Six months ago a tragedy struck, Kates's death leads Humphrey into a depressing state. After half a year, he decided to pick himself up and troll around the pack after he had the recurring dream about her death, which lead him to believe there is more that he has yet to uncover.

Chapter 4:

Humphrey POV:

I and Lilly were walking near the edge of the pack when we were stopped by Candu, the pack perimeter guard.

"Hey, Humphrey! Where are you two going?" He asked, we obviously couldn't tell him where we were actually going, he'd never allowed it.

"We thought we' d get away for a few days. You know, check out the country." I said.

"What, are you two together now?" He said, probably jokingly. Lilly was about to say something when i covered her mouth with my paw.

"Yeah, i figured that i needed to get out there!" i said, lying, my heart belonged to Kate, and only Kate. But telling him we were together would lessen the chance of him following.

"Get out there?" he repeated, "with your sister-in-law?" I bit my tongue.

"Um-hm." I nodded in agreement.

"Ok," he said uneasily as he let us leave.

"What was that for?!" she whispered angrily.

"We could risk him following us. He's like you, he wouldn't want me going to the place of her death. I needed a way for him not to follow. A couple getting away for some alone time was the best i could think of and i couldn't risk you blabbing to him." I said as we continued walking.

"Well, we better find shelter soon, looks like a storm is on its way." She said as she pointed to the grey clouds in the distance.

"That looks pretty far away though, i bet if we keep heading north, the strong will pass behind us and we won't even get hit." I rebuttal

"Looks can be deceiving, i bet that storm will hit us at sunset. It won't matter how fast we run but it'll hit us before we get there." She stated.

"Let's keep going, if it hits us, we will take cover," I say as we continued.

Candu's POV:

I trotted on to Winston's den, I just had the strangest interaction with Humphrey.

"Candu? What are you doing here?" He implored.

"I just ran into Humphrey and Lilly, you never said they were dating," I replied.

"Their what?!" Eve stated.

"Now just... there not dating, or i don't think so. Why do you say?"

"I ran into them at the border, that's what Humphrey said," I explained to him.

"Oh, i know what he's doing. I didn't want him to go but he left before i could say anything."

"Go where?" I ask.

"To her grave. I need you to follow him and report back him back to me."

"Will do!" I said as i left.

"Better hurry looks like a storm is coming."

Humphreys POV:

A couple of hours has passed since we ran into Candu, I and Lilly haven't spoken much since we left. I was beginning to think leaving was a bad idea. However, in my gut, I felt like it was too late to turn back now.

There was a full moon tonight, this was usually the night that I and Kate would go out and have a nice time. However, things are different now. I am the pack's leader and I sure not acting like it. I have Winston watch my kids while I sit in my den all day. The day i do leave, I leave the pack completely. I now think to myself, should I even return.

"Humphrey!" I hear Lilly shout, cutting me from my train of thought.

"huh?" I replied.

"Didn't you hear me?" She asks.

"No?" I confessed. "What?"

"It's starting to rain, we should take cover and rest for the night." She said.

"Ok, you go find us a den, I have something I must do first." I simply responded. She left and I made my way up to a nearby hill and stared at the moon.

It was beautiful tonight. There was a ring around it, it shined down on us, lighting our path. Without thinking, I leaned my head back and howled.

To most people, a howl is an annoying thing dogs and wolves do; however, to a wolf, it's a symbol. It can mean happiness, it can mean sadness, it means hope, it a poem, but most importantly, it means to love.

As I howled into the night sky, I let all my emotions go. and in the middle of my howl, I lost control and I blacked out.


I felt lost...

I was lost...

I look around... but all I could see was darkness. There was a light, I couldn't help but head toward it and once I reached it, it was Kate, but she was young.

"Hey!" She said. "Follow me!" She said... then she vanished.

I walked around in the darkness looking for her, I tried to speak but was unable to do so.

I couldn't see her, but I could hear her voice.

"Follow me!"

"My names Kate what's yours?"

"My father is this way, come on!" Winston appears In front of me.

"I know your Kates friend, Humphrey, but by spring, she'll be a trained Alpha." He said as he disappeared.

Where ever I was at, it showed me key moments of my and later trip to Idaho. From when we were shot from up until I saved her from the stampede. After she leans into me hear and whispered, "I love you." The room went black, as Kate walked up to me.

"Humphrey, I've missed you, " She says as she runs up and nuzzled me. I could now speak.

"Are you Kate or just another memory?"

"It's me Humphrey, but listen, you have to move on." She replied.


"Humphrey, you're... you're like a bird in a cage, a cage that needs a key. They key you're looking for, is the truth, once you find the truth, you will be set free," she said, and when she said free, the room lit up.

"The truth? What do you mean the truth?" I said as she started to fade away.

"Follow your path." Was all she said.

"If only that hunter wasn't there you'd still be with me today!" I shouted at her and right before she disappeared she said:

"Hunter? What hunter?"


I woke up and looked around, the trees looked dead, drenched with rain. The ground was wet and soggy. It was just then i realized that it was morning, i had to find Lilly.

I walked to the last place I saw her to see if I could pick up her scent. It wasn't long before i found her huddled up by a rock. She looked soaked. I walked up to her and nudged her side, hoping she'd moved.

She spun around and we made eye contact, she let out a sigh of relief.

"Humphrey." She said as she hugged me. Her fur was madded and a mess, she had tired red eyes.

"What's wrong?" I asked which was clearly a mistake. She shoved me back and started to speak angrily.

"What's wrong?!" She started. "When i left to find us a place to sleep, i could find any unoccupied den. I return to see if you found a place but you just up and left. I thought something happened to you, i heard your howl and it seemed like right in the middle of it you were cut off! But here you are, untouched and unharmed."

"Lilly, i..." I tried to reason with her, but she cut me off.

"No Humphrey! You left me here in what was one of the worst storms to ever hit jasper. You didn't even check on me, I was scared, Humphrey!" She continued with tears now in her eyes. "You're our pack leader, but you have no clue on how to lead! In sorry to say this but your wife died, and since that you've acted as you died too. What happened? Sure, you guys might have been in love since you locked eyes with her but I'M HER SISTER! I watched her die, it was only a month later garth did the same." She took a breath and paused, I have never seen her like this. We shouldn't have come here.

"I know you humphrey, but the pack dosn't. We need a leader, and right now your the best thing we have." She stood up, dried her tears, and started to walk off. "Now get your ass up and when we get back you watch your own damn pups and act like the leader you truly are."

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