The week went by quickly, and Evie spent most of her time with Remus, making sure that he was comfortable with her new family, especially her father, uncles, and Natasha. It was hard for Natasha at first to trust the wizard; she wasn't sure if Remus would try to take Evie back to Dumbledore given a chance. So, eventually, Natasha cornered Remus and flat out asked him; of course, she had a knife to his throat.

"What are your real intentions with Evie, Mr. Lupin?"

Remus stared into the green eyes of the Black Widow. So much like Lily's, but they were cold and ruthless, "Nothing, I assure you. I only want Evie to be happy and part of her life. If you're thinking I plan to kidnap her and take her back to England and Dumbledore, I'm not."

Natasha studied Remus, then lowered her knife, "I will give you the benefit of the doubt, Mr. Lupin. But betray us, and you'll not only have to deal with Thor and Loki but me as well. That little girl is like a daughter to me, and I will do anything to protect her."

Remus sighed, "I'm glad to hear that, Ms. Romanoff, because, by the way, Evie talks about you; I know she loves you like a mother."

Natasha nodded and walked away. She showed no emotion, but her heart nearly exploded in happiness at the thought of that little girl loving her so much.

When Monday finally rolled around, Evie was up at dawn and quickly showered and changed for her first school day. She quickly ran to her father's room and jumped on his bed, startling Thor.

"Wake up, Daddy, it's the first day of school!"

Thor grunted when his daughter landed on his stomach. He opened his eyes then yawned, "Alright, Petal, I am awake," He looked at the clock and fell back onto his bed, and sighed.

"Petal, the sun has yet to rise, and the school does not start until nine. What are you doing up so early?"

"Oh, Daddy, I couldn't sleep anymore; I'm so excited to start school!"

Thor chuckled, "I know you are, Petal, but you still have four hours until it does; what do you plan to do in the meantime?"

Evie was at a loss; she didn't know what to do; maybe she could watch TV for a while or study her new books? Evie wasn't sure. At that moment, JARVIS called Thor and Evie.

**Prince Odinson, Miss Evie, Miss Romanoff is requesting permission to enter.**

"Of course, JARVIS," Thor said.

Evie smiled at hearing that Natasha was coming up and ran out of Thor's room to meet Natasha. As soon as the elevator doors opened, Evie rushed towards Natasha and hugged the woman. Natasha smiled and hugged Evie back, "I thought you'd be awake by now. Where's your dad?"

Evie huffed, "Still asleep."

"Well, it is still early, Evie. How about I braid your hair, then take you out for breakfast?"

Evie's blue eyes lit up, and she agreed. Natasha asked JARVIS to ask Thor, and he agreed. Natasha followed Evie to her room, and they went to the bathroom so that Natasha could French braid Evie's hair. Once she was finished, they headed out of the Tower to a local restaurant to have breakfast.

They took one of Tony's cars and headed to a nice restaurant that wasn't too far away. The girls were seated and began looking at the menu, but the more Evie looked at the food, the more she started to feel sick. Natasha looked at Evie and put down her menu.

"Are you alright, Evie?"

Evie took a deep breath, "Suddenly, I'm not very hungry."

Natasha smiled at the little girl, "Are you nervous?"

"No!" Evie immediately denied.

Natasha raised an eyebrow.

Evie sighed, "Maybe a little. Oh, Aunt Tasha, what if the other kids don't like me?"

Natasha took Evie's hand, "Evie, they will love you. You're a kind, sweet little girl who can charm anyone, just like your dad."


Natasha squeezed her hand, "Yes. You have nothing to worry about. I know by the end of the day, you'll have lots of friends."

Evie smiled at Natasha and took a deep breath to settle her nerves, "Okay, let's eat."

Natasha ordered a spinach omelet, and Evie ordered Belgium waffles with blueberries. While they waited for their order, Evie and Natasha talked about what classes Evie was looking forward to. Evie told Natasha that she was looking forward to her Spanish class, now that she was caught up and her math class, since she had always been good at math and JARVIS had also tutored her a bit.

"And now that I don't have to play dumb because of Dudley, I know I will get good grades!" Evie said excitedly.

Natasha felt a wave of anger pass through her at hearing Evie's words and was glad that Loki had dealt with the Dursleys. She smiled at Evie and told her to do her best in school.

"But, if you need help, remember we're all here to help you."

Evie looked down at her plate then looked up at Natasha, "Can you teach me to speak Russian?"

Natasha was taken aback for a moment, then smiled, "I would love to teach you Russian and anything else you want to learn."

