On Silent Wing

By Noctus Fury




On silent wing our gizzards sing
At the coming of the night,
Over Forest lush and twilight hush,
The moon ascends, glowing bright.

As we fly through darkened sky
To find some wayward prey,
The winds are cool o'er River Hoole
As it goes about its way.

The wind has found a wayward sound —
A clue for me to track!
I separate from my dear mate
Towards my chicks' future snack.

When I find my catch, my talons latch,
And my prey bears the brunt,
With its last breath it meets Death,
Bringing an end to my hunt.

I soon reunite at aging night
With my beloved mate;
With talons full our gizzards pull
To where our owlets wait.

As we return we then turn
To our fir tree hollow,
Our chicks three cry their pleas
For tweener to swallow.

On silent wing our gizzards sing
As the night lingers on,
O'er Tyto Forest and hollowed nest
Until the moon is gone.




Author's Note:

Well met, fellow Guardians! Here's another poem for you. This is themed to be a Tytonic "fireside" poem, or a poem that focuses on the home life of any owl living in the Forest Kingdom of Tyto. I aim to write more poems like this. And just poems in general until I can get a one-shot or something going. I'm debating on whether to have my OC be the one who's written this poem, have Noctus (Soren and Kludd's father), or have it be an old traditional poem written by a poet from a past age. What do you think?

Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed this poem and I hope that you'll stick around for future installments.

Glaux Bless!

— Noctusryb