The War of the Ages. The war that has lasted hundreds of years and shall last hundreds more. A war of warriors. A war of cowards. A war of glory. A war of honor. A war that has given rise to many mighty men and women, and feld many more. But a select few stood out from the rest. A Knight of Ashfeld, labeled worthy for holding an entire Castle with nothing more than his armor and weapon against a horde of enemies. A Viking of Valkenheim, labeled worthy for slaying the mighty Jormungandr. And a Samurai of the Mire, labeled worthy for hunting the Oni to extinction.

Each and every one selected by a cosmic force to partake in a never ending adventure. Each to be thrust to another world and conquer it as their own. To rule it from its beginning to its end. But a fourth was sent as well, a man, nay, a demon in human form, who has committed unspeakable evils and had been sentenced to death. A man so evil the three warriors banded together and imprisoned him in an iron coffin, guarded so as to never be released again.

And after years of fighting each other, they grew tired. Tired of a battle that would never end. And so, to never again run the risk of a war like the one from their home, the Viking cut himself off from the world, never again leaving his home for any reason. The Samurai made his home atop the highest peak in all of Remnant, as the mortals had begun calling it, and began training those he deemed worthy of his tutelage. And the Knight guarded the tomb of the Demon, leaving only to pass judgement on those power hungry leaders who would risk another hundred year war.

What was once seen as a blessing was now a curse. Unable to die, the Knight was forced into an eternity of servitude as the Demon's warden, the Viking unable to enter Valhalla with the other great warriors, and the Samurai unable to find inner peace. And so they remain, until the life of the world comes to an end.

Beacon had fallen. The Grimm and White Fang had overrun the Academy along with the surrounding city. And Ozpin had perished like so many others. Another digit for the history books. But it was not entirely in vain, as he had a backup plan, as he always did. For should Beacon fall, which it undoubtedly had, he had sent automated instructions to those within his inner circle. Seek out these three powerful warriors. Connected to the messages were coordinates for each of them. The orders didn't go into specifics. After meeting and conversing, they agreed on who would go where.

After healing their wounds, or as much as one can heal after losing a limb and a friend, they agreed that RWBY would seek out this Viking who resided deep in the Atlesian wilderness, isolated from all civilization. What was left of JNPR would visit Menagerie to speak with this Samurai who lived atop the Mountain of Souls. And Qrow, being the most experienced fighter among them, would visit the Knight alone. And so they set about on their quest, to request aid from the warriors, and hope they could destroy Salem.

RWBY had just touched down and exited the Bullhead, deep in the forest that covered Atlas. They had volunteered to seek out the Viking, Forn was his name, and ask, no, beg, that he help them in their war against Salem. Yang was still getting used to her new arm, so the others were doing more of the fighting when they came across Grimm. Then they came across the first hint of people. Chopped down trees. They continued further in, coming across more and more tree stumps, until they found a log cabin in a clearing. There was no smoke coming from the chimney, so there likely wasn't anyone home.

"Should we go inside?" Blake asked, wanting to see if their potential ally had left any clue as to where he had gone.

"I'm not sure that's a good idea." Ruby began. She didn't want to anger this man, and risk ruining any chance they had of making him an ally. But Yang, ever the voice of reason, decided to enter anyway. She went up to the door and knocked on it hard with her prosthetic, causing the wood to splinter, but the door held firm.

"HELLO?!" She yelled, hoping he would just be inside. There was no response. She opened the door, as there was no lock, and went inside, as did the others, though Rose did so reluctantly. They looked around. There was some basic furniture, some chairs in front of the fireplace, which was cold, a table with chairs, probably for eating, and a furnace for cooking food at the back. There were two other rooms, one was locked, the only one to even have one, and a bedroom with a large bed and, oddly enough, no windows. But none of that was what caught their eye. What interested them was the fact that the walls were covered in furs, pelts, horns and antlers, all kinds of hunting trophies. And over the fire mantle was the mounted head of a truly massive bear. It was bigger than Ruby herself.

"How did he manage to kill this? I don't see any weapons here." Weiss asked, inspecting the trophy further. It was very intimidating.