Evie beamed at Natasha and thanked her. Once they finished their breakfast and Natasha paid, they headed back to the Tower, where everyone was already up and arguing about who would take Evie to school. Natasha and Evie looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

"Obviously, I am taking Evie to school; I am her father," Thor argued.

"I am as well since she is my niece," Loki added.

Tony huffed, "You know what, why don't we all take her to school?"

All of the men agreed, but Pepper, being the voice of reason, told them no.

"Think about it, guys. If all of the Avengers show up at Evie's school, you'll cause a riot. And Loki, people are still afraid of you, so that's a bad idea. Why don't we let Evie decide who takes her?" Pepper proposed.

All the Avengers and Remus turned to Evie. Evie stared at them for a moment and thought, "I want Daddy and Aunt Tasha to take me to school. Then Uncle Tony and Uncle Loki can pick me up. Then we can switch every day." Evie announced.

The Avengers and Remus stayed quiet until Tony smiled, "That's a dam- darn good idea, Lightning Bug. I can live with that."

Loki nodded, "As can I."

"Okay, then, it's settled. Evie, why don't you brush your teeth and grab your bag? Then you, Thor, and Natasha can head out to beat the morning traffic. Happy is standing by downstairs," Pepper directed.

Evie happily obliged and ran to her room to brush her teeth. Once she was ready and grabbed her backpack, Evie said goodbye to Remus and the Avengers and gave them all a hug and a kiss. Then, she followed Natasha to the elevator with Thor, making their way to the garage.

As Pepper predicted, the traffic was heavy, and it took a while for them to get to the school. But when they finally arrived, Thor got out and helped Natasha and Evie out of the car. He held his daughter's hand, and the trio walked into the school. As expected, the sight of Thor walking into the school garnered much attention from the students and many faculty, but he ignored them and kept walking towards the office while holding onto Evie's hand; Natasha had a hold of her other hand.

They walked into the office, and Thor smiled at the secretary; the secretary stared at Thor open-mouthed then suddenly snapped her mouth shut, "Can I help you, sir?" The secretary asked.

"Yes, today is my daughter's first day of school, and your headmaster, Mr. Wilson, asked us to stop by so that he may show us to her class," Thor said with a charming smile.

The secretary thought for a moment, then remembered the director telling her about Evie, "Oh, of course, Mr. Odinson," She looked at Evie then smiled, "You must be Evelyn."

Evie smiled, "Yes, ma'am, but you can call me Evie. And this is my Aunt Natasha."

The secretary looked at Natasha and smiled, "Welcome to Trevor Day School; let me let Director Wilson know you're here."

She got on the phone and called the director to let him know that Thor and Evie were there, and the director told them to show them into his office. The secretary led Thor, Evie, and Natasha to Director Wilson's office; Director Wilson stood up when he saw the Avengers enter his office. He held his hand out to shake Thor's hand.

"Welcome, Mr. Odinson; it's nice to see you again."

"It is nice to see you, Headmaster," Thor said, "Allow me to present Natasha Romanoff, Evie's honorary Aunt."

Natasha smiled at the director and shook his hand, "It's nice to meet you, sir. You have a lovely school."

"Thank you, Ms. Romanoff, and it's a pleasure to meet you. Please won't you sit down?"

Thor, Evie, and Natasha sat down while the director opposite them, "I'm sure you're wondering why I wanted you to come to my office before taking Evie to her class."

"Yes," Thor said.

"No," Natasha answered.

Director Wilson looked at Natasha curiously, "Then I suppose you already know, Ms. Romanoff?"

"Yes, I do."

Thor turned to Natasha, "What is this about, Natasha?"

"Fury decided that he would have SHIELD agents placed around the school for Evie's security," Natasha answered.

"Without my consent?" Thor asked.

"He didn't think you would mind the extra security," Natasha told Thor.

Thor thought for a moment, "No, I suppose not."

"While this is all true, Ms. Romanoff, we got a visit from Mr. Stark last week. He upgraded our security system and classrooms that his AI runs, which he calls FRIDAY. Mr. Stark told us that FRIDAY will be at our disposal to help teach our students, but also to keep an eye on Evie."

Natasha's raised her eyebrows, "That was something I didn't know. But it's for the best, Director. As a child of an Avenger, Evie is at risk of being kidnapped. We need to take all necessary precautions."

Director Wilson nodded, "I understand, Ms. Romanoff. There are several children here that have bodyguards."

