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Disclaimer 2: This fic is my third response to a challenge issued by Flowerprincess11. It's based on another alternate ending to her fanfic "The Many Dates of Danny Fenton".

After the Dates: Danny and Barbara

Chapter 1: The Bat and the Phantom

"Barbara, are you sure you're still going with it?" Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon asked his daughter. "What if you meet some creep who doesn't take rejection well?"

"I'll just put my martial arts training into practice, Dad." Barbara Gordon answered.

"Princess, you're good but you're not Batgirl." The Commissioner commented.

Barbara laughed and then checked on her computer to find out who she's going to meet that day.

Name: D-Fenton

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Height: 5''4'

Weight: 120 lbs

Star Sign: Aries

Hometown: Amity Park, USA

Physical Description: Average 14 year old Caucasian boy with black hair and blue eyes and a slim built.

"Slim?" Detective Bullock asked. "Probably a skinny boy who'll be even more intimidated by her than the boy at the donut shop yesterday."

"Ron didn't get intimidated." Barbara protested. "Okay, he was a little but actually took it well. The real issue was his reaction when I told him what I think of Bueno Nacho. I never thought someone could love that Mexican food imitation to that point." She then resumed reading Danny's file.

Personality: Simple, easygoing teenage boy just interested in getting to know someone who shares my interests.

Likes and Interests: Bowling, listening to rock music, particularly Dumpty Humpty …Astrology and NASA …Video games, telling jokes, animals, especially dogs…nice, peaceful days…

Type of person I wish to date: I am looking for a smart, friendly, independent girl who likes animals, has a nice sense of humor and likes listening to music

"Peaceful days?" The Commissioner scoffed at the idea. "Good luck trying to find any in Gotham."

"Ha ha." She sarcastically replied and then left.

"Do you want a ride?" Her father asked.

"No, thanks." She said. "It's one thing if my dates are intimidated by my martial arts but it's another if one is intimidated by seeing me in a police car."

"But what if you're late?" Her father asked.

"Dad, we're meeting at Pedro's Bistro and my date is coming from out of town." Barbara argued. "If someone is going to be late, it's him." She unknowingly jinxed herself.

"Commish, do you want me to have my break near their meeting point again?" Bullock whispered to the Commissioner.

"It's no fault of mine if you listen to my recommendations, Bullock." He replied.

'If at least all boys wanted to try donut shops.' Bullock wondered. 'It seems only the weird ones want that.'

While walking to Pedro's Bistro, Barbara was having similar thoughts. 'I hope D-Fenton doesn't want to go to any donut shops. There are only so many times I can chance with Bullock in one during a date until I stop suspecting it's a coincidence.'

A mugger tried to steal her purse but she quickly kicked him and he fled. She then arrived and, to her surprise, a boy matching D-Fenton's description and wearing a heart sticker was already waiting for her.

"Excuse me but you wouldn't happen to be Barbara G…" Danny asked her.

"Yes I am, you must be D-Fenton?..." She said in reply.

"You can call me Danny…Danny Fenton…"

"You can call me Barbara…Barbara Gordon…"

Danny smiled and then gave her some flowers, which she liked.

They then walked inside the restaurant and started their date. Once seated, they started talking about them while waiting for each other. "I was born and grew up here in Amity Park…I go to Casper High school, I'm a freshman and I really like NASA, video games, bowling and astronomy… What about you?..."

"I live here in Gotham City with my father James Gordon…He's the police commissionaire by the way… I got to go to Gotham High…I like hanging out with my friends, music and practicing my gymnastics and martial arts in my spare time…'

'So what kind of martial arts do you take?...'

"Kung Fu, Judo and a little karate, though I am still in training…"Barbara said and liked how Danny smiled at that.


"I take it you're not intimidated…'Barbara teasingly commented.

"Please, the way I see it, the more a girl knows how to handle herself, the better…'Danny said and Barbara liked his answer.

After the waiter brought Danny's pasta and Barbara's shrimp salad, They spent the next 20 minutes eating, talking about their interests and even telling jokes.

"So, this guy runs inside, all frantic and says "Doctor, doctor, what's wrong with me?" and you know what the doctor says?...'Danny started his joke.


"You need glasses since this is a restaurant…'Barbara giggled at the joke. Both her and Danny were relaxing until they heard security alarms from a nearby jewelry store.

"Oh my word…their robbing the jewelry store…Danny, stay here, I'm going to find a payphone and call the cops…'

"Yes, sure…good idea…'Danny replied as she left.

After donning her Batgirl costume, Barbara went after the robbers and found Poison Ivy and Harley, who seemed to be facing some flying boy she never saw before. As Harley and the boy were about to engage in a fight, Batgirl decided to toss a Batarang to stop them.

"What…?"The boy exclaimed.

"Bat-Girl…"Ivy said in anger.

"Poison Ivy, Harley…It's been a while, I haven't seen you two since me and Batman sent you guys to Arkham last month…"Batgirl said with her arms crossed.

