Chapter 23: Phantom Planet – Part 3

"Well, that clears almost everything except for one thing." Jerry said. "Have you heard from your clone lately?"

"I haven't seen her ever since…" Danny caught himself midway. "I mean clone? I don't have a clone!"

"Then why did you speak of the hypothetical clone as a "she" instead of a "he"?" Jerry asked.

"I…" Danny was at a loss.

"Real smart, cuz." Danielle Phantom said as she phased herself in.

"I read Vlad Plasmius' files and yet I'm surprised at what I see!" Jerry exclaimed and Betty, Rick and Max nodded. "How long have you been spying on us?"

"Ever since you guys collected Danny from the other jail." She answered as two white rings reverted her to human form. "I'm Danielle Fenton. Dani with an I."

"Dani?" Jack asked with a disapproval tone. "I knew Plasmius was insane but not that he was unoriginal." He then noticed some green goo coming off her. "What's that?"

"I'm unstable again." Dani said.

Normally, Danny wouldn't speak of those matters in front of secret agents or his parents but he was desperate. "Mom, Dad, do you have more Ecto-Dejecto?"

"Is that what you used last time?" Jack asked in worry.

"You didn't use it on yourself, did you?" Maddie asked.

"No, Mom." Danny answered.

"Phew." Both parents said. "Danny, further exams have shown Ecto-Dejecto to be addictive. Your clone needs a more permanent solution. Only use Ecto-Dejecto again if absolutely necessary."

"Alright but we must save her!" Danny pleaded and then looked at the Government people.

"You're free, Danny." Jerry said.

"I'll give your family a ride home." Rick offered.

Later on, Jazz received a phone call. "Are you all free?" She asked. "Great!"

"We're going home right now, Jazz." Danny said. "Tell, Barbara, Tucker and Sam to wait for us there."

"Okay, little brother." Jazz replied. "Bye."

Meanwhile, at the National Super Agency's limousine, Rick and the Fentons were having a discussion. Dani's seat was covered by a cloth so it wouldn't be covered in goo. "All charges against Danny have been dropped." Rick said. "I hope you know how to re-stabilize young Danielle here because we're at a loss about how to handle an actual clone."

"I'll figure out something." Jack said without any of the bragging tendencies he usually displayed while showing an invention.

"Would you… do it for me?" Dani asked, surprised Jack would care about a clone created by one of his enemies. "I'm just a clone."

"Clone or not, you're a living being, dear." Maddie reassured her.

They eventually arrived and, to their surprise, Paulina was among the characters waiting for them. "Paulina?" Danny asked in surprise.

"I was worried about you, my ghost boy." The shallow cheerleader said. "The others also were but their parents wouldn't let them come."

Danny was touched but refused Paulina's advances . "Thank you but I already have a girlfriend."

"What does she have that I don't?" Paulina asked in disdain.

"Do you want the whole list?" Danny asked in reply and Paulina left.

After she left, Rick and Dani revealed themselves. "Uh, who are those?" Jazz asked.

"I'm Rick Dicker, head of the National Super Agency and this is your brother's clone Danielle Fenton." Rick said.

"Did you say 'clone'?" Jazz asked.

"No time for that." Maddie sternly said. "We need to turn our home into a clinic… again."

One transformation sequence later, Jack and Maddie Fenton were analyzing their son's clone. "How about we use the Fenton Ghost Catcher to split her human and ghost halves?" Danny suggested.

"It wouldn't help, son." Jack replied. "Because of how Plasmius aged her, she needs her ghostly half to keep her aging at a normal pace."

"Oh." Was all Danny said in reply.

"Bad news." Maddie commented. "It seems we'll need a sample of Danny's mid-morph DNA to figure out how to save Danielle and, even if Danny still had his powers, it'd be too risky."

"A risk I'd be willing to take." Danny replied.

Rick's cell phone rang and he answered. "Doc?"

"Bubbeleh, I've figured out how to restore Danny Phantom's powers." Doc Sunbright said. "Bring him to my clinic."

"Okay, Doc." Rick replied. "Bye." He then addressed the Fentons. "Good news, Fentons. Our agency's super doctor found a way to restore Danny's power but he needs to go to his clinic."

"Jack, you go with Danny." Maddie said. "I'm staying with Dani… elle."

