SPECIAL Series: Endurance

"Honestly the fact that the operating table is cold is more annoying than the scalpel. I think my nerves are healing the damage before I can even register it… or something." Izuku Midoriya speaks in a conversational tone, looking at the surgeon currently performing open surgery on him. Said surgeon deadpans at the young man as he continues his precise movements.

"Izuku, we've talked about this. Please don't talk to me as though this is a normal occurrence, it's incredibly disconcerting. I'm still getting over the fact that I'm performing organ removal surgery on a living, conscious patient instead of a dead body. I don't need conversation making it worse. If I had it my way you'd be under anesthetic at the very least." The surgeon replied, hands moving as though on autopilot, quickly severing the assorted muscles and tendons holding the boy's lungs in place before deftly removing them and placing the pair in an ice chest nearby.

The doctor then shivers as he looks into the chest cavity he'd just emptied, watching as the young man's lungs grew back right before his very eyes. In the blink of an eye the boy went from "should be dying" to "perfectly healthy". This is the third time he'd seen the young man recover from having an organ removed today and the doctor still can't get over the sight.

"But I'll get bored if I just lay here being quiet. And trust me I'd rather be under anesthetic too, but my body will burn through it near instantly, and you need me to slow down my healing so I don't just instant fuse my chest cavity back together." Izuku replies, enjoying the fact that he'd sparked some kind of conversation with the doctor. The man has, thus far, been very closed off and unwilling to talk.

The doctor looked as though he'd been struck before turning to the young man who his hands were still operating on. The doctor continued working, now moving to remove the young man's heart, while he looked at the boy. "You mean you normally heal faster than this?!" he asks incredulously.

Izuku nodded as he blushed slightly. "Only recently. The doctor described it as a Quirk Awakening. Before you could visibly see my wounds heal and I'd heal from just about anything within seconds. Then I exploded and now I heal instantly. Thus far, unless I'm holding back my healing, it'd be impossible to really hurt me unless you hurt me all at once." he replied, still embarrassed and horrified about the day of his Awakening. He gasped suddenly when he felt his heart be fully separated from his body.

The doctor's hands continued working while he stared at the boy, before eventually he sighed and turned back to his operation, deftly and gently removing the heart and placing it inside another ice chest which was quickly labeled and taken away by a waiting nurse.

There's a few long seconds of silence before the doctor speaks again, hands still working to remove Izuku's liver.

"That may be the only Quirk I've heard of that is objectively better than mine." He stated, scowling down at the internal organs of the young man. Without prompting from Izuku the doctor continued. "My Quirk is Precision and allows me to make any physical action with absolute precision and I mean absolute. It goes beyond what the average human could do or even think to do. Case in point being that I could probably remove all of the organs you're willing to donate within a few seconds, without you feeling a thing."

Izuku nearly had stars in his eyes at the sound of such an amazing Quirk. "Oh man that sounds so cool. Please do it."

The doctor can only chuckle as he looks at the young man. "I already did." He replies, nodding to the eight, now filled, chests of ice, each one with a different organ that Izuku never even felt leave his body.

After leaving the hospital with a new found respect and fear for doctors, Izuku begins his trek to Dagobah beach in order to get some more training and community service in. Who knew that massive, discarded fridges actually made for really good improvised weight training.

Hefting one such fridge into the organized trash pile Izuku starts letting his mind wander to the upcoming U.A. entrance exam. After countless hours of research, exercise, and experimentation Izuku can finally believe that he'll be prepared for the exam next week, and just in time to clean up the beach too. The only things left are the larger pieces that Izuku can't realistically carry away.

Looking out over the now mostly cleared up beach and Izuku can't help the feeling of pride that wells up inside him. This is one of his first acts as a hero and a defining moment in his hero career. A career built up on helping others, even if they didn't ask for it.

With a proud smile Izuku trots off to some of the bigger pieces of trash and sets himself back to work.

'Here it is. The gate to U.A. hero academy. My dream school and my best chance at becoming the hero I've always wanted to be.' Izuku thinks to himself with tears prickling at the edges of his eyes, looking up at the famous High school that will making him into the hero he desperately wants to be.

Taking his first steps into the gate Izuku walks into the school proper, marveling at the amazing facility and the people around him. Each one of them is a hero-hopeful applying for the best school in the country in hopes of becoming the best hero they can be. And each one of them has an incredibly interesting Quirk as well. 'that girl there has headphone jacks for earlobes and that guy's head is a speech bubble.'

before long Izuku and the rest of the students were in a massive auditorium, a gentle roar coming from the crowd as they all talk among themselves. Before long all the lights dim, save for those on a stage at the other end of the room, the crowd going silent as they wait for something to happen.

