Summary : they say the fourtheen is a traitor, then why do they want him back, after all his done. could Allen uncover the secert that the fourtheen is hidding from everyone. then who is this girl who the fourtheen turs so much. Join Allen in his journey on uncovering the truth after his so callef freinds left him.

Rating : T

'akuma talking'

"Neah talking to Allen"

" thought"

"Other people talking"

Note : Allen and Neah bond and they no longger fight eacht other for control but Allen is fighting the noah memories

This story is when Allen is imprison and that talk in d gray man hallow eps 1 when cross talk about the fourtheen didnt happen.

No one P.O.V

Allen was sitting in the cold floor of his cell, he was put there because he is suspected of betraying the black order and working with the noah. It has been monts sice8 he been put in that cell, none of his so called friends ever visit him. He even befriend the 14th or what he called himself uncle. It was currently night time-

Than there was an odd footstep was heart echong true the empty halls. Allen didnt know who it was, the footstep was not like the other he heard, and not like the guards have nor like the higher rank footstep. The footstep was growing nearer, it make Allen worry the more of the footstep getting closer by the second.

"Uncle... who do you think is out there ?"


there was no answer from he so called uncle or should i say the 14th

"Uncle?" he ask again with an irrted tone

There was no respon, than-


Allen scream inside of his mind, than his uncle immedly respon

"IM A WAKE, jezz dont scream like that dear nephew"

"And who fault is that ?"


the footsted stop and both Allen and Neah flinch and mentally preprare for what would come.

Than the doorcell burst open reaviling a blackhodded, immiedly his restain was broken when the person comes in and than, black order alarm sistem turn on. Footstep was heard vibrating throught the hall, it was to distent but soonner or later it will get neare to them. Allen was mentaly panicking, even his Uncle gone oddly quite.

"Come on we dont have all day to esccape" the person said, it was clear to Allen it was female voice. Allen slowly backup until he was leaning agains timpcanpy and timpcanpy hiss at the new out comer.

"who are you ?!" he said with venom in hiss voice

"are you going to ask this here ?, we dont have much more time than 20 minutes to escape this place" she retord back at him.

Allen just stay silent.

2 years later

silent was the word that can describe the cold night air of London. it was currently 11 Pm

"Im going out" he said with a stren voice

"Be safe and dont get capture by them" she said with a slight warning voice

"I wont" he reply back at the girl

The boy who was talking to the girl, left the room leaving the girl behind.

The girl P.O.V

Allen has grown really mature in this time past 2 years i thought as i prepeare my selft to follow him because i know what going to happen if i dont come he would be capture by them

The noah

No one P.O.V

Allen was walking in the empty streets of London. after everything that happen in the black order, he could not forget how his so called friends betray him, after all his done to them, they just left him to die. He left out a mental sight

"what's wrong dear nephew ?" his uncle reply."ther is nothing wrong uncle" he reply back to his uncle"when you said that nothing is wrong that mean something is wrong, now tell me dear nephew what's wrong" his uncle said half joking and half not "nothing is wrong with me uncle" he said back to his uncle.



"Allen... you could tell me what wrong, you could trust me, i wont betray you like youre so called friend's did"


before Allen could finish his sentance there was someone attack him from behind. Allen manage to avoid it and he quickly actived Crown Clown, and attack the person that turn into an akuma, than awhole army of akuma attack appear from the black ark portal that just open

"ah screw this" Allen said mentaly

"we met again shonen" Tyki said

"Tyki Mikk !" Allen said mentaly notify

"You know shonen, we were going to rescue you, you know" Tyki said out of the blue

"But you manage to escape by yourselft, i was quite suprise when we were going to brake you out and see that your prison cell is empty, and Road was overjoy to by the info, but then your sudden disapreans was quite shoking to us, The Earl was searching for you this past 2 years, now shonen we are not letting you go out off our sight again, join us or we make you. Tyki said again.

"I WILL NEVER JOIN YOU" Allen scream while destroying another akums

"Still hot headed as before shonen" Tyki reply

Idk how to right fight scene

Allen was panthing cause the never ending akuma attack , he was wondering why she didnt come here yet, and more Noah is coming, when Allen was fighting the akuma. He then nitice that the whole noah clan has come and there just waithing for the Earl. But strangely they just wacth him and none of them attaching him or even talk to him.

"What are they planning" Allen thought

Even the Noah of wisdom AKA wisley stay quite and didnt respon to Allen thought

"Kombawa Allen Walker~ " someone said suddenly

Allen blood turn cold

"The Millenium Earl " Allen thought

"Now we are not going to let you go again~" The Earl said.