10 minutes later, Danny was at Doc Sunbright's clinic, where Doc reversed the Plasmius Maximus and restored Danny's powers. "Thank you, Doc, but my cousin needs me!" He said as he went ghost and flew away.

"I'll give you a ride home, Mr. Fenton." Rick offered after sighing.

By the time Jack returned, Dani was already stabilized. "Are both of them okay?" He asked.

"Yes, Jack." Maddie answered. "They're having a little snack."

"And Mr. Fenton is a little fond of fudge." Sam sarcastically replied.

"Hopefully, nothing else will happen today." Tucker commented.

"We interrupt our show to give a warning." TV reporter Lance Thunder announced. "A huge asteroid is coming towards Earth. Specialists aren't sure where on Earth it'll hit but they say a whole nation might be destroyed."

"You had to open your mouth, didn't you?" Sam angrily asked Tucker.

Meanwhile, the Citizens of Dimmsdale, California were learning the news from Chet Ubetcha. "The Justice Leaguers powerful enough to save us are in outer space trying to stop Sinestro's team of Yellow Lanterns; Avenger Thor is defending Asgard from ice giants; the…" He was interrupted by someone handing in a piece of paper. "This just in: XJ-9, the robot girl that defends the Town of Tremorton, has been deployed to stop the asteroid. We're saved!"

Jenny Wakeman's departure from Earth was being shown on TVs everywhere in the country, including Amity Park. "Go, Jenny!" Danny exclaimed.

"Jenny?" Everyone around him asked, wondering why he'd call a robot 'Jenny'.

Meanwhile, Jenny's journey was interrupted by Vexus and her remaining allies. "You won't pass, XJ-9." Vexus said.

"I have no time for this." Jenny said. "I have an asteroid to stop."

"And we're here to make sure it'll destroy humanity." Vexus replied.

Meanwhile, Chet Ubetcha was watching that footage along with his audience. "And by saved, I mean DOOMED!"

Back in Amity Park, Danny became worried. "I must save her!" Danny said. "I'm going ghost!" He transformed and flew away.

"Wait for me, cuz!" Dani added and flew after him.

"This is totally unfair!" Tucker moaned.

"I know." Jazz replied. "They've just recovered."

"No." Tucker said. "I mean the fact I'm the one who loves technology and he's the one who got a date with a robot!"

Everyone rolled their eyes at Tucker's comment. Later on, it seemed Vexus and her allies would deliver the finishing blow when they were suddenly frozen. "Do you remember me?" Danny maliciously asked Vexus.

"Yes, but I don't remember you having a little sister." Vexus replied.

"I'm his cousin." Dani said.

"And I still won!" Vexus stated as she and her allies freed themselves from the ice and fled.

"What do they mean by that?" Danny asked.

"My jet propellers were damaged in the battle and I'm not sure they can be repaired or replaced on time for me to stop the asteroid!" Jenny answered in despair.

"I'll do my best, XJ-9." Dr. Nora Wakeman said.

"Thank you, Mom." Jenny replied.

Danny's cell phone rang. "Dad?"

"Son, Jerry called!" Jack exclaimed. "He's got a plan of his own to stop the asteroid but needs your help! Come back!"

"Okay, Dad." Danny said and ended the call. "Well, I'd love to help with the repairs but it seems it'll be up to me to stop the asteroid." He and Dani went back home.

Later on, Danny, Dani, Jerry, Samantha, Clover and Alex were aboard a rocket. "Do you both remember the plan, right?" Jerry asked the halfas.

"You and the girls will try to destroy the asteroid with missiles and, if it fails, Dani and I will use our powers on it." Danny replied.

"Correct." Jerry stated.

"So, which one of you my cousin could've chosen?" Dani asked the Spies.

"It's me." Alex answered.

"Sam and I never met Danny before today." Clover added.

Meanwhile, in Paris, Marinette Dupain-Cheng was discussing options with the kwamis. "Kaalki, can your power be used to create a portal big enough for the asteroid to pass through?" The guardian asked.

"Only if I do it on my own and just thinking of the consequences scares me." Kaalki answered. "We'd be better off asking for Plagg's help. His destruction is less likely to pass to anything not touching the asteroid when he destroys it."

End chapter.

Author's Note: Marinette Dupain-Cheng and the kwamis (Kaalki and Plagg included) are characters from Miraculous Ladybug.