"Maybe he-" Blake started.

"I killed it with my bare hands." They heard a voice at the front door. The girls whirled around and saw a beast of a man standing in the doorway. His skin was white as snow, his eyes blue as ice, and he looked bigger than Yatsuhashi. He was bald, his brown beard reaching past his chest was braided, with an iron ring holding it so. He was wearing nothing but a pair of pants and shoes, showing off his huge muscles. The girls had to fight to maintain eye contact. He had a log under his arm and a simple ax propped on his shoulder, but he looked ready to use it on them. He had an angry look in his eyes.

"Tell me why you are here or none of you will be leaving." He spoke in a deep voice filled with barely controlled rage. He did not care if they were young. If they did not explain themselves he would end them now. He saw the locked door had remained closed. He didn't have to kill them since they didn't see, but if they were thieves, they would die.

"W-we were sent be our headmaster, Professor Ozpin, to find you after Beacon fell, and ask if you would help us." Ruby tried defusing the situation. Forn's anger was replaced by curiosity.

"Ozpin? Is that what he calls himself these days?" Forn asked, relaxing a little, but still angry at them for intruding on his home. "How is the man these days? Headmaster of a Hunter School I assume?"

"He's dead." Blake said somberly. To their shock and irritation, he just laughed.

"Oh, I can guarantee you he's not dead." He went inside, pushing past the girls, and tossing the log into the fireplace. "But you said you needed me to help you with something. It's a no, but let me hear it. Maybe you can tug at my heartstrings enough to gain my sympathy." He grabbed a stone and began striking it with the ax, trying to light the log.

"We need your help in a war." Ruby said. Forn paused, before striking the stone one final time, lighting a fire. He stood up and looked at them.

"What kind of war?" He asked with a strange seriousness.

"We need help with the Grimm." Yang said with determination. Forn stared at them with a deadpan expression before bursting out laughing. He almost keeled over.

"You… you came to me, because you can't do your jobs?" He started laughing harder, having to sit down. Yang was angry now. He had just laughed in their faces to their plea for help.

"Who do you think you are?! We didn't go through almost the entire forest just to get laughed off. So how about we help you, or I punch you through the wall, no matter how powerful Ozpin thought you were!" Forn stopped laughing and stood up, standing right up to her, showing their significant size difference.

"No. I will not help in your pitiful war. That is not my job, that is your job. Now leave me be." He said sternly. Yang had had enough, and went to punch him in the face with her iron fist. He caught it with ease, and began to squeeze, warping the metal. He glared at her with barely concealed anger.

"You break into MY home, poke around through MY things, demand ME to partake in your pathetic war, then try to fight me when I say no? I will say this once more." He'd almost completely crushed the metal by this point.

"Leave. My. Home. Or I will tear your other arm off and hang you from a tree with your tendons." He grabbed her other arm and started squeezing that as well, her Aura already starting to give under his immense strength. She started desperately trying to get away from him, but his grip was like iron.

"Alright!" Ruby yelled, not wanting to see her sister lose her other arm. "We're sorry for bo-"

"Wait." Blake spoke up.

"What?" Forn said impatiently.

"I hear something." She looked outside and saw a Bullhead on the horizon.

"That's strange, there aren't supposed to be any Atlas soldiers helping us with this." Weiss said, suspicious.

"That's because they aren't Atlas." Blake thought they were White Fang.

"Stay outside." Forn said, turning towards the locked door.


"Do. It." He ordered them. They reluctantly went outside and watched as the Bullhead drew closer. After a few minutes, it touched down, and a dozen White Fang exited, all with mechashift weapons. They were former Hunters.

"Surrender and we'll make your deaths quick." The biggest one threatened. RWBY couldn't stand against them, not alone. They got ready to fight, when the door behind them opened, and out walked Forn with his gear. He wore a pair of black pants with yellow vertical stripes and leather boots, with a skirt made of leather scales with a metal stud in each one. Though he was still largely bare chested, he had a leather strap over his chest, a leather pauldron with metal studs embedded in it on his left shoulder, along with leather armour along his arm. He had a silver pelt draped over his right shoulder. And he had a metal helmet with gold highlights. But what struck them was the real skull with metal plating being used as a faceplate. It imposed a terrifying presence on the White Fang.

