New story I had on my mind for a while. I love the game and I even made a Swashbuckler with the name 'Clever Jack Englund' just to get this right. No offense to Wizard101 but i like this game a lot better, and for those of you who never played the game these are the worlds and what they're based off of:

Skull Island: the Caribbean

Monquista: Spain

Valencia: Renaissance Italy

Cool Ranch: Wild West North America

Marleybone: Great Britain

Polaris: mix between France and Russian but the accent is French

Aquila: Ancient Greece

MooShu: Imperial Asia and Japan

Chapter I:

Once a wizard always a pirate

The Spiral.

Home to dozens of worlds all splintered from the first world after the raging battles between the three Titans races who once ruled the world: the Dragons, the Giants, and the Storm Lords. From these three races came the first three magics: fire, ice, and storm. Over time, magic continued to branch out and grow. The ones who channeled these powers were known as wizards, and among them was one young wizard that originated from a small island of the skyways who helped saved the Spiral many times: Jack Englund.

That is, until it was discovered he was once a pirate. It didn't matter that he had become a powerful Conjurer and saved worlds like Krokotopia, Marleybone, and even Wizard City, he was a pirate and that meant he couldn't be trusted and was expelled. Watching his wand snapped in two and his spell book revoked, he was living the second worst day of his life.

The first was when he lost his parents in a horrible storm when he was just six years old. Six years later and he was getting kicked out of Ravenwood, robbed of the magic he had grown to love. They wouldn't even let him keep his pet owl he adopted from Polaris! The only thing he had managed to save was a small pouch of gold of about one thousand coins.

With nowhere to go anymore, they took his home too, he used half of it too book passage home: Scrimshaw.

The island wasn't anything pretty: built under and around the skeleton of a long dead leviathan, it was one of the most infamous towns in the Skyway. A wretched hive of scum and villainy run by the Wharf Rat gangs.

God Jack missed it here.

Granted he was a good natured person, but his best friend, a young mouse from Flotsam named Sarah Steele, ran with a gang known as the Bilge Rats and would often bring him along in their mischief. That is until he was poofed away by Professor Ambrose a year ago. One whole year away and he never contacted them. What could go wrong?

Apparently a lot. Sarah left not too long after Jack did with his uncle Milo to try to find him, and the Bilge Rats saw her leaving as betrayal. They cursed her name and insulted her constantly. He had to endure it for three days and was getting angrier and angrier clenching his twin knives he kept on his belt tightly to control himself.

One day he was walking down the street wearing a blue long vest with matching blue boots and a tricorn hat on a bandana with a fishing pole in his hand to try to catch some batacuta for dinner when a Bilge Rat started talking about Sarah again.

"Good riddance, says I … that little trash fire might have done us all a favor and fall to the storm sharks" the rat said making Jack stop in his tracks before dropping his fishing pole and threw one of his knives at the rat, pinning him to the wall by his vest.

"Sarah Steele was better than any of you low lives" Jack said with a snarl as three more rats ganged up on all sides and the one he pinned to the wall pulled out the dagger and glared at Jack "wait … I know ye, you're that little runt that the 'Queen of the Underground' hung around. Thought you croaked too" he said before throwing the dagger at Jack but the young pirate caught it with ease.

"You wanna talk bad about my best friend …. Then you'll have to take me down first" Jack said challenging them and stood in a battle stance. The rats all laughed but was quickly shocked when Jack used his knives to knock their swords out of their paws with a smirk. That got them to take him serious as they picked their blades up and rushed at him.

Jack had a grin on his face as he sidestepped and threw one of his knives at another rat before grabbing a rapier and dueled them at once with a sword and a knife. The fight was over in less than a few minutes and the rats were on the ground clutching their wounds as Jack glared down at them "next time … I won't hold back just cause Sarah liked being in your gang" he spat but then sensed someone behind him and instantly turned around bringing his sword down on his new opponent: a being in Valencian clothes wearing a carnival mask.

A clockwork Armada soldier.

