Kate's POV:

Five months ago:

It was a gorgeous day. The leaves were all sorts of colors. The sunset was on the horizon, all different types of color, orange, red, and even purple. I was walking will Lilly through the trees, trying to show her how to hunt.

"Now Lilly, do you see that deer. Watch what I do when I hunt. That's the best way to learn." I told her. I hid in the tall grass, waiting for it to expose its neck. When it did, I was about to lunge after it, until I noticed it was alarmed, but not by me, but by something else.

"Aren't you going to get it?" Lilly asked.

"Shh!" I said just as a loud bang echoed throughout the forest. The deer dropped as a large man with a rifle appeared out of the bushes.

"Who is he?" Lilly asked just when i shushed her again.

"A Hunter, there must be more of them. Go back to the pack and warn everyone about the hunters." I told Lilly, "I'll scare this one off." I said as I crept up to him. I cleared out my throat and let out a low growl. I came out of the grass and he turned around.

He clenched his rifle to his chest as he backed up slowly. I jumped at him, my jaw wide open. BANG! I hear a loud noise and feel a pain in my side. I flew to the side of the hunter. I find the strength to look up and I see another hunter walk by me with a pistol.

"You idiot, if don't be afraid to pull the trigger. Now let's go before we attract any attention," he says as they get in the truck and drive off.

I collapsed as I saw my blood leave my body. The last thing I saw before I lost consciousness was Lilly, I looked her dead in the eyes. Her face was in shock and she was horrified at what she just saw. "Kate!"

Present Day:

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