When school ended on Friday, Evie, Carmen, Bridget, and Keziah ran out to meet Thor and Natasha, who were picking them up from school. Natasha had gone to the girls' houses to pick up some clothes for the weekend so that they wouldn't have to carry them around with them all day. When Evie saw her two favorite people, she leaped into her father's arms and kissed him on the cheek, then hugged Natasha tightly. The little girls greeted Thor, and he kissed their hands in greeting, making them giggle and blush.

Natasha rolled her eyes, "Well, girls, are you ready for a fun-filled weekend?"

"YES!" The girls yelled.

"Alright, first things first. An after-school snack is guaranteed to spoil your dinner. To the ice cream parlor," Natasha said excitedly.

The girls screamed excitedly and piled into the car. Once everyone was in, Natasha told them to drive to Eddie's Sweet Shop. Evie and Thor were confused; they had never heard of the shop before. Evie's friends gasped and then patted Evie's back.

"You poor girl, you've been so deprived," Bridget told her while the other two nodded and then giggled. Natasha only shook her head.

They arrived at the ice cream shop, and all four girls jumped out of the car, with Thor rushing to make sure nothing happened to them, "Ladies, wait for Natasha and me; we do not want you getting lost or hurt." Thor told his daughter and her friends.

"Sorry, Daddy," Evie said sheepishly, and her friends echoed her, "Sorry, Mr. Thor," They said in unison.

Thor laughed, "That is quite alright; I must admit I, too, am curious to see this place," Thor said as he held out his hand to help Natasha.

Once they were out of the car, including Happy, they went inside, and the girls rushed towards the last four stools at the counter. The little girls began discussing what they were going to get. Evie turned and saw a man eating a monster banana split and her mouth watered. She knew she could never finish it alone, so Evie looked at her dad.

"Dad, if I order that banana split, will you help me finish it?"

Thor looked at the size of it and smiled, "Of course, Petal. It may be just enough for both of us. If not, I'll order another one."

Bridgit, Carmen, and Keziah looked at Thor, astonished, "You can eat two of those?" Keziah asked.

Natasha laughed, "Thor could probably eat four of those and still be hungry."

Evie's friends' mouths fell open in surprise, and Thor grinned at them. So, the girls ordered Sundays while Evie ordered the monster banana split with two spoons. Natasha ordered a chocolate milkshake, and Happy had only an ice cream cone. Father and daughter shared their treat, but eventually, Thor finished it alone and ordered a second one as he said he would.

Natasha had to stop Thor from ordering a third one so they could head back to the Tower. When they got there, Natasha and the little girls went upstairs while Happy and Thor brought their stuff and took it to Thor and Evie's floor; Evie and the girls would stay in her room for the weekend. Evie's room was big enough for extra beds, so Tony had twin beds installed that could be hidden in the walls. All they had to do was tell JARVIS to lower them.

The girls jumped onto Evie's bed and began gossiping, "Have you seen the new boy that started school the other day?" Carmen asked.

"Yeah, he's kind of cute in a nerdy sort of way," Bridget added.

"But he's so shy; I don't think he's made any friends yet. What's his name again?" Keziah asked.

"Peter Parker. You're right; he spends most of his time alone. FRIDAY said that Peter eats his lunch in the library and that there's a new girl too."

"WHO?!" Evie's best friends scream.

"FRIDAY said her name was Hermione Granger. She's from England, as I am. We need to get to know both of them. I know what it's like to be a new student. If it wasn't for you guys, I don't know what I would have done."

"Aww," Carmen said and hugged her best friend, "But Evie is right; we need to make friends with Peter and Hermione, especially Hermione. She's so far away from home."

"Okay, then we've decided, on Monday, operation make friends with the new kids begins," Keziah added.

The others agree, "Hey! Maybe next time we do this, we can invite both of them." Evie suggested.

The little girls give Evie an odd look, "Invite a boy to a sleepover, Eves?" Bridget asked.