"You have assaulted a soldier of the Armada. You are under arrest" it said in a monotone voice but then Jack sliced its head off as it fell to the ground with a loud thud "can't say I missed these guys" he said but then froze in place as ten more Armada soldiers marched over and pointed their musket sparkthrowers at him.

Glancing around, Jack couldn't risk a fight and get the townsfolk hurt, and knew they wouldn't lift a finger to help. Before he could so anything, something hit the young pirate on the back of the head knocking him out. As he fell, a single clockwork dressed in black with a mouthless bauta mask stood with a cane overlooking the fallen pirate "at last, we have found him" the clockwork said as two others marched over and grabbed Jack, taking him to their ship: The Erebus.

As they left, a single figure in one of the top balconies gazed down at the sight shrouded in shadows "still rash as ever …" he said shaking his head before turning to a frog that was next to him "find Boochbeard …. Do not use my name, tell him a very promising individual has just been captured by the Armada" he said before vanishing in a puff of smoke.

/ / / / / / / / / / / / /

Jack groggily woke up gripping the back of his head checking for blood "I'm gonna be feeling that for a while …" he said noticing he was in a cell on a ship and winced still in pain and stood up. "You are awake?" A deep male voice said nearby as Jack shook his head to try to push on from the pain "yeah … splitting headache though, one of them knocked me out from behind." he said as the voice grunted

"clockworks … they have no honor in battle" he said as Jack was able to pinpoint the accent "you're from MooShu aren't you?" Jack asked as the voice grunted in conformation "i am … my name is Subodai, fierce warrior of the Amber Horde …. Until I was betrayed and sold as a slave" Subodai said with a defeated sigh.

Jack recalled tales of the Amber Horde when he went to MooShu to try to catch up with Malistare, they were a tribe of mighty horse warriors, barbarians the villagers called them. Though some parts he could agree with, it was only a fortnight ago that he was there and from what he saw that was left it wasn't very mighty. Though Subodai didn't sound like that.

"Jack Englund" he introduced and shrugged "I used to be a wizard till they expelled me … not very exciting but that's what you get for being a pirate first" he said as Subodai was silent, Jack could only imagine he was waiting "got thrown in here for dueling an Armada officer … well, accidentally anyway, long story" Jack said with a chuckle "well we have nothing but time now" Subodai reasoned making Jack nod with a shrug and sat on his cot before telling his tale.

When he was done, Subodai grunted "that was very honorable … were we in different circumstances, I would gladly follow you into battle" he said making Jack chuckle a bit until he heard a faint 'boom' and the ship rocked a bit "hold that thought" Jack said as the ship was pelted with more cannonballs.

Then he heard movement "who's there?" Jack cried then heard hissing "get down, it's gonna blow!" A voice called and Jack instantly fell to the floor before a loud explosion happened up to his left. "He's in one of these cells, check the ones down there monkey" the voice said as another spoke up after a cough "I'm on it" the monkey, Jack guessed, said in a Polarian accent.

A Monquistan from Polaria? That's rare. However sure enough came a monkey wearing a Polarian navy uniform and a cane looking in Jack's cell as the young pirate lifted his head "Capitaine, I found him!" He cried as another person, a human pirate with a white beard down to the top of his chest a hooked hand on his left wrist and an eyepatch on his left eye, came jogging up to the monkey and looked as well. "Hmm, hard to say … he's on me blind side" he said making Jack deadpan "then turn your head!" He said in exasperation and got up making the monkey chuckle but was hit on the head by the old pirate "that's enough Mr. Gandry" he said before looking at Jack sternly and asked for his name "Jack … Jack Englund" he said making the both of them back up a step in shock.

"Englund? B-but … zat cannot be" Gandry said as the old pirate seemed to think but another blast that shook the ship stopped the musing "we'll talk about it later, let's get ye out of this confounded cell" he said and grabbed a nearby lever and pulled, however the cell door only opened a tiny bit, not even enough to squeeze through. The old pirate tried pulling it "Gah! The bulkhead, she's … she's jammed" he said before letting go as the monkey looked worried "well NOW what are we going to do?" He asked just as another shot blasted the wall behind Jack, who luckily got out of the way in time.

