While Remus was helping Sirius get settled in the hospital, JARVIS decided that now would be a good time to discuss with the Avengers what Remus had told him. He called all of the Avengers to the communal area for a meeting. Tony and the others thought it was odd that JARVIS wanted everyone to meet; it was unusual for JARVIS to make such a request.

Once everyone arrived, Tony asked JARVIS what was going on; **Sir, I was given some information by Mr. Lupin that I found disturbing and needed to be addressed.** JARVIS commented.

At those words, the Avengers stiffened, "What did he tell you, J," Tony asked.

**Mr. Lupin informed me that wizards and witches have a form of travel known as an apparition; he said it is a form of teleportation. That wizards and witches can instantly appear in any location if they know what it looks like.**

The Avengers understood immediately what that meant; the Tower was vulnerable to a security breach.

"What can we do about it, JARVIS?" Tony asked.

**I thought that perhaps Mr. Odinson would have a solution.** JARVIS commented.

Everyone turned and looked at Loki, including Thor. Loki had a thoughtful look on his face as he thought. Then he smirked, "I should have no problem putting a barrier around the Tower forbidding anyone to enter using magic. As I have said, the mortal's magic does not compare to mine. Though I will speak to Lupin and find out what other means the wizards have to travel to adjust the barriers accordingly."

The Avengers let out a collective sigh of relief. They were confident that the wizard's magic was no match for Loki's. "When can you add the barrier, Brother?" Thor asked.

"I shall do it right now," Loki said, then vanished.

Loki appeared on the roof of the Tower and began to weave his magic. Green mist flowed from his fingertips and slowly snaked its way down the building until it was completely covered. Loki raised his hands, and the mist straightened into a cube, surrounding the building and the surrounding grounds. Satisfied with his work, Loki went back inside and informed the others that he was finished.

"Alright, I have warded the Tower. There is no way those pathetic mortals will be able to enter this building." Loki informed the others.

"Good, now we need to inform Lupin that he can't apparate into the building," Tony said.

**I shall inform Mr. Lupin, sir. Before he left, I made sure that he had a cell phone.** JARVIS explained.

Tony smiled, "Good thinking, J. Ask Lupin to tell you where he is so that Happy and I can pick him up. I should take him shopping instead of ordering it online."

**Yes, Sir.**

"Tony, I think I'll go with you. Your taste in clothes is a little extravagant, and you might overwhelm the man," Bruce told his best friend.

Tony thought for a moment, "Yeah, you're probably right, let's go."

With that, Tony and Bruce headed down to the garage where they met Happy, while JARVIS called Remus to inform him of the changes and that Tony and Bruce were going to take him shopping.

Tony and Bruce picked up Remus outside the Woolworth Building, and from there, they headed to Tony's favorite stores. Tony convinced Bruce and Remus that he should get a few nice suits just in case. Then, afterward, they would go to Macy's to get him more casual wear.

Overall, the three men spend three hours shopping, with Tony spending five thousand dollars on Remus. Remus sputtered and tried to refuse, but Tony wouldn't hear of it, "It's the least I can do for the person that Evie cares about; besides, five thousand dollars is nothing, and you need to have variety. In your wardrobe."

Bruce sighed, "Don't bother arguing with him, Mr. Lupin, that's the way Tony is; he did the same thing to me."

Remus resigned himself and accepted.

When they returned to the Tower, Evie greeted the men with a hug, though she kissed Tony on the cheek, "How did everything go?" Evie asked.

"Great, Lightning Bug. We got everything your friend could need."

"And things I don't need," Remus mumbled under his breath.

Evie laughed, "How many pairs of shoes did Uncle Tony buy you, Moony?"

Remus chuckled, "More than I need."

Tony shrugged, "Hey, variety is the spice of life. And I love shoes."

Remus rolled his eyes, and Evie giggled.

"Now that you're here, Remus, we'd like you to try to apparate to see if Loki's wards work," Tony told him.

Remus frowned, "You put up antiapparition wards?"

"No, Mortal, these wards are more powerful than the feeble ones you wizards have. I also installed a little surprise for anyone who wants to force their way in," Loki said with a grin.

Remus gulped, "What?"

Loki laughed, "Any forced attempt will result in their deaths."

Tony looked at Loki. "Um, don't you think that's a bit extreme?"

Loki stared at Stark blankly, "No."

"What if you only incapacitate them so we can interrogate them," Steve suggested.

Loki rolled his eyes, "Fine, but I reserve the right to torture and dispose of them."

"Agreed," Natasha said before anyone else could answer.

The other Avengers and Remus stared at her in disbelief. But when she put her arm around Evie protectively, they all understood why.

Loki sighed and snapped his fingers, lowering the potency of his words, "Now, Mortal, try to apparate," Loki ordered.

Remus nodded and attempted to apparate, but nothing happened. He tried again with the same results. Tony nodded, "Great, at least we know it works."

"What about a portkey? I need one to get to the Werewolf reserve every full moon." Remus asked.

"Do not worry, I will transport you there and pick you up in the morning," Loki told him, "I will not take any chances of those pathetic wizards or witches trying to get close to my niece. No offense."

"None was taken," Remus said.

Once that was settled. Evie showed Remus around the Tower. She showed Remus the floor that she lived on with her father and uncle and the room that Tony had designed for her. Evie showed Remus both her playrooms and the communal area where everyone had dinner. They sat down in the living room, and Evie told Remus about her time in Asgard and meeting her grandparents. She also told him about her Grandmother Frigga helping her overcome her fears of large men and the abuse she had suffered at the hand of her relative.

Evie also told Remus about the feasts they had in her honor and about her friend Björn and how he was the son of the god Tyr, "Björn and his friends showed me all around the city and took me to the candy store. Then we went to the town square, and he taught me how to dance. I also got to meet Daddy's friends Lady Sif and the Warriors Three and my cousin Baldur; he's a god as well. And most importantly, I found my familiar!" Evie cheered.

Evie ran to her room and came back with a giant colorful snake. She explained that the snake was an Asgardian Viper and her name was Amunet. Remus was a little wary of the snake, but Evie told him that as long as he didn't do anything to her, Amunet wouldn't attack.

Remus was curious how Evie could talk to the snake, "Evie, how is it that you understand the snake?"

"Oh, Uncle Loki said that I'm a Parselmouth."

Remus looked at Evie, alarmed, "How is that possible?"

"Uncle Loki thinks it was something left over from the parasite that was attached to my scar."

And that's when Remus noticed that the scar had vanished, "Tell me more about this parasite."

Evie told Remus everything that Loki had said, and Remus realized that it was a horcrux that had attached itself to Evie the night that Voldemort died. He guessed that the Horcrux was draining Evie's magic but was also transferring some of its power to her, and that's why she could speek Parseltongue. Remus thought; Evie would have to talk to Thor and Loki about this.

Changing the subject, Remus asked Evie if she was looking forward to going to school; Evie beamed at her uncle, "Oh, yes, Moony. Uncle Tony enrolled me a few days ago, and classes should be starting next week. It's a private school, but I don't have to wear a uniform. It's going to be so much I'll finally get to make real friends for once."

Evie and Remus continued to talk about how excited she was about going to school and what she was looking forward to learning. Before they knew it, it was time for dinner. JARVIS let them know that dinner was ready and that later they would be watching movies. Evie took Remus's hand and led him into the dining room, where the Avengers greeted him warmly. They knew that it would make Evie happy if they didn't treat Remus differently, so the Avengers were going to make an effort to get to know the man. Overall it was a good day for Evie and Remus.