This fic was written before any of the s4 eps had aired. Set sometime during s4.

A Moment

The effects of the ZIP-poisoning were becoming more acute as time progressed. They had made some progress in searching for the cure, but not without a cost: Jane had started to get episodes of debilitating headaches that drove even her to her knees more and more frequently. Regular painkillers no longer worked, all she could do when the headache hit was to try stay very still and hope it would be short episode and not a couple of hours like the worst ones.

This time, it had hit her at home. It was the middle of the day, but the blinds were drawn and their bedroom was dark. Jane was lying on the bed, her head on Kurt's chest as he leaned against the headboard with her nestled in his arms.

Her head felt like someone was trying to saw her skull in half like a piece of timber. She tried to focus on Kurt's soothing touch as he ran his hand through her hair and placed the occasional kiss on the top of her head. Jane couldn't help an involuntary groan from escaping as another strong jolt of pain stole her breath. She pressed herself even deeper into Kurt's side and felt him tighten his arm around her back reassuringly.

"Jane," he whispered after a moment, his voice laced with concern.

She opened her eyes slowly and turned her head slightly so she could see him. "Hmm?"

Kurt locked eyes with her as he caressed her cheek tenderly. "Are you sure you wouldn't take the Oxycontin?" His tone was soft and almost pleading.

His worried look tore at her heart. The opiate was the only painkiller that seemed to ease Jane's pain at times. She closed her eyes for a moment, before casting another loving look at Kurt and speaking just as softly. "No. It makes me feel nauseous. And besides, this will probably pass before it takes effect."

Her reply was candid, but as the symptoms progressed they had noticed there was no sense in hiding things. Kurt had always been the more open one in their relationship emotionally but with no telling how much time they had left together, Jane had realized there was no sense in trying to hide things. They needed each other, now more than ever, to fight this.

Kurt kissed her forehead, murmuring his reply against her. "Okay. I just hate seeing you in pain...I love you."

"I love you, too." She lay her head back on his chest, trembling as the pain assaulted her again. "Just hold me."

Jane felt Kurt pull her flush against him, his arms cradling her protectively.

"I've got you. Close your eyes, my loveā€¦.I've got you."

Gradually the pain eased, exhaustion engulfed Jane's body and she fell asleep, soothed by Kurt's touch and the sound of his steady heartbeat.