needs to show the world how to act like a hero." He finishes with a big proud smile spreading across his face as he looks at the mother across from him.

All throughout this latest bit of conversation Inko has gotten progressively more and more tearful, but at the same time a determination and pride well up inside of her. Her fingers curl into fists at the hem of her skirt as she thinks about her little boy being so damn amazing, at being the symbol of heroism just like All Might. Just like the son that's actually hers wants to be.

"Okay. Please do it. Please let my baby be a hero." She replies, smiling a beaming smile back to the mysterious man across from her. "Oh! I just realized. I don't know your name." she replies, a frown marring her face.

The man stands and offers her a hand to help her up from their place on the floor. "Ah, my apologies. I was excited. This idea has been about 7 or 8 years in the making. At least from my perspective. My hero name is Khaos, with a K instead of a C at the front. I like Greek things and with my abilities being named anything else would be… underwhelming. My real name is Nathaniel Hood, though you won't be able to find me anywhere. I don't exist in this universe you see." He describes with a faint smile, walking down the hallway to Izuku's room and slowly, softly opening the door.

There, swaddled up in an All Might blanket, is Izuku Midoriya though in his even more innocent four year old form. All Might onesie and everything. His soft and pudgy face set in a frown as he likely dreamt of his shattered dreams and Quirklessness.

Behind Khaos stood Inko and she frowned as she looked at her son's worried face before pulling up her resolve and determination. Nodding to Khaos, or Nathaniel perhaps, she watches the man step into her son's room without making a sound and place his hand on her son's forehead.

Soon golden light begins to fill the room as an ethereal golden crown shimmers over her son's scalp. The results are minute but instantaneous. A bit of pudge leaving her son's face, a visible shine added to his hair. A bruise he'd gotten on his cheek by running into his door that morning, too excited about going to see the Quirk doctor to really think properly, vanished.

Stepping away from her son the man smiled another of those beaming smiles, seemingly so proud of what he'd done. What he'd caused. And then he turned to her and gave her that same beaming smile that made her heart jump just a beat. Damn beautiful bastard, making her have such unfaithful thoughts. Making her like him.

"I removed the second joint in his toe as well. Tomorrow you should take him back to the Quirk Doctor, or as soon as you can schedule another appointment at least. Have them do another X-ray on the notion that you saw your son heal from a scraping his knee almost immediately. Something to that effect." He explains, at least appearing unaware of the emotional guilt and turmoil he keeps making this married woman experience.

Holding out his hand to her he looks her in the eyes, his molten orange eyes radiating some form of calming effect that only makes her feel worse before it rips that away as well. "Now I'll give you an ability too." He raises his hand to stop her from interrupting. "I respect Izuku enough to make him immortal but don't think you're not worthy of the same kind of respect. You single handedly raised that young boy into a kind young man who would throw himself into life and death situation for just the chance to save someone. And you dealt with all the worries that came with it. You, or at least that version of you, are an incredible mother who cares deeply for her son."

There's a beat of silence where Inko's face burns a bright red, while happy tears cascade down her face for maybe the 8th time today. Glancing at the clock she realizes he's only been there for 40 minutes and it feels like it's been days. Fuck today has been emotional.

"and I also just gave your son an ability that keeps his body in peak condition for his age so you'll be dealing with a very hyper 4 year old." Nathaniel continues with a teasing smile that only grows as he watches the blush rush out of Inko's face to be replaced with paper white horror.

"hahaha. If you just give me your hand I'll give you the same ability, though stronger, that will give you unlimited physical stamina. So you'll be able to keep up with him running around at least." He smiles and holds his hand out again for her to take.

With a small "thank you" for the Midoriya mother she places her hand in his and feels a rush of energy flow through her. For the second time tonight a soft golden light fills the room as an ethereal crown shimmers into existence over Inko's head. Between one breath and the next she feels the change take place. Losing a bit of weight, a tightening in her arms and thighs as lesser used muscles suddenly become much more able. Her hair gaining the same noticeable shine as Izuku's did mere moments ago.

Letting out a content sigh Inko looked back into the molten orange eyes of this peculiar man from another dimension who had given her hope where she'd had none. Looking at her hand still setting in his she decided to be a tad bit bold, just this once. "Can I have my hand back, Nathaniel-San?"

She realized being bold was a mistake when he smiled a teasing smile back at her. "I don't know, Inko-chan. It's a very nice hand. I might keep it."

Her face erupts into the tomato like visage she'd had before and after that stupidly nice sounding chuckle of his he let her hand go.

"Your little ability isn't quite like Izuku's. You're not at peak human level but more of a very fit human level. Some of your friends and neighbors might think it were weird if you suddenly had bulging biceps, no? Though I did still give you unlimited stamina. You have a toddler to keep up with after all. Now go to bed. You've had a very emotional day after inviting a strange man into your home." He says with one final teasing comment that gets him a slap on his shoulder, after which Inko waves her hand in pain.

"Stupid sexy man. Stupid rock hard muscles. Stop making me like you!" Inko thinks to herself as she sends a harmless glare at the man currently walking to her door.

"Oh, and if you ever want to see me again just shout my name really really loud. Like most men, I'll come running when a beautiful woman calls me." he finishes with a wink that makes Inko's face fire up all over again. Before she can reply he grabs his shoes and disappears. Between one blink and the next he's gone like he never even existed in the first place.

The next morning, while cooking breakfast, Inko tries not to think too hard about the dreams she had last night and the noises she'd ended up making because of them. What really helped her not think of these things is the sudden thud that came from her son's room, followed by a loud "OW", and then loud footsteps which all culminated in-

"MOM MOM MOM I THINK I GOT A QUIRK AFTER ALL!" little Izuku shouted from about a meter away from his mother. The excited look on his face and the worrying stars his eyes turned into made those thoughts of dreams pass away.

"Well seems I need to set up another appointment with the Quirk Specialist then?" she asks with a calm smile, hand on her face as she thought back to the man who made this all possible… and then her face went very red again. Dammit.

How did you like the first chapter to Endurance of the SPECIAL series? Was it good? I like to think so.

For anyone wondering Khaos is a character for another story that I haven't written yet. He's based off my idea of breaking the Worm CYOA V5 Update Gimel and seeing how powerful I could actually make a character with that while still following the rules. With some leniency in wording I could make a dummy stronk character who ends up fixing most things and then universe hopping away afterwards.

The character is a Self-Insert so he's going to act a lot like me except with all the confidence that comes with knowing that he could bitch smack the Phoenix Force from Marvel. i.e. he's an unashamed flirt who still has strong morals. If you're worried about him corrupting Inko well you maybe kinda should be. But she'll enjoy every moment of I assure you.