Warning more grammar mistake up a head

akuma talking'

"Neah talking to Allen"

" thought"

"Other people talking"

Kombawa Allen Walker~ " someone said suddenly

Allen blood turn cold

"The Millennium Earl " Allen thought

"Now we are not going to let you go again~" The Earl said.

Allen's blood turn cold. A shiver ran up his spine as he turned his head to meet a familliar figure.

"The Millennium Earl " Allen thought. His body tensing as he leaps, running away from the man.

"Now, we're not going to let you go again~" The Earl said. As akumas began appearing from behind the man's back

"..." he said nothing. Pulling out his sword of exorcism, he fought those malignant demons. They were level 3 akumas and they attacked the poor boy without any hesitation.

The noah all notice how strong Allen become from the past 2 years. The last akuma was struck down with an adept swing of his sword. Allen was panting from all the fight. His left eye deactivate, He didnt notice that all the noah that was watching him from the distance make a circle that surrounded him.

Allen's eyes widen as he was struck with a sudden realization. His left eye activate again. This time, the threat was worse than before. 5 level 4 akumas appear from the black ark, hidden by the noah's back.

"Just give up shonen, there is no use fighting" Tyki said. A cunning smile decorating his feature.

"..." Allen stayed quiet.

"how odd, the boy is not talking back" Tyki thought

"there something odd is going on" Wisley said in Tyki mind

"STOP READING MY MIND WISLEY!" Tyki screamed mentally

Wisley only chukles in return.

Allen was surrounded. He gripped his sword tightly, knuckles turning white. His eyes reflecting fear and sorrow. How odd for a traitor of the noah to feel that way. Before Allen could move his mouth, it was cover with a white towel. His vision turned blurry as his feet began to give out. His eyelids turned heavy, as he fall into a deep slumber. He then pass out.

"We finally capture the 14th" said Sherli, snickering

"bring him to the ark, akuma" Lulubell said in a flat tone

The akuma did what they were order by there master said.

"Something feels odd here, Road..." Wisley said through his thought (demon eye) while watching the akuma struggle to move Allen to the ark opening.

"Yeah, i feel like someone is watching us..." Road response to Wisley words, while strutting to his side.

"Exorcist, maybe? Wait, no, its something else... Road what do think?" Wisley questioned.

"Road?" He asked, but no one responsed. He tried to call again, but alas he was met with silence. Wisley was panicking due to Road's sudden disappearance. "How odd," he thought to him self. Usually, she will answer immediately. He looked around trying to feel her presence but no fail, with that, he was now going warn the other noahs about Road's disappearance.



dust and smoke started to spread, covering the town in thick layers.

Everyone stop working, including the akumas, just staring at what had cause the noise.

The smoke clear as well as a huge gap between the building near and there was Road slam in the gap. and on cue Sherli started sprinting there, before anyone could reach her she spoke "dont come any closer, take Allen back hurry!", everyone was taken back, then millenium Earl ask "what do-" he was cut off by a flash of black, "exorcist ? " everyone thought.

"Impossible! The whole town is surrounded by a barrier! No innocence can enter and there is no present of innocence here, unleast... but thats not possible" Mightra thought.

"what do you mean Mightra ? " Wisdom ask back.

before he could answer-

"SHOW YOUR SELF!" Road screamed, violently throwing her candles everywhere.

"ah s***, i forgot she could do that, so much for sneaking in. Now we need to find where Allen is, with out getting caught" I thought to myself. Then I stop in a dark corridor, hoping Road wont find me. I try to look around to see what's going on out there. Road's face was priceless, she was so mad and everything, i haven't seen her get this mad in years. i can't help but lightly chukle. Little do I know, that was my biggest mistake yet, cause Road heard that, ah Sh***.

"FOUND YOU~" she said.

" I shouldn't have done that, I shoudn't have done that, I shoudn't have done that," I chanted, full of regrets.

And now i have a whole army of candle looking straight at me, horray! So much for a hidding spot.

"my my my, child, what bring you hear, hmmm? is that innocent i sense? Tell me child do you work for the black order ?" the earl asked stepping in closer.

"Jezz i forgot how scary he was" I thought. "Why would i work in that hell hole." i said back making every single one of the noah suprised.

"ohhh~, intresting. Well, child, would you mind handing over your innocent? and we will be on our way~"

"no thanks, im here to pick someone up if you dont mind me," I reply. I was going to move but i forgot an army of candles in front of me.

"Such a shame, child, here i thought we could made a deal of some sort, Road, you now what to do~" the Earl said

"of course millenie," Road said happilly. As she finish her sentence, the army of pointed candle started to move in, getting closer to me by the second, i did'nt want to do this, but oh well, lady luck seems not to be by my side today.

"time stop," I whispear, then every single candle stop and there, frozen by time, the candles was inches a way from me. All the noah was caught off guard by what i can do. "You think i would just give my life that easily? You're wrong about that," I growled, I could see some of them shiver. I move my hand and started playing with the candle. "I was planning on not hurting you guys, and just grab Allen and leave, but no, this why i prefer sleep than this," I said, gazing into Road's eyes, I really dont care what about to happen now, i just wanna go back and take a nap, after i take Allen of course."

"Why can't I read this girl's mind? it's like she knows I'm trying to read her," I thought.

"this girl... I feel like I've seen her before..."

who is she ?

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