A/N: I dreamt of this and thought to write it up. It could be a one-off thing or a story; I cannot say. Either way, please enjoy this rough draft of Dragon's Ballad.

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Summary: A wish upon the Mother Star was all it took to flip Velkhana's world upside down. She had exactly one year to learn about the hunters. One year to realize her purpose and question everything as she came to know it.

Chapter 1

The Mother Star twinkled brightly alongside her dotted brethren, weaved into an ocean of diamonds in the heavens above. The lonesome star shimmered, glittered and shone. Those who gazed upon the Mother Star would often close their eyes and pressed their palms in prayer, whispering their deepest thoughts and desires to her. Thoughts tumbled through their mind, fishing out their innermost desire for the Mother Star to hear and perhaps, grant their wish.

While most humans were the ones who wished upon a star, there was one magnificent beast cloaked in ice that did the same. Velkhana, empress of the ice-ridden hinterlands gazed upon the star. Her golden orbs watched it twinkle in the distance. The empress relaxed, shoulders ironed out, and tail pressed against the snow-covered landscape. A silent, chilly breath escaped her fanged maw, perhaps in annoyance or for the sake of it. Her mind fluttered to the new invaders who arrived on her sacred land sometime go. These things established a large, functioning camp down south with strange contraptions dotting the area. Velkhana observed them from a safe distance.

Her reptilian gazed hopped from human to human, trying to understand what these things walking on two legs; they dressed in layered clothing and each one of them came fitted with shiny metal. Her dreams pieced together like a jigsaw, showing the dragon a bustling landscape filled with humans, writhing across it. One of the humans stood out. Her mind managed to conjure the man with coffee-colored skin, short silver hair, and light scars etched across his face. His expression, stern as stone with arms folded across his chest.

He was dangerous. He was a threat and one day, he'd instruct his minions to end her life.

A soft growl rolled out of her mouth, displeased by the images. The ice dragon rested her head over her crossed paws. She knew tomorrow was a new day to engage in combat with those pesky two-legged things, holding pointy things. She huffed and drifted off to the land of slumber.