He had his two hands gripped on a large Dane Ax. The shaft was gold with blue and red patterns throughout. The pommel was a metal spike with gold highlights. And the head had the head of a snake with its mouth open in a silent roar, with a large blade sprouting from it. It looked extremely sharp and lethal.

"And who's this guy? A human hermit living in the middle of the woods?" The leader laughed, though the others laughed nervously. There was something about him.

"I'll give you one warning. Leave my home, or I will kill you." Forn staighted. It didn't sound like a threat, it sounded like a fact.

The leader snickered in amusement, before unsheathing a wicked looking katana from his back. He then charged at Forn with lightning speed, aiming to skewer him. When the blade impacted Thorn's chest, nothing happened. The blade wouldn't pierce the skin, no matter how hard he psyched. He was so shocked, he didn't notice the ax that was descending down on him. When it struck, it hit with such force it shattered his Aura without trouble and lodged itself in his shoulder. He began to scream in pain before Forn pulled out his blade and slammed the pommel into the leader's face, shattering his mask and his nose. As he was writhing on the ground, Forn brought his weapon down on his gut, reducing the leader's cries of pain to choked gurgles, before ripping his ax out, ending his life. He picked up the dead Faunus's weapon, examined it, then tossed it to the side. He turned his attention to the other WF.

"Valhalla!" He bellowed before charging them with no hesitation. The others charged him in return, intent on claiming revenge for their fallen comrade. Said comrade seemed to be the only one with Aura, however, as the others fell easily. The first had his head taken off by a vicious swing, his body stumbling for a moment before collapsing. The second took the ax to the chest, Forn spinning him around before launching him into a group of Faunus. The rest were slaughtered like the animals they were, they're blows not even fazing him. The pilot saw that they weren't going to win, and so opted to run away like a coward. Forn wasn't having any of that.

After ripping his ax from the head of one of his enemies, he quickly started running to the bullhead. He embedded his ax into the side to ensure he wouldn't fall, and ripped the door open. He kicked the door to the cockpit off its hinges before grabbing the pilot and throwing him out the windshield, causing the aircraft to crash, with him inside. RWBY thought he had died, but were shocked to see him tear his way out of the wreckage, not a scratch on him, ignoring the scars that were already on him. He immediately went and inspected one of the bodies.

"Who were these people?" He asked them without turning around.

"T-they were White Fang." Blake answered, horrified by what she just witnessed. "You didn't have to kill them." She said, growing a little angry. Sure they were bad, but they didn't deserve to die. They could've just subdued them and turned them over to the authorities.

"They invaded my home and threatened me. Be glad I made their deaths as fast as I did."

As he said this, he noticed one of the Faunus that hadn't died trying to crawl away. She was missing a leg. Ruby noticed as well, and quickly blocked Forn's path to her.

"Stop." She said sternly. He just grumbled annoyed and pushed her aside. He rolled the Faunus girl onto her back before picking her up by her neck. He then pinned her against a tree and held his ax against her throat. He sliced her mask off without hurting her. She grasped at his arm with one hand while staring at him with intense fear in her eyes.

"Who sent you here and where are they?" Forn interrogated. She responded by spitting on his mask, a mixture of blood and saliva. He responded by slicing her other leg off, causing her to scream in pain.

"You have two more limbs, you want to use them as well?"

"Ok, ok!" She pleaded. "His name is Adam Taurus. I don't know where he is but I have the coordinates to the base we came from in my pocket."

True to her word, in her left pocket was was a note the coordinates, along with a map with a message.

"In case you dumbasses get lost." He read aloud, snickering to himself.

"You'll let me go now, right?" She begged.

He cut her throat after she said that. He read the coordinates, glad that he had taken Ozma's offer to teach him how to read them. He realized it was very close to a relatively nearby village. He ignored the girls asking him why he killed the woman, and started walking towards the base. None would survive, and he would find whoever this "Adam Taurus" was, and he would hang him from the Yggdrasil himself.