And without much waiting something does happen. A rat, bear, dog man thing comes out from behind the red curtain at the back of the stage and begins talking to the students, voice carrying across the otherwise silent room perfectly.

"My my, always so lovely to see so many prospective students, so much potential. Every year so many students show up applying for the hero course and I both love and hate it." there's a pause and some confused murmuring coming from the crowd now at the odd wording.

"I love it because I get to see so much potential, so many powerful and interesting quirks here before me. And I hate it for largely the same reason… You see, we here at U.A. only accept the best students. Those with the most potential to become amazing heroes, and there are only so many places in each hero course class. So I must send so many of you to other schools, I must crush your dreams of attending U.A. on the simple fact that I can't take you here. And for that I'm sorry." the mouse, rat, bear, dog thing takes a moment to look sad, eyes closed and head held down as he says nothing.

Again murmurs and whispers sweep through the room.

"but if you let that stop you, you were never meant to attend this school anyway. I mean, how many of you know this school's motto?"

immediately a roar of "GO BEYOND" rips through the room as several of the students cheer out the famous motto.

The rat-bear-dog-man smiles a little as he hears the famous school motto shouted back him and then he raises a paw and the room goes silent. "and how many of you know what that means?"

dead silence.

Waiting a minute and panning his eyes over the entire crowd Nezu then replies. "our school motto is go beyond, plus ultra. And its meaning is very simple. Take everything you think you can do, that you know you can do, and push past it. If you're not breaking your limits you're not working hard enough. And with that I think I'll end this little introduction. My name is Nezu, I am the principal here at U.A. and I ask all of you to go beyond, plus ultra. Thank you."

the soft spoke man-bear-dog-thing then turns around and walks back behind the curtain. As the lights in the auditorium come back on a voice begins ringing over the intercom.

"All Hero-Hopefuls please leave through the yellow door with the 'testing' sign above it, we will begin the written exam shortly."

"Holy crap that written exam actually wore me out. There were so many questions on there I wasn't ready for." Izuku mutters to himself as he comes out of the written portion of the exam, followed closely behind by many students who have much the same air to them.

"oh my gosh you too? They started talking about vertices and finding the area of a dodecahedron, and I was honestly wondering about my school choice." came a voice off to his side, a very bright splash of neon pink catching his attention.

Turning to his right Izuku finds himself next to a girl with bright pink skin and hair, little yellow horns sticking out of her messy mane of hair giving him a beaming smile. The track suit she's wearing a very neutral purple that goes well with her skin.

"right? And then every problem felt like it had a real time limit to it cause they kept making things actually situations you're likely to see as a hero. Like not only do I have to figure out how fast the water is coming into this flooding room but also how much air is left and how fast each person is using it all up. It was crazy." Izuku replied, beaming back at the girl as they made their way to the combat trials.

"right? It was insane but I guess that's what you have to expect from the best hero school in the country. Anyway I'm Mina Ashido, and I'm in combat trial group F, what about you?" she says.

"I'm Izuku Midoriya, nice to meet you Ashido-san. I'm in combat trial group C so we won't be seeing each other until after the exam." Izuku replies before they both come up to the split in the path where their groups must separate. "well seems like we've got to split up. See you in class Ashido-san."

Mina smiles wide as she takes her path and waves back at Izuku. "Thanks for believing in me. See you in class Midori-kun!" she calls before taking off, leaving poor Midoriya with a face red like roses.

With a wince Izuku pulls his fist out of the crumpled metal head of a Two-Pointer, the cuts he got from punching into the metal already healed. '36 points so far, and others are starting to slow down from getting tired. Though there are less robots. I'll have to start exploring more out of the way areas.' Izuku thinks to himself as he pushes the recently defeated Two-Pointer back to crash against the ground.

With a quick look around Izuku can only spot a couple robots remaining, too many students that could easily take them out making it near impossible to find any stragglers. With a shrug at the inconvenience Izuku begins taking off down the road, looking for more villains to fight.

Izuku nearly passes a guy who seems to be having trouble, another hero hopeful with vibrantly purple hair that seems to stand straight up of its own accord. The trouble he seems to be having is not being able to take out the three One-Pointer robots that have ganged up on him, slowly pushing the guy into a corner.

