Evie was taken into her hospital room and helped into the bed. She looked around and noticed that her daddy and uncle, or Mr. Coulson weren't there. Evie's heart started to speed up. She started thinking that maybe her daddy didn't want to be with her anymore. Evie's eyes began to well up with tears. At that moment, Thor walked into the room; he smiled at his daughter, but his face fell when he noticed tears in her eyes. He rushed over to the bed and took her hand in his.

"What's the matter, Evie?"

Evie sniffled, "I thought you left me."

"Never, min datter (my daughter), I will never leave you."

"You promise?"

Thor smiled and kissed her hand, "I promise that I will stay with you forever."

Evie beamed at her father.

Nurse Lisa smiled at father and daughter while she changed Evie's IV bag. Thor tucked Evie in then pulled the chair over so that he could be closer to her. The nurse gave her the remote control to the TV and explained how to use it and that if she needed anything to press the call button, and she or another nurse would come in.

"Okay, Lisa, thank you."

"In twenty minutes, your lunch will arrive. We're going to start you off with liquids and soft foods, Okay?"

Evie nods.

While Evie was settling in her hospital room, Loki and Coulson arrived at the police station. Coulson flashed his badge and told the detectives that he wanted to see the interrogation of the Dursleys. Coulson and Loki walked into the interrogation. Detective Simmons welcomed Coulson but eyed Loki suspiciously.

"Don't mind him, Detective, he wanted to give Thor some privacy with his daughter," Coulson said.

Somehow, Detective Simmons didn't quite believe that, but he didn't say anything. Detective Simmons showed Coulson and Loki to the first room where Vernon Dursley was raising hell about being unlawfully detained and that he was going to sue the lot of them. They kept asking him questions about Evie, and all Vernon kept saying was she was a freak and burden. Finally, he asked for a lawyer, and the detectives were forced to leave him alone.

Loki gave Coulson and Detective Simmons an incredulously, "Why have they stopped interrogating that fat walrus," Loki asked.

"He asked for a lawyer, by law, we can no longer question him until his lawyer arrives."

"What of the horse face woman?"

"She was smarter; she kept her mouth shut and asked for a lawyer immediately."

Loki crossed his arms, "This is not acceptable. If they were in Asgard, they would have already confessed to the Allfather. Perhaps they should receive Asgardian justice."

"Unfortunately, this is Earth, and once they ask for an attorney, we can't question a suspect without their attorney present," Detective Simmons informs Loki.

Loki thought for a moment, "What if they confess, is this attorney necessary?"

"Mr. Dursley would have to tell us he doesn't want his attorney for us to accept his confession."

Loki nods.

"Come on; there's nothing to do until his attorney shows up, let's have a cuppa tea."

Coulson and Loki followed detective Simmons out of the interrogation up, but as they walked out, a hologram of Loki stayed behind. He smiled and walked around to the door where Vernon Dursley was being held. Loki opened the door and went in.

"Who the bloody hell are you," Vernon asked, "I already told you that I'm not saying anything without my attorney here."

Loki didn't say anything at; he simply took a seat across from the fat walrus and smiled.

"So, mortal, you are the one that abused Evelyn Potter."

Vernon didn't say anything; those his eyes did narrow at the word mortal.

"That's alright you don't need to answer; I can see your hands are covered in her blood."

"I did nothing wrong to that girl," Vernon spat, "We took her in out of the goodness of our hearts, and this is how the girl repays us? By flinging outrageous accusations against my family and me!"

Loki leaned forward, "The goodness of your heart, you say? Hmm, yes, let us talk of the charity you showed Evelyn."

With a wave of his hand, Loki disables the surveillance camera. Vernon strumbled to his feet and backed away from Loki, "You're one of them!"


"Those freaks that forced us to take that damn child. You're like that senile old man."

Loki grinned, "No, my dear mortal, I am much more than these pathetic magic users."

"Who are you?"

"I am Loki of Asgard."

"What do you want from me?"

"Your confession."

"I DID NOTHING WRONG!" Vernon roared, trying to intimidate the other man.

"You think starving and beating a little girl is nothing? Making her a virtual slave in your house is nothing?"

"I only tried to correct her freaky behavior. Working in the house was the least that brat could do for being a burden for us."

"So, you think your punishment was reasonable?"

"Without a doubt."

"I am so glad you said that. Then what I am about to do to you should not affect you."

Vernon backed himself into the corner, "What are you talking about? What are you going to do?"

Loki stood up and stalked toward the frightened, purple-faced walrus. He stopped right in front of him, "You will feel everything that you did to Evelyn, only ten times worse. And the longer it takes for you to confess, the worse it will feel."

Loki reached out with one finger and touched Vernon's sweaty forehead. He grimaced in disgust, having had touched such a filthy man. The minute Loki touched Vernon; he was assaulted by everything that Evelyn suffered for ten years, only far worse. Vernon screamed as he experienced Evelyn's pain and fear. Vernon felt like he was being whipped like a beast and that his flesh was ripping away from his back. Vernon felt the starvation that Evelyn suffered only it felt like he hadn't eaten in years. He felt the shattering of Evelyn's bones and the fear she felt. Only the pain was ten times worse, and the pain was so intense Vernon fell to his knees.

"Stop, stop, I can't take this, have mercy!"

"Mercy," Loki asked calmly, "You must be confusing me with a benevolent god. I will show you no mercy, for I have none to give."

"Please, I'll do anything! Only make this pain stop."

"No. You will suffer until it no longer amuses me. Then you will confess to your crimes. Now, it is time to visit your lovely wife," Loki said sarcastically.

Loki casually walked out of the interrogation room, leaving Vernon a screaming mess on the floor. He cast a spell to make sure no one enters the room for a while. Loki then made his way to the other interrogation room where Petunia was being held.

Loki didn't waste time with Petunia; he walked into the room and snarled at her, "You filthy mortal, you are worse than your husband."

"What are you talking about? Who are you?"

Loki ignored her question, "You stood back and let that pathetic excuse of a man abuse your flesh and blood and took pleasure in it. You allowed your pig of a son to torment a helpless child and encouraged it. All because of your jealousy toward the child's mother."

"I am not jealous of Lily."

"Of course you are. You who are undeniably, the most hideous and woman in all the Nine Realms, are jealous of your sister's beauty and powers; so, you decided to take out your jealousy and frustration on a helpless child."

"It was no more than she deserved for being unnatural," Petunia said.

"Indeed, would you have treated your son the same way?"

"Never, my Dudikins is perfect."

"Your son is your joy; then, he will suffer what Evelyn suffered."

Petunia's eyes widen, "NO!"

Loki grinned and waved his hand; Petunia was assaulted with images of Dudley being abused by his father. It was far worse for Petunia as it was not an illusion. At that very moment, Dudley, too, was feeling everything that Evelyn felt. Loki was not going to have mercy on that pig-like bully. Dudley wasn't going to suffer as long as his parents, but he was going to suffer.

"Your son's abuse will end when you confess to your deeds," Loki said then walked out, leaving Petunia a sobbing mess.

It didn't take long for Petunia and Vernon to scream for the police and forego their rights to an attorney and confess to everything. Coulson stood on the other side of the glass and watched as the two criminals went into detail what they did to Evelyn. As he watched, Loki walked in and stood next to him.

"What did you do?"

"Nothing, really. I only made those swine feel Evelyn's pain and fear. I told them I would release them from the spell when they confess to the authorities." Loki said.

"And are you?" Coulson asked and looked at Loki.

"Of course not, where is the fun in that?"

Coulson nodded and turned back towards the one-way mirror. For once, he agreed with Loki, where was the fun in letting these people off the hook?