Hey all, a new OUAT short story collection coming your way. This resulted in me wanting to write some family stories, and was kind of inspired by my listening to a song "Holding on and Letting Go" by Ross Copperman while participating in some RPs.

A series of AU connected companion pieces, oneshots and multishots that may be AU to an RP that I am participating in where Emma is deaged shortly after the curse breaks dealing primarily with the changing Swan Believer dynamic, Emma getting to know her parents and the growing Regal Believer bond as the Charming-Mills deal with this new situation. With appearances from August, Rumpelstiltskin, Neal (Eventually), Archie and others. Some fluffy, some angst and some in between. Requests welcome, spoilers for seasons 1-6 possible. First, part 1 to a short set-up taking place during 2x01 "Broken" where instead of Snow and Emma going through the portal, Emma is deaged.

Prologue: "You did this on purpose!" Part 1

Henry's POV

I knew it was dangerous, but I was worried about my mom, so when it seemed like things were relatively safer than they had been, I ran into the town hall, but what I saw wasn't what I expected to see at all. "Mom!" I called. I ran over relieved to see that she was okay.

"Henry..." Mom pulled me into a hug.

"You're okay," I sighed. I looked up and over to my grandparents, noticing that they looked worried about something, but as Mom had come over quickly, I couldn't quite see. "Everything's okay now right?"

"W...what's going on? Why wouldn't it be okay?" I heard a voice, a girl's voice. She sounded scared.

"Everything's alright now Dear," Mom turned around briefly and I took the opportunity to peek around her to see.

It was a girl with blonde hair in worn jeans and a short sleeve shirt. But I realized who was missing...or was she? My brain caught up and I realized. "Emma?!"

Emma blinked and looked over. "Hi, um… I'm sorry...I don't remember. Do I know you?" She then winced slightly obviously in some kind of pain.

What? No… This couldn't be happening. She broke the curse. I was finally able to have my mom with me. I was going to move in with her, Snow and David. We were going to be a family. Now Emma didn't even know me...she was a kid. I couldn't even manage to answer.

"Henry," Mom spoke softly as she attempted to guide me away.

I turned away before her arm reached my shoulder and shuffled my feet. Once we were far enough away, I reeled around to face her, surprised at the coolness in my voice, I guess it was a trait I got from my other mom. "What happened to my mom?"

"Henry…" Mom sighed. "When we were trying to stop the wraith...there was an accident. My magic…"

"You did this?" I backed up shaking my head. "You did this on purpose!" I turned around and ran.

"It was an accident! Henry…" I could hear Mom coming after me, but I didn't stop or turn around. I knew why this happened. Mom wanted to keep me from Emma so badly, she'd tried to use a sleeping curse. She probably had done this to make sure of it even after the curse was broken. Now that there was magic, she could. It seems Mom would never stop being the evil queen.

A/N: So that's the first part of the setup. Next, we'll rewind a bit to what happened just before Henry came in, see just what Emma remembers, and Henry and Regina talk.