Jai Wilcox was excited. He finally got Annie to agree to leave with him. He would get her all to himself. He could see her from inside the diner as he walked to his car. Her graceful form making his body want to act on his more primal instincts. He shook his head to get control of his hormonal thoughts. That is not why he had asked her to go on a drive with him. He had important information to tell her.

He opened the door of his car, climbed in, and buckled his seat belt. He couldn't help himself, he stole another look at the blonde beauty. She went back to the table they'd been sitting at previously. She must have left her umbrella.

He turned his ignition on. He wondered how long it would take Annie to come outside. He smiled as he thought of Annie. Maybe he still would have a chance with her. He would never find out though, because the second after he turned the ignition on, he exploded with his car.