"Yeah, why not?"

"Uh, because he's a boy, and your dad would have a fit," Carmen told her best friend.

Evie rolled her eyes, "Oh, please, we're ten years old. What are we going to do? Play kissing games with him?"

"We could," Keziah added.

Evie deadpanned, "You're not helping. No, we won't do many girly things, and we'll make him feel comfortable with us by playing video games. I bet Peter would like to hang out with my Uncle Tony and the other guys. Plus, JARVIS would be watching us, right JARVIS?"

**Of course, Miss Evie.** JARVIS said.

The other girls thought for a moment, then agreed. For their next sleepover, they were going to invite Hermione and Peter.

Once that was settled, the girls went to the communal floor where the other Avengers were. When the elevator doors opened, Tony turned around and smiled, "So there are the party animals. Are you finished gossiping already?"

Evie huffed, "Uncle Tony, were you spying?"

"No, but I know what women do when they get together," With that, Natasha and Pepper smack Tony upside the head making him yelp and the girls giggle. Clint rolled his eyes and turned toward the girls,

"Okay, little chicks, what do you want to do now?"

"Video games!" The girls yelled. These girls were not your typical girly girls. They were gamers.

Clint grinned at them, "Then I challenge you to a game of Mario Cart!"

The girls cheered and then ran to the gaming room where the grand Prix of Mario Cart began.

A few hours later, Pepper and Natasha announced that dinner was ready. The girls cheered and ran to the dining room, where they had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. After dinner, they went to the theatre room and watched a few Disney movies. It didn't take long for the girls to fall asleep; it had been a long day, and they were worn out. Saturday would be a different story, though. Tony and the others took the girls to Thor's floor and put them to bed.

The next day the girls were up bright and early, showered, changed, and ready for breakfast. They went upstairs and greeted the smell of chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, and bacon. The girls ran in and suddenly stopped. They gawked at Tony, who was covered in flour and was rubbing his hair furiously, trying to get the flour out of it. Meanwhile, Steven and Natasha were at the stove cooking, ignoring Tony's complaints that he could have made his goddaughter and her friends breakfast. Tony's head whipped around when he heard Evie and her friends fall into a fit of giggles.

"What happened to you, Uncle Tony?" Evie asked.

"Uh, nothing."

"Then why are you covered in flour?" Bridget asked once she stopped laughing.

"Mr. self-proclaimed genius turned on the full mixer power, then added the flour," Natasha said without looking at the girls.

"It was an honest mistake," Tony whined.

"Yeah, for a four-year-old," Steve mumbled as he flipped a pancake in the air.

The girls started laughing again while Tony pouted and decided to make some coffee and get the orange juice out of the fridge. He then got plenty of plates and silverware for everyone and set the table. Once breakfast was ready, JARVIS called everyone, and all of the Avengers and Loki came to breakfast. Thor kissed his daughter's head and greeted the other little girls. They sat down and enjoyed their breakfast, and planned out their day.

The remaining weekend was filled with going to Coney Island, museums, Central Park, and playing in Evie's playrooms with Clint. At night Steve and Clint helped the girls set up a pillow fort in the communal area, then were quickly chased away by Pepper and Natasha so that they and the girls could have girl time.

Natasha and Pepper helped the girls paint their nails and toes, showed them how to put on makeup did their hair. They ate tons of candy, popcorn, and pizza while they watched movies. The girls played board games and video games. They Played hide and seek with Pepper and Natasha and had a pillow fight. If Natasha was honest, it was the most fun she had ever had. Even though she was an adult, she felt like a child. She was grateful to Evie for inviting her to her slumber party. It was an experience she would cherish forever.

On Sunday, the girls slept late and didn't get up until lunchtime, when Tony took them out. After their lunch, they saw a broadway show, then headed back to the Tower, where the girls would go to bed early for school the next day. Thor and Natasha would take the girls to school the following morning. Overall it was a fun and exciting weekend for four little girls and the Avengers.