"That'll work, I'll meet you on the other end" Jack said running out of the hole and down the hall before seeing an occupied cell: a horse dressed in leather armor and a strange hat on his head with a long mustache and goatee "Subodai? Good, you're alive" Jack said before spotting a leaver "go! You must escape" the warrior said but Jack shook his head "not without you" he said before running to the leaver and pulled it, opening the cell. Subodai, looking at Jack speechless, regained his composure and ran out to him "you have freed me … thank you" he said before another cannonball struck the hull "thank me later, lets go" he said as the two ran down the corridor to see the two rescuers.

"What took ye so long?" The pirate asked then saw Subodai "oh … erm, well let's get out of here" he said before running up the stairs. "Jack!" Subodai cried before tossing him a cutlass and a dagger before pulling out a large blade obviously from MooShu and nodded confidently making Jack nod back at him before they both ran up the stairs.

When they got to the deck, Jack saw they were rescued in the middle of a Storm Gate. Ahead of them, a single clockwork above them in black "ah, Boochbeard, i should have known you'd try to steal my prize! Hello, Mr. Englund … I am pleased to see you did not suffer any permanent damage from my cane" he said making Jack utterly confused "you know my name?!" He said as Mr. Gandry nodded "that is Deacon, Spymaster of the Armada … he does not go after average pirates" the monkey said but Jack just rolled his eyes "i feel so honored" he scoffed.

"Our jailer! Clockwork monster ..." Subodai said gritting his teeth and gripped his sword tighter before running towards the spymaster and jumping up to where he was "You will pay for putting Subodai in a cage!" he cried bringing his blade down but Deacon blocked it with his cane. "I think not" Deacon said unimpressed and flicked his cane forward to send Subodai back to the deck floor "it's high time you buffoons learned who you are trifling with. Take them, they must not be allowed to escape" He said in his monotonous voice as three new clockworks came down from the mainsail. They wore plated armor and wielded a sword and sparkthrower each, but the big difference was they had large working wings on their backs.

Battle Angels, the Armada's elite warriors.

"Well … this just got interesting" Jack said before rushing at one of the Angels and slashed it's chest exposing some gears before slicing diagonally at it. Smirking, Jack thought he got it dismantled but saw it was still standing and quickly sliced at him sending Jack backwards before shooting at him with its sparkthrower, hitting him in the arm. The other two were about to advance before Subodai got in the way of them and started dueling them.

Jack gritted his teeth thinking how Professor Drake would chastise him for leaving himself open like that. Closing his eyes, everything slowed to a crawl as he used his sharpest weapon: his mind. The whole bridge started to look like a chess board and he swore he saw the damage level of the Battle Angel he attacked, if he was right then one more attack would do it.

Clenching his dagger, Jack reared it back and tossed it to the enemy making it sink into its face, breaking its mask in half before falling backwards. Jack smirked and pulled his dagger out before turning to Subodai, who just took one down after slicing it twice before cleaving his blade down on it hard, and ran to the other one and stabbed it right in the backward and twisted it until he saw sparks.

When the last Battle Angel fell, Jack smirked as Subodai let out a cry of victory "excellent strike" Subodai praced making Jack chuckle "you're full of surprises yourself" he said but Deacon was unimpressed "you think you have won? I think not." he said before using his cane and activated a switch where he stood. Suddenly, the floor board below the two fighter's feet started moving making them jump off and beheld a startling sight: six large clockworks that looked like they could flatten them with their fists aiming large cannon-like sparkthrowers at them.

"What … what are zose?!" Mr. Gandry exclaimed as Jack and Subodai stood in their fighting stances again but Boochbeard only chuckled "oh don't bother …. LADS! FIRE!" Boochbeard shouted as he shot a flare in the air. Suddenly, Jack looked towards the other ship that was boarded onto the Armada ship and saw the cannons. "Get down!" Jack said grabbing Subodai and hit the ground just as the cannons fired and destroyed the clockworks and set off a series of explosions which Boochbeard himself was caught up in.

