~ You're a Piece of Art ~

"Paint me like one of your French girls," Klavier joked, sprawling out across the couch in a mockery of the iconic pose from the movie he was referencing.

"You got it, Klavy!" Larry replied, giving an overly enthusiastic thumbs-up before he started making a sketch of his boyfriend.

"Wait," Klavier protested. "Let me get my guitar."

He got up and fetched the instrument, then returned to the couch where he took up his former position - adjusted slightly for the addition of the guitar, so that he could tinker with the composition of a new song while posing.

By the end of the day, neither the song nor the painting were finished, but each of the artists had gotten a good start on his own project, and if they were lucky they'd have them finished in time to gift to each other for Valentine's Day.