Immediately Izuku jumps into action, smashing into the wheel of one of the robots so it topples to the ground, unable to move. Without taking a moment to pause Izuku continues, grabbing and redirecting the swinging arm of another bot into the wheel of the third one, again bringing it down but not actually defeating it. With the arm of the second and only standing bot stuck in a wheel he makes a fist and smashes it into the elbow joint of its remaining arm, severing the arm and making the robot basically useless.

"Hey man you okay?" Izuku asks, turning to the startled face of the purple haired boy he'd been helping. The boy seems stunned and unable to answer, and Izuku doesn't have time for that. Handing over the severed arm, which the boy seems moderately able to lift with one arm, he leaves the purple haired boy with this statement. "Hey man, if your Quirk won't work on robots or isn't good for fighting you've gotta do something else." at this the purple hair boy scowls and is about to speak before Izuku interrupts him and continues on. "try using that arm as a weapon or something. That should get you some more points." Izuku finishes before he starts running away, heading further down the road and more away from everyone else. "anyway see ya." he calls back as he leaves.

"Alright! 53 points so far. I knew coming to the edge of the town would help." Izuku says to himself as he pulled away from the smashed robots around him. With no one else around and a small herd of various robots in the area Izuku was able to quickly farm up some points.

Just as the boy was about to run off and find more robots to fight with his limitless energy he's stopped by the violent and abrupt collapse of a building back in the center of town. Immediately Izuku starts sprinting that way, looking for people who may need his help.

In a few quick minutes Izuku is back in the center of town, just in time to see a massive robot, what must be the Zero-Pointer marching along through the area and causing wanton destruction. And he's also able to see another student hobble away, unable to move quickly thanks to their ankle being bent at an improper angle.

Even from here Izuku can see the guy trying his damnedest to get out of the rampaging robot, but even as the engines in his calf sputter he just can't move well enough to get out of the way.

Without hesitation Izuku bolts forward pushing himself harder than he ever had before, moving as quickly as he can hoping, begging, and demanding that he get there quick enough.

The massive foot of the robot looms overhead, slowly and quickly coming down on towards one Tenya Iida in equal measure. 6 meters, 5 meters, 4 meters. It's coming down too fast and it's almost on the boy now. Silently Iida prays to those above, asks forgiveness from his family for never having made it as a hero, and cussing this school to hell and back.

And then suddenly he's struck from the side, moving out of the path of the giant mechanical foot as he's roughly pushed out of the way of his doom. The last thing Iida sees before the foot comes down is the boldly smiling face of his rescuer, their hand shifting to a thumbs up before the foot of the giant robot stops in mid air, milliseconds from having smashed the boy that had saved him.

"TIME'S UP!" Present Mic screams into the mic, unaware of the course of actions that just happened before him.

In the observation room for this little event several pairs of eyes glare at one man wearing what appears to be the bucket from a front end loader for a helmet, The Mechanical Hero, Power Loader. The only noticeable exceptions being the pair of glowing red eyes that are burning into the absolutely black eyes of the principle, who is casually sipping tea.

"want to explain to the rest of us why you let that boy think his life was actually in danger, and LET ANOTHER CHILD WILLINGLY RISK THEIR LIFE TO SAVE SAID BOY?!" Aizawa asks, voice getting heated at the tail end of his statement, his black hair standing up in the air with the full effect of his Quirk active, dry eye be damned.

The attentions of everyone in the room shifted away from Power Loader, who allowed himself a quiet sight of relief before he too shift his attention to the gathered group.

Principal Nezu showed no outward sign of worry as he sipped his tea, simply enjoying the moment. After said moment he replies. "While it went much further than I wanted it to I simply did things to test that one boy whom saved the other, Izuku Midoriya. He has an incredible healing ability that would have allowed him to survive should he have actually been stomped on, though I never would do such a thing." Nezu looks to the staff assembled around him, gauging their reactions. Most of them backed down, seemingly satisfied with his little test, while Aizawa seemed annoyed with things.

'hmm, going to have to throw him a bone here.' Nezu thinks to himself as he sees the dissatisfaction in the room. "With recent happenings as they are I'm finally willing to admit you're right Aizawa, it is time we change the entrance exams, one to have a larger variety of useful quirks actually being useful and two to make sure nothing like this happens again. I'll take any ideas you have on the subject." Nezu replies, looking back into Aizawa's eyes as the man stares at him the hero breaks away, a small smile on his face.

"With that out of the way I think it's time we start going over the footage and assigning points." Nezu states to the rest of the staff who nod and go back to looking at the monitors, while Nezu stares at one, with a peculiar green haired boy with a peculiar Quirk.