Looking to where Deacon was, the smoke hid most of him as he stared right at him "enjoy your freedom, Mr. Englund …." He said as the smoke got thicker and clouded the clockwork from view "while it lasts" Deacon said and then was gone.

Jack stumbled over to Boochbeard and Mr. Gandry as Subodai helped him carry them over to their ship and cut away the ropes just as The Erebus exploded and sunk into the unknown depths. As Jack took the helm, his rescuers woke up "well … zat did not go according to plan" Gandry asked as Boochbeard held his head and groggily got up and coughed "that blast nearly did me in, I can barely see" he said as Jack smiled "yes well at least you're alive … I got the helm, where are we going?" He asked as Mr. Gandry helped Boochbeard try to lay back down "Skull Island, it will take a few hours. I can take the helm from here, why don't you go below deck and see if we can find any clothes to fit you better" the monkey said hopping onto a crate that was in front of the wheel as Jack looked down.

His clothes were in tatters and his boots were barely put together anymore. Nodding, Jack went below and checked the hull at several pilfered crates from places in every corner of the Spiral, all with only a few things in them. "Either this guy is the luckiest pirate in the Spiral" he said looking through another crate to see only five gold coins in it before closing it "or the unluckiest" he said shaking his head then looked through a third crate and found some nice looking clothes and picked some out before finding some boots.

After a few minutes, Jack stood in front of a large mirror in his new garb: a blue and gold coat over a collared tunic with a chest belt and sash with a holster for a spare dagger at the shoulder, brown trousers, a rather fancy pair of blue boots with gold trims and a blue bicorne hat with a plume over a blue bandana to top it all off. Smirking slightly, Jack then picked up a new sword: Valencian design with a cross guard over the hilt and a better dagger and slipped them on his belt before walking back to the deck.

"You look well" Subodai said looking at him from the railing, his armor was patched up as well as his blade being sharpened and shined with a scarakete plume on the top of his hat. "You too" Jack complemented before joining him at the rails overlooking the skyways and saw all the passing worlds. "What will you do now that you're free?" Jack asked as Subodai looked at him as though he had lost his mind "what I said in the brig, I spoke the truth: I will follow you, Captain" he said making Jack chuckle.

"Captain? I don't have a ship" he said as Subodai grunted a nod "I-I don't have a crew or finances." He said earning another nod "I barely even know how to fight!" Jack said starting to get irritated "this is true" Subodai said either not noticing nor caring about his confusion so he just went ahead and asked: "why then"

Subodai remained silent as he gazed out to the stars in the Spiral. "The warrior others fear is not the one who is the strongest, but the one with the potential to be great. I feel like you will be great, and as for the other things-" he said before smirking and turned to him "you are clever, Jack Englund … you will figure it out" he said as Jack just smirked and shook his head "great, no pressure then" he said before taking a breath "welp, one thing is for sure, we need a ship" he said as Boochbeard walked towards them.

"A ship you say? Well then soon as we arrive at Skull Island, I know just the person" he said with a chuckle as the ship approached the Stormgate and instantly saw sky, shooting up vertically and then leaned forward flowing in the skyway seeing seas of clouds. In front of them was a large floating island with a large skull shaped mountain looming over it.

"So that is Skull Island" Subodai said nodding sternly "aptly named" he said as Jack nodded in agreement and the ship flew into port "find Captain Avery, he's an ol' friend of mine. Always hiring pirates for one scheme or another, and good pay too. He'll help you out" Boochbeard said as Jack shook his hand "thank you, Captain Boochbeard … I don't know how we could repay you" he said but Boochbeard just chuckled "eh, it was a job, think nothin of it. And no i can't tell ya his name, he sent a middleman anyway" he said as Jack, though disappointed at this information, nodded and climbed off the ship watching it fly off.

"So, where is this Captain Avery?" Subodai asked as Jack looked up at the stairway up to town "well when in doubt … start at the top." he said as the two climbed the stairs.