Poison Ivy joked about she and Harley needing a little girls night out while Harley did some flips and was about to kick Batgirl, only for the clown girl to suddenly to suddenly get blasted and sent flying.

'Who are you?...'Batgirl asked upon realizing it was the flying boy who blasted Harley Quinn.

"They call me Danny Phantom, I was just visiting and I saw these troublemakers and I thought I could help…"Danny said.

Before Batgirl could say anything in reply, Poison Ivy decided she's had enough and attacked the two heroes with vines that Danny kept blasting away. Harley tried to sneak up on Batgirl, but the female vigilante did a back handed punch, stunning the clown girl and surprising Danny.

The criminal clown tried to throw a mini bomb at Batgirl, who dodged it, doing a double back-flip and landing gracefully.

Danny was so impressed he failed to pay attention and it allowed Poison Ivy to grab him with her vines. She then tried to kiss him but Danny was so creeped out by this he used his ice powers on her plants, causing her to scream. Harley was so distracted by Ivy's scream Batgirl took advantage of this and sucker punched her. Afterwards, Danny froze the rest of Poison Ivy's plants and then the two heroes used one of Batgirl's nets to tie the two criminals.

When the cops showed up to take the villainesses back to the asylum, Danny wasn't surprised to learn they're really fugitives from a funny farm. Batgirl thanked Danny for his help, commented that they're on Gotham's top ten most wanted, and said Danny would've been poisoned had Poison Ivy kissed him.

After Danny reintroduced himself and Batgirl thanked him on behalf of the Bat Family, they exchanged goodbyes and left.

Upon returning to Pedro's Bistro, Barbara saw no sign of her date and grew worried until he showed up. "There you are Danny, what happened?...'Barbara asked her date.

"I had to go to the bathroom for a moment…sorry about that…'Danny said.

Having an idea of what really happened, Barbara smiled. "Well, alright…so come on…I'm in the mood to order from the dessert menu…'Barbara said as she pulled said menu out.

After Danny paid for the bill, he and Barbara left the restaurant to see the more scenic sights of Gotham City. They went to the plaza, saw some street performers and they even took a stroll through the park, got some ice cream at Barbara's favorite little shop in the corner. Danny was having a great time with her that he was almost bummed when he had to take her home.

"I had a great with you, Barbara…'Danny said.

'I did too…so, you truly did enjoy the whole date?...'Barbara asked, sounding pretty coy.

"Yeah, I did…"Danny said with a nod, while the girl sent him a flirtatious look.

"Really?..."She said and Danny found himself feeling a little light around her due to the look that she is giving him.

"Yeah?...'Danny asked and Barbara sent him that coy look that made her look so gosh darn cute and decided it was time to check her theory.

"Even the part where Ivy and Harley shook things up…"Barbara said in the same coy tone.

"Yeah, I mean…sure that clown chick and plant lady were creepy but-…'Danny paused as he realized what he's saying and that his date figured out his secret.

"You are that white haired kid, aren't you?..."Barbara said as she grabbed his hand and Danny gulped at being caught until he figured out that, if Barbara was able to connect the dots, she had to be one of the girls there and, since the other two were sent back to Arkham…

"You…You're Batgirl?...'Danny questioned while Barbara's smirk grew wider. She then reassured him his secret was safe with her since being discreet was something bats were good at. She also rolled her eyes when Danny asked how she figured out his secret. "No offense, Danny, but come on… Danny Fenton…Danny Phantom…a little obvious…not to mention you both are from Amity Park and you and that white haired kid both showing up around the exact same time is a little too big of a coincidence, not to mention there is the height, voice and not to mention the dimples and cute smile were identical…let's just say I had a hunch…'Barbara said with a smirk.

Awed at her, Danny commented that nobody back home ever figured it out, especially that quickly. They reassured each other neither would reveal the other's secret and Barbara kissed him on the cheek, not as a way to thank him, but because she felt like doing it. Danny then returned to Amity Park.

"I see through your smile you enjoyed your date, Barbara." Commissioner Gordon commented once she entered their home.

"I sure did, Dad." She replied.

"You and this D-Fenton ate at Pedro's Bistro, right?" He asked with a slightly worried tone.

"His name is Danny and yes, Dad. We did." Barbara answered. "What's wrong?"

"Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy robbed a jewelry store near the bistro." Her father explained.

"Don't worry, Dad." Barbara reassured the Commissioner. "They didn't get in the restaurant."

"Phew." Commissioner Gordon said. "So, did Danny Fenton misbehave in any way?"

"Not at all, Dad." She answered. "In fact, he's now the most likely to be my chosen boy."

"Does that mean you'll stop meeting new boys?" Her father hopefully asked.

"Well, I suppose I'm still going to meet them out of fairness." She replied. "Even if I don't meet anyone better, there's also the possibility he doesn't choose me."

"Not a chance." The Commissioner said. "Not if he's smart." She hugged him.

End chapter.

Author's note: This version of Barbara Gordon isn't restricted to just one canonical version of her.

Author's note 2: The bold text during the date is flowerprincess11's text. I'm showing Barbara's perspective of her first date with Danny.