When Monday came around, Evie, Carmen, Keziah, and Bridget made good on their plan. They had noticed that Hermione shied away from other children and mostly read. While Peter tried to make friends, the other boys bullied him. So, during recess, they approached Peter first. The boys in their year were starting to pick on him, but when they saw Evie and the SHIELD agent, that wasn't that far behind, the boys decided to leave Peter alone.

Peter sighed in relief when he saw the bullies leaving. He was about to pick up his book when Evie picked it up. She smiled at Peter and said, "Hi, I'm Evelyn Thorsdottir, but you can call me Evie. Are you alright?"

Peter stared at Evie for a moment, then shook his head, remembering his manners, "Yeah, I'm alright. Hi, I'm Peter Parker; I'm new here."

Evie smiled, "I know, so am I, though I started at the beginning of the year."

At that moment, Evie's other friends walked toward them and introduced themselves. Peter happily greeted them and instantly felt at ease with the girls. He had never been able to make friends since he was so much more intelligent than the children in public school; they thought he was arrogant and weird.

The girls led Peter over to the jungle Jim and started playing; it was then that Peter noticed several bodyguards around, and he began to wonder why. Evie guessed what Peter was thinking and explained, "Most of the kids here are diplomats' children, like Keziah, so the school allows them to have bodyguards."

"I noticed you have one too, Evie. Is your dad a diplomat too?" Peter asked.

"Not exactly; my dad is an Avenger."

Peter's eyes widened, and he stared at Evie for a moment, "You're Thor's daughter, right?" Peter blurted out.

Evie laughed, "What gave it away?"

Peter blushed, "Well, I hadn't noticed before, but you look like your dad, and then your last name is Thorsdottir, and I know that means Daughter of Thor."

Peter facepalmed, "I can't believe I didn't see it earlier."

Evie laughed, "That's okay; most kids don't make the connection until they see my dad."

For the rest of their recess, the girls talked to Peter and made him feel at home. Once the break was over, Evie, Peter, and the girls decided they would speak to Hermione next during lunch. They were all in the same class, so it would be easier to get to know her and draw her out of her shell.

At lunch, Carmen, Bridget, and Keziah informed Evie that they saw Hermione head to the library with her lunch. The group of girls and Peter decided to join Hermione for lunch in the library. It didn't take long for them to find Hermione sitting at a table, engrossed in a book and eating her lunch.

They sat down with Hermione and waited for her to acknowledge them. When Hermione looked up from her book, she stiffened when she saw the other people at her table. Keziah smiled brightly and introduced herself then the others did the same. Hermione was instantly suspicious; it was rare for children to talk to her. They all thought she was weird.

"Can I help you?" Hermione asked a little defensively.

"Nothing, we were only wondering why you eat your lunch in the library?" Bridget asked.

Hermione flushed, "So I can read in peace and avoid other people. Why are you here?"

Carmen smiled, "We noticed that you spend most of your time alone and wanted to welcome you to the school. I'm Carmen; this is Keziah, Bridget, Evie, and Peter."

The children took turns shaking Hermione's hand. Hermione shyly introduced herself to the small group. Evie looked at Peter, who nodded.

"Listen, we don't want to make you feel uncomfortable, but Peter and I know what it's like to start a new school and not have any friends. If you give us a chance, we'd like to be your friend."

"You don't think I'm weird?" Hermione asked.

Keziah laughed, "We're all weird in some way. Heck, Evie's dad is Thor, the god of Thunder. You can't get any weirder than that." She said with a laugh.

Evie mock glared at her friend and playfully slapped her arm, though Evie did nod, "I admit, that is a little weird. So if you want to be friends, we'll be here."

Peter and the girls decided to leave Hermione alone so that she could think about their offer. It didn't take long for Evie to decide. She gathered her lunch and books and called after the group, "Hey! Would you mind if I join you now?"

Peter and the girls smiled, "Of course not! Maybe after school, your parents will let you come to Stark Tower, and you can stay for dinner and meet my family."

Hermione looked at her new friends excitedly, "I'd love to if it's okay with my parents."

"Great! I'll have my Uncle Tony and Pepper talk to them after school; I'm sure they'd like to come as well."

"Okay!" Hermione said excitedly. And with that, the others returned to the table and finished their lunch with Hermione, making the little girl happy that she finally had friends.