"We could have done the same with Evie, but I do not want my daughter to stand out more than she already does," Thor said as he looked at Evie and smiled.

Director Wilson understood as it was, Evie may be bombarded with questions about the Avengers. Why make it harder on her?

"Well, now that we have everything settled, let me take you to Evie's homeroom class," Director Wilson said.

Evie beamed and jumped off the chair; Director Wilson offered his hand to her and led the little group of his office. As expected, the students were milling around, trying to look at Thor and The Black Widow. The two adults ignored the gawking and talked to Director Wilson as he pointed out some of the more interesting points of their school.

They arrived at Evie's homeroom just as the bell rang. Evie looked at her father and aunt and lunged for them, giving them hugs. Thor kissed her head and hugged Evie tightly, "Are you certain you do not want me to go in with you, Petal?"

Evie laughed, "No, Daddy, that's okay. If you and Aunt Natasha went it, the other kids would explode from seeing real Avengers."

Thor chuckled, "Perhaps you are correct. Remember, your Uncle Tony and Loki will be here at 3:00 to pick you up, and I want to hear all about your day when you return."

Evie nodded, "Okay, Daddy."

Natasha kneeled and hugged Evie and gave her some lunch money, "Have a good day, sweetheart, study hard but don't forget to have fun."

"I will, Aunt Tasha."

Natasha kissed her forehead, and with that, Thor and Natasha walked out. Once they left, Evie took a deep breath and walked into the classroom. She looked around and saw a seat with a group of girls in the back of the class. Evie steeled her nerves and made her way back towards the group. The girls talked amongst themselves, but they stopped and looked at Evie when Evie stood next to them.

"Hi!" A Hispanic girl with long black hair and warm brown eyes said, Evie.

"Hello," Evie said shyly, "Is this seat taken,"

"Not at all," A red-haired girl with an Irish accent said, "Would you like to join us?"

Evie smiled at the girls, "If it's alright."

"Of course it is!" An African American girl with stunning green eyes said.

Evie hung her book bag on the back of the chair and sat down. Immediately the girls began talking again, but they included Evie in their conversation. They introduced themselves to Evie; They introduced themselves as Carmen, Bridget, and Keziah. They told Evie they had been best friends since second grade and that they did everything together. The girls continued to talk and ask Evie questions until class started.

Evie had the best day of her life; she had made three friends that went out of their way to include her in everything they did. They did ask her a few questions about her dad and why she was Thorsdottir instead of Odinson. Evie had to explain that in Asgard, that's the way it was done. Thor was Odin's son, so he was Odinson. While Evie was Thor's daughter, so she was Thorsdottir.

"So, if your dad has a son, he'll be Thorson?" Carmen asked.

"Yep," Evie confirmed.

The little girls nodded their heads in understanding.

But some kids were a little mean to Evie, though it didn't last long once they figured out that just because her dad was an Avenger, it didn't mean she was stuck up. As far as classes went, Evie did very well in all of her classes, especially in math. She struggled a bit in Spanish, but Carmen told her she would help her in that class.

Once school ended, the girls exchanged numbers on their phones and went to their separate ways. Evie saw Tony and Loki waiting for her, and she beamed at them and ran straight into Tony's arms. He picked her up and twirled her around.

"Hey, Lightning Bug, how was your first day of school?"

"It was great, Uncle Tony," Evie said as she was passed to Loki, who hugged and kissed his niece.

"Was it, my sweetling? What did you do?" Loki asked.

They got in the car, and Evie launched into her explanation about everything she did, "And the best part is that I made three new friends! Their names are Carmen, Bridget, and Keziah. Carmen is from Spain, Bridget is from Ireland, and Keziah from here, but her dad is from Israel."

"Wow, that's cool, Evie," Tony said.

"Yeah! Do you think they can come over and play, Uncle Tony?"

"I don't see why not, as long as it's okay with their parents. How about you ask if they want to have a sleepover this weekend?" Tony offered.

Evie's eyes lit up, "That's a great idea, Uncle Tony! I'll ask them tomorrow."

When they got back to the Tower, everyone was waiting for Evie so that she could tell them how her day had gone. They couldn't wait to find out how things went. Sure, they got reports from FRIDAY, but it wasn't the same as hearing it from Evie.

The minute the elevator doors opened, Evie barreled into her father and started babbling about her day. He had to stop her and tell her that everyone else wanted to hear also. She Evie quickly changed, and they went to the communal area. Evie relayed the